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  1. Received a few calls that automatic state estimated tax withdrawals occurred on the 15th but no federal. I tell them to wait, it will happen. Just found out that an amended return filed in March 2020 was processed, just thought I would pass that little tidbit along.
  2. I assume you did the restart of services for all years on your computer
  3. I’ve always met them at least once until I moved to MA. Now there must be about 30 I have not met. Having a friendly relationship with them sometimes calls for an exchange of photos so I send one from 10 years ago.
  4. Lucky you. If you did 10 it would cost $100 a year and have to watch all kinds of videos with questions, but the instructors are very pleasant state workers.
  5. If I can't find the box 14 item I either ignore it or put in Not on List. As long as there is no discrepancy between Federal and State income that's good enough to not go hunting.
  6. I have the same situation. Since they died in 2020 and not disqualified due to income then yes they get the payment.
  7. I see in the efiled forms tab that it seems like everything is included, even forms that don't have any changes. Maybe that's a good thing, will never miss anything as with a mailed packet. Attachments are very easy as they also show on efiled forms tab. I've also tracked one and it showed up in their system within in a reasonable timeframe, I think a week or 2.
  8. This only happens if on an earlier return, before being automatic, you manually subtracted the UCE on Sch 1 L 8, so it's there twice. It will double the amount on NY. What a crazy year, one for the books.
  9. Ha! But something just doesn’t seem right. A tax season with all kinds of ups and downs and no program updates makes me a little suspicious. At least the form updates seem to be keeping up, I hope.
  10. What a day, I hope you charge them big time. All the best to you and your husband for a speedy recovery.
  11. Wouldn’t the Spanish SS be taxable if applicable like our SS, not sure what treaty says. What I do with Canadian OAS is treat it like US SS pursuant to the treaty
  12. Great song by Zager and Evans. By 9595 we may have a problem if those lyrics come true.
  13. To answer the second question I always get an 8332 signed. I like to make sure custodian parent signs so no surprises. These can be the most difficult clients, that’s why I usually let one of them go unless everyone is on a friendly basis.
  14. I have noticed that I am drinking a little more lately, puts a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. Thankful for the little things that make life more enjoyable during these doubly stressful times for tax practitioners. I'm reading a book, while on my early morning life cycle ride, Optimum Health by Dr. Sinatra, a cardiologist. In it he mentions studies that were done on accountants during tax season and no surprise there are higher incidences of health issues during the season that subside after the season. He also recommends a glass of red wine a day so this is a no brainer (he
  15. My client did have 2 incidents of ID theft from his credit union recently. He finally got through and agent also didn’t have an answer as to why he got the letter. Agent asked 3 questions, how much SS did you get, how much estimated tax did you pay and where did your pension come from. After 3rd question agent said Bingo, you’re good to go. My guess was that someone tried to file for a refund in his name, but I filed this guy early and he owed. I hear IRS is getting good at stopping ID theft.
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