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  1. FDNY

    AV "protection" vent

    So what is an innocent tax preparer to do? Or anyone for that matter.
  2. FDNY

    Tax Filing on a Postcard

    I think there is too much postage on the postcard. We only want to pay what is legally required.
  3. FDNY

    Deceased taxpayer

    Yes, I noticed that but "Filing as surviving spouse" does show up in signature space. At least it's half right, or half empty.
  4. FDNY


    I had to read this a few times, and thought about my past, and it definitely rings true! Then I grew up.
  5. Thanks Eric. I rolled over this return about a week ago before the form and worksheet was updated and I e filed it Sunday. But it was odd that the form didn't update itself when I checked on the rejection, I had to manually replace it. I always think it is something I did wrong anyway and always try to figure it out. I hardly ever call ATX, I'd rather come here or the official board. The parade was today for the other Patriots, the ones with the big paychecks. This city is electric today, and the only people working are me and Catherine.
  6. Yes sorry, I'm talking about the estimated payment automatic debit date. ATX won't let you change it. But if you look at their 1040ES form it says 4/17 so it is all screwed up.
  7. The title says it all. Once I deciphered the reject info I found that ATX has the first quarterly payment as 4/17/19 which unless my calendar is wrong is a Wednesday. I checked IRS website and due date is 4/15/19. So before ATX does the correction you cannot e file with 1040ES payments. Can't even override. I'll post on their site because calling is fruitless. Of course MA and ME is still 4/17, but who cares, everyone is in Boston watching the parade except me.
  8. LOL! Thank you, I will treasure this as long as I can keep thinking. After that I won't know what it is.
  9. I agree with your theory. I think.
  10. FDNY


    While the max for the more highly compensated owners can be up to lessor of 25% or $55K for 2018 they would probably get away cheaply on a few much lower paid employees. But if it is a bigger company it could get expensive for the SCorp.
  11. FDNY


    Thought I would put together a little poem to help me remember basics when speaking with clients: Can I take QBI Deduction Let's see your personal situation You're an employee, not an owner Not for you, you're a loner You have a business First step in this messiness Not for C corps, just a big blankness QBI, SSB, W2s, Qualifying Property, there's an exception under threshold amount 315K and 157.5K is the count I think I'm good to go for now.
  12. Yes, I'm sure that's true. And both sides either far right and far left irritate me. I've got both in my family and friends and I'm ready to look for a big rock to get under.
  13. That's for sure. Can't believe anything those guys say. Although by the title you never know these days.
  14. FDNY


    Yes, SS#s and used individual worksheet. I had no errors. Haven't checked on acceptance yet.