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  1. Put the foreign wages on the FECWK! You don’t need to paper file
  2. Me too! Currently only my bank accounts at my credit union & the NV Board of Accountancy. I don’t like all the snooping I’ve read about Chrome doing.
  3. I thought he already converted it? You mean leave it as traditional.
  4. You would show the transfers leaving PayPal/Venmo and landing in your bank account if you were audited. The IRS will assume all deposits are income, but it’s easy to show they are not.
  5. I just got through to the PPL in about 3 minutes. Trick is to call between 5pm & 7pm. Most practitioners go home at 5. Now I’m on Pacific Time, so maybe this doesn’t work in the East, but I’m rarely on hold more than a half hour. oh and don’t call on Monday.
  6. I’m confused as to whether your client is a US person who worked in Australia for a summer job or an Australian who worked in the US. In either case, the 2555 isn’t used. If client is US person with Australian earnings, put the wages on the FECWKS, and the income taxes paid on the 1116. Don’t forget to convert the Australian dollars to US dollars before putting the numbers on the return.
  7. He will file under 330 day rule for 2021 but then can file under Bona fide resident. He probably would have qualified under bona fide resident in country A as well. You don’t have to buy a house/ get married etc to qualify as a bona fide resident. The return doesn’t have to be filed in 2023 at all.
  8. I always forget about the 2 years after payment rule.
  9. I cannot keep the years straight.
  10. I just had a class in cryptocurrency, and had to deal with a client that had tons of little bits of crypto ‘earned’ from god knows what. I’m too old to deal with this!
  11. I do my own payroll, that’s bad enough
  12. Hey Tom, I hung onto 1/3-1/2 of my CA base (quite a bit of them are moving out of CA) and picked up a few locals. Mostly CA transplants! I already had about 1/4 of my clients non CA when I moved. The clients I’ve lost I don’t care about; I do approximately 100 returns and that’s enough for me. I found an ‘extreme home makeover’ house that had literally every thing I wanted in a house right in my price range....well, except a hot tub. Still need to get a hot tub. I do have a big ole jacuzzi though.
  13. Tom, I ended up moving to Stagecoach because that’s where I found my dream house.
  14. I got a phone call today. 15% discount until May 30.
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