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  1. Judy, I was just doing research that included what had been done in other cost segregation studies. An ex board member thought that it was an improvement, so I wanted to cover all of my bases. He isn't in the business of doing accounting or construction, but I still wanted to listen and bounce it off of my back office. ( All of you wonderful people) I would lose my mind without all of you.
  2. There was a board meeting last night and they decided that it may be a repair, because it was started with a leaky valve in the bathroom and then pipes started to fail out to the street. The whole place will be falling apart, because it is an over 60 year old swimming pool. I will still keep researching, but it does not prolong the property's life for sure.
  3. The bill was $8k for two valves and the building is fully depreciated, so it looks like depreciating is the only way.
  4. I'm going to try a local shredding truck for a bunch of old boxes of files from the days before I scanned almost everything. My current shredder that I use just for day to day shredding takes forever to shred old papers and files because it only shreds about 10 pages at a time without stopping. It is a micro shredder and then we compost or burn the shred when it's full.
  5. I decided that it must be 39 years, because it was an improvement bringing utilities to the building.Thanks everyone!
  6. That's great. It is very hard to stay current if you don't fly all of the time. Andrew is keeping his CFI current, because it's too hard to do it all over again. He does not fly private planes much anymore, but always has another good pilot with him. He says that it's way different than a jet and it's very easy to make mistakes.
  7. Randall, his training was all civilian. He started flying very young and soloed on his 16th birthday, then got his certificates on his 17 and 18th birthdays. He received his Bachelors in Air Transport Administration from the Aviation Institute at UNO, because it was much cheaper to get his flight hours on his own, instead of through the University. I did not believe his first flight instructor when he had a plan to get him through, but it turns out that he was correct. He started instructing at 18, so he built a lot of hours over time.
  8. Andrew was hired by United and started training January 4. It was hard for him to leave SkyWest, but this has been his dream job since he was little. He will be flying 737s out of LAX until a spot opens in Denver. We are super happy for him. I am looking forward to more fun trips to places that I have never seen.
  9. I know that our meter is owned by the city, because they are coming to fix a gas leak outside my house before the meter on Thursday. They already replaced the meter. The gas and water company are the same utility here. I will have to check and find out who owns the pipes and shut offs at the street for my client. Thanks for the help.
  10. Me too! I have been trying to stop taking new clients for a few years. I turned two down today that I knew, that's much harder than the random phone call. I just know that this tax season is not going to be much better than the last two. I had three more clients pass away this month and that always means more time needed for their returns and dealing with family. I will miss my clients when I retire, but I won't miss worrying about data security, the constant liability and new tax laws.
  11. I was looking at a table for cost segregation studies and I an unsure if water line shutoffs at the street would be considered land improvements or building improvements, because it is carrying utilities to the building. It is definitely an upgrade and included having to cut the street. Thanks for any ideas. I have not run across this one before and the difference between 39 years and 15 years is fairly sizeable. Bonnie
  12. Congratulations, Terry!
  13. We plan on moving to Colorado in a few years to be close to our son and I swear that I will be done with my business by then. I don't plan to retire, just find a part-time job that is not tax related and somewhat enjoyable. I have moved my office location three times and have worked out of my house for 10 years. I had lovely clients that moved me twice and set up my office. It was a huge pain to move and I won't move my office again. Changing my information was easy. Unpacking was a huge pain. I receive my faxes over the Internet, but still have a landline. My cell service is not the best in our neighborhood and I want a real landline to stay on hold with the IRS. I was not planning to retire for 6 years, but I'm thinking about three if that will work for us. My husband's health has gone downhill so much the past two years and I am spending so much time taking him to medical appontments and taking over the housework that he has done for the last ten years. Since we lost my mom this year and had to clean out and sell her house, our kids have been helping us (forcing us) to get rid of things that we don't really need. If has really been cathartic (and sad sometimes) to see that it has made a difference. It has taken a lot of time and many, many trips to donate and recycle stuff. It is a good thing, because if something happens to my husband, I won't stick around here long and will have to downsize alot to live in Littleton. If you still love your business, downsize it until you are comfortable and keep working. I wish that I still loved this job, but after 45 years of tax seaon running my life and the constant tax changes, I am ready to take it easier. I will miss my clients, but I have lost a lot of them the past few years due to age and illness. I lost three (two from the same family) in 7 days this month. I need to buy sympathy cards by the box. Just do what you think is best for you. Bonnie
  14. They steal out of them here, too. They are driving around in broad daylight getting caught on cameras. I'm glad to be home most of the time so I see when the mail gets here.
  15. He also told them that they were more apt to get audited by electronically filing and that it gives them too much information.
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