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  1. They probably needed to take a paws from the heat and cool off.
  2. What beautiful animals. Pains me to know that they are being poached for their tusks, their populations decreasing. Good to know there are organizations out there fighting this. From one elephant lover to another, thank you for posting this Elrod.
  3. Wow! If you did this for me I would wash your car for a month and replace the pine tree air fresheners, because you deserve it.
  4. That’s funny, I react the same way when using my shredder
  5. No complaints. Thank you Eric!
  6. FDNY

    rehang in ATX

    Call them and they will refer to e file department and fix it. I had a few returns stuck in transmitted stage for days and it was fixed toute de suite
  7. I have a client who received a CP2000 due to a missing 1099B. He mailed back his reply with the appropriate schedule D and statement to address on notice. That was over 6 months ago but IRS computer keeps sending notices. I mentioned this to my friend's daughter and all she could say was yeah, that's a problem.
  8. Yesterday morning my cycling partner tells me his kids are coming over for Father’s Day. He reveals to me his daughter is a customer service supervisor out of Andover. What? I need to talk to her. She basically told me what I already knew. They’re seriously backed up, too many people still working from home while trailers loaded with returns and not enough experienced people manning the phones. Good luck to us all.
  9. Just heard from a client that she received a deposit from IRS. I checked and sure enough was her UI tax refund. Looks like IRS is ahead of schedule. Gives me faith, they’re back.
  10. Nothing, still waiting on these two. One did have his NYC1127 deposited
  11. Let me know how much champagne you’ll need
  12. Same here, I have 4 that I know about. I did call Priority line on one and it was due to an amended return that I filed about 2 weeks later, so taxpayer will probably get one refund once they figure it out. Agent knew that was the reason.
  13. So many songs that I couldn’t say which is my favorite. But I remember as a kid “The Times They Are a Changin’ got me thinking and was probably one of the first songs I actually listened to the words. Blowin’ in the Wind is another
  14. I agree with Yardley. I gave Drake a try twice as I did ProSeries and did like the newness like I had a new toy to play with. But in the end I just feel comfortable with ATX, and for all it's problems and complaints we can all be like martyrs in the tax preparation world. There's so much to be upset about, but it brings us closer together as we don't have to suffer in silence or isolation.
  15. Very interesting thought. The thought never really occurred to me, as I'm someone who has no kids. I do have a number of friends' kids who look to me for guidance in a number of different matters, usually financial but there has always been tangents to health and some social issues. I've gotten close to some of them and actually named one as my executor. I always say, I know a lot of good kids, now they're in their 30s and 40s, and would like to think I had something to do with their successes. Catherine has a wonderful life ahead as she watches little Cordelia Rose grow into a fine person. And Cordelia is fortunate to have a terrific grandmother.
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