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  1. I’m trying to downsize too, and I’m only (only!) 62. But the constant changes in tax law are driving me crazy and I just don’t remember them like I used to.
  2. I noticed this last week when trying to get through. Only happened some of the time though. Still couldn’t get through!
  3. NV CPAs take 2 hours every year. Since CPAs are licensed by the states, I guess different states have different requirements.
  4. joanmcq


    Ouch! I think I am looking at 3 years. But I don’t know that my clients will allow it.
  5. joanmcq


    Congrats Joel! I hope to be joining you soon!
  6. Are you sure you file a 5471? if you aren’t familiar with international taxes, I would refer this one out. International gets complicated very fast.
  7. Is the taxpayer a resident of CA?
  8. Ok, I have a 1099-Q none of which should be taxable. I keep getting error messages that my CA doesn’t match with my federal because ATX keeps pulling part or all of the distribution as taxable. I cannot figure out what I have to plug in where to make the damn distribution not taxable. $1683 is the earnings. I’ve put everything from $1683 to various amounts deemed taxable on the Ed worksheets in both the books line and the 1099-Q lines and cannot get this to work out. I am using ATX Advantage. Can anyone help?
  9. I filed the federal with no problem, but the NR NM return rejected. There are two rejection error messages: 1. The submission ID must be globally unique 2. The submission must not belong to a message with a duplicate message ID Does anyone have a clue as to what I need to do to fix it ?
  10. I prefer in person because then I get to leave my house!
  11. I have a 2017 Outback and I love it. First car I bought new.
  12. I think I shredded my earlier ones when I moved. Before that I had them going back to 1983.
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