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  1. I don't have a lot of returns anymore with dependents, but I am advising almost all of them to opt out. Several of them are divorced and it will be a nightmare when they alternate kids every year. Since many of them gave me incorrect EIP amounts, I can't imagine how they will ever know how much they received on a monthly basis.
  2. I wish that I didn't do it. I hate payroll and the quarterly reports. It's way more time consuming and complicated than it used to be. As far as I can tell, none of my clients qualified for the ERC, etc.
  3. Congratulations, Catherine! She is beautiful! We have 5 grandkids from my step-children raning from 15 to 1. We are very blessed. My 10 year old grandson is so excited to have tax season over so that he and I can spend a day together. Andrew and Katie are hoping that we will move to Colorado in a few years so that we can be closer to them and the children that they hope to have. I am already making plans. It's so expensive to move there, but we will have to really downsize. He's already picked out what he hopes will be our neighborhood.
  4. I don't know what the freebie attorney was going to do. They were having trouble getting the title free and clear of the debts. The attorney wanted me to prepare the gift tax return and take the kids' value. It was an insane valuation. I am just glad to be out of it.
  5. If I weren't winding down my practice or it was just cash, I might not be worried. After 42 tax seasons, I am thinking very seriously about getting out sooner than my previous plan of 70. We lost my mom and my husband's brother already this year. My husband's COPD is much worse after having Covid and I need to do more around the house than ever now. Life is too short and I think that I would like to enjoy the first several months in the year for a change. Once I hit full retirement age in a couple of years, I might just find something else to do that is not so stressful. My sister is a mess mentally and it is taking at least two hours every day to talk to her and calm her down. I can't wait until she gets another cat scan to see if her brain tumor is coming back. I still love my clients, but this year has been hard on them because I have had so many personal issues.
  6. Thank you! I was stunned to have this call wake me up this morning. The attorney doesn't want to touch it either. He is giving advice as a "favor". Mainly to throw me under the bus. The medical bills are old and very large. I can't imagine that they won't pursue them. I am going to tell them that they need an elder care attorney and that's not me. I feel better about my decision.
  7. I knew that there was a clawback period for Medicaid, I don't know about regular debts. I thought that the attorney should know the legal stuff.
  8. I hate this year! I got a call this am asking me to prepare a gift tax return, because an Pro Bono attorney said that they should find a CPA to fill it out. The father just passed away and they expect the mother may soon. They are trying to avoid huge medical debts and mortgages taking the house by gifting the house to the son and sife. #1 I have never prepared a gift tax return and #2, I don't want the creditors after my insurance. I did call my insurance company and they said that they could not tell me not to prepare it because there may be liabiltiy, but said that I could use them as an excuse. It's a non-client relative, so I feel guilty. It does not seem ethical to me to try to avoid the creditors, but maybe I am just too strict. Does anyone know if this is a normal thing to do? I wish the attorney would just take care of it. Thanks!
  9. If you can efile this return, I am going to cry. Every time I have one with a refund, I have to mail the damn thing. I have two sitting in a trailer waiting to be opened right now.
  10. After 42 years of tax seasons, I feel the same way. This has been the worst for too many reasons. I am just trying to stick it out until 65 (16 months!) so that I can get Medicare in place of ACA. I don't even know that my business is worth selling. I wish that I didn't love most of my clients, but I honestly am sick of the liability and stress of doing it on my own and feeling guilty every time I do something not work related.
  11. I am soo far behind, but I am trying to cut myself some slack. It has just been hitting me the past couple of days that my mom is really gone and I find myself crying at very little notice. I was very bad, but busted my butt to get out all of my estimates done by Tuesday and my husband and I flew with our son on Wednesday morning. It was very exciting, he announced that this was a special flight, because his parents were on the plane. Everyone clapped for us and we had a genuinely happy time. We came back this morning and I feel better prepared to work harder again.
  12. Thank you! I did something right. I got the LLET extended and then had them pay it and the partners filed extensions with payments. The PTE form is so many pages for a state return. I'm used to Nebraska and Iowa being so much shorter.
  13. Mine has been working fine all season. Maybe it has something to do with your antivirus. I am sorry that you are having these problems. This is a really crappy time to have these problems.
  14. My Nebraska LLC client bought a commercial rental property in Kentucky. It looks like they need to file a PTE. I was really hoping to file an extension and pay up by this week to cover 2020 and 1st qtr 2021. The Federal 7004 was filed timely last month. Is it possible for the partners to file a Kentucky extension and pay or does the money have to come from the LLC? I found a form PTE in ATX and it looks like a pain. They also have Nebraska properties in the LLC. I would like to kick the broker that talked them into this. Thanks to anyone that knows anything. I am still reading instructions.
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