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  1. DBerg

    NE K1 input - ATX Question

    Have you tried entering None, on the NE K-1 Input for the Nebraska ID Number? I know that most of the time this does not work, but it might be worth a shot
  2. DBerg

    EFile Identification Information

    The submission ID, that is how states should be able to find the return in their system (like the old DCN's) You can check the e-file manager for the number
  3. DBerg

    E Filing Smooth?

    Black Bart, I have gotten these in the past and I found that if I open the return and from the e-file menu and select display rejection errors, that I get to see the messages. I have written ATX about this to see if they can add new menu option do display messages.
  4. DBerg


    Not sure if you knew this or not but ATX has a preference to use ALL CAPS for data entry. I saw someone else mention it either here or on the other boards. This way you don't have the CAPS lock on, you just type in ATX and you get uppercase and then you have normal typing everywhere else (so, you don't have the issues with passwords and caps lock) In preferences, on the Open return button(tab) , it is the first checkbox there. "Use ALL CAPS for data entry"
  5. DBerg

    Will PO Box be accepted for E-File?

    just make sure you put it in as PO BOX, I have found that P.O. BOX can cause issues with some states. when creating the e-file.
  6. DBerg

    DE balance due on e-filed corp return

    Since I did not see a Form 1100V in the ATX program I went to the DOR site and found a list of business forms, there is no 1100 V listed here either. http://revenue.delaware.gov/services/bt_number.shtml At the bottom of the DE 1100 page 2, on the state site, it has this (http://revenue.delaware.gov/services/current_bt/TY15_1100e.pdf) "MAKE CHECK PAYABLE AND MAIL TO: Delaware Division of Revenue, P.O. Box 2044, Wilmington, DE 19899-2044" Normally the state would put "Mail Voucher xxx and check to " or say see instructions for payment information. Sorry could not be of more help.
  7. DBerg

    Just Wondering

    Yeah, had this same problem, the TIME Interval was set to 5 minutes or something. What I did here was in the Calendar view, I selected week, then right clicked on the time numbers on the left hand side, and set it to 30 min.
  8. DBerg

    Just Wondering

    Mike have you tried going to File>Option. and then on the General tab, in the Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office, change the Office theme to Dark Gray and office background to No background I tried some of the thing suggested in here http://www.howto-outlook.com/howto/outlook2013whiteandbright.htm
  9. DBerg

    NT Tablet Advice

    Have you looked into the Winbooks? http://www.microcenter.com/product/437498/TW100_101_Tablet_-_Black I have this model and been using it since Dec I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse combination (like the logitech Mk320) with it. Works out to be a cheap laptop
  10. DBerg

    Louisiana Glitches

    I noticed this(for other states), called the IRS and waited on hold for what seemed like an entire day. Turns out this is just a processing issue, when we send the files up to the ATX system , they are all just batched and sent to the IRS and then the IRS processes them (putting the state reutrns in the state return mailbox) So, if the state return (that is sent linked) is processed before the IRS return, you will get this error. Hopefully, i said this right, the rep I had gave a bunch of jargon i did not get. So, i just started using the Held feature in ATX, it will put the state return in a status of held, so I can e-file my federal and then once I get the federal accepted ack, I can just send off the state. Since doing this I have not gotten the error again.
  11. DBerg

    Two weeks out

    We are running about 7-10 days out (and this is our full time job, )
  12. DBerg

    NT / Turn Around Time Today

    Catherine, those pictures are surreal. I don't remember it snowing that bad in MT. I am glad we decided to move to FL this past year.
  13. DBerg

    So I Did a Return Through Turbo Tax Online

    I recently found out ATX does do the the email and text message alerts. Check out this site http://atxinc.com/products/tfti.aspx Apparently they offered it for several years (wish some of the marketing material had pointed this out, being a new customer and all)
  14. DBerg

    8 Free Websites for online learning

    Thanks for the information