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    Microsoft to charge monthly for Windows 7 updates

    Hopefully, the screams of their customers will make them back down. I don't know if they will care or not.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    AVG's update messed with Windows Explorer or another computer. It was not encrypted, so I was able to perform a system restore. My work computer has been limping along every since I got it back from shop. I was continually having to force stop Explorer and run a new one or restart the computer totally when it had done enough work or sat too long (whatever windows decided was enough) . I uninstalled AVG and after some research, I installed Comodo. I don't know if that will help, but at least Windows has been alive for several hours. AVG reinstalled the update on the other computer and it went crazy again. I may install a different antivirus on it, to see if it works better with Windows 7 than Comodo. I know that one of these days I am going to have to upgrade Windows, but I already have an Acer laptop with Windows 10 and I've never been in love with it. I keep seeing that 10 has it's own issues.

    CPE recommendation?

    The only live seminars that I go to anymore are Basics & Beyond. I have attended them since the 90s when they were called Back to Basics and I always learn good stuff. They have live webinars also and I have purchased some of them. Most of their speakers are funny and entertaining so I don't have to fight sleep until after lunch. I don't recognize as many people as I used to when I go so they either got smart and retired, died or are taking their CPE online. I do take a courses online every year with Vern Hoven and Sharon Krieder and many free ones from CPA Acadamy. I do enjoy the live webinars, because I can wear my sweats and fix my own lunch. I take the classes from my liability insurance every couple of years and I always want to go work anywhere else because they petrify me.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    Catherine, How do I know if I have partition software? I'm sorry to be such a dummy. I used to feel somewhat competant about my computers, but this is throwing me for a loop and I am petrified that this will happen again. I know that getting hacked is the worst thing that could ever happen to me, but I'm about ready for the good old days of 1979 when I was preparing returns in pencil before review.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    I could not even get to Windows because the AVG update corrupted my user profile. I just got the call that it is back up and running again. It took them longer than they expected because of Symantec encryption. I am ecstatic, because I was envisioning a new computer and restoring everything.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    I am using Windows 7 Professional. This Symantec Encryption is a huge pain in the butt.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    Catherine, I had no idea that I needed to have more users on my work computer. The encryption method is confusing, because it looks like someone that is not me has to log on so I'm probably taking it in to the computer hospital. This IRS mandated encryption is a good idea, but it makes everything above my head to fix anything.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    Thanks, Judy! I will try this. I am so upset that I am obviously not searching correctly. I was still trying to get through the Microsoft options and then I got on the treadmill to work out my issues. My sister is going on vacation this week and my Mom has doctor and therapy appointments every day this week, so I am really upset about trying to get my work done.

    NT-Computer is messed up

    I have been researching this on my own, but I can't seem to get by my Symantec Encryption program. AVG did an update and said that it needed to restart my computer. It appears that it corrupted my Windows user profile. I can get past the Encryption program, but can't figure out how to get into Safe Mode before Windows. This is so frustrating for me, because I'm not even sure that my regular IT guys will be able to help. They installed the Encryption program, but they aren't retailers for it. I did not know that until after it was installed. I will call them in the morning, but I was hoping that I could get back running on my own. I am also sick of having anti-virus updates cause problems for me. This is not the first time. I guess I will have to look for another. Thanks! Bonnie

    NT It has been real!!!

    Congratulations on your retirement. You will be missed.
  11. I only have one non-profit and they don't even have a parking lot. It's a pool that only has street parking. I don't know how they could charge people for parking in the street. What a bunch of morons!

    IRS eservices wants me to periodically recertify my account

    I am so disgusted with the whole E-services mess. I was verified, then they could not verify me through my cell phone, which is ONLY in my name. I spent hours on the phone with a very nice man on the help desk . He finally gave up and said that he would mail me a new PIN. I never received it and then they sent me a letter saying that I had not verified my license from New York and were going to make my PTIn inactive. I am not in freaking New York! I called and wrote to them and at least my PTIN is OK. I will try to straighten out E-Services sometime in the next few years.

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Thanks so much for posting pictures! It is wonderful to see that you are all having enjoying yourselves!

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Thanks for the advice! No need for a collection. I just hate paying doctors for something unless it's urgent. I was really ticked when she prescribed some ointment that is specifically for knee pain in March for a little bit of arthritis in my knee which was not a big deal to me. I did not have a copay for it, but when I saw the EOB I almost had a stroke to see that they paid over $1K for something that didn't help me at all. The original cost of it was over $3K. Then I received a letter from Blue Cross that I could not refill it without prior permission and that the deductible had gone up. I would never refill it anyway, I hardly used any of it. No wonder our health insurance premiums are so high! The also ran tests at my April physical that my insurance won't even pay for, which I now have to eat. I guess when I turned 60, she decided that I was going to fall apart.

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Deb, I'm glad that your mom did not get hurt badly. I did hit my head first and then landed on my chest where I proceeded to get thrown off the back. I just wasn't paying attention and pushed what I thought was the button to bring up my programs, grabbed the tv remote from the couch and stepped on with one foot. I am just glad that it didn't knock me out, because my husband was outside and would not have found me for at least an hour. We have already been through my husband breaking his ribs and they did not do anything but give him pain pills. I will just get by on Aleve, Ibuprophen and ice packs. Bonnie