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  1. Congratulations! Grandma will be busy spoiling him
  2. FDNY

    ATX Renewal

    I’ll probably renew and be done with it as I usually do with money sitting in my checking account. Now that you’ve brought up interest rates I’ve been having a good time with Treasury Direct and T Bills paying those decent rates.
  3. Yes, May 18th. Her mind is good, which I think has something to do with her gambling habit. Always a card player like her father who lived to 91. I taught her dominoes many years ago because it involves more thinking and strategy. At her age I’m always amazed when I leave with less change in my pocket. But if I do win she hits me with “Aren’t you embarrassed taking money from your old mother?” During Covid she fell in the house, fractured her pelvis pulling out a card table when her friends came over. In Rehab she got in trouble for setting up card games in a corner of the Physical Therapy facility. I got a call from the administrator who said, Please tell Olympia there is no gambling allowed in here, especially during Covid. She’s a real character. I also think her 3 ounces of daily wine doesn’t hurt.
  4. So glad it’s over! This morning as every year I leave MA at midnight to spend a few days with Mom in NYC after being away for nearly 3 months. She’ll be 99 in a few weeks and all she wants to do is play dominoes, Bingo and drink my homemade wine with no sulfites. A tradition I hope goes on for as long as I am in this business. Photo is not long ago.
  5. I use First Class green rimmed tyvex envelopes with only problems being the occasional delay, usually 2 weeks because it got stuck in the mailbag. When I want tracking I go to the kiosk at any hour and send priority.
  6. To answer your question, I vote for firing him. With the work involved and his realization that he will need to correct and pay tax he will probably give you a hard time when he gets your fee. End it now, you will feel better.
  7. Guidance was issued last night on the IRS Newswire. We’re all good. They must have heard us.
  8. How many people will hold up sending in their documents to us after reading or hearing this. I already had 2 calls. I hope they come out with guidance soon. Tax practitioners don’t have time for this right now.
  9. FDNY

    ATX Error

    Yes, but if you close out the message you can keep working. Abby gets the credit for that workaround. I do shut down the program every few returns, another Abby recommendation
  10. Ha! Yes, but not my problem.
  11. Yes he did check the box, I asked that question wondering if he read the whole notice. I’ll go ahead and tell him to stop the check and let him know about the penalty and take it from there. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  12. I have that too but can't find the messages. In the past it was usually for something unimportant.
  13. I'm not exactly sure on handling this first-time issue which would have been a simple task if I was informed before client acted on his own. Client received a CP 2000 that he failed to open immediately saying he owed $4,300. When he did open it, he saw a due date of 1/26 so he mails off a check without contacting me. He later emails me the top sheet so I responded asking for the rest of the notice and explained it may just be for a missing 1099B as he trades from time to time. He said yes, there was a stock he forgot he sold in 22 that he previously thought was worth pennies. Well, turns out the gain is $180, tax $27. Now what do I do? I thought of calling the hotline or filing a 1040X and include all this info in the explanation area. He said why not put a stop on the check, something that did occur to me, but I thought that may just create another problem. What do you think? I hope this isn't a precursor to the season. Thank you all, Bill
  14. Because they make good lighting stands for a standing desk. Of course a good book on Capone is an appropriate topper. Looking forward to a good tax season for everyone.
  15. FDNY


    All the best in retirement Joel. Now you can do all those things we wished we had time for during the cold months of tax season.
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