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  1. Did you make the change on Sch. A or on the 1040-X? You need to make the change on Sch. A.
  2. I had to file an amended return for 2022 for a client and it wouldn't efile because 'the withholding was wrong'. I got the Wage & Income transcript and lo & behold, the wife's 1099-SSN wasn't in the transcript. Nor her withholding on the 1099. But I had a copy of the 1099 issued in my sweaty little palm. It was weird and now you've got one too.
  3. I have withholding from my RMD so if I owe anything, I just pay when I file. I file in March usually so there isn't any interest. I rarely owe much.
  4. I filed my father's returns years ago when he was in LTC. If the LTC totally pays for medical expenses or LTC, I do not believe it is taxable, but you have to subtract it from any medical expenses you've paid as itemized deductions.
  5. WE all know that the IRS has been woefully underfunded until recently. This isn't to disparage mcb39 and GR2's comments, but you've got to give them time to hire and train people.
  6. Thank you! Into the mail it will go. I had to mail the last two 941 due to a software glitch or something. I'll mail it with the check and just wait.
  7. Did an oopsie on my payroll. Now I need to amend. Can I efile the 941-X? It doesn't show on the efiled forms on the 940/941 EF Info.
  8. Damn, I missed it! And I just looked, it is the 27th. Somehow I thought the 27th was the middle of next week….
  9. These guys have 90-100k invested in each PTP. And these things are frikkin complicated!! So I'm making sure I'm doing it all right.
  10. I hate it when the K1 sale is on the 1099-B. The basis is NEVER correct.
  11. Thank you! I haven't had to calculate excess gain for about 23 years.
  12. Client (who I am thinking about firing) is investing in PTPs, just in the last few years. If he is recognizing gain on excess distributions, is the character ST or LT or does it depend on how long he has had the investment?
  13. It could be fun if I can get up that early!
  14. Why are losses disallowed with the sale? Is her income too low?
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