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  1. Catherine

    any fast way to get a POA to process?

    Almost worthless. It will allow you to find out if the return is in the system and being processed; not much else.
  2. Catherine

    scanner recommendation

    We have a Fuji ScanSnap S1500 that scans duplex, is fast, and wasn't expensive.
  3. Catherine

    1099 software

    I've used efile my forms for the last half dozen years. Info rolls over; easy to efile that *o-o-n-n-e-e* last 1099 your client tells you about last-minute. It might be cumbersome is we had more than a three or four dozen w2 and 1099 forms. Then again, I've never looked into uploading to them from an Excel file.
  4. Catherine

    any fast way to get a POA to process?

    Yes indeed. I have learned that sending them in by fax is highly dependent on WHEN. Sending them after hours or over the weekends is useless; the machines run out of paper, memory, or both. Likewise, before 10 or 11AM on Monday or post-holiday - they haven't been re-loaded with paper yet. 11AM or later, and before 4PM, on weekdays that are not holidays. And just hope your fax re-dials often enough to get through the busy signals. Sigh.
  5. Catherine

    Qualified Business Income Deduction

    Or a well-paid spouse.
  6. Catherine

    Computer Advice (Display Driver Error)

    Absolutely. And set up a SECOND admin account, in case login for the first ever gets corrupted. That dodge saved my bacon once, long ago, when my account *and* my admin acct logins both got corrupted on the same day -about two weeks before the close of the tax season! (I also took it as a warning that machine was getting flaky, and changed the machine itself right after the season closed that year.)
  7. Catherine

    desktop purchase advice

    The one thing I've had bad luck with is optical drives (CD/DVD reader-burners). The one installed seems to die after a while (this has happened to three different machines). Fortunately, every time Dell has sent a new one and I've just popped it in. First time they sent a tech; when I saw how easy it was I just told them to send me the drive after. Two were machines bought at the same time, that had the exact same optical drive - so those might have just been a batch that was poorly made. Third one was a much older drive but I'd renewed my warranty so it was still covered. No other issues. I do detest their keyboards, so I found and bought one I liked and just use that on any new computer.
  8. Catherine

    desktop purchase advice

    You will NEVER regret getting the most RAM you can. We have a RAM-intensive business. Tax program, QuickBooks, Excel, browser windows for research, Adobe for pdf's, and more. It's easy to add an external hard drive; harder to add more RAM if you're nervous about opening the case, getting a grounding strap, and mucking about with adding/swapping memory modules. And always get Professional version software. I agree with cbslee; give Dell a call (they always have promotions going on) and see what you can get from them. Direct from Dell you can also get three years of next-day on-site support should something go wrong. Alternatively you can call HP and see what deal they'll give you. Good luck!
  9. Catherine

    Business Sold

    Hooray hooray enjoy the day(s)! Congratulations!
  10. Catherine

    Sch C or Sch A?

  11. Catherine

    Sch C or Sch A?

    Looking into other documentation. From what I can tell, it was a loose partnership. One was going to buy the house, the other do most of the renovations and put in funds because the first had wholesale connections for supplies. Yeah. And we'll never get the other's ssn. Year is 2016; before the tax law changes.
  12. Catherine

    Sch C or Sch A?

    Already done. Blood from a turnip; the bozo blew the money and is broke.
  13. Catherine

    Sch C or Sch A?

    Client made a business deal with a friend; they were going to flip a house. Friend bought the house, client gave personal loan for materials/supplies/etc for the flip. Even got a real note, with real terms, notarized and everything. "Friend" skips out with the money after making a couple of payments; house (in friend's name) foreclosed; almost the whole amount is lost. So it looks like a plain-jane theft loss - but the 4684 for theft losses only flows to Sch A. This was business only; agreement in place, proper documents, plan was to make a bundle on a flip. Should I leave off the 4684 and just report it on Part V of Sch C? I've been looking through instructions pubs and regs until I can't see straight and can find nothing specific to theft losses and Sch C. It does not seem right to report on Sch A; it had nothing to do with personal items. So the question is - am I right thinking this really belongs on Sch C? Or am I stuck reporting on Sch A?
  14. Catherine

    2018 Tax Organizers

    Yes, but when we mail them we get them ready before Christmas. Take the pile to the post office on Jan 2nd and we're done with 'em before people start fussing about their payroll w-2s.
  15. Catherine

    2018 Tax Organizers

    We may try sending them through our file portal this year, for everyone except the few old-timers who don't have email.