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  1. Sunday, can’t get acks or transmit...
  2. Mine are going directly to error.
  3. Go through the iteration; at some point the credit allows/disallows the credit. If it's still a close call, see if he has extra $$ to put into an IRA.
  4. One of the reasons I love working remotely!!!
  5. NRH isn't appropriate since the apportionment has to do with before/after the move. Anyways, I figured it out.
  6. No, I don't think so. I was just using the PA Sch C,
  7. Did you do any of the gains as bulk entries on the Sch D? I've had issues with PA/CA because of this. And I really don't want to enter every single trade so I can allocate between the 2 states.
  8. Extend the return and blame the new tax law/programming issues because of new tax law/gov shutdown/etc.
  9. I'm filing client's PA CLGS-32-1 and having issues with the auto-populated biz income number. Client has sole prop consulting biz and moved from CA to PA at the end of February. So I'm allocating the SE income across 2 states. Her salary is all PA. But the number that ATX is populating on lines 5 & 7 of the above form aren't what I have on the PA Sch C. What I have on the C is $8353, but ATX is putting $7108 as the net profit from biz. Is there any adjustments for the local form I don't know about? The difference is more than the SE tax, less than SE health...I can't figure out where the $7108 is coming from.
  10. Ok, that makes more sense! When I saw $17, I thought, no wonder she thinks it's dividends!
  11. $17? Never seen one for that little. What did they get, 1 share?
  12. She’s under the filing requirements for NR MA. Thanks for the quick response, especially this time of year
  13. I always report them, regardless of 1099-S. Then no chance of a notice later.
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