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  1. FDNY


    We had a guy who prided himself because he never went sick. He would come in sniffling , coughing, sneezing and touching all our stuff. We wanted to kill him, and yes, it would have been self defense and there would have been no witnesses.
  2. FDNY

    Myatx login

    Didn't have any problem viewing my office, etc. Like Margaret I am not too happy with login, even though I've checked 'trust this device for 90 days" it still won't recognize. Also takes 4-5 reCAPTCHAs to get in. Also trying to make 2 step authorization go to text instead of email, having a little problem changing it.
  3. FDNY

    Raising My Fees

    I think most clients will understand and be receptive to an increase as long as it is not overboard or much above what they would pay somewhere else. They've been bombarded with new tax bill news and will welcome our advice and information to keep them up to date on the changes and how it affects them, they should know we are putting time into this. My only reserve is raising the elderly on fixed income. I get too close to them, would be like raising my Mother, and she only pays with love, or so she says.
  4. The Kremlin's security agency has been buying typewriters to write communications to avoid having their electronic orders and communications intercepted. I'm sure they would love your old Selectrics so be careful if buyer is from St Petersburg. I wonder where they are finding the ribbons for the old machines.
  5. FDNY

    Raising My Fees

    I find pricing to be a difficult and sensitive subject, especially with longtime clients. I've usually raised prices moderately to keep up with inflation and try to get more in line with what Yardley has been experiencing with new clients. Although I don't take on new clients other than the kids of present clients, I am starting off with a higher base fee for a standard return. I am thinking of incorporating a rate hike notice in my day after New Year's day letter and organizer explaining that rates will go up more than in the past noting that the new tax bill is the reason. After all, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to make sense of Sec199A, and after looking at the new 1040 and 6 schedules....well, time is money.
  6. FDNY

    NT-Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and if you're not cooking I hope you're not the one who has to clean up. Enjoy the parade (those unfortunate performers in the cold and wind) and the dog show.
  7. FDNY

    1099 software

    Glad I'm not a betting man because just got an email from ATX with installation codes for both Max and Payroll Compliance, Payroll platform is safe for now.
  8. FDNY

    desktop purchase advice

    I agree with Lee, Catherine, and Deb. I've always had good luck with Dell and currently they are running a sale, just received two emails from them.
  9. FDNY

    1099 software

    Wonderful, that means the old platform Payroll was on is finished. Let's hope this goes smoothly.
  10. FDNY

    Some Clients can't be helped - I feel bad

    When I identify clients with financial problems after seeing their documents and the interview, I will suggest a financial planning session after tax season, before they get into trouble. Some take me up on it and if they use the advice they can get their cash flow and budgeting (a new term to them) under control. Also they are happy when I find any deficiencies in their insurance policies, show them how to reconcile a checkbook, set up auto pays, and give them a primer on estate planning. I'll monitor them and find that they do well when they take this seriously.
  11. FDNY

    Well, it's official

  12. FDNY

    Well, it's official

    Congratulations Abby! I think you're too young to retire, so working in a wine bar which is a dream job of mine, you will still be serving up advice, but these clients may listen. Getting tax advice from a bartender will have a whole new meaning, how lucky are those customers.
  13. FDNY

    Little things going right, right now!

    I miss the muzak they used to play, it was something from the Nutcracker Suite.
  14. FDNY

    What would you do?

    Well, I never thought of this because I haven't bought a lottery ticket in ages, but after reading all your posts and all the good intentions I will buy a ticket. If I do win it is because of all of you. So since I know how to find you I will give to all those who posted here. I have a close family member with Parkinson's so a good amount of the money will go for research. Animal Rescues too. I will keep a large sum handy to help me with care giving because I know winter is coming. And oh yes, that one sibling....he gets 15K a year towards a house if at least 3,000 miles away. I'm not paying any gift tax so he gets off easy. Now I better go buy a ticket.
  15. FDNY

    What would you do?

    If that happens we should quickly apply for 501(c)(3) status for our Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Tax Practitioners.