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  1. I’ve always been happy with my desktop Dells, while not being a computer techie, I’ll get the latest with as much Ram and speed available as I keep them until old operating system loses support. My current one is an i7 that is 6 years old, fast and never a problem. I always buy them striped of bells and whistles and just use for work. The only thing I will now include is an SSD as Abby recommends. So I will be getting a new one this year with Win10, and looking forward to, as Bulldog said, “beating them up over price.” Now if I can only find my AMEX card, I’ll be golden.
  2. FDNY

    virginia acks

    When I deserted my office Monday for my traditional getaway I did have two states outstanding over 24 hours. None were VA, but NY and MA. I had read on the other board some people had the same concern.
  3. From what I know about you all the fires go out and there are no rekindles.
  4. Tragic as this is, the Cathedral will be rebuilt better than before. The aging structure has been undergoing renovation for years. It has survived so much, and will continue on as this fire has now become a part of its history. When the stone walls are considered safe the new roof and nave will welcome visitors to see the blackened wall from the Great Fire of ‘19. I think I heard there is already a billion dollars in contributions. Imagine how beautiful this church will be. The original walls will be there and the artifacts once restored will be placed in their updated home. The Paris Fire Department chaplain and 1st alarm units were brave and risked their lives to save artifacts including the Crown of Thorns. PS. There will probably be a state of the art sprinkler/fire suppression system installed.
  5. Generally it went well. Few problems with the program but no need to call in. Under withholding was a big factor and spent some time explaining, but sending the highlighted Comparison sheet with the return was very helpful. Some clients didn't do so great with the new tax bill but most had no problem accepting it. The 6 schedules slowed me down in the beginning so one day when I had nothing to do I sat down and memorized which is which. Also, next year should be a breeze with knowing ahead whether schedule A is needed or not. Thank you everyone for your valued input, I've learned from you and grateful for your help. Always and Forever.
  6. No AMT either. Some of my high real estate tax clients from Long Island and Westchester caught a break. Paying 18K for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths is enough of an insult. But others with high combined SALT weren't so lucky when it came to the bottom line. I never could wrap my head around this tax bill. Except for 199A helping small business people I feel the rest was a lot of hocus pocus, now you see it, now you don't tax law. But I'm done, I think I'll have some avocado toast and coffee and watch the other news.
  7. I'm in a good place too. Same two clients every year will call me and tell me the same story about how time got away from them and please send in an extension. Luckily for them they always pay what was due last year. And I don't mind charging extra. Yesterday I washed out the garage of all the winter salt, cleaned out the junk and tinkered with a bicycle, all while listening to classic rock. That really felt good. Later this morning I will watch the Boston Marathon while I do a little carb loading to keep my energy level up. This is a happy day for us.
  8. I incorrectly stated my price as $1610, but it was $1809. I don't think everyone gets the same price. People negotiate, scream, curse, and threaten to hold their breath. Not sure which course I will take but the increase doesn't seem fair. Social Security only increased about 3%. Not like we're getting any added value. Program still has its problems but we stay because we.......I don't know, you finish the sentence.
  9. I usually send client to IRS website and let them set it up on their own, it's easy enough and no sweat for us.
  10. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm taking my phone off the hook when it hits. USA Today had an article on it yesterday https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/04/09/tax-withholding-irs-release-new-more-complex-w-4-form-year/3401811002/.
  11. FDNY


    In the past I have gained two new clients each whose former preparer died from a heart attack. Both of them were fairly young and about my age at the time. That got me thinking that this job does come with its health risks. While I do work long hours they are interspersed with stretching, exercise, and drinking water. I never allow myself to get stressed and smile when a client is freaking out on the phone about their tax bill (I do no face to face). As it has been said, it's just not worth it, they can't pay us enough to have their stress transferred to us. I've only done 3 extensions since yesterday as my cut off is 1 week before due date so from here out just extensions will be prepared, and that is a really good feeling. Take care of yourselves everyone, life is short, don't let them make it shorter.
  12. Don't give them any ideas.
  13. Got mine today, $1,610 for Max, shipping, tax, and tip included.
  14. Tax preparers, teachers, cops, and firefighters are all unsung heroes and forgotten until something happens to put them in the spotlight. Much of my client base is teachers, cops, and firefighters and over the years I would do my best to deduct for them whatever was reasonable. Sometimes in a police precinct or firehouse word gets around that someone deducted a new watch every year, or a haircut, or gym membership. I would politely explain that if you were not a cop you wouldn't want to know what time it is? Or to the firefighter you would never get a haircut (more on this later). If you didn't need to you would not go to the gym for personal health. If all that were true we would have a bunch of hairy, out of shape public servants who couldn't give you the time of day. Those people would not be good public servants. Back in the early 70s we had a fire commissioner who didn't like the idea of new firemen coming on the job who were veterans of the Woodstock era. Regulations were put in place for parochial school haircuts and mustaches that couldn't go past the corners of your mouth. I was one of those long hairs and we took the FD to court. We lost. That started the haircut deduction frenzy, but it wouldn't fly.
  15. FDNY

    1040X Return

    I didn't like it either for the same reason so in Return Mgr I put a big X in Client# column so I know which one to roll over next year.
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