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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am very thankful for all the great people on this forum.
  2. It's a done deal! After some back and forth we settled on 35% for three years. Thanks to everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. It's mainly 1040 clients with a couple 1120's, one 1065, and one 990EZ. Her fees are comparable to what I charge and most of her clients have been with her for many years. The payment would be a % of the fees from her customers that stay with me each year. For example, if revenue from her clients was $30K the first year and $20K the next, the % would be on $30K and $20K. She is also offering to present this to her clients as a "merger" between our firms for the first year with me taking over next year, thinking that more clients would be likely to stay if she was still involved in the firs
  4. I am considering buying a book of business from a retiring tax preparer. They are asking for 40% of the gross revenue from their clients for four years. I think this is a little steep, but never having purchased a book of business before, I'm not sure if it is reasonable. There will no purchase of assets, just the client list and they will be available to help out with any questions for the first two years. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Margaret. I do know most of my clients and would be sending them an email before uploading the files. I guess am a little paranoid even though in 20+ years I have never had the IRS or NY ask for the authorization.
  6. I am looking at using Verifyle to have clients sign the E-File authorization forms. According to Verifyle's compliance page IRS regulations require an "identity verification check" and suggest texting a code to the client that they have to confirm. I was wondering what method other users of Verifyle use to verify the identity of the signers? Thanks.
  7. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm thinking about next year's tax season and am expecting it to be much different the past due to Covid. I am preparing to go virtual with very few people actually coming to the office. I'm looking for a platform where clients can easily upload the documents to me by scanning or snapping a picture (converting the picture to a PDF), and that I can use to send documents, and clients can sign them electronically. Many of my clients are older and not very tech savvy so it would have to be user friendly. It would be great if it also integrated with Drake. I
  8. I spoke with the clients and it appears Sara is correct. They couldn't find their originals and the previous preparer's wife did not know how to print out another copy, so she just pulled copies out of the file cabinet to give them.
  9. It would not surprise me if their 2018 return was on the flip side of someone else's return. I am going to let them know what happened so they can be alert for any identity theft issues.
  10. Now I have seen everything. New client dropped off their paperwork (the previous preparer passed away). So I'm entering the numbers for 2018 into the comparison screen from a double sided copy and when I get to the second page, the numbers are not making sense. It takes me a minute to realize the flip side is actually someone else's return! I check the other pages and sure enough, the other person's entire return is on the flip side of my new client's return. His girlfriend also dropped off her paper work and on the flip side of her return is another person's (different from the first per
  11. Sounds about right. NY does not recognize bonus depreciation. So the $25K is adding the bonus depreciation taken on the federal side back in and then subtracts out the depreciation that is allowable in NY.
  12. Never had to amend a 1041, but there is a first time for everything. Previous preparer neglected to take the additional exemption on a special needs trust on a 2018 return. Client paid $1,000 when they filed. How do you report the $1,000 previously paid? Does it go on Line 25 Payments: 2018 estimated tax payments? Thanks.
  13. Thanks Judy. I get so few of these I can never remember of it's the starting or ending year.
  14. I tried to Google this but can't find the answer and this always confuses me. Client's mother passed away in November 2018. Nothing happened with the estate until 2019. Client filed his 2019 taxes in May and last week he received a 2019 K-1 with a fiscal year ending date 07/16/20. Should I amend his 2019 return to include the K-1 or does it belong on his TY 2020 return? Thanks.
  15. Client has a 10 year old son who is legally blind and has other developmental disabilities caused by a rare genetic disorder. His grandmother's will established a "Special Needs Trust" last year when she passed away and there was substantial income this year . Parents started the application process for SSI several years ago but gave up, because of the household income, the amount he would receive was not worth the time and hoops they would have to jump through. My research shows that a qualified disability trust must be established for the sole benefit of a person under age 65 (which it do
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