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  1. I am soo far behind, but I am trying to cut myself some slack. It has just been hitting me the past couple of days that my mom is really gone and I find myself crying at very little notice. I was very bad, but busted my butt to get out all of my estimates done by Tuesday and my husband and I flew with our son on Wednesday morning. It was very exciting, he announced that this was a special flight, because his parents were on the plane. Everyone clapped for us and we had a genuinely happy time. We came back this morning and I feel better prepared to work harder again.
  2. Thank you! I did something right. I got the LLET extended and then had them pay it and the partners filed extensions with payments. The PTE form is so many pages for a state return. I'm used to Nebraska and Iowa being so much shorter.
  3. Mine has been working fine all season. Maybe it has something to do with your antivirus. I am sorry that you are having these problems. This is a really crappy time to have these problems.
  4. My Nebraska LLC client bought a commercial rental property in Kentucky. It looks like they need to file a PTE. I was really hoping to file an extension and pay up by this week to cover 2020 and 1st qtr 2021. The Federal 7004 was filed timely last month. Is it possible for the partners to file a Kentucky extension and pay or does the money have to come from the LLC? I found a form PTE in ATX and it looks like a pain. They also have Nebraska properties in the LLC. I would like to kick the broker that talked them into this. Thanks to anyone that knows anything. I am still reading instructions.
  5. Good luck, Catherine. I know that there was no way that ATX would let me around the 1310 and it didn't matter how many or which boxes that I chose. This is such a time waster and the fact that the IRS is so far behind, just makes my clients ticked at me even though I have no control over any of it. ATX just tried to get me to add a 1310N to a surviving spouse return, but thankfully, it wasn't a red error and I could create the efile. Bonnie
  6. As far as I can find, Nebraska is following the IRS on the $10,200 exemption. There are no guidelines to add it back.
  7. I am so sorry, Judy. I hope that your husband gets better very soon. I know how hard it is to have loved ones ill. You do not need the stress of these idiots. With the new 1099K rules for 2021, I think that we many of us are going to find out about previously unknown businesses and I am sure that they will be a mess that our clients will want us to straighten out. I am really glad that you have a new printer that works. Bonnie
  8. I know where he banks and that is not a service that they offer. Thanks.
  9. Thanks! That is the name of a program that I gave him after seeing it reviewed pretty highly.
  10. It is ridiculous, first ATX rejected every option that I tried. I checked different boxes and attached PDFs. Then when it finally made it through ATX, the IRS rejected everything and ATX said that they had no idea what the error was about and to mail.
  11. Margaret, I don't understand why mine would not go thorough. This is not the first time that this has happened with any 1310 for me. I am going to look at it again. I have checked and unchecked various boxes. It is a C with no will. Thanks! Bonnie
  12. I just gave up and mailed. There does not seem to be a way around it, at least not with ATX. The IRS rejected it every time for various errors. ATX support was worthless this time. I think that it is definitely a programming error. They just said to mail. It makes me mad, because I am going to go through the same mess for 2020.
  13. A friend asked me about using online software. He has never done payroll, so he is looking for something that will basically do everything. I have only used QuickBooks and Medlin. I don't think that either are great for someone that knows nothing. I will not be helping. I am just asking as a favor. I don't know why he doesn't want to use ADP or Paychex. Maybe it's too expensive. Thanks if anyone has a quick minute or opinion. Bonnie
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