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  1. I have one still waiting to hear if it was received, was mailed in April. Two that were mailed in March are now showing received in April but not yet processed. That’s puzzling that a file would be closed out with no resolution, as if they have some kind of job action going on, but we don’t want to assume something so unthinkable.
  2. Glad you found it Lynn. And Elrod our resident animal lover and advocate will always have the perfect alternative if any one of us missed it. My Thanksgiving tradition is the parade and dog show, and being the cook I’ve got the food preparation and tv commercials coordinated as to not miss the Rockettes or the Terrier class.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Going to be dinner for two here with plenty of leftover turkey for the week. Looking forward to the parade and dog show. Stay safe!
  4. FDNY


    Been busier than ever this year. No time for virus fatigue and depression. But there is sadness for those I know that have been affected physically and economically. We need to stay strong because so many depend on us. I’ve been checking in with clients on a regular basis, most doing well. It helps me being stuck inside other than very early bike rides and supermarket trips.
  5. This works every time for me. I start dialing the number 1 minute before they open. After you get the recording hang up and keep hitting redial and you will be right up there in the queue when they open. Keep this a secret because if everyone does it we're screwed.
  6. I too filed an amended return in April. FWIW, I spoke to an agent on practitioner line (who could not find the return), and he said to expect an additional 16 weeks from August 1st. Hopefully the client will have a Happy Thanksgiving, as will I.
  7. How did you fix it? Sorry you have to work on the weekend.
  8. I’ve had 2 with missing refunds and Where’s my refund keeps showing processing for months. I called practitioner line and agent found the problem, was on their end due to virus. I think your situation warrants a call. I get right through with my secret strategy. OK, I’ll tell you. Call at 7:59am EST and get the recording. Keep hangIng up and hit redial, keep it up for a minute and you will be right up there in the queue.
  9. FDNY

    NT - mom

    So sorry Darlene, do your best to be with your mom. Your presence will be a comfort to her, hold her hand and speak to her, she will hear you. You are a good daughter. My thoughts and prayers are for you and mom and family. Bill
  10. I’m well, I think. Trying to do the normal things I do around this time of the year, which includes not checking in everyday because I’m away from the office and being busy. I’ve taken on some home projects, taking a bicycle repair course, and calling friends, especially those who live alone. Missing restaurants has gotten me back to cooking more and surprisingly lost a few pounds. Been cutting my own hair, getting long in the back and the long length in front is now covering my bald spot. When I go back for a haircut I will tell my stylist; don’t take this wrong but just follow what
  11. I will finally be telling procrastinators that they need to file an extension. The drips and drabs coming in now are driving me nuts. I'm a list driven person that schedules other projects in the off season after some minimal time in the office to clear up other work. I'd rather let those people get to me in October like they always do, when it fits my schedule, which is how it has always worked out, making the negative of procrastination a positive for me.
  12. Good, some clarity and certainty is welcomed in this time of uncertainty.
  13. Why don’t they just make it October 15th and call it a day, let’s be done with this. Still clients waiting on refunds, processing, processing.
  14. FDNY

    Refund holdup

    I would agree it’s C19 delay. I have a few, no credits. This situation was on the news the other day, and someone owed $11K and IRS has not cashed the check for months. UPS lost 3 of my Amazon packages or still in transit they say. The mail is slow. I guess patience is the keyword today.
  15. I started in 1984 after finishing some accounting courses at Queens College and taking a tax preparation course at the old Sobelson School in Manhattan. My first clients were firemen and their families and I would work on the top floor of a 3 story firehouse in the early hours of the morning when fire calls quieted down. If I did go out on a run I would have to leave everything on the table, no security of a clients info. Looking back that was not a good idea, it was a bad neighborhood and one time when we came back from a fire the TV was gone and they stole our shoes. To this day I s
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