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  1. The EIN for Railroad Retirement Board is actually on the RRB-1099R and the RRB-1099. It is 36-3314600 so it is different than the number Max provided for SSA.
  2. That's for people like me that see their typos only after they hit Submit Reply.
  3. You make some good points, Sara, and I am sure that is part of it. But I agree with Possi that the attitude of the IRS towards preparers, and the difficulty of getting information or resolving issues in a timely fashion contributes to the retirement fever I have been suffering from the last couple of years. My husband is a bit older than I am, and has been retired for a while now. I have hobbies that I have not participated in for a couple of years, books I want to read and new hobbies I would like to take up. I want to travel while I still can (although that isn't looking so hot for the n
  4. You should be able to file the 990 now - that is not considered an individual form. Is the date of the signature in 2021 or is it signed in 2020? I would check the signature date, and then re-create the e-file and see if it works.
  5. I think that you can only have one set of 1099 forms per 1096. Since they now use different 1099s (MISC vs NEC) I believe you will have to do separate 1096s. I believe if you are printing the forms and not e-filing, you can print the 1096 from within the 1099 print manager and get them each to print. I don't know how you can e-file if you have both forms within the same file. Maybe someone else can answer that one.
  6. Thanks. I had come to that conclusion as well. Looks like QB has a problem with their 940 filing. Glad I always check their work as well as mine.
  7. I have a client that had to pay an employee to quarantine. This is exempt on the 941 plus he gets the amount that he paid back as a credit, as I understand this. But how does this work on 940 taxes? I can't find anything in the instructions for the 940 about COVID at all. It looks to me like if he paid the employee $49,000 for the year plus $1000 for the week she was in quarantine, the wages subject to FUTA would be $7,000 (the maximum) and he would pay $42 in FUTA tax. QuickBooks is figuring the wages as $6000 subject to FUTA, or $36 in FUTA tax as far as I can tell. I don't trust Quick
  8. I enter the address because I mail the forms to the payee in a window envelope.
  9. So far I have been manually entering, but I have only done really small accounts so far. I would love a solution to this also!
  10. I was thinking about her this weekend with the bombing in Nashville. Glad she is not any closer to Nashville, but was wondering if any of our members were actually in the city?
  11. I will join the chorus of those who miss the musical family at my church. We did have a very small bell choir for Christmas that taped a few songs, and we occasionally have the praise band play outdoors if we do services int he parking lot. But no chancel choir since last March. I think that is just another reason that I dread tax season - band and choir practice were my stress relief during tax season.
  12. I am sorry to hear that you lost your day job - although I think the owner may be sorry too. It sounded like you were working way above your pay grade sometimes.
  13. Agree, Pacun, but is there anyway to time it so your return goes in that .0000006 seconds earlier? Do certain software providers have the inside track? It seems to me like some of the ones that do testing for the IRS might be able to get the return in earlier than smaller firms that have to wait until the actual opening (or at least it used to seem that way.) Does a big firm like HRB get their returns processed before a small firm using ATX? I just don't know - and mostly don't really care because I don't want to get in these kind of contests for who can file first.
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