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  1. Quoting OP from related, repeat post by OP today. @traz822 said:
  2. jklcpa


    Sandy, Titling a post with your username probably won't get much, if any, attention around here because most won't open it, especially from a new member. Your other post on this exact same topic was originally entitled "Sandy," and I retitled that to be more descriptive. It hasn't had any replies as yet, and I've included a link to it at the bottom of this post. In future, if you can't spot your post or activity, you can find all of it by clicking on your username at the upper right of the forum, then clicking "profile." Your profile page will show the most current posts and activity, and once you have enough activity to exceed the current view, then clicking on the "See my activity" will allow access to all of your activity. Here's your first post regarding the Paperless Plus:
  3. IRS rules do not prevent the rollover. Other software including my provider's has rolled it forward in prior years, and mine is still doing so for the 2019 tax year. Mine also flags the fields to alert the preparer to check the information, and the flags must be cleared by the preparer before the e-file is created.
  4. Jan 27th. ATX can't send it on to IRS until MeF for individuals opens on that date.
  5. IRS site has the revised form (rev. Jan 2020) that shows the floor at 7.5% so it shouldn't be long before the software vendors have the revised form available too. Are you using ATX or something else?
  6. MeF for business submissions opened on Jan 7, 2020, and IRS includes the 990 in the business submission section of MeF filings. Are all the required forms finalized and available for e-filing through your software?
  7. The first one doesn't have enough of a label to determine what it is. It could be a per person/per capita tax for anyone living in that town or even the township's earned income tax paid separate from withholding if the person owes that and isn't withheld from W-2 or owes on s.e. income. The next 2 in the list are property taxes. The occupation tax is this:
  8. 1096 is a summary and transmittal form for paper filing. IRS instructions specifically state that a 1096 should not be submitted when 1099s are e-filed.
  9. NECPA, I'm praying for you, your sister, and your family. If there is anything I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask. Sorry that I don't have a recommendation for a printer because I may be shopping soon too, so I'm interested to hear from others on this subject as well.
  10. Right, the IRS FIRE system has been open for filing for more than a week now.
  11. ^^ This way. Because it's community property each owns 50%, there's no need to elect gift splitting. Husband and wife will each file a return, and each return will report 4 gifts of 150K with no gift splitting.
  12. Ah, I see. Thank you, and I apologize for any ongoing confusion! So it seems that the article from Accounting Today incorrectly included sole proprietorships in with the other business entities.
  13. And this is the blog by a NJ CPA firm, Hill, Barth & King LLC: https://hbkcpa.com/nj-passes-salt-10000-cap-work-around/
  14. @Max W Ed, that's an article from a year ago and is not the legislation being asked about. The current legislation was passed in Dec 2019 and signed into law by the NJ governor this week. Give me a couple of minutes more and I'll find a blog from a NJ CPA that also made mention of it recently.
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