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  1. I know many have great success with HP, but I have had nothing but problems with them so much so I don't even look at them. On the other hand I have worked with many Dell's both my own and with clients and have 0 problems. Just ordered my laptop, hope it is as good as the one it's replacing.
  2. With the exception of two HP computers (for which I will never go back to HP), I have always used Dells, both desktop and laptops. I am currently looking at Dell for a new laptop as mine is over 7 years old with Window 7 in it and I will have to upgrade in January due to 7 not being supported any longer. I can not say enough good about Dell. My desktop is 2 years old and I have to say that the only problem I have had was due to a software conflict. I had encrypted my hard drive using Symantec and Windows 10 did not like it on the larger updates. The problem got so bad that Symantec or Windows locked me out of my own computer. I spent tons of money to get my computer back up and running, only to find out by researching that the problem was with Symantec's. Windows 10 pro has it's own encryption and that seems to have solved my problems. Like I mentioned, I am currently looking to replace my laptop, and I won't consider anything but a Dell. If you can find the configuration that you are looking for at Costco or even Sam's Club, they have the best return policy around. Mine however can not be found there so I am going to order directly from Dell, which I have also done in the past without any problems. Hope this helps. Deb
  3. Have any of you had problems with client sending the payment with the amended return only to have it refunded later because they have nothing to pin it to? Then get a bill for the amount due when they finally get around to posting the amended return? These has happened several times for me, so much so that I don't have client send in the payment but rather have them wait till they get the bill. I have even had a couple where the amended return shows a refund and instead my client got a bill. Back when IRS would actually talk to you we were able to get it straightened out when the agent saw that a number had been dropped when they keyed in the amended information. They made the correction on the spot and client did receive his refund. Close to two years ago I did an amended were the client owed a little over 300. Because of my past problems I suggested not sending in a payment and a few weeks later he received a refund check of over 6,000. To this day we still have a descrepency, but I believe the client is going to pay just to get them off his back. What a mess! And the sad thing is the clients sometimes think it's on our end, but I rechecked everything and I was right, but again I believe a miss keyed figure was the blame.
  4. Totally agree! I did attend one of their presentations and was totally impressed! I had previously obtain a trial version of the software and didn't like it much, but after attending the presentation and having the ability to ask questions and see live demonstrations I was sold!
  5. First year Drake user and even when ATX offered me a terrific deal I will not go back until Drake gives me a reason to! I just don't see that happening. Their support cannot be beat, their product performs for all my needs, and their price is something I can afford!
  6. Yes. What little problems I did have I was able to post on the Drake forum here on this community and was helped. The only real problem I had was with a client who had multiple rentals and for some reason ATX had empty spaces (Numbering of the properties), but all I had to do was reassign the proper for number and everything worked ok. I won't kid you, there is a learning curve but I found Drakes knowledge base very helpful. The one problem I did have was in using the portal that is available. I had a small issue with files that were restored from my laptop not wanting to go into the working portal, they wanted to go into what is called an archive portal. But I called Drake (spoke to a live person within 3 rings) who tried to figure it out. He promised a call back and about a week later he did call with a fix. Very impressed with the program and customer services! Plan on early renew which I haven't done with ATX since 2012.
  7. I wasn't keen on learning a new program either, but decided to jump boat this year because I could see the pricing was getting out of hand. I went to Drake and will save quite a bit of money over ATX. The learning curve was much easier than shelling out more dough!
  8. Can someone tell me how to enter the dates clients left California to go to Oregon? CA calculates income by days spent in CA, but I can't find any place in Drake to input the info. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Just had a situation similar. Parents specifically said they would not be claiming son so Medicaid in California would cover him. It was one of those situations were they thought they were getting something for nothing but ended up losing out on a big education credit. I would file the deadbeat son as if he could be claimed by someone else and just don't claim him on the mom's return. The rule is even if no one does claim him, if he could be claimed he cannot claim self.
  10. Thank You! I will give that a try. I tried just about everything else!
  11. Any Idea how to do this in Drake Software?
  12. Prior to death it was a revocable living trust. From what I have been told the only assets at time of death the trust had was stocks. The stocks were not sold by the trust but was split up and distributed to each person listed on the trust. I'm still looking everything over, but was hoping for some guidance on starting.
  13. This kind of, sort of, should be, a rather simple trust. At least that is what I am hoping for. My client is the trustee of a trust (belonged to his mother who passed away 02/2018) and has already got the tax ID number for the trust (Yah). To start with the preparer who prepared the taxes last year has already entered her date of death on the 2017 tax return (she died before it was filed). I have some documents that came under her tax id number, (social security, pension, and some investment accounts). My thinking is I need to prepare a personal return for her for all income up to date of death correct? That's the easy part, most of the income listed on her ss number for her investment accounts are showing transactions after date of death. Do I report based on the tax ID number (keeping all income together under that ID) or do I separate out based on date of death and report everything after death on the trust (even though the tax ID numbers will be different)? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Deb!
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