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  1. Eric

    Our Community

    Yep! What Judy said. Thank you all again, and Happy New Year!
  2. And here I am dreading actually having to close all of the gazillion open tabs across multiple windows to allow my browser to update. Reminds me an awful lot of Windows 98, Internet Explorer, and a certain antitrust lawsuit.
  3. Eric

    Our Community

    Thank you all, and Merry Christmas
  4. That's crazy, a friend of mine sent me this video earlier in the week; I did not expect to see it here! Very cool, Tom.
  5. Eric


    @Catherine Better late than never? Choose "Custom" from the Categories dropdown!
  6. That's interesting, it should only ask once per browser. Do you have them enabled or disabled? You can check the setting for your current browser in the notification options at the bottom: https://www.atxcommunity.com/notifications/options/ EDIT: Also, what browser are you using? In Chrome, you can manually adjust Notification settings per website (or disable for all sites) here: chrome://settings/content/notifications (copy and paste into Chrome's address bar)
  7. Nope, not this site, but other sites on the server can affect the entire server when the load becomes high enough. I'm not at all worried about the security of any of the sites--the passwords are strong for all administrator accounts... but it does take processing power to evaluate and deal with each password request. I am considering purchasing service from Cloudflare to handle all of that nonsense, but I'm still researching my options.
  8. Well, now I see it too. I'll delete it. You're very welcome! I host websites for a number of municipalities, banks, and hospitals, and they all seem to be common targets for brute force attacks, which can cause very high server load when multiple are ongoing simultaneously. I'm working on mitigating those attacks, because I feel like these issues crop up on this website when the server bogs down due to the load.
  9. I swore that I responded earlier. I was getting that 2S119/1 error in the back end of the site. I cleared/rebuilt the software's template cache and those errors went away. Hopefully they went away on the front end of the site as well. So far, so good it seems
  10. I have talked to Max W about his issue--he was trying to do a password reset I believe but wasn't able to receive any emails from the site. I think that was more of an email system issue, probably related to an overzealous spam filter on the provider end of things. These other problems are unrelated. The server experienced a period of extremely high load earlier today, and I suspect the login issues were related. I'm making sure there aren't any lasting issues as a result, so please let me know if any of the login problems persist.
  11. Eric

    Windows 11

    Windows 11 is an arbitrary version number; it's just a prettier version of Windows 10 with a few new features. They have refreshed/refined the visual style but everything basically works the same. For the most part, it's no bigger an update than any of the previous Windows 10 feature updates which most have installed without ever knowing. Microsoft had previously said that there wouldn't ever be a Windows 11 because they have moved to a more iterative release style where they gradually add features over time. They decided to change their mind and bump the version number because it's a nice marketing tool. I wouldn't let it cause you any anxiety either way. It's just another free update, and like the rest of the Windows 10 feature updates it's best not to be the first to install them on a computer used for work.
  12. The site is responsive, so depending on magnification and screen width (or browser window width if not full screen), the design of the site adjusts to accommodate whatever you've got going on. From a significantly magnified desktop monitor, to a small laptop, to a tablet, down to a phone in portrait orientation. It will not adjust to accommodate Internet Explorer, however. The browser's been discontinued everyone should be switching to Edge.
  13. It looks like you figured it out. Thank you. And thank you to the rest as well!
  14. Alright, so I'm sure many of you have noticed some changes. For a few brief moments, everyone had little badges next to their avatar/photo but I've disabled the feature for now. The new version of the forum software introduced a new Points/Rank/Achievement/Badge system that's more complex than the previous system that gave points/ranks entirely based on the number of posts you've created. When I get some extra time, I plan to take a closer look, so some of those badges may return later(?) If anyone specifically dislikes any of the new features, this is the place to discuss it!
  15. Eric


    Venmo is owned by PayPal. It's safe. I'm not sure why it needs the weird social aspect, but that's a different subject.
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