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  1. Tax Prep by Deb

    E-file already accepted

    I kind of think like you said, mine was part of a test batch. Usually I don't transmit early but new to Drake this year I wanted to check out the process. I am amazed at the speed of Drake! Thank you for the tips!. Now if I could figure out the mayor's thing, and how to quickly select what I want to print.
  2. Tax Prep by Deb

    E-file already accepted

    It is showing as IRS accepted, and the state CA accepted. Seems odd if they are not opening up till next Monday.
  3. Tax Prep by Deb

    E-file already accepted

    Now I am confused. I have a single client very easy return. I went ahead and prepared it last week and transmitted it to Drake so that when everything opens (I assumed next Monday) that she would be early in line. Normally I don't send the state until Fed comes back, but because I know everything is ok I sent both. State (California) came back the same day accepted. I was playing around today and it seems like my Federal has been accepted as well. I thought they were starting next week. Am I just not understanding Drake? First year using it and I find this part a little more difficult than ATX. How do you all keep track of the ones that have been sent, pending, ect… If you hold the state, what do you use to remind you to go back and send it?
  4. Tax Prep by Deb

    Deja Vue - Unable to connect to server

    Have you tried stopping the service than restarting it? It's been awhile but I believe I had to do that once. I switched to Drake this year and am amazed at how quickly and smoothly it runs. As others have stated their support is very good with little to no wait time.
  5. Tax Prep by Deb

    Deja Vue - Unable to connect to server

    Did you try rebooting the computer?
  6. Tax Prep by Deb

    Secure portal?

    I just switched this year, and so far I have no regrets. There are somethings I love about Drake, and somethings about ATX I wish Drake had, but overall very pleased.
  7. Tax Prep by Deb

    ifirm portal and file names

    I would.
  8. Tax Prep by Deb

    ifirm portal and file names

    when you select the file to upload, I believe at that time you can change the name on the file name bar. I haven't done it in a while, but it seems to me this is what I did.
  9. Tax Prep by Deb

    Secure portal?

    Yeah, it's suppose to sync, but whenever I would try to send something from ATX program to the portal, nothing would happen. Maybe they improved it for this year. Also please watch out for any return that you change the address on. Part of the training I went thru was to get all of my ATX clients into the portal data base. That went very smoothly, however whenever I would make a change on the tax return thru ATX (such as address) then you will get a pop up asking if you want to sync with the portal, I said yes of course, but what happened was instead of changing the address in the portal, it changed it on the tax return. I had several of these happen throughout the filing season and didn't figure it out until then end when I counted the number of returns that had been filed with the old address. Not saying it will happen this year, but check it out. Make sure that before you transmit the return, the address did not change back to the old one.
  10. Tax Prep by Deb

    Secure portal?

    They have one I used last year. It works great, but I never could get it to integrate. I had to create a pdf and upload it. They give you some good training and help you set it up. It was rather expensive, over $500. This year I switched everything out to Drake and there portal works just as good but is at least 1/2 the price. My clients that used it, loved it. It can be used either thru a pdf upload or clients could take pictures and upload them.
  11. Tax Prep by Deb

    2nd release available

    Thank you! That's what I thought.
  12. Tax Prep by Deb

    2nd release available

    Question for a newbie. I downloaded the earlier version. Do I download the new version again? Or just update? Do I have to uninstall the earlier? Or does it install over it?
  13. Tax Prep by Deb

    Drake not doing team viewer

    Also if you post your problem here we may be able to help. I had a problem and called Drake it took quite awhile but my support guy finally figured it out and it was simple. If its the same problem I may be able to help.
  14. Tax Prep by Deb

    Efile 2017 Return

    And with the Federal government shut down, there is no clue as to when things will be re-opened. Hold on folks, I think this year is going to be a rough and bumpy ride!
  15. Tax Prep by Deb

    grumble mumble ATX!

    Not a whole lot. They have some very good practice returns to get you orientated, are very quick to pick up the phone, won't let you go until they get the problem resolved, (in my case I was the problem and when we both figured it out had a good laugh!). I do not think you will be disappointed! I too held off because of the learning curve, but what may slow you down a bit in entering you will more than make up for it in the speed of the program. It loads instantly and not once has it even hiccupped! I haven't done a complete season with it yet, but I am looking forward to it and am not disappointed so far! As far as a learning curve, I figured this year even with ATX we were going to have a learning curve so why not start totally new? Also on the Drake part of this board, they are eager to help and very quick to respond. After all how did we all learn ATX? It certainly wasn't because of a user manual. We learned a lot on our own and asked help from others. Believe me when I say that will not change if you switch to Drake!