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  1. Maybe I am missing something, but if husband had negative SE income (less than $00) but wife did not, wouldn't the amount of tax change if the income was moved from him to her? She would be paying SE tax on all of it, as opposed to him paying on the amount above his negative SE earnings.
  2. Happy Independence Day to us All!
  3. I would like to know if that worked. I don't think I have had one that ran over the next year like this.
  4. This refers to the IP Pin assigned by the IRS for the 2017 year tax return. Could you be looking at the letter for a different tax year and entering that year's PIN? I don't use ATX anymore so I am not sure exactly where that gets entered but it is usually only in one place - just not the same place that you enter their signature PIN.
  5. Abby Normal posted a link to this article on the General Chat board https://www.accountingtoday.com/articles/a-massive-accounting-hack-kept-clients-offline-and-in-the-dark and I believe it mentions that ATX has arranged for its clients to have extra time to get 990s fled.
  6. Imagine that - communication from Wolters Klower was a big issue for their customers during the outage.....
  7. You can make an election to report the interest earned on the bonds through the date of death on the decedent's final tax return. The estate or beneficiary receiving the bonds then reports only interest earned after the date of death (Rev. Rul. 68-145). I think Pub. 559 has a discussion of this.
  8. I don't know as much about this as others on the forum, but I think the point about the security of the wi-fi versus a wired modem has to do with access.. If you can access your modem, and therefore your network, by using Bluetooth technology, then could someone sit in your parking lot and hack into your system using their own computer and Bluetooth? What kind of encryption does this modem your are being supplied with offer? Does it have a built in firewall? (Is that still a thing?) If your network is only accessble though a wired connection, you would notice someone tapping into ii. That said, I trust my IT people, and we are running a wi-fi network that they assure me is secure and that allows my customers to sign in as guests.
  9. I had a client with the same stock, and If I recall correctly you treat this as though they sold the Reynolds stock and received cash and shares in exchange. So the value of the BAT is added to the cash to get proceeds and then the basis for the Reynolds is subtracted to get net gain (loss). So I agree with what I think you said. Sorry, it has been a long April. .
  10. I hope I don't constantly complain, but I do like for things to work the way they are supposed to. ProSeries had an issue with the print this year, and the best work around I found was to open everything up to the PDF printer and print from there. I am still doing that because I got in the habit and it works But I would still consider it a flaw in this year's software that I had to adapt to. I may go back to ATX. They had some major problems in 2012 because they did a major re-write of the software. The problems seemed to mostly affect users operating in a network environment Tax software has to be one of the most difficult programs to provide, especially in years where there are major revisions to the tax code and little to no lead time. And that is just for the federal portion that we all use the same! And we all want it to be perfect and do all the work for us. I don't think I will ever find a software that I think is perfect for a price that I am willing to pay. I do think that ATX provided a lot of value for the price.
  11. I used ATX through 2012, when ProSeries offered me a great deal to switch. I did not have as many problems with ATX as some people did that year, but since we rum in a networked environment, I had enough. With any new program, there us a learning curve and conversions have to be watched closely. I was not as happy with PS this year as I was last year. Mostly due to the lateness of changes, perhaps, but it seemed like the state programs were not as seamless as they have been in the past. I had problems with the system crashing every time I tried to print a return, and wound up sending it to PDF and printing from there. Not a big deal, but not necessary. The billing component of PS also dd not work the way it had in the past - I marked for returns to be charged by the form and that worked for new clients, but on returning clients I had to select that for each client. That said, e-filing seems to generally be a bit better with ProSeries, particularly with VA. Some forms that PS is approved for e-filing with VA, ATX was not in the past. I am not sure if that is still the case. ProSeries is more expensive, and tends to charge separately for things that ATX bundles into the MAX package. I can't really compare support, because I don't tend to use support very much with either program.
  12. Or if you are used to Peachtree, check for an older version of that before they started required a new license every year.
  13. Will his local commissioner's of the Revenue's office accept state payments? If so, they will probably take his check without any issues.
  14. Catherine, do remember that the filing threshold for VA for MFS is $11,950. If they don't have that much VAGI income, they are not required to file unless they have taxes withheld that they want to get back.
  15. I will give this a shot, but I am more used to resident than non-resident Virginia returns. * Typically, VA starts with federal AGI, so I don't know why the amount is different. I would do a "pro forma" separate federal for just the federal income if I were doing this by hand, to see if he or she is eligible for section 179. From the amount I would say that if eligible on the federal , will be on the state. Mostly VA has conformed with section 179 except for the last big bump in the limit. *Fixed date conformity depreciation is any depreciation differences caused by differences in what is allowed on the federal and what VA allows. Typically, this will be the bonus depreciation which has never been allowed in VA. Depending on the year of depreciation, this could be an addition to income (line 2A) or a subtraction (line 6a). * For filing status, I would probably use MFS and only file on the taxpayer that has the partnership interest to keep the AGi as low as possible. Unless one spouse has all of the income and the filing spouse can benefit by using their exemption and increased standard deduction. I hope this helps, but if I am not clear, perhaps one of the other VA preparers will help out or you can ask again and I will try again.
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