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  1. FDNY

    The Raven Strikes Again

    Just read on the ATX Blog that Payroll Compliance will be updated to latest platform. They're also looking for Beta testers. Poe's Raven was right on when he only repeats "Nevermore"....we'll never get rid of him.
  2. It's 184 pages. That's it, I quit. Here's the link if you're interested. Sec 199.pdf
  3. FDNY

    tp and hsa

    Great explanation Lee, thanks. A nurse for 45 years, she deserves a medal. From personal experience I know they are special people who don't get enough recognition.
  4. FDNY

    tp and hsa

    I think it is the Part B that can be postponed. Part A is "free" so they say. If TP has not yet signed up for SS I think he needs to sign up for Medicare at 65 to avoid penalty.
  5. FDNY

    tp and hsa

    I'm not 100% on this, but shouldn't TP sign up for Medicare but delay benefits to avoid a future penalty and continue HSA? Something to check up on.
  6. FDNY

    NT It has been real!!!

    Sometimes their is no answer to what the brain types so fast, so go have a bear or too and prey it never happens again.
  7. FDNY

    Need Help - Software Wont Open

    I don't know the fix, but I would certainly insist ATX introduces me to a higher level techie until it is fixed. Good luck.
  8. FDNY

    NT It has been real!!!

    All the best to you in retirement Ron. Hope you stay busy and have some fun. Don't get too cozy in some big lounge chair with a cup and TV remote holder.
  9. FDNY

    Military Wages higher than Medicare Wages

    I went to look at W2 from DFAS and FICA was higher than wages due to combat duty, opposite of your example. So I have no clue.
  10. FDNY

    Military Wages higher than Medicare Wages

    Yes, I have 1 where the differential was due to combat zone pay and another I assumed was active duty non combat zone.
  11. FDNY

    New Form 1040

    Paul, Welcome, you have until 7/29 to email your comments to IRS at: WI.1040.Comments@IRS.Gov. Let 'em have it, you make some good points. Bill
  12. FDNY

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    Trying to find some choice words for my letter. BTW, I love dinosaurs since I worked in a Sinclair gas station as a kid. Remember Dino?
  13. FDNY

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    Thanks Lee, evidently this is not over if they are entertaining comments. My being a perennial optimist I am hopeful some sanity will take root. I like Abby's letter, will make a nice template in keeping it short, sweet, and to the point. Now where's my thesaurus?
  14. FDNY

    1040 PostCard

    Already did, congressman and senators. Unfortunately they're all on the other side to do much good. I hope everyone writes too. This is a real disgrace.
  15. FDNY

    1040 PostCard

    Maybe the EPA should step in.....or wait, sorry, I lost my head. But really, is this some kind of a joke? What will it take, a Million Tax Preparers March on the Capitol to make the fools on the hill realize the foolishness of this re design when it only needed to have some modification. If I remember correctly it was Forbes idea of a post card sized return but with total simplification of the tax code, at least those two things go together, not what's coming out of Washington now, they're freaking me out.