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  1. Very true; never file an amended return with a CP2000 letter. New schedule D with transactions plus stmts from Fidelity, yes. They'll take it from there, unless there are other factors you want to include. If you do decide to include the 1040, write on it in bold "DO NOT PROCESS - supplementary information ONLY."
  2. Places like EFileMyForms allow preparation of prior-year forms, if you also need them e-filed and/or mailed out.
  3. I'm always astounded when these requests come in for people who have the same name as they've had for years, have not changed their ssn's for any reason, live at the same address they've been filing from for years - some for DECADES, use the same bank account for refunds that they've used for years, and their refunds are in line with refunds for the last umpty years. You'd think they could at least limit this nonsense to ssn's where at least one of those has *changed* from the most recently filed years. But there's more! I had one client last year w
  4. Yes, it all goes on Sch D. You can do one-line summary for the totals of short term and long term (but make sure the client uses a tracking program of SOME kind - before those were available, for one client I had a spreadsheet. FIFO, and every bleeping Sbux coffee was tracked. Ugh.).
  5. Colleague here in my state asked if I had a recommendation for accounting software that is good for tracking truckers' income and expenses. She's been using spreadsheets but was hoping for a better overall solution. Her husband has a small truck, and has been sending his colleagues to her, so the need is getting more pressing! Thanks to all in advance.
  6. Round and round and round we go; where we stop, nobody knows!
  7. The old saying - the only two certainties in life are death and taxes - but at least death doesn't get more complicated every year!
  8. Catherine


    Neither is PayPal. I rarely leave more than a few dollars in my PayPal for that reason. It's not real until it's in my bank.
  9. You might want to consider NOT telling us when you do - or you might find a long line of friends at your front door, ready to dive in!
  10. To mis-quote Heinlein, "The ways of God and computers are strange, and not for mortal men to figure out."
  11. Yup! They had asked me to teach one of the modules, but the week I'm away teaching at Camp Constitution fell right in the middle of it, so I had to decline.
  12. A couple of times a season, I stumble across some terrific little feature I didn't know was there. Yes there are annoyances - as in every program. Yes there are quirks - again, as in every program. Ultimately, the best software for you is the one you are most comfortable with - but it is not only possible but sometimes imperative to switch to a new program. With time, it will also become an old friend. How many of us fought the switch from DOS-based programs years ago, after all? I know I did. New, different, and weird-seeming do not equate to worse.
  13. Massachusetts has some kind of provision for one-day licensing so anyone can perform a legal marriage ceremony. Wouldn't be surprised if other states have similar provisions. (Allows an out-of-state minister, or a friend or family member, to perform the ceremony for the couple.)
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