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  1. I have always used Dell. I wouldn't even consider anything else. I have never had a problem that I didn't cause. The only issue I ever had was trying to use an encryption software that Windows didn't like. It actually locked me out of my computer and my IT guy had to call the software provider to find a way to get my computer back. As far as hardware failure, I never have had an issue. Average life for my computers or 7 to 8 years.
  2. Call Drake. They have a Document manager that works very well, also ability to e-sign. Both are add-ons to their software. I use the document manager all the time and have even gotten some of my older clients to use it. I have never used the e-sign as it seems a bit expensive to me.
  3. They have Drake Accounting that includes they payroll forms. It works ok but not as easy as ATX. I make it work for me. Better than paper filing any day.
  4. You will use their Conversion Tool. It's pretty simple, biggest problem will be with your depreciation. You will need to check it carefully. My problem wasn't with the figures but if you have both Schedule C and Schedule E you will have to link them, also if you have more than one Schedule C or more than one Rental Property, you will have to assign numbers. But like mentioned, there are several of us using it and will be more than happy to assist, Drake also has great customer support!
  5. Your take on the solar is correct. Most solar sellers are misrepresenting the refund and using it to make their offer sound better. Depending on your clients income they may get 100% of the credit used the first year, but in my client's cases it has been spread out over two. Each time, the client is told and the contract written stating that the refund will go to principle, lowering the finance costs. Not a big fan!
  6. That is correct if there is no adjustments needed. I had some washed sales on the one I was working on. It is reported on the 8949 but you do not put in any dates, enter all the rest of the info and under adjustment #1 select m. I did attach a copy of the statements. The more I work with Drake the more I like it. You just have to keep looking and eventually you can find how to do it.
  7. Sorry! Wrong info. Somewhere in Drake (could be accounting) you have a choice to make if ss # or FEIN #
  8. I believe there is an arrow that opens to give you the chouc3.
  9. Never Mind! I finally found how to do it on Drakes Website.
  10. Is there a way in Drake that I can enter the total Short-Term Transactions for stock's sold or do I have to enter each transaction?
  11. I have four of these as of now. Two needed more info and we provided it early March, one I know what the problem is but have not received a notice to respond to and the fourth we have no clue what the problem is.
  12. Agree! I do like using It for the same purpose, but it isn't that friendly for anything else. Love the tax software though!
  13. I have a client who has received a W2 for in home health support service (box 1 shows 0) that is excluded as gross wages due to notice 2014-7. It was my understanding however that the amount she was paid could be used as income for purpose of Earned Income Credit. Anyone know how to enter this in Drake? (Box 3 and 5 show the amount she was paid)
  14. California was the first to shut down. We've hade a shelter in place order for several days now.
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