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    IRS eservices wants me to periodically recertify my account

    I am so disgusted with the whole E-services mess. I was verified, then they could not verify me through my cell phone, which is ONLY in my name. I spent hours on the phone with a very nice man on the help desk . He finally gave up and said that he would mail me a new PIN. I never received it and then they sent me a letter saying that I had not verified my license from New York and were going to make my PTIn inactive. I am not in freaking New York! I called and wrote to them and at least my PTIN is OK. I will try to straighten out E-Services sometime in the next few years.

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Thanks so much for posting pictures! It is wonderful to see that you are all having enjoying yourselves!

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Thanks for the advice! No need for a collection. I just hate paying doctors for something unless it's urgent. I was really ticked when she prescribed some ointment that is specifically for knee pain in March for a little bit of arthritis in my knee which was not a big deal to me. I did not have a copay for it, but when I saw the EOB I almost had a stroke to see that they paid over $1K for something that didn't help me at all. The original cost of it was over $3K. Then I received a letter from Blue Cross that I could not refill it without prior permission and that the deductible had gone up. I would never refill it anyway, I hardly used any of it. No wonder our health insurance premiums are so high! The also ran tests at my April physical that my insurance won't even pay for, which I now have to eat. I guess when I turned 60, she decided that I was going to fall apart.

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Deb, I'm glad that your mom did not get hurt badly. I did hit my head first and then landed on my chest where I proceeded to get thrown off the back. I just wasn't paying attention and pushed what I thought was the button to bring up my programs, grabbed the tv remote from the couch and stepped on with one foot. I am just glad that it didn't knock me out, because my husband was outside and would not have found me for at least an hour. We have already been through my husband breaking his ribs and they did not do anything but give him pain pills. I will just get by on Aleve, Ibuprophen and ice packs. Bonnie

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    I can't wait to see pictures and videos! I know that you all will have a great time. I broke a few ribs and possibly my sternum last week on a very stupid treadmill accident. I will never push the program button before I step on again. ( I pushed start, by accident) I wish that I had a video of me being thrown off of the back of the treadmill, because I'm sure that it was hilarious and would get a lot ot viewings. I am self treating, since my deductible is way too high to go for something that they can't fix anyway. If one starts poking through the skin, then I will have to go. We just found out that we need a new roof and that deductible is ridiculous, so roof comes before anything else.

    NT- 2017 Economic Census question

    My client doesn't even have a computer. I won't let clients use my computers, so I guess I will see if he can call someone and figure this out.

    NT- 2017 Economic Census question

    A client dropped off his 2017 Econonic Census for me to help. Apparently there is no helping this year, because it is all online. He has no clue how to do it himself and has not even brought in his 2017 bookkeeping. It's due by 6/12, which is hilarious, since he just got it in the mail Thursday. I went online and can't find a way for him to request an extension or to opt out for paper. This guy does not even know how to use a computer and uses a flip phone that is just a PHONE. I would be happy to hear any ideas on getting this extended. The penalties are huge for not filing it. I wish that they would just go to his house and see that not every small business has a computer. Thanks, Bonnie

    It's Already Started

    Nebraska does the same thing. It's almost always the only withholding is from their 1099-R for teachers. It's just a good way to drag out paying the refund.

    Trouble with IRS verifying me

    I'm not sure that of why they can't verify my identity. My cell phone is in my name, I've had the same freaking name for 25 years and it worked fine until they updated their system. I was involved in the Equifax debacle, but did not freeze my credit. It's really annoying the heck out of me, because they can't seem to give me any solutions to fix it on their end. They have not even told me that I could go to the IRS office here to verify myself. They just told me that I could go with my client to verify his identity, but he can do that without me going with him and charging him for that trip.

    Trouble with IRS verifying me

    I have had so much trouble with the IRS verifying my identity. I am pretty sure that I finalized the process last year when they said to do it. Everything went through and there didn't seem to be any questions online. During tax season, something seemed to get messed up somewhere and suddenly I was not in the system. I have called and called. The last time the man was super helpful and said that I would be receiving a letter with a new number to identify me and that never showed up. Today I get a 5122A letter telling me to verify my professional status in New York. They have the correct PTIN and name, but the wrong state. I admit that I went there to see the Christmas lights, but I have never even prepared a New York return. I remember years ago having a problem with another CPA having my name, but I thought that was my maiden name and I acutally use Bonita, (which I hate) with my PTIN and permit. I have a call into the contact on the letter, but if it runs like everything else, they will never call me back. Has anyone else had a problem with this identity issue? I have a client trying to get their deceased mother's 2015 refund back and I can't even help him unless I go with him. I always that that my name was so weird that no one else would have it. Thanks! Bonnie

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    I would check with your E & O insurance. Mine has told me in the past, that if I could not get paid without going to court, to drop it. Many times if you go to court, they will countersue for malpractice. It does not matter whether you are right or wrong, it may cost you in the end through time and more stress. It sucks! I have had to walk away a couple of times and one was for my in-laws sister. I just had to see the witch at a family gathering again and I wanted to give her a Rita hug. I don't even know how she can show up anywhere that I am at.

    Summer Gathering

    I would love to come, but we have a wedding that weekend.

    NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    My husband said that this was the smoothest end of tax season that he has seen in our 28 years together. I'm not sure what I did differently, but I hope that I can keep it up. I did start using him earlier in the season as my receptionist for signing so that I could work harder without all of the distractions.

    NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    We just stayed home and watched some tv. Tomorrow, we will go somewhere, because I haven't left the place in almost two weeks. I don't want to splurge and eat something bad for me until after my physical on Friday.

    I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    I could work harder and later tonight, but I have everything done that I had promised and am actually in a good mood for the first last day of tax season in many years! I owe a lot of that happiness and sanity to the amazing people on this site. I think it's partly age, I've finally learned that I don't have to let the stress kill me and make me miserable. I have prepared more returns by now than the last four years and am so relieved. I have a lot of extensions, but none that were not expecting it. I won't take tomorrow off, because I do want to wrap up a few returns and start on payroll and property tax returns. I have a ton of work to get done and so much planning for our London trip by 4/29. I am sure that I will renew sometime with ATX for next year, because I had a good year and I'm too old to want to learn new stuff. Thanks to all of you for the humor, the acceptance and the new stuff that I learn here every day. I hope that everyone has a great summer and peaks in here once in awhile, because I will still be here all year. Now I'm going to try to take a nap! Bonnie