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  1. My fax machine broke down this year, and rather than get a new one I went looking for an electronic service. I tried eFax but they could not port over my current fax number for some reason (probably because of the rural area I live in.) However, RingCentral was able to port my number and I have been very happy with the service so far. And I love deleting the junk faxes instead of finding them printed. And I can save the file as PDF instead of printing. I did have to pay for the service because I wanted to keep the same fax number we have had for the last 20 years.
  2. I don't think you can treat IL as his tax home. It might be his home, but his tax home is going to be either CA or Liberia, or first one and then the other, IMO. Unless this contract is expected to last for a year or less. Then maybe it could be considered temporary.
  3. I am trying to remember if their is some kind of exception for abused spouses. As fast as this went south, I wondered if that were the situation. But I really have nothing without doing some research and maybe not even then.
  4. Have you been doing th e8606 every year to show the basis and the total balance in the IRA's? Part of this is going to be taxable because you have to withdraw taxable (earnings, deductible contributions) pro rata with the non-deductible amounts withdrawn. In other words, you can't withdraw only the non-deductible contributions from a traditional IRA and then withdraw the earnings later. But the 8606 is the form that should calculate the amount that is a return of basis and therefore non-taxable. Did you complete Part I before you completed Part II?
  5. I am not using ATX so my only suggestion is to check the EIN and Names on any 1099s or W2's on the return to make sure they match. Especially on the state line of the W2 or 1099.
  6. I don't remember the details, but I think the IRS has gone back and forth on the fingerprints and at one time required them, then did not, then did again (and still do, as far as I know.) So it was a timing thing.
  7. I can deal with the smell of hard work if I have to, but those who bathe in cologne or perfume drive me insane! Definitely a case of if a little is good, a lot must be better - NOT!
  8. I think unless you are subtracting this income from the income on VA it is eligible for the Other State Credit. You just need to attach a copy of the non-resident WV return to the VA return when you file it.
  9. Good to know, but won't affect Virginia state balances due as far as I know.
  10. I have a client, Virginia resident all year, who received a 1099MISC showing royalty income with PA tax withheld. They had a 1099 for the same place last year, but no tax was withheld. The amount went from less than $1500 to $1886 this year. The income is listed as being PA income this year. Last year it did not indicate a state but I am sure it was the same. If I fill out the PA non-resident taxes, they owe $4 more than was withheld even though this was their only PA income. But I hesitate to mark the box "not taxable on Schedule E in Pennsylvania" without know why it would or would not be taxable there. Any PA preparers (or smarter than me people) who have any advice?
  11. For insurance purposes, I don't think it matter whether the child(!) is your dependent or not. I don't know why she is putting him down as a dependent for the Marketplace, but she can consider him a dependent for insurance purposes until he is 27 now. If he is making too much for marketplace insurance, can she carry him on her policy at work?
  12. According to the instructions on VA, 20 Income from Virginia Obligations - Enter the amount of income from Virginia obligations that you included in your federal adjusted gross income. Income from Virginia obligations would include interest on Virginia state bonds or municipal obligations and gains from sales of those obligations that are included in your federal adjusted gross income. Italics are mine.
  13. That is the way I would interpret the code section Judy referenced. The character of the asset did not change because it was repossessed since he resold it within a year. If he had a gain, he would have still been able to defer the gain. Since it is a loss, and remains a loss, I think it is still a personal loss. But I have to admit I have only had one of these before and it was a gain.
  14. I think the code section is very much on point as far as the type of property - personal residence or investment - after repossession. And i don't think the fact that this was a loss transaction affects that.
  15. How was listing price decided? I can list my house for a million dollars, but that doesn't mean it is worth any where close to that. However, if I consult a realtor and she gives me a list of comps, and assets/liabilities for my house compared to the comps and suggests a listing price - that might be close to market value.
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