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  1. aand then you have Arizona, Get your Adult license and then it expires on your 65th birthday. Cuts down on DMV work
  2. There is something in payroll that precludes printing from the dialogue. NOT EVERYTIME. I have printed once then go back and it refuses to print, or pdf. You can use page to get individual forms but in a tedious way to do it. And the problem does not manifest itself on evey return or every time. Has happened 3 or 4 times in last few days. I even uninstalled on my machine and re-installed program, to no avail.
  3. Lloyd Hudson

    Form 8606

    Just added 8606 to my personal return and it is DRAFT.
  4. I tried about 2010 and just could not do it. Too old and inflexible I guess
  5. I use Win10 on laptop/ not for business. I have not had major issues with Win10. Email and general non business use. However we use legacy ATX software frequently and ATX says that Win 10 and ATX are compatible to 2011. We have current cases back10 years. For our practice that is a non starter. Also I have had minor glitches with both operating systems in the past year. Not being an IT person I cannot run two operating systems nor afford duplication of equipment. i would really like to replace some of my computers and change to Win 10 but the down side of legacy software incompatibility is very concerning.
  6. create pdf, e-file tab, second line,Attach pdf. Done
  7. I always encourage young, newly married or single to do their own returns, free file, Turbo or whatever. Come see me this summer and I will show you how to fix your return. Seems to work, I fix them,for a fee, and now have 3 or more generations of same families in multiple states. One this afternoon is the Granddaughter of one client and she Came from Colorado, where husband is working at the Air Academy. Did not give a thought to looking at other alternatives. Including the free service from the Academy. "If it is Free not sure if it will be done right". 800 plus miles. here yesterday and going home tomorrow. That is typical in our practice. No worries about future, except how do we get out when it is time?
  8. Finally spoke with "ATX customer support and they state that 2011 forward will work with 10. Abby, I agree with using old drive. but I am on Win 7 and am concerned about diminishing MS.support. I have already changed all the drives in the office this year with exception of server drives . They are still fairly new. At this stage of life I am not interested in late night computer malfunctions or DRAMA> Thank you both for good input.
  9. Probably going to have to upgrade computers and am still running WIN 7. Am concerned about new computers with WIN 10 and pre-2012 software, I am sure it has been addressed before but I could not find any comments on it. (Not bright enough for the proper search phrase
  10. I also have been a staunch supporter of ESET. Not as long, I think 2002 or 2003. Only issue is some IT person though it was slowing the machine down and replaced with a free something. Not on my desktop so I did not catch it in time.
  11. I just read the directions and reviewed the form. I have not worked very much at salaried or hourly jobs but I never knew what my annual income would be. Would be really hard pressed to compute my future income if I was a new hire and/or new to workforce. Line 5 is for non wage income, Line 8 is for multiple jobs. where do you compute annual wages from primary job.? IRS calculator is going to be busy and HR department cannot tell the employee what to put on W-4. I am assuming that payroll is going to compute the withholding based on filing status?
  12. I am unable to understand how to enter it on 1116 without foreign income. the country is charging her 2% on US W-2 earnings. Forcing on schedule A does not help. I know how to use 1116 for taxes on foreign income but this is not foreign income.
  13. I have not ever had to address this issue. The client is dual citizen US and Eritrea. In order to maintain ownership of family home in Eritrea, they are charging her 2% tax on US earnings. I cannot figure how to exclude the tax paid to Eritrea. This is a $4000.00 tax with corresponding income double taxed. Any takers among this august group of smarter than me folks?
  14. we have been "cutting and pasting" the verification numbers for at least 2 years. The biggest problem is not overlooking that entry.
  15. I must have the wrong version of ATX. Cannot connect to server...intermittent all day long on 3 workstations. Does not affect anything. Just another interruption. Multiple returns. one large and one simple. Slow in calculations. Win 7 pro, Server 12. More Ram and larger HDD than should ever be needed.. I agree that it is light years ahead of 2012. Also, incurring additional surprise fees. Received a collection letter from a law firm. I seem to owe $68.00 for "2014 Transmission Fees". turns out that it was erroneous, but another way to interrupt my day.
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