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  1. Absolutely I question them. I don't question what looks in-line with prior years. I do question when something is suddenly out of whack, or a new client, and every one of them are told that while I don't need to see the logbook or the receipts, if they are audited they will be required to provide them to the IRS, and these amounts are high enough to be a red flag. Now that you know this, client, is this still the correct figure? And I document that I have asked them (usually by email, and I print the email and response to pdf in the folder for the correct year).
  2. Has anyone switched from prosystem to drake?  I prepare 400 individual returns and 160 business returns.  I paid almost 40k last year to prosystem.  Robbery!

  3. Including the time it took to get the client to dredge up all the records? Two and a half years since the first docs showed up. Subsequent years have taken less time, but the client I'm thinking of usually files a minimum of six months after extension deadline has passed.
  4. Hope you are not including me in that three - I'll re-quote you and say I'm not worthy! Judy's the expert, and Abby is right up there too. Remember my accounting and tax knowledge is due only to years of study at HKU (Hard Knock University).
  5. Absolutely. I will often not transmit a balance sheet if the corporation is below the limits, but I always print it out. Just a year or two ago there was a $30,000 loan to a corporation recorded nowhere - but the balance sheet was off, so we knew something was very wrong. Sent the clients off to dig (and it took them some time, too - these particular clients are clueless) and they finally found the supporting documentation for that loan - including the loan schedule and interest rate (hey, they'd forgotten that interest expense, too - real winners; we're now doing monthly bookkeeping for them).
  6. Talk to the clients about prior-year K-1's. Perhaps someone has *something* that will give you a clue where to start digging. They may not know anything about those booked loans (for example) but the K-1's may have information that will help you to nudge their memories.
  7. It never really does anyway. I put my foot down years ago that I will NOT half-kill myself to accommodate clients who knew, back on Jan 1, what the deadline was (and this year, had extra time!). They know that, and frankly if they go PAST the deadline, that's their problem, not mine. Anyone who whines is very welcome to go elsewhere. That said, I'll do my best - within reasonable limits that *I* set.
  8. Nope; you can do it for them online. It takes longer to FIND the *&^% fill-in form on the IRS web site than it takes actually to fill it out, but Lion provided the link to get started. The one trick is that you MUST print the page with the EIN before you close it out - once you leave that page you CANNOT get back to it, and then have to wait several weeks for the confirmation letter to arrive.
  9. I believe you need an EIN. How on earth did the employer make the payroll tax payments?
  10. Catherine

    NT - mom

    Darlene, My deepest sympathies on the loss of your mom. I hope and pray that the various arrangements can be sorted out. Hang in there, TAKE the time to grieve, and the rest will sort out eventually.
  11. Obliquely related, but this past week we have been INUNDATED not with tire-kickers but with goggle listings type calls. I've learned most of them come through Caller ID showing a town rather than a name, and that answering lets them know the number is live. I've started instead using the speakerphone and humming "Scotland the Brave" or some other tune. The algorithms don't know what to do. Eventually the calls slow down. But I am seriously sick and tired of them this week.
  12. LOVE your humor, @Possi!
  13. Why don't we just skip ahead to '21?
  14. For people who call the IRS a lot, and don't ever want to wait, there is a service called Call EnQ that will connect you in minutes every time. I've put their link below, but for those who won't click links just goggle them. It is $60/month (roughly) so I haven't bothered (my favorite time to call is 7pm Eastern on Friday - they're still open 'cuz it's only 4pm out on the west coast but everyone else in the country has gone/is about to go home). But I've seen it in action and it's pretty slick. Call EnQ
  15. Catherine

    NT - mom

    Darlene, I am just seeing this now. I second EVERYTHING Donna/Donnarae/Possi said earlier. Be with mom; spend time with her. You will NEVER regret time spent; you may regret time not spent, for years and year and years. To heck with the tax returns and extensions. If you get to them, fine. If not - and any client screams - you do NOT need clients who waited until the last minute themselves and then got mad at you for spending time with your mom. You just don't. Those people are spiritual poison and you don't need them in your life. Prayers for your mom and your whole family; may the Lord hold you in His hands and give you His peace that passeth all understanding.
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