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  1. joanmcq


    I see SRO and think 'single room occupancy'. A hotel I lived in for years in NYC.
  2. Since prepared tax returns list the address of the firm preparing it, going after out of state tax preparers is low hanging fruit. I always celebrate whenever one of my clients moves out of CA.
  3. When I try to create the efile.
  4. I rolled over last quarter's 941 but hadn't checked the box saying last quarter was complete. So when I go to efile the new quarter, I get a error message saying that 'efiling is not available for any of the forms included in this return'. I check the Knowledge Base and it says I'm getting the message because I didn't check the ' complete' box. So I check the box. Still won't efile. Delete the return and roll it over again. It won't efile. Create a brand new return. It won't efile. does any one have any ideas before I stick the return in the mail?
  5. In Atx you can put INHERITED in date acquired field and it forces LT treatment too..
  6. First time it’s on the Div.
  7. Sweet! I have one on extension that has an 8915.
  8. 8582 will carry them forward
  9. Wow, I can’t believe your mom is 99!
  10. I checked my last few e-files, and have been reading the news. A person has gone missing around here, so that’s weird. jklcpa, congrats!!!
  11. I have had more problems with the letters this year than ever before. If I check they are paying over the internet, the letter says they are paying by installment agreement. Payment or refund amounts don’t show. I would just check the mail payments.
  12. The “I don’t really care” is strong with this one. 2/3 of my clients are CA and get automatic extensions. 3 more live abroad. The rest? I guess I’ve got to get to work finishing…
  13. The ERC credit just made the IRS Dirty Dozen tax scams.
  14. I haven't been having the 'blip' closings (well not very often) but had one yesterday. decided it was time to call it a day!
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