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  1. I had a couple of inquiries pertaining to the BOI, but had NO bearing on tax prep. I refer them to ficen.gov. Only answer I have. I gave up babysitting adults when I passed 80. I was talking to my brother about this sort of thing , he just commented that most of our clients and/or friends have less than half of OUR COMBINED experience. 160 years He maintains that I should not expect them to have what I would consider common sense. Crabby old man
  2. My Fax..We have used them for at least 10 years. Use it online or via Email
  3. During Covid isolation,we set my brother up with a laptop, two 27" monitors, wireiess keyboard, remoting into his desktop in office. Occasionly, had to call me to reboot his desktop. Probably 250 returns prepared remotely.
  4. fixed assets open with either the 4562 or the 8582. I had that issue earlier and had to wait for the form release.
  5. I have become a big fan of direct pay, after several cases of "missed " postings or "un-identified " deposits. I am not a fan procrastinting payment. And, I also agree with postponing filing awaiting e-file. E-file more positive than "human" . YMM
  6. I try to use priority mail to the street address of the campus. Not the lock box. Delivered to l8ve person with a signature. No guarntees that it will be processed, but is actually in the IRS compound. Direct debit YES
  7. I am not going to search for it, but I remembered from some years ago that the IRS said "tax home was where you earned the majority of your income. "
  8. We have attempted to do away with paper. Moderately succesful. 2007 21 cases of paper, 2022 2-1/2. Purchased from Quill with monthly promo. I think $28.00 delivered. Try to NOT encourage paper returns. "Would you like cream" type language. AND moved office 40 miles OUT OF CITY. Increase in postage.
  9. What is Social Media? What is Chat ia.? I have studioslt avoided be ause I do not care wbat you eating and I do not share well. I see all these big names gettinto trouble over inane comments on Twitter and or facebook. This the only place that i post anything. Or sign i to.
  10. I agree, monitors last. But the day you instal newer one the dirrence in 10 years is amazing. I just kept gettingv newer glasses. I have a HP 24" from about 2004 or so. ( hand me down) excellent Screen. Also main monitor is 24" Dell. So so screen. Friend was "camping" in his trailer and plugged his 27"HP into my system. Both my monitors appeared to fade away. Before October there will be 2 new monitors on my desk. Kept hoping someone would take pity on "Old Man" and gift them to me. But, birthday came and gone, no monitors
  11. I am attempting to switch to Drake, currently. However, with the Demo version I am struggling with worksheets not exiling or flowing to where I think they should go. Goes back to what I have said for the last 20+ years. I know how to fill out the forms. I am having a problem with "worksheets". Do not know if I am going to be able to do this. Just turned 80 and pretty set in my ways
  12. I did this yesterday and it would not install. Spent 40 minutes or so with tech support. He attempted to do it for me and asked some of his peers. "It is on a domain and we do not support domains". We have been on a ever since we first got a website. I think 2002 or 2003. I am not enthused.
  13. I have two of those clients who, for whatever reason, listen to us and save 30 cents on every dollar of self employment income. $25,000 tax bill, "Okay can we make bigger estimates this year " few and far between but there are a few. Woman in tears the other day. HER income W-2..$4.1 million need $166,000 over withholding, "Can I make payments". Bite my tongue.
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