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  1. The red error turns out to be with the original W2s on the 1040. The dependent filed her 1040 on her phone, tossed or lost any W2s that she had. She got a transcript that only shows partial info for the W2s and a second 1098T that I didn't even know about. I sent her on a mission to get Employer ID#s and the other 1098T. I don't have a lot of hope for success. I feel bad for the parents, because they are going to pay over 2K and then amend, since it will not be processed in time.
  2. I agree. I keep paper copies of almost all of my financial records, etc. My granddaughter has two missing W2s and refuses to get them. "They were small, Grandma!"
  3. DBerg, You are correct. I finally figured out that it's the lack of W2 information that is stopping the whole process. She lost her W2s from her original return or "it's on my phone somewhere". She got wage statements from the IRS and it does not show entire FED ID#s or address. I told her to find them or get copies. I have the copy of the 1040, but apparently the W2s are the holdup. I wish that the schools around here would teach some personal finance so that these kids would be able to function and know what things are important to keep.
  4. It was $35. She was worried about amending the return in case they took it away. I'm just upset that it has to be mailed, since there appears to be no way to inform ATX that it was already e-filed and accepted.
  5. Stupid Toasters! For anyone that watched Battlestar Galactica.
  6. So I should not create a 1040 and then amend it? Trying to e-file the 1040x is where I get the error message. Warning Per IRS, if electronically filing an amended return, the original 1040 return must also have been electronically filed and accepted. Otherwise, the amended return must be paper-filed. Why, why do kids file their own returns? This is such a huge pain. It may be another ATX issue. It means a huge difference on the parent's return.
  7. I prepared a 1040 as the child efiled it and then selected amend. It makes 0 difference, because the child only had $5k of income and a $35 refund. ATX is not allowing me to e-file the 1040x, because it says that the 1040 must have been e-filed. It was, just not on my computer. Does anyone know how I can show the program that the 1040 was efiled and accepted? Thanks for any ideas. I did search here and saw that it has been done in previous years by others, but I don't know how to make ATX listen to me. Thanks, Bonnie
  8. I have already told almost all of my clients that I am retiring at the end of 2024. I am trying to figure out how to end the payroll. If I finish out the year with them, then I have the quarterly and year end reports left and I was hoping to be done by 12/31. I just have too much to do with taking care of my husband, seeing my 95 year old dad as much as possible and taking care of myself. I found out last month that I have a small brain tumor and have a neurologist appointment next month. They think that it's benign, but it is strange that my mom and my sister had them too. At least I know that I have it so that it can't sneak up on me like my sister's did. Her tumor was huge and caused a seizure. She has recovered well from the surgery, but won't ever be able to smell again. My brother and I see some mental changes, but considering how large that thing was, we are amazed. I just need something else and 45 years is enough. I hope to work part time unless I can't leave my husband home alone. We would like to move to Littleton after I retire to spend time with our son and daughter-in-law and hopefully do some babysitting. He says that there are a lot of groups out there so that I might make new friends and do some light hiking. I would love to bowl again. I can't wait to spend more time reading for fun and travel more. It's tough to fly standby if you have a ton of deadlines to work around.
  9. Congrats! Grandkids are so fun! Just more to love. Ours range from 3-18, but we're really hoping our son and DIL have a baby in the next couple of years.
  10. I would get a POA now. The IRS will need it in order to talk to you. I'm sorry for your client and you.
  11. It looks like some federal agencies have been involved in the hacking, but they are still checking. It all sucks. I've had my credit frozen for several years. I was happy to find out Saturday that is was fairly easy to open it temporarily when the car that we ordered last August came in. This will hopefully be my last new car. We kept my 2002 Honda because it is still almost like brand new and traded in the 2010.
  12. I wish that I knew how this is going to work. What they released yesterday was that it would take the Department of Revenue a long time to get everything ready and do not anticipate that anything will be able to be filed until after 12/23 and has to be filed by 12/25. I have no idea if the numbskulls even talked to anyone remotely connected to taxes or accounting. If the state society had not sent out a blast last night, I would not know anything. They just lowered real estate taxes by adding a property tax credit to the income tax return that can only be figured out by going to a revenue website. I can't even tell you the number of emails and phone calls I've gotten for that since they passed it. No matter how many times I tell people that it is reducing their state income tax or return and point out the amount, they think that they didn't really get it or that it should have come off of their real estate taxes.
  13. Yippee! I did not retire soon enough. Nebraska just passed PTET rules AND made it retro to 2018. They don't expect to be able to have any of them filed before 12/31/23, so I will have a lot to look forward to in 2024. I would love to push my end date up a year. LOL Maybe I will win the lottery.
  14. I'm using Windows 10. It has worked great. Now I have probably jinxed myself. I keep hoping that Microsoft will fix 11 before I buy a new computer. My son is trying to talk me into a MAC, but I am not about to try something that different for now.
  15. Thank you. I had done online research, but some of their methods scared me. I am pretty uncomfortable making changed to the registry. I was hoping that somebody on here knew an easier way. I will just keep ignoring it as long as it still says it's optional.
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