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  1. Is correcting the address one of the things they can do online if they set up a verified account with IRS?
  2. I think the hours to make times some hourly wage factor would be replacement cost, not necessarily fair market value. Is the museum that they will donate the item to going to insure it? How will they determine the value for insurance purposes? I know more standardized baskets made by a certain company now out of business are not worth as much they once were in my area, BUT this is a one of a kind item and I have no idea how to establish a value unless you can find an appraiser that specializes in unique items of this type, and for an extra couple of thousand dollars in deduction, would it be worth the cost of the appraisal?
  3. I thought maybe they were making butter, or ice cream, and the sheep was doing the churning for them.
  4. I think that unless the child was claimed as a dependent on the parents' return, you do have to enter the 1095A as received, and then indicate that the % allocated to this return is 0. I think -- I have not had one of these that wasn't a dependent for several years now.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=android+phone&_sacat=0&_sop=15 This is the page I was looking at - I don't know if you can get there through this link, and the first one listed doesn't seem like any kind of deal to me.
  6. Have you looked on eBay? I put in android phone and sorted from lowest price, and got some that were a couple bucks for the phone and ten dollars for shipping. You might find something that will work for you from there.
  7. I have never used a trakPhone, but I am wondering if some pay as you go phone like that will work over Wi-Fi so that you don't need a phone plan if you are only going to use the phone in the office?
  8. Around here I am not competing with TurboTax as much as other preparers who seem to do this as a hobby based on their prices. One of the preparers in the area retired and I picked up some of her clients.. She did a farm return with about 20 items of depreciation, a W2, some bank interest and dividends, for $125. I cannot, and will not price a return like that as cheap as that. But that is the price that I am compared to.
  9. I did not share fees because I am inclined to think that what I charge in rural Virginia would be a far cry from what you charge in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I price by the form, and a basic 1040 with a w2 and no itemized deductions or earned income credit would be $85. Most returns are not basic any more, so prices typically start at $100 and go up from there. A family with each spouse working, and two children (no EIC, but with CTC), and standard deduction, savings interest and no investments to report would probably run around $125. I find it difficult to articulate the price of a tax return, but a $200 or $300 return is not uncommon. Some of the returns that I see from other preparers make my prices look high for this area but I am okay with that. I have been trying to inch my prices up, and did do a more major increase this year since Virginia has raised their minimum wage and my cost for someone to help with filing, copying and answering the phone went up accordingly.
  10. I do payroll for some small companies and have always given them paper 941's to file. I have had several of them receive requests stating their form was received for third quarter but was not available to IRS, please resubmit. So I am reasonably sure that 941's were among the forms destroyed.
  11. I wonder if the full name on the caller ID would be State of Oregon Correctional System, or some such?
  12. I don't think that you can. But I cannot provide a site to back this up - I am just basing it on my (limited!) understanding of what an MEC is.
  13. Very scary! I am glad your office was safe!
  14. Wow! I am glad my imagination isn't good enough to truly picture what those agents saw and how it affected them. They deserve a medal. And out deepest thanks.
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