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  1. I'm one of those. Every couple of years (and with every new client) I get a POA that goes back all open years and forward one from the current year. It's really helped on several occasions (pulling transcripts using TaxHelpSoftware, or Canopy, calling on a letter received without having to scramble for a POA on short notice). Actual representation work does not occur until a separate representation engagement letter is signed, though.
  2. Yes, I always point out the fees. Most clients can't seem to be bothered (and I don't understand why). Heck, I can't even get people to update their IRA beneficiaries! I see them year after year after year - the same accounts, showing "no beneficiary on record" or (worse yet) the name of the former spouse. People say, "Oh, yeah, I gotta fix that" and then next year.... Inertia.
  3. in large part because we need to use the fool things, and without accepting the tos we're dead in the water.
  4. I'd try the Taxpayer Advocate first, as others have recommended. If that does not get prompt attention, then tax court. The thing is, that if a tax court case is filed, the FIRST thing the court does is send the case down to high-level Appeals with strongly worded recommendations to RESOLVE the issue, so the court doesn't have to hear the case. That level is peopled with competent problem-solvers who do NOT want the court to verbally dope-slap them, later, for failure to resolve. Besta bote woilds!
  5. I know you will take good care of us, and I have NO idea whatsoever about all the DNS commentary.
  6. Looking at what Max W just posted, I think you could make a case for the date the appeals period closed. Yes, the decision was earlier - but no way to know if there would be an appeal, which would keep the case open.
  7. We just use a work-in-progress spreadsheet I set up years ago, and free online booking for clients that syncs with our goggle (sic) calendars. It is not an "elegant" solution - but it works for us, and it's free. For years it was just me, now it's me, my assistant, and my two partners. The one big change we had to make for the partners is change some of our spreadsheet color-coding to accommodate the red-green color blindness of one partner!
  8. I recommend strongly AGAINST a wifi system (instead of wired). More and more cybersecurity risks. Here in MA, if a client's confidential information is taken and they trace it to me or my systems, my business is toast. As am I.
  9. Catherine


    Yes. There is a bitcoin phishing-reporting site where you can report those bitcoin lockers. I get a couple of these a week in one of my emails, and always report them. bitcoinwhoswho.com is the site - free but you must register to report them.
  10. THIS. Definitely. 8GB won't run the operating system, the tax program, Adobe Reader, and your email without noticeable slowdowns these days. My spare machine has 8GB and will grind to halt if too many programs are running - and by "too many" I mean "barely enough to work with."
  11. TaxHelpSoftware (Roger Nemeth's company) has a free trial and *excellent* CSED calculations. Canopy is free for transcripts but not as good on CSED. Try one of t hem to see what the exact date history on this year is, if PPL leaves anything un-addressed.
  12. To all my friends here - if you celebrate Passover, then, "Next year in Jerusalem!" If you celebrate Easter, have a blessed day. One of my huge blessings is all of YOU.
  13. Is that amount total income, or taxable income?
  14. Thank you, Gail! I closed out that return and won't look again until Monday, but I think what you have given will help me with most of the confusion. However, if anyone else wants to chime in, I'm all ears!
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