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  1. I have a client that calls all year but she always adds $100 to my invoice because she knows she can be a pest. But this year or the last month is different, her college son has been day trading, big time and early on she has been telling me the kid is awesome, making tens of thousands of dollars. First thing I told her was to remind him to watch his wash sales. Didn’t listen and after 176M of sales and over 2M in wash sales he has 326K in gains. But only 50K in the account. She wants to strangle the kid and worst part she’s trying to hide it from the father. Can’t wait to see how this turns out on 10/15.
  2. I like to start calling one minute before they open, get the recording, hang up and keep hitting redial. Always gets me at the top of the queue.
  3. I wish I could help with this. I’ve tried to replicate and change it but got same results. Maybe some tech person at ATX could help
  4. I have always wondered this.
  5. FDNY


    Thank you Elrod. This day is always sad, but this year seemed a bit more difficult. While being reminded of the continuing suffering of some members of the department one of my guys is in the hospital with covid among other 9/11 pulmonary issues. It’s been touch and go and we’re hoping he will turn the corner soon, please say a prayer for Kevin B. Thank you everyone for all the support for fire departments everywhere. I truly believe people are not forgetting the sacrifices made that awful day.
  6. I think to un-finalize an entity of course you would have to file an amended return, but not really sure if an extension would do the same, but I don’t see how it could.
  7. Makes me wonder, when seeing animals of different stripes (who they say cannot reason) can agree on how to enjoy each other’s company. Why can’t people of different stripes (who supposedly can reason) cannot find a way to agree to enjoy each other’s company. How ironic. I think I need more tax returns to do.
  8. Seems like a normal reaction to me, except for scaring the bejesus out of his co workers.
  9. In speaking with an agent on PPL she said much of the holdup is incorrect reporting of EIPs, that’s why WMR shows processing. I’m a little guilty because I assumed clients were giving me correct amounts. So for the coming season make sure clients confirm and get it right.
  10. Yes, it’s been hectic and makes semi retirement look all that more enticing. Have a good rest of the summer, it certainly goes fast.
  11. As soon as I see that the case is resolved I will jump on that, thank you for the advice Kate. I’ll check WMF every month or so to see that check went out. I also submitted a 2848 just in case. He owes me big time next year and he knows it.
  12. I have a client, let’s call him Suspicious Joe who distrusts everything governmental. Joe never wanted direct deposit. So Joe was getting a 2020 refund and wanted a check mailed. After 4 months he calls me, no check. His return is in the error department probably because he gave me incorrect amounts of EIPs that he said he received by mail. The problem is, he moved, never told me and no forwarding with USPO because he doesn’t trust them either and doesn’t want anyone knowing where he went (I don’t think the PO forwards refund checks anyway). I emailed him a copy of his returns twice and Joe finally tells me he moved. I called PPL and they tell me there is no way to change address while return is in error review department awaiting an agent’s review. So does anyone have any idea what to do other than sending in an 8822 which I did? I told him this may take a year to resolve. I felt a feeling of joy saying that. He’s getting a checking account as we speak.
  13. Congratulations, enjoy your new stress free job.
  14. They probably needed to take a paws from the heat and cool off.
  15. What beautiful animals. Pains me to know that they are being poached for their tusks, their populations decreasing. Good to know there are organizations out there fighting this. From one elephant lover to another, thank you for posting this Elrod.
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