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  1. Dummy me, I checked their knowledge base it was posted there. You are right early December.
  2. Does anyone know when Drake will be releasing 2019 software for up coming filing season?
  3. I had many a phone conversation with him as he always went the extra distance when issues came up. I have missed him greatly ever since ATX was bought out. Truly sad to hear of his passing. Deborah
  4. Thank you for the confirmation. I goofed on one of my clients and in researching this helps right a wrong. Should have known that but don't remember coming across the info until just now. Will amend and client will get a pretty good refund!
  5. This too is what I found out researching it yesterday. I had a client in a similar situation except it was a rental before she moved into it, do there are non qualified days, but correct me if I'm wrong, we don't go back to when the house was first purchased to establish non qualified days, we begin from January 1, 2009 correct?
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this was changed a few years back. I believe a partial exemption but not full. I will have to double check but I do believe you forfeit full exclusion.
  7. California will have the penalty mandate starting in 2020. So we are not out of the woods yet!
  8. Also the invite is just to set up their end of the portal. It doesn't specifically invite them to send you anything, but once set up it's pretty easy both directions. I set myself up as an individual and sent myself the invitation and played with it going both ways so I could better help my clients. They loved it!
  9. Under edit client there should be a box to check to send an email invitation. The screen shot is if starting with new client, but after selecting your client there should be an edit button which will open up and you can look for the box to invite.
  10. I didn't use ATX this year but if memory serves me correctly, you log into your ATX account go the e-file section search for the e-file you are having trouble with, then on that screen there should be a selection that says rehang ack. Sync won't do it, you have to ask for a rehang, wait a bit then ask you program to request acknowledgments. Hope this helps!
  11. I have been working with Splashtop and have not had any problems other than display settings. My main computer is a 24" monitor and my laptop is 15#. My log on screen is very small (more of an annoyance than anything) and the tool bar is so small I can barely see it. I thought about calling in to see if a setting might make a difference. Performance wise I have had 0 issues. I had disconnection issues a lot with GoToMyPC but I'm sure it had to do with my clients internet service. For the price difference I am very happy with Splashtop.
  12. I have had this same situation and never ran into a problem with the e-file. Just put the info in the way it should be.
  13. You will need to have Drake accounting to do payroll. This is the one area I think ATX is better in, but it works for me . Drake will be happy to answer your questions without being pushy. Just let them know what you would like to be able to do and they will tell you if their program will do it .
  14. I actually downloaded the week trial and am playing with it. For the price difference I am going to change. I hate to call and try to get a cheaper price. If they truly want to keep me as a client, then they need to act like it. In all honesty I really don't see a lot of difference in terms of how I use the product. So it's good by for me!
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