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  1. I'm with Drake and are having the same turn around. I have been swamped all year but a real strong push this week so I'm sure their servers are being flooded right now.
  2. Does anyone know how to enter this in Drake so that it will flow to the appropriate line. I cannot get it to give me credit for the withholding. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have a work around for the following e-file error: 2847 CA 568 Depletion, Depreciation, Amortization Depletion, Depreciation or Amortization information has been entered for an LLC form 3885L is not supported for efile in this package at this time. Doesn't seem right to me. Prior tax preparer with other software had no problem. Anybody know a work around?
  4. It's a new client I inherited and the previous preparer (different software) was able to thru their software. Anyway I am just going to go thru the FTB website.
  5. I have been trying for the past couple of days to set up an automatic withdrawl for an S-Corp (California) to have the 800.00 franchise tax fee taken out, but I must be doing something wrong. Can someone walk me thru the process? The voucher is created, and all the banking information is inputted, but it does not show it is set up to come out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Released today! Thank You!
  7. Tax Prep by Deb

    CA 540NR

    Anybody have an idea when the CA 540NR form will be released for e-file? I have three that I need to send but are on hold for now. Thanks, Deborah
  8. Looks to me like they applied the ctc for the child under 17 (2000.00) first to the taxes owed, then the balance owed to the dependent over 17 (120.00) leaving the tax at zero and no refundable credit.
  9. Thanks Tom, I just had a client get more money and I thought it was a mistake, but your explanation explains the whole thing. Thanks!
  10. My client went ahead and paid what was owed, then about two weeks latter she received a check for exactly what we were expecting as well as for what she had paid. I was able to reconcile it to the penny!
  11. I also have a client in the same situation. For now all I could tell her was to go ahead and pay the small amount owed and hope IRS takes the payment into consideration when refunding. My fear is it will take them way to long to straighten this out that she will keep getting letters and finally IRS helps themselves to her money. All I can say is what a mess!
  12. As to not getting the second payment, many were sent debit cards and mistook them for junk mail and discarded them. It's possible this is the case with your clients, so perhaps starting a trace is the way to go. Just a thought.
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