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  1. jklcpa

    Memorial Day

  2. jklcpa


    Yes, I believe it because that is part of their standard software license that all users agree to in order to use the product. Similar handling for tech support - is limited to one year from initial delivery, and again, is fairly standard for the industry. Below is a page with a link to the current license for 2018 software, and I'm sure it hasn't changed much in the last couple of years: https://taxna.wolterskluwer.com/legal I am also with Drake Software. What tax software company are you currently with?
  3. jklcpa


    That would be correct once you are no longer considered a current customer. You would lose access to ATX' server for efiling and would no longer have tech support or access to the official forum. You will still have access to your account to view the installation codes for the prior years' software you purchased and will still be able to prepare a return for paper-filing.
  4. jklcpa

    20% applies to rent?

    Agreed. It's early for the tax courses, I know, but I try to do some CPE each month and can only sit through so many hours of A&A before I want to mix some tax in there. I should probably do the ethics to put that behind me for this reporting period.
  5. jklcpa

    20% applies to rent?

    Right, we're all waiting for that guidance. I took a webinar this afternoon on this topic that was pretty good, and the presenters said the same thing, waiting for IRS clarifications.
  6. jklcpa

    Good News!

    I can't attend either, so no need for anyone to worry about me ruining the fun. I do wish everyone well and hope all that show up have a good time.
  7. jklcpa

    ATX Max and Drake

    Drake does have a forum with some very helpful members and also has great tech support. If you want to ask questions that pertain to both, there are former users of ATX on that site that may be able to help, but you may be better off posting those questions here in our own Drake subforum on this site. There are a few members here that should be able to help. Go out to the main page of this site and scroll down toward the bottom to find the Drake and other vendors' subforums other than ATX.
  8. jklcpa

    Homeowners Association that operates as

    Sorry, we don't answer questions from the general public here. This site is for only those that are tax professional, most of whom use one particular brand of software. Additionally, that question is impossible for us to answer as the fees can vary quite a bit from one region to another, and it is up to the preparer to know his or her market and clientele the firm services.
  9. jklcpa

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    Gail, that disclosure would be permitted under Treas Reg 301.7216-2, see item (n). If selling, it's best practice to have potential purchasers screened and obtain a nondisclosure agreement from any potential purchaser ahead of releasing any actual client list, allowing any due diligence, or informing any employees of the potential sale.
  10. jklcpa

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    Ron, if you are talking about your schmucky clients while getting your hair done, you need to stop. Sec 7216 includes ALL information contained on the tax return, including the taxpayer's identity. As a start, please see Q&A #5 on this IRS page , but more specifically Please also see this page at Cornell law for the actual IRC sec 7216 and follow the pop-up for the definition of "return" as it applies to this section that takes the user to the definition of "return" that is contained in IRC sec 6103(b). IRC 6103(b) lists out specifically the information it covers, including the taxpayer's identity specifically listed in 6103(b)(2)(A).
  11. jklcpa

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    Are you serious?! Try unethical and a direct violation of Code Sec 7216.
  12. jklcpa

    Is this possible

    That's how I used it too, and searchable would have been even better!
  13. jklcpa

    Is this possible

    It would be awesome, and also if it was searchable without exporting to Excel. I remember using the custom fields in the ATX return manager all the time for simple notes and statuses, and also remember that those notes did not roll forward. Still, it could be useful if the preparer used a custom field to indicate those with ITINs has JohnH described.
  14. jklcpa

    Business address on returns

    It should be the physical address only IF that is the business address that receives mail, otherwise use the mailing address. Also keep in mind that all returns must have the same address, including the 941s because whatever address is used for the most recent filing of any business return will update the address in the IRS' system. I had a corp retail client that relocated but the bookkeeper failed to notify its outside payroll service, and my corp filings with the most up-to-date address were all being switched back to the old address with each 941 that was filed. I finally figured out what was going on.
  15. jklcpa

    Cash Basis Taxpayer & Credit Card Charges

    I think your interpretation of "cash" payments is too literal. The IRS recognizes that payments of expenses are frequently made via credit card, basically a third party extending a loan to pay the expense, and that expense has been paid at the time the charge is incurred. I don't have an IRC to provide, but you migth read Rev Proc 92-71 that discusses proof of payments including credit cards. There's a general discussion in the background section, and then paragraph .06 is specific to credit cards. Give me a minute to get back to my desktop and I'll update the post with a link. https://bradfordtaxinstitute.com/Endnotes/Rev_Proc_92-71.pdf