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  1. I've installed an update that had become available while I was away on vacation. Also did some database cleanup. Between that and marking everything read, hopefully the issue goes away!
  2. Moxie says Happy Independence Day
  3. Alright, I'm feeling motivated. I'm going to move the site later this evening. The transfer itself will be very quick. I probably won't start it until after 10pm eastern.
  4. DNS is like the phone book of the internet. It ties names (atxcommunity.com) to numbers ( If your ISP has a crummy DNS server and doesn't refresh its phone book properly, every time you go to atxcommunity.com, you'll get the wrong number and see the old site on the old server. When I start the migration, it'll be late in the evening. I'll shut down the site and replace it with a message that says something like "we've moved to a new server. as soon as the internet does its thing, you'll see the site again" and then follow that with my contact info. If 12 hours goes by and you're still seeing that, then your ISP has unreliable DNS servers. Luckily, it's pretty painless to change two numbers in your router's configuration (although all routers are different so finding them can sometimes be tricky) so that you can use some nice, free, fast service from a 3rd party that you don't even have to sign up for. As an added bonus, they'll respect your privacy more than most ISPs. I started years ago using Google's Public DNS because I had a crummy ISP. Cloudflare's service is faster, and I prefer not to put all of my privacy eggs in one basket so I switched. If there's some down side to using their service, I have never encountered it.
  5. I'm moving my sites to a new server this month. Sticking with the same host, but I need a little more speed and flexibility. I had planned on making the ATX Community one of the first few sites to go, but it looks like you folks are dealing with enough website-related turmoil for the moment, so I'll hold off and save this site for last. When it is time to move, there will be some minor downtime--I'll need to shut down the site during the move which will take about an hour, and then it'll be another hour or two (give or take) for the domain's DNS settings to propagate. Inevitably, there will be one or two members who won't see the new site for an extended period of time because their ISP's DNS servers are garbage. In cases like that, I highly recommend using a 3rd party DNS service for your entire network. Cloudflare DNS (I use this for my home network (router configuration) and on my cell phone) OpenDNS Google Public DNS I'll post again with an update as I get closer to the end of my site transfers.
  6. Eric

    New Computer

    I agree. The difference between SSD/NVMe and an old-school mechanical HDD is night and day. I also don't think there's much of a difference one way or the other regarding reliability. The only benefits I can think of for a HDD (besides dollar per GB) is that when they do fail, there's a better chance that they'll fail gradually. An SSD is more likely to die all at once, offering a much worse chance at recovery in those situations. Regardless of what type of drive you decide on, if your data is important, you need to have some kind of backup solution. Both types of drives can die without warning. I personally use 4GB HGSD HDDs for long term storage and backup, and Samsung NVMe drives for everything else.
  7. Seriously, thank you Judy.
  8. Can everyone take a look, maybe refresh the page, and let me know if any weirdness they noticed before has been resolved? If you still have issues, try logging out and back in again, or clearing cache and logging in again and re-checking.
  9. There has been a maintenance release for the forum software since the last update, so I'm going to apply it in a little bit. I usually try to keep from running updates during tax season unless they're security related or unless there are problems that people notice. There will be some brief downtime, but shouldn't be more than 15 minutes.
  10. I'm sure the only reason this exists is so they can add some AI buzzword bullet points to the marketing materials.
  11. There's a Donate tab at the top with a number of different options, including payment by check if that's something you would prefer to do. Going through that whole process allows me to know who's donating. Before, it wasn't always easy to know which member was making which donation.
  12. Hi folks, Just a reminder for those who may have recently transitioned to a new tax software provider from ATX--we have vendor-specific forums for questions related to non-ATX software. If you use some software not covered by these forums, please let me know and I'll consider adding them! Thanks!
  13. Lately, part of the normal Windows update process is a chance that your OS will no longer be in a bootable state upon completion (or half-completion) of the installation, with potential for data loss. Keeping your system updated is important, but it's hard to blame the average person for being leery of updates given Microsoft's recent track record.
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