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  1. I don't look good in jumpsuits, and I worked too hard to get my EA certification. Some clients just are not a good fit. Better to figure it out sooner rather than later.
  2. And I don't think there is a significant difference in the SR return - mainly it just is a little bigger print for the senior set.
  3. Even with professional services, I personally like to have some idea of cost before I hire someone. If price is the only consideration, I am probably not the one who will get hired. But I have sympathy for people who want to be sure they can afford to pay me BEFORE they engage my services. It just is not always easy to give people a price in advance.
  4. I did not see a cite that I would consider authoritative in a quick Google search. But my opinion would be that the entire amount is deductible. If the donation were made directly to the charity, and they paid a fee to process the payment, I would not expect them to reduce the amount of my donation receipt by what it cost them to process the payment. Therefore, the fact that a third party allows the donor to elect to pay that fee rather than charging it to the charitable organization should not mean that the donor can not deduct that amount of the contribution. Interesting question, and I would be curious if someone has a more reliable answer than my opinion.
  5. Even household employers are now required to obtain an EIN for reporting employee wages.
  6. $2 is to pay someone to assign a number or verify that the number is still in use for that person, maybe look to see if they have filed their tax return (although probably not, because IRS probably won't share that info with contractor.) $2 is to process the payment. The rest is to make a profit?
  7. I am glad you have recovered. My cousins family had the virus in April (?) and their experience was very like yours. Three in the family, no one deathly ill, wife tested positive, husband's test messed up and could not be tested and he never re-tested, and daughter never tested.
  8. I am so sorry for your loss, and that your brothers are not being helpful in this time. One of the things that got me through losing both my parents within 10 months was that my brother and sister and I all got along and worked together on everything. I can't imagine if they had been difficult to deal with in addition to the grief. We still get along well and work together well, as long as my sister and I make no mention of politics. Your family is in my prayers, and if we can help or you need someone to listen while you vent, we are here for you. Blessings!
  9. I hope your sister has a happy birthday anyway!
  10. So does DC count college students as physically present/resident for income tax purposes? Even if they have no earned income in the district?
  11. I just saw this, Darlene. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I agree with everyone on here - be with your mom as much as you possibly can. I will pray for you, your family, the doctors and nurses, and especially your mom.
  12. If he took more than the RMD from some other account, he may not have been required to take an RMD from this account, especially it if is small. Worth checking, maybe?
  13. If you look at the Virginia Employment Commission form for determining liability, agricultural employer's don't owe unemployment taxes until they reach $20,000 in wages in one quarter. Is she the only employee? Has he ever had to pay unemployment tax for employees? If the answer to both questions is no, I would say that he does not have to pay unemployment tax on her to VA. If you look at page two of the VEC form T-FC-27, those questions determine who has to file and pay unemployment taxes. https://www.vec.virginia.gov/sites/default/files/docstore/vecportal/employer/pdf/fc_27new.pdf
  14. I too have always been interested in how computers work, and back when I used DOS i HAD to know something to write bat files and execute programs. Now, I am just trying to keep up enough to be able to tell if the IT people I use know what they are doing. Times change, and I don't learn as quickly as I used to nor am I willing to put as much time in to work as I used to be willing to do - now I want more time to play!
  15. i am glad I didn't know - I might have just locked the door and given up!
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