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  1. I have a 2017 Outback and I love it. First car I bought new.
  2. I think I shredded my earlier ones when I moved. Before that I had them going back to 1983.
  3. I do believe you are correct. The gift is what the bonds cost, not the value upon maturity.
  4. If you put 1 as the number of colleges the student attended, the box is automatically checked so no more worksheets are added. If you put more than one, then you need to check the box once you’ve finished entering institutions.
  5. I can open more than one return. Maybe it’s the stepped down version?
  6. Umm, does no one here use ATX payroll? Super simple to efile 941 & 940s.
  7. What TexTaxToo said. I had to look up SLCSP amounts for a client that thought she didn’t qualify for a subsidy. She was pleasantly surprised!
  8. My iPhone distinguishes spam calls as Scam Likely. It’s cut down on the calls immensely.
  9. Mr. Scam Likely is my most frequent caller.
  10. I think they meant efile overage.
  11. I remembered this morning that PR was due! Just doing my husband, thank dog. I turn 62 later in the summer, and having those same thoughts. And being a couch potato thinking about exercising again….
  12. I got fired (3/10/11), so I didn’t have a choice. Of course, I was at the point where, every check I got, I was “well another mortgage payment down”. The irs had just ruled that same-sex RDP couples in CA had to follow community property rules. I took a night off, then looked at the huge stacks of returns I had and got to work. best thing that ever happened to me! Never looked back.
  13. I think sending them together is the problem.
  14. Even if they're rejected, you still get a few days after to fix.
  15. Just filed my last extension. 23 years of taxes. And I didn't start until I was 40!
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