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  1. jklcpa

    Income Tax Software Reviews

    New member with IP addy originating from Cairo in "probationary" status. Click at your own risk.
  2. jklcpa

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    At the top of the 4562 screen, make sure that the form shown in the "For" box says "AUTO" and not the Sch C. Also, do not enter the business use % on the 4562 screen. You shouldn't have to force the mileage but you can. Once you have the 4562 linked to the auto worksheet, the 4562 should not be produced since the entries won't appear there if the mileage is higher, but the depreciation amount and the business % should show up on the auto worksheet for inclusion in the comparison of mileage vs actual and pick the higher of the two. The Sch C shouldn't have an entry on the depreciation line, only on the auto line if mileage is higher. Try it without forcing first to see if it works. This video from Drake's KB may also be helpful. The result in the video is that actual expense is higher than mileage so there are entries on both the auto and deprec lines of the sample Sch C and the layout of the auto exp worksheet has changed slightly since this video was made, but the input and concepts are still valid. https://www.drakesoftware.com/service-learning/videos?video=70
  3. jklcpa

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Ah, glad you figured it out! For the W2 deletion, open that screen and then right click. A pop-up box will appear with lots of choice. About mid way down is "delete screen" and it will ask if you are sure. You'll see there are keyboard shortcut for each selection too, so another method is Crtl-D. Once you delete the W2 input screen and the system takes you back to the main screen, that input screen should have turned black in the list. The ones in use appear in blue.
  4. jklcpa

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    Exactly what Max was saying. It should look like the image below except that yours should have "E" in the Form column and the number of the property that the asset relates to in the MFC column. You can enter on that screen for any that are missing too without having to open the asset detail.
  5. jklcpa

    Conversion Problem with Depreciation

    On the 4562 screen at the top, for each asset, you must specify the form it goes to (Sch E in your case above), and then in the "multi-form" box, you would enter "1" for the first property on Sch E, "2" for the second Sch E property, "3" for the third, and so on...for each asset.
  6. jklcpa

    Resources on new tax law - PLEASE, NO CHAT

    Copied from another post. Thank you @Ringers
  7. jklcpa

    Resources on new tax law - PLEASE, NO CHAT

    Copied from another post. Thank you @Max W
  8. jklcpa

    ATX main computer and laptop

    I have several elderly in this same situation that I visit at their homes, lifelong friends too so I am willing to help in this way. They have adult children that drop off or send scanned documents, ask my questions by telephone, and then I make one trip for delivery of the product and getting the e-file authorizations signed. It gives me a little break out of the office to deliver, and I try to combine the trip with something else to lessen the burden of being out of the office just for them.
  9. jklcpa

    OIC when on an installment agreement

    Seriously, I hate searching on the IRS site and can't find directly because it brings up about 40 pages of unsorted stuff. I have better luck with Google, and this time it was "OIC and installment plan" and looked for the best link. It just happened to be the IRS site this time. It looked like a pretty good page of info too. Hope it helps..
  10. jklcpa

    OIC when on an installment agreement

    Answer #5 from the first section of this IRS page: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/offer-in-compromise-faqs
  11. jklcpa

    Computer Advice (Display Driver Error)

    You could check to see if there's an updated driver available for your hardware, and be sure to make a restore point beforehand in case something goes wrong and you want to roll back to the earlier driver.
  12. jklcpa

    Business Sold

    Congratulations on the sale and retirement! I hope it is a smooth and easy transition for you and the clients.
  13. jklcpa

    Sch C or Sch A?

    Did the documents and agreements include the business setup and agreement to share in profits, losses, and expenses, or was the documentation you refer to the loan agreement only. I'm trying to determine if it really was a de facto partnership or a joint venture, either of those requiring a return for the business.
  14. jklcpa

    Annual e-file shutdown begins 11/17

    I got it directly from an email from IRS (Newswire that was IR-2018-218), and it's also in the IRS' MeF status section on this page: https://www.irs.gov/e-file-providers/modernized-e-file-mef-status-page Scroll to the section at the bottom under "1040 MeF Production Shutdown/Cutover Schedule" that also shows the times of cut off for submissions and retrieving acks, state submissions. Please note that that same section mentions business MeF shutdown that has NOT been updated yet and is still showing the Dec 2017 shutdown date.
  15. The e-file shutdown will begin on 11/17 to allow for annual maintenance and reprogramming for the upcoming 2019 season.