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  1. Oh yes! There was one program that the preparers looked up entry line numbers and had a pages of paper with blank lines to write the line numbers and amounts, then hash totals. Data entry person entered all of that into a DOS-based program that generated a rudimentary tax form with a dot matrix printer on tractor fed paper. Ah, the good ol' days ... NOT! It was truly awful, and the entry person had to start the entire process over from the beginning if there was a mistake because there was no way to go back to correct anything. Seriously, I could have done the entire return faster with a pencil and eraser than all of that nonsense.
  2. The two firms I worked during the years 1981 through 1995 both used CCH ProSystem. Once on my own, I used ATX for tax years 1995 through 2011 and now Drake starting with 2012 tax year.
  3. I don't know where the name originated but maybe Eric would since he worked there. Based in Caribou, Maine, and Ft. Pierce, Fla. ATX Forms was founded in 1992 and owned by brothers Glynn and Steve Willett. The company's tax software under the ATX Forms name was MAX and Saber. Glynn Willett agreed to stay on for roughly four years when UCG purchased ATX Forms in 2002 to oversee the company’s tax research and software business. UCG is the company that had Kleinrock. I started with Saber, and it started with a tiger roar upon launch. iirc, it was some sort of excel-based program, but I could have that confused with some other program at this point. I also had something called Zillion Forms around the same time. https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/kleinrocks-ucg-acquires-atx-forms
  4. Note to everyone: Stick to the tax and financial topics on this site. As I've now had to post in two other topics here in the Covid-19 forum, because there are two main "camps" that could lead down a quasi-political path here, we will NOT be having discussions on subjects such as: the virus' spread, the timing of when and how the economy reopens, effectiveness of wearing masks, or anything to do with masks for that matter, essential vs non-essential business classifications, church reopenings, group gatherings allowed or not, or anything else that points to the handling of the matter or the other party's opposition to it. Basically, anything you see people fighting over on other social media should stay there. POSTS AND/OR ENTIRE TOPICS WILL BE DELETED OR LOCKED.
  5. Note to everyone: Because there are two main "camps" in the virus spread and a lot of misinformation being circulated, and the timing of when and how the economy reopens that mainly split along political party lines, please take care in posting so that we don't end up in a quasi-political discussion here. Also, please try to stay on topic which was about answering clients' questions about stimulus payments, not the PPP loans program or its forgiveness.
  6. Thank you, Ron. Tom is correct that you'll have to click the donate link, and as you follow through the choices of amount and single donation or recurring, add that to the cart and proceed to checkout. At that point you'll have the choice to pay either by credit card or by mailling a check. Choose "mail a check" and the system will give you the name and address for making your donation.
  7. Did the firm purchase the prior year ATX programs? ATX definitely allows e-filing of prior year returns, and in order to do that, the office must be a current ATX customer, meaning the office currently has access to the ATX server, AND the office must have each of those prior years' ATX programs.
  8. Please consider donating to support this site like I did again today. I looked back and found that we have almost 20 full pages of new topics in General Chat and another 5 in the new Covid-19 section since the beginning of 2020. That's a lot of discussion and help that members have shared that wouldn't be possible without our ongoing financial support to Eric for hosting and maintaining this site. @Eric, this wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you for another great year here!
  9. Why? WHY?! Is this for all of your clients? Last time I looked, the AICPA said seven years, but I'd suggest that you make sure to hold them for the statute of limitation for any jurisdiction you've prepared returns for or your state requirements, if any of those are more than seven years. You should also have a written record retention policy. I'd get rid of any beyond whatever period you decide is required for your firm because any records older that that can still be subpoenaed.
  10. Taken from an official ATX blog post, below are instructions on how create a simple EIP return ATX:
  11. For those that don't like to click links:
  12. Here is a link to an ATX blog where it gives instructions on how to create a "simple" EIP return in the ATX software;: https://myatx.blogspot.com/2020/04/form-updates-instructions-for-filing.html
  13. I already deleted one comment and don't want Randall to think it was only his that prompted my reply. I rant and rage at some of this as like everyone else but not here. There are other forums that allow political commentary if anyone feels the need, and then there's Facebook or Twitter where arguing and alienating of friends and friends of friends are always possible.
  14. Remember, we don't host discussions involving politics here, and anything like speculating or discussing current or prior administrations' motivations or tactics, the opposition, etc. will be deleted without comment. Please stick to discussing only the law itself as it relates to, or affects, our business of tax preparation and planning.
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