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  1. It’s funny if you work completely remotely! Like the posters I had to put up for employees. Hung them in the bathroom since it was the only room with wall space for the poster.
  2. I got rid of binders & binders full of stuff when I moved. And more right after (moving stuff I had to shred was disappointing, but I ran out of time). I still find stuff lying around that has to go but not much these days.
  3. Spouse does it in December. When we moved I was still shredding a lot of back files, but he’s gotten caught up so it’s just the fourth year files that get done every year. He likes it because he gets a decent paycheck in December!
  4. Look at the AZ return. They add back the depreciation, but then there is a line to put in AZ depreciation. That could be the same number if there aren’t any fed/state differences. That screwed me up a bit the first time I was doing an AZ return.
  5. I have approximately 100 clients. That’s enough.
  6. I just flat out told an inquiry about tax prep that I was no longer taking new business returns. nope, not gonna do it.
  7. Were either of the NPs doing any work? You may just have to file the ‘postcard’ and dissolve
  8. I’m a one person shop too. My IT guy is my husband. And he just knows more shit about IT than I do.
  9. Your software may not be communicating with the ATX server program. I seem to get that error every year. Unfortunately it requires a phone call. I buy the ATX Plus program which gives me the concierge service.
  10. joanmcq

    EA & NAEA

    Congratulations! I’m not an EA, so I can’t tell you if it’s worthwhile to join (although in Sacramento the local chapter had very good CPE).
  11. Why would an Irrevocable trust be reported on the client’s own return? Irrevocable trusts have to file a 1041. With income & expenses.
  12. I have GetNetSet for my website & use the ShareFile that comes with it too.
  13. Maybe part of why you think I’m so young is that I still have the same photo up as when the site was started! we didn’t have a big TV until I went to college, but we did have several 13” black & white TVs by the time I left. I don’t remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but do remember Guilda Radner on SNL.
  14. It surprises me when y'all post that you're 70, 80 and still going. Especially when I need to get used to being in my office again (like now!).
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