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  1. And in that unlikely event, you tell the auditor that the former spouse skedaddled years ago and cannot be found. Hey, auditor - can YOU guys find him for the client; he oughta know that the client's great-aunt Millie died six years ago and left him her plastic rosary bead set.
  2. Correct as it is stated, assuming other requirements (son's age, marital status, full time student etc) are met.
  3. True, it's a set-up option for client and preparer copies. But the filing copies cannot and never will have ssns masked.
  4. Just fyi, in Drake there are client copies, preparer copies, and filing (mail-in) copies. (Those last have all the ssn digits, etc.) Banks want those numbers, so they get "filing" copies. Taxpayers get the client copies that also include most of the worksheets, and have ssn's masked. Preparer copies get *all* the worksheets, plus diagnostics and notes and carry-forwards and the like.
  5. How many years? Is husband still alive? Could he be declared dead? Has he changed his name? (Or sex, for that matter, these days.) I'd say that if it's been ten or more years, no indication the guy is alive, and no one the client knows has heard anything from, of, or about him (including maybe a goggle (sic) search for him turning up nothing)... then you could make a very good case for single. Because people who drop off the face of the earth are sometimes literally no longer on it. OTOH, if that search turns him up in Saskatoon, Saratoga, or Santiago - then nope, MFS, and look for a jurisdiction with a quick cheap divorce for next year.
  6. Isn't that against the Geneva Conventions against cruel and unusual punishment?
  7. Sounds like you need to see the HOA agreement. If they are required to provide those utilities to all units equally, sounds to me it's like electricity for common areas, and does make the 90% test. YMMV.
  8. I had signed up for the NAEA message board, getting daily summaries, some time ago. I rarely look, and have never bothered to respond. Well, I responded to one and let me warn you all to stay away from that group! First off, any response seems to reset your daily summary to an email with every. bleeping. message. posted - and I could find no way to reset that (ended up unsubscribing completely). Then, the board seems to be full of full-of-themselves persnickety nit-pickers who have NO concept of taking facts and circumstances and doing the best you can do with the information at hand. Stay here, where we fuss at each other in love, and understand that we're all trying to do our best for our clients, not trying to prove how we can out-cite everyone else. Jeezle louizle I love you guys and just got my nose rubbed in how much. And Rita - there are some folks over on another board who could use some of your hugs. Just sayin'!
  9. Catherine

    MA Trust

    Yes, the oddball payments where Q2 is due before Q1. Your government at play! Actually, they're doing a good job trying to keep on top, when the ground is shifting daily and emphasis is on personal 'cuz that's who is visible. Businesses are on skeleton crews, or shut, so they're not fussing very much at the moment. Good luck with your trusts. Wrestling with three myself, that are interlocked (marital and survivor share and whatever the other one is) and sold jointly-held assets in 2019. I was cross-eyed before lunch!
  10. just click out of the return
  11. I've been keeping tax returns open (in Drake) while doing anything for the client. Drake tracks time per return. Helps me decide who gets discounts, and whose bill gets none, and what clients are definitely more trouble than they are worth.
  12. CA service centers are shut due to the governor's decree, and UT centers due to the earthquake. Probably some NY centers, too. That will certainly put a crimp in the works!
  13. I've seen AMT credits in the past. I've also seen instances where MFS works better. Odd, sometimes, how tax rules, phase-outs, and limitations interact.
  14. Catherine

    MA Trust

    We are treating them as due April 15th. Q1 pmts due 7/15 Q2 pmts due 6/15.
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