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  1. FDNY


    There's an interesting story about the Cold River distillery. Their vodka is very popular in these parts (pricey but worth it) and a friend of mine became a salesman for them. He said the distillery was started by 4 neuro surgeons from Maine Medical Center who went in partners with a potato farmer and started making vodka. The Blueberry is my favorite and only able to find it in one liquor store. Blueberry vodka,, great way to enjoy your vitamins and anti oxidants.
  2. FDNY

    What would you do?

    I was just offered to go in with two others for $10 each. But the times I bought a ticket I've never had even 1 number, so I would probably jinx them. I still have time, I need to think about this. Not that I'm cheap, but I adhere to Arnold Rothstein's method of betting, "I don't bet unless I know the outcome." With the odds I think in the trillions that $10 will buy me one of Abby's or Judy's martinis, if I throw in a few extra bucks, and I would consider myself a winner having one of my simple pleasures.
  3. FDNY


    I would say 5 Jokers, all wild in this case, you win hands down! That's what I call being audit you can be!
  4. FDNY


    I reverse the numbers on return for 3rd party designee PIN so I don't fumble while on phone with an agent. Don't want to waste their time, although they have nothing else to do, and I do like to chat. One time in speaking with a rep I found out she was related to my manager at one of my first jobs.
  5. FDNY


    Me too. I've never seen one lower than mine, only last 5 digits beginning with a 5. Easy to remember. Also makes me feel old.
  6. FDNY

    Saved By A Late Filer

    I love all of you too! I always thought of this forum as a round table where love and trust always prevails, that's why I felt confident in relating the story, and the fact that Laura doesn't know my password.
  7. FDNY

    Saved By A Late Filer

    We had a saying in the firehouse...."What you say and do here stays here." But it never did, too many guys got in trouble. But we're better than that, aren't we? Please say yes, I'm on a roll here, romantic dinner with expensive wine last night, now I really need to charge those clients extra.
  8. FDNY

    Saved By A Late Filer

    Same people every year, will keep me busy all weekend. Some I haven't heard from as they need constant reminders. So I get into office super early due to workload and go to bang out an email "Hey BabaLou, do you know what date it is?" "It's 10/12 and I'm running out of time" I think to myself it's Columbus Day......Holy Matrimony, it's my anniversary! Luckily wife had a 7:30 dentist appointment, never saw her. I ran out to Stop and Shop and picked up a mushy card and beautiful bouquet of red roses with the green and frilly white stuff. Sitting nicely on the table when she got home. I'm like a hero now. Still going to charge the client extra. Note: That's not the flowers on the left, could have been when I remembered last year.
  9. FDNY


    I think I spoke too soon. Thought I heard it was open and just now tried to renew but don't see how.
  10. FDNY


  11. FDNY


    Thanks for posting Lee, was unaware and will forward this link to a number of clients. It never ends.
  12. FDNY

    It's not going to be easy

    Wouldn’t the hard part be on taxpayer (or us) whether or not K1 income or the taxpayer qualifies for the deduction?
  13. I've only fired a few over the years and did it by a telephone call telling them I think they would be better served by someone else. I also let them know that I will be available to their new preparer if needed. I like to leave on good terms, but it feels so good getting rid of the PITAs, usually people that call all year for every petty nonsense reason you can think of. I've raised their prices but the money is still not worth it. Lucky for me I like most of my clients and am more than happy to give them added value with answering their questions during the year, as long as they don't abuse my good nature, or else they get the call.
  14. FDNY

    The Raven Strikes Again

    Just read on the ATX Blog that Payroll Compliance will be updated to latest platform. They're also looking for Beta testers. Poe's Raven was right on when he only repeats "Nevermore"....we'll never get rid of him.