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  1. That's a really good question. No citation at the moment, as I'm done for the night, but I recall looking in to this at one point. What I found was that if you only do it when told, and/or after client says to schedule payment, it's considered the equivalent of printing the check and leaving it for the one with signatory authority to sign. I may well be wrong.
  2. Yes, but considering it's family, the nice thing is to check and make sure it won't cause mom more problems than it solves adult child. Does mom live in subsidized housing where a small amount of extra income will triple her rent, for example? Sometimes it can do the overall family more good for one person to just eat the extra taxes, rather than shift it to another.
  3. One of the *nastiest* tax seasons in recent memory, and we lived through it. Congratulations, all. Now we can start working on amended returns, non-filers, and get ready for the non-filers who outed themselves to the IRS with the EIP payment returns. Whimper.
  4. And as long as she actually gets paid, and claims the income.
  5. Your government at play. LOL. (NOT political! - Bureaucratic.)
  6. I'll do it late this week, or next. Yeah, I got the email too. You probably did, Lion, and it never registered because it wasn't germane to your current workload.
  7. Catherine


    Been there, done that, set the drop dead date earlier. They still come in like headless chickens on October 10th, but at least they come in knowing they may well go past the deadline. It actually makes more space for the super-lateys, when the others obeyed the earlier date. And I force myself, yet again, NOT to care more than they do.
  8. I can think of several of them specifically, right now. And we wait. Thanks for the update.
  9. Thanks Judy and Hahn. As it turns out, there was a listing of sales in her business that I had missed. That put her into profit and her Roth contribution is OK! Phew.
  10. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks, Judy!
  11. Client put $700 into her Roth IRA for 2019. No wages. Business loss. Filing status is married filing separately because her divorce was not final until early 2020. Can she still claim that contribution as a "spousal IRA" or is she hosed? The only thing I found was that MFS uses the single limits for income phase-outs for a Roth IRA. Worse comes to worse she will recharacterize to a 2020 contribution and only have to get back any growth. Annoying; her business is cyclical and every few years she goes to a slew of shows and runs up huge travel expenses. Good thing she was plann
  12. I sent in my 941 by mail the day before the updated form was announced... we'll see what happens. You guys must be ready to tear your hair out over this, @Medlin Software!
  13. I've had that screen crop up, too. I just go back to the Home page. And I told Eric about it at the time, with screenshots. It's an annoyance rather than an actual problem, for me. Yes there are limits on how often you can post. Just wait a minute or so and try again.
  14. Refurbs, and sometimes brand-new-but-last-year's-model, can be excellent buys.
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