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  1. Not currently residing in any state, but ex-spouse and kids reside in MA part of the year.
  2. No real clue, but it sounds like there is a submission ID conflict. If you re-create the e-file, does it change the SID number for NM? If so, that *might* help.
  3. And this underscores how important it is to read the actual trust documents, because what we are told is often only loosely related to the truth. (With new clients, this also makes them scramble to *find* the trust docs, which have usually been semi-lost for years.)
  4. Bumping up the queue. If you don't speak Spanish, do you know someone trustworthy who does? Currently I have one possibility but would like to have a couple of names to pass along. Thanks!
  5. Also note that if you want to be persnickety, many dividends (and cap gain dists) are weighted towards end-of-year payments, so to be correct you can't just apportion. You actually have to look at the dividends paid with each monthly or (usually) quarterly or semi-annual payment. Only payments before DOD are taxed on the final 1040; the rest go on the 1041. Yes, the only thing to do is to charge a lot for these returns. They are pains-taking.
  6. Sounds like the trust should have been divided into two upon wife's death, one share for each child. It clearly states upon wife's death it all goes to the two kids. Her estate should get no income after her death (may have short-year beneficiaries there).
  7. I have no experience, but may have a similar question in a few weeks, so I'm following this thread.
  8. I still think the best version of Quicken ever was Quicken '98. I can still kick myself that I ever upgraded from that one.
  9. Good to have it in print, but I'd guess that any of us here on the forum could have told them just about the same thing, years ago, without spending boatloads of dollars preparing the report. 'Course they would never have taken our word(s) for it.
  10. Yes, Gail has it right. You are successor trustee; your POA expired as of the date of her death. And my sympathies that your grandmother passed away. Plus for the paperwork mess you are left to deal with.
  11. Everything Gail & Lion said. Inherited is defined as long-term.
  12. I have a client who lives part of the year in Argentina. Her dad died recently and she inherited a chunk of her dad's ongoing business. While she does not operate the business (but does receive dividends), her dad's accountant in Argentina wants her US tax pro to be someone who can speak Spanish fluently, because of the complicated situation there. She's hoping he and I can work together - maybe with her, using Zoom or something, even though my Spanish is pretty rudimentary. But she's like to talk to someone I trust who does speak Spanish, to be prepared. Thanks!
  13. Here's an example. Not one of mine, but it's a pattern I've used!
  14. It's usually BOTH too hot and too cold, alternating! I bring crocheting or embroidery to live seminars. The hand-work is enough to keep me awake but not mind-needy enough to keep me from listening. And if something really needs concentration, I just stop moving my hands for a while. I make these adorable thread-crochet clothespin angels that take about two hours each. I can get three done easily in one one-day seminar, with plenty of breaks!
  15. I have a slew of QB updates that I never installed. Now I never will! Thanks for the warning.
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