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  1. Could where you've checked that he did not actively participate in the other two rentals have something to do with it?
  2. Nevada shut down at least a week ago.
  3. Advantage figures it out. Don’t know if you want tp pay for it though
  4. Why aren’t your Sch E qualified? Even the instructions to the 8995 state rentals don’t necessarily have to qualify for safe harbor to qualify a Sec 161 businesses
  5. I successfully updated to 10 by hooking up a USB drive with the most current 10 operating system to my computer. I bought my computer 3 years ago with 10-rolled-back-to-7 on it, so I did have a free update available. So I didn’t do a wipe clean install, but it’s working perfectly. However, first I made a) a ghost of my hard drive & b) separate backups of all my data.
  6. This isn’t something I worry about much. My client base is aging as I do, and as each retires to a state that isn’t CA, I jump for joy since that’s another return I won’t have to pay CA tax on! I consider myself semi-retired. Last year was the first year I had steady work through the season, but wasn’t overwhelmed. My assistant didn’t need to come from Sacramento to help. Yet surprisingly enough, I seem to have made a about the same amount of money! i say,if someone finds me, fine. If someone leaves, also fine. I’ve got other sources of income, but need the tax biz cash for a few years yet.
  7. You need to do the calculation in Max, whereas in Advantage it’s done for you. If you have a lot of multistate clients, it’s worth it. As for the cost of Advantage, I initially paid only about 2600 for it. You’ll get a deep discount the first year..haggle! I’m still not paying full price.
  8. He was the best help ever. He will be missed.
  9. Oh, damn. I knew her in person, not just online. Lost touch in the last few years.
  10. I had forms C & E this year, but I have ATX Advantage
  11. Sunday, can’t get acks or transmit...
  12. Mine are going directly to error.
  13. Go through the iteration; at some point the credit allows/disallows the credit. If it's still a close call, see if he has extra $$ to put into an IRA.
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