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  1. Catherine

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    Yes, and do you remember the animatronics show "Dinosaurs" from - I forget when, but a long time ago; early 90's-ish. All the dinosaurs were named after oil companies. Earl Sinclair, his mother in law Ethyl Phillips, boss Mr B. P. Richfield, buddy Roy Hess. It was a hoot!
  2. Catherine

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    Next to your triceratops?
  3. Catherine

    Docu Sign

    Depends on the level of authentication protocol. $1.50 and $2.50, depending. Per person signing - so couples will be double.
  4. Catherine

    AICPA & NAEA - Simplify W -4

    We have also advised our clients to check their withheld tax for 2018.
  5. Catherine

    AICPA & NAEA - Simplify W -4

    I'd make a separate W-4 for people who get large but irregular bonuses or commissions. We've ALL seen clients usually in a 20% bracket have a huge bonus (that bracket-bumps them) that gets 20% withheld. Then they get slammed in April. I'd like folks to have the opportunity to increase % tax withheld on those big bonuses to 35% or 40%.
  6. Catherine

    Docu Sign

    I use CPAperless' product "Signature Flow" that works very efficiently. The big plus with them is that it's a per-signature charge, rather than a monthly fee. For the dozen or two e-signatures I do a year, paying a stiff monthly fee would be stupid. I have my business card on file, they charge me monthly for that month's signatures.
  7. Catherine


    Thank you, @Edsel, for your fabulous exposition on timber issues!
  8. Catherine

    Depreciation Question

    While what @Abby Normal says is very true, give them the list of all the additional information they have to provide to support all the transactions, and they might agree to make it cleaner. As much as they like "putting one over" they detest inconveniencing themselves more.
  9. Catherine

    Depreciation Question

    Since it's 2018, they still have time to exchange cash for this, and fix the situation. Pay for the asset. Get paid in return for the "barter" work. All the paperwork is right. Reporting is straightforward. All the "how did you decide on the value of the barter work?" questions are made moot.
  10. Catherine

    1040 PostCard

    I'm with FDNY; my legis-vermin are all on the wrong side for getting anything useful out of the IRS. But I'll write to them anyway. FYI, everyone, the various offices use a very sophisticated method for figuring how people feel about matters: they *count*. So, if you call, email, fax, and write, your position gets four slots. Do it!
  11. Catherine

    Strange Problem and Proposed Solution

    In anything resembling this possibility, I always try to be elsewhere when the finger is pointed! As in, at least a full county away. If I don't CMA (my) at all times, I can't help anyone. And I hate jumpsuits. Orange is OK, but not jumpsuits. Blech.
  12. Catherine

    NT_Joke of the Day

    Hey, why not?! What two concepts occur (and are used mathematically) everywhere in science and engineering, but do not exist in our universe? True randomness. Infinity.
  13. Catherine

    NT_Joke of the Day

    @JohnH's sig line, "In theory, practice and theory are identical. In practice, they are not," leads to this response: I want to live in theory - EVERYTHING works in theory!
  14. Catherine

    What would you do?

    Balloon was my thought, too.
  15. Catherine

    Over 35 years in this industry.....

    You could have just ended the sentence here, and it would apply to *many* situations!