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  1. Tax Prep by Deb

    scanner recommendation

    Scansnap IX500 works like a charm with my windows 10 pro Dell Computer
  2. Tax Prep by Deb

    NT-QuickBooks stopped working after a Windows 7 update-

    Have you tried either the repair utility or reinstalling? I had a friend who had a crash after 10 update that caused her to still be able to use Quickbooks but would not allow her to back it up. She eventually got a new computer and started from scratch on Quickbooks. Intuit was of no use to her either. Since my updates. I have not been able to schedule backups So I have to do manual ones.
  3. Tax Prep by Deb

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Thank You! That took care of the problem. It's amazing how many times you can look at something and not see the obvious. So far I really like Drake!
  4. Tax Prep by Deb

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Perfect, I knew there had to be a way. Now one more question. On my personal return, I have always used the mileage deduction for my business use of my auto. When it rolled over it is giving me both, mileage and it is also showing depreciation. I have double checked and the box to force mileage is checked, but I can not get rid of the amount of depreciation. This is the only asset I currently have that would be being depreciated if not using mileage. When I look at the form 4562 my car shows up twice, yet there is only one entry.
  5. Tax Prep by Deb

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Ok, I went back and took a look at the # assigned the asset, and it turns out, for who knows what reason the numbering was out of sequence in ATX. So I went back into Drake, put everything in numerical order and everyone is happy! Question though. ATX will always include a W2 worksheet even if not needed. I never delete them, so the W2 I guess was sent over with this return and it is telling me it can't be e-filed because there is no info on the W2. (I don't need to e-file this return, it's already been done) but how do I get rid of the W2 so that the warning will go away?
  6. Tax Prep by Deb

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Yep, already did that and depreciation shows up for all except 3 properties. I already did the mapping and everything shows up ok on the depreciation report and next year depreciation, but is not showing up on the actual schedule E. My Drake 2017 return differs from ATX 2017 and the only thing missing is the depreciation for those three properties.
  7. Tax Prep by Deb

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Ok I have done the conversion with from ATX to Drake and I am definitely running into an issue with depreciation. Everything looks like it came over OK except that it is not on the tax return. In other words when I do a depreciation report everything is there and appears to be correct, however when I go to take a look at it on the proper schedule in this case E it's not showing up. I have one client with 10 rental properties and about half of them shows up, the other half does not. I was able to see that it did not carry over the form selection, so I did go and map that out, but it still isn't flowing to the appropriate schedule. Am I missing something?
  8. Tax Prep by Deb

    Computer Advice (Display Driver Error)

    Hate to be the one who imstills fear in anybody, but I would never biy a refurbished computer and here is why: A few years ago one of my business clients purchased a refurbished computer and after a while had weird things happen then porn started popping up all over the.place. He would close it out and it would come right back up. I did some sluething with my limited experience and it turned out someone had remoted in and was watching porn on this computer. It turns out the owner of the shop had been arrested earlier in the year and charged with child pornography. We called the police who came and took the computer and we have never seen it since. So as tempting it may be I would not recommend it for that reason.
  9. Tax Prep by Deb

    desktop purchase advice

    I love Dell, however I have no problem buying from Costco. I have had an issue with a computer I purchased from them and was beyond the return policy (90 days) however they were gracious enough to take it back and I was able to repurchase the same computer. Turns out I had a problem with it as well but found out it was due to my encryption software not playing nice with Windows 10 updates, but non the less Costco has earned my trust over and over, whereas the only time I called into Dell for a problem, I ended up paying them over 100.00 to fix and hours without my computer. Dell loves to lay everything off on software which of course is only warranted I believe for 30 days. Costco will warrant it for 90 days and then you have an extended warranty for any hardware issues, as well as the concierge service is pretty good.
  10. Tax Prep by Deb

    2016 ATX Admin password not working

    Doesn't make since that 2016 isn't working but 2017 is. If you are locked out for not renewing then you shouldn't be able to get into 2017 either.
  11. Tax Prep by Deb

    2016 ATX Admin password not working

    No, I do not think this is the case. I also switched to Drake this year and have not renewed however I am still working in my 2016 program, but I did have to update my password today. There should be a link right below your sign on that says reset password. It gave me no warning but logged me out and wouldn't let me back in till I reset the password.
  12. Tax Prep by Deb

    created e-file's not visible in e-file manager

    Also, and you may have already done this, but I would completely close of ATX even rebooting the computer, then open and see if it appears.
  13. Tax Prep by Deb

    What is the path to the individual client tax files?

    Just switched to Drake as well. At their seminar the instructor said that If it was filed and our system crashed our returns could be recovered form the price of 0.00 dollars. I love the fact that Drake does not charge for every little thing!
  14. Tax Prep by Deb

    Below 100%

    I have a client who had his family enrolled thru Covered CA health exchange. He was self-employed. The first 4 months of the year went exactly the same as the previous year, but in May there was a significant turn of events that actually caused him to shut his doors. At that time he notified the exchanged and the following month he and his family were switched over to Medical. So I have his 1095B which is showing first 4 months as normal with advanced subsidy credit, then in May a change was made in the subsidy received, then for June thru December, showing nothing because they had been switched to Medical. Now that we are doing the taxes, (he had a horrible year) he is below 100% of poverty. My gut is telling me he still qualifies for the subsidy by marking the box HI below 100% of poverty. Is this how you read this as well. I believe the figures he originally gave the exchange were correct at the time, and as soon as a problem occurred he took steps to correct it. This is the first one I have had this way so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as it boosts his refund considerably. Thanks in advance! Deborah
  15. Tax Prep by Deb

    1120 with payment due keeps getting rejected

    Sounds like the problem is you are trying to push the payment date out beyond the day submitted. From what I am seeing because it is past the original due date it will have to be paid at the same time they receive the return.