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  1. I carry E&O because we live in a litigious society.
  2. Intuit is doing the same thing for QuickBooks desktop. We changed the last computer to Win10 this past summer.
  3. With a mess like this, and what I assume was a "self-prepared" return, he might be better off to try to explain the situation himself to whoever is conducting the correspondence audit and plead ignorance. Could he get a letter from a clergy person that knows of the relationships and the circumstances to write saying that the children were his grandchildren by marriage to their grandmother and that they lived with him over half of the year? Or school records showing his address as the address for the children? And put that with a letter in his own, non-technical words, explaining the situation and then hope for the best. And while he is waiting for a response to that, start saving up to repay some or all of the credits. Who knows, he might get lucky depending on whose desk this lands on.
  4. I dress from the shoes up a lot too - but more for comfort than looks. I love that necklace - and the shoes, although i don't wear heels anymore. Your wife has great taste!
  5. I can't find anything that defines "grandfather" for purposes of this use. I really tend to agree with you that he is out of luck, since the stepdaughter will not cooperate with him. Perhaps next time he will realize that you were not trying to be difficult when you did not want to claim this credit for his return. Or not - there is always some family member that knows the tax law better than we do.
  6. Is a step-grandfather not considered a relative in the state of Virginia?
  7. I think you advice to her is excellent, but i have no idea what is considered an acceptable reason for not filing or what the chances are that she will escape penalties. I would love, however, to hear how this turns out.
  8. I believe that Virginia considers birth certificates public records and they can be obtained by going to a DMV and paying a fee. I am not sure what information he will need, but if he claimed them on his taxes he obviously has birth dates and social security numbers. That being said, i tend to agree with ILLMAS that you should refer him back to the "expert" that filed his return and claimed all those people and credits.
  9. I have two identical pairs of earrings. My husband like them so well that he gave them to me two Christmases in a row, forgetting that he had bought them the first Christmas.
  10. Is it possible that he originally owed much more, and part of the tax, penalty and interest have already been paid? This is what remains. I agree with Max that you need to look at the Account Transcript to see what actually happened. I just never could resist a bad pun.
  11. He shale overcome, but make sure he doesn't take you for granite.
  12. I googled the message you pasted, and this is the answer that I got: You can see the definition of names by activating the Formulas tab of the ribbon and clicking Name Manager. You can delete it from there if you are sure you don't need it. In general, you should click Yes to the prompt that you got, but it depends on the exact way the name is used. Does this help?
  13. Edsel, I have tried but from the information you provided I can't duplicate the problem to try to find a solution. What version of Excel are you using? And could you maybe paste the exact error message for us to see? I love a good puzzle....
  14. I have four done, waiting for them to show up and pick them up, and two I am still working on. Plus one to do that I doubt I get finished before the deadline and I am not going to lose a lot of sleep over that one. She won't either.
  15. If the k-1 shows losses, not only do they get free money but those losses will offset some of the other income they have. Not really a bad deal in this case.
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