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  1. jasdlm

    NT It has been real!!!

    Congratulations! Please do not be a stranger next season! We will miss you.
  2. jasdlm

    New alimony rules

    Lawyers beware! Under the current language, the modifications follow the old law if the modification agreement SPECIFICALLY references the same and says it shall be followed; otherwise, as SaraEA says, subject to the new law.
  3. jasdlm

    Thank you RitaB...what a wonderful day

    This is so amazing! I'm so sorry to have missed it. Very glad that you all had such a great time. I hope it will become an annual event!
  4. jasdlm

    Summer Gathering

    Total Turtle Poop! That is the one day in June that I cannot be in TN. I am Treasurer of my Church, and we are paying a consultant for a retreat to be held that day to deal with some transition and search committee issues. Have so much fun! I would have loved to join you. Perhaps it will go so well that you'll all agree we should do something again next summer. You are all welcome in KS.
  5. jasdlm

    Trust Distribution

    There is a way to avoid the distribution via disclaimer, and as Roberts says, you can't 'choose' who gets the money. Without seeing the document, if the 3 were equal beneficiaries with no other qualifiers, it would have gone to the Trustee's (who disclaimed) heir if the wording was 'per stirpes' and not designated by class, or most likely equally to the remaining to beneficiaries if no per stirpes or heirs. There could have been a beneficiary settlement agreement changing the terms as your Trustee desired, but it would have needed to be approved by the Court. Both of these options would have avoided the trustee receiving a K1. However, it sounds like he just 'gifted' his share, as others suggest, so assuming that's the case, he receives a k1 and does a gift tax return. Eeegads. Why do peeps expect us to fix things AFTER the fact?!?
  6. jasdlm

    Summer Gathering

    Hello. Sorry to be a dunderbrain, but are we really having a 'gathering' this summer, or is that a long-standing joke? OR . . . is it invitation only, which would be completely understandable. I don't want to show up and end up as fertilizer. Cheers!
  7. jasdlm

    1041?? for decedents estate

    Let the attorney do the 1041 if he knows so much more than everyone else.
  8. jasdlm

    1041?? for decedents estate

    Agree with this 100%. Distributions come first from income. I still think you should get a copy of the will to check for any anomalies before you sign off.
  9. jasdlm

    1041?? for decedents estate

    Is there a will?
  10. jasdlm

    SEHI deduction?

    Publication 535, Business Expenses, page 20, seems to contradict the law (IRC 162 (I)(1)(A)) which simply states "specified premiums means premiums for a specified qualified health plan or plans for which the taxpayer may otherwise claim a deduction under section 162(l). For purposes of this paragraph (a)(2), a specified qualified health plan is a qualified health plan, as defined in § 1.36B-1(c), covering the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse, or a dependent of the taxpayer (enrolled family member) for a month that is a coverage month within the meaning of § 1.36B-3(c) for the enrolled family member. If a specified qualified health plan covers individuals other than enrolled family members, the specified premiums include only the portion of the premiums for the specified qualified health plan that is allocable to the enrolled family members under rules similar to § 1.36B-3(h), which provides rules for determining the amount under § 1.36B-3(d)(1) when two families are enrolled in the same qualified health plan.. The code does not specifically disallow insurance that is not in the name of the business or the self-employed person. I would have no qualms taking the self employed health insurance deduction if the taxpayer otherwise qualified since the married couple tends to be one 'taxpayer' (joint and several liability, etc.) under the law. Just my opinion. Excuse the emphasis . . . that's what happens when you cut and paste from the IRC.
  11. jasdlm

    Personal question, kind of

    I agree with the majority of the posts here. The letdown is a really strange phenomena, and it can be overwhelming. I, too, have started to plan many things for the week or two following the end of the season so that I can ease in to regular life (which is very enjoyable)! The office feels a little strange now, but I have client meetings again starting next week, so it will regain its energy. Another thought, if you enjoy working as much as it sounds like you do, is to consider what types of work you might add to make your business 'busier' year-round. I do financial planing, and I'm a lawyer, so I do estate planning, M&A, and some financial mediation and forensic-type accounting for other attorneys. It seems to me that there is a fair amount of this type of business 'out there' if you open yourself to the same. You certainly don't have to be a lawyer to do most of the items listed. Sky is the limit on what someone with good 'bean counting' skills can offer! I might not be understanding how you are feeling . . . these are just suggestions. Jim, please let us know that you are okay.
  12. jasdlm

    Final "Star" week 4/7 - 4/17/18

    Woohoo! Thanks so much. Love the star!
  13. jasdlm

    Bulk Extensions

    Thanks, Lynn. Sad, but not unexpected.
  14. jasdlm

    Bulk Extensions

    Will this function create electronic filing copies, she asked hopefully, or only paper copies?
  15. jasdlm

    SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    My TP just went to the social security office, and they told him he wasn't dead (which I had already figured out). Seriously, I got a reject that SS has locked his SSN because he is deceased, but SS office does not show that. They were willing to give the letter saying he wasn't dead, so I will send that with a paper file. Any thoughts on what is going on? Thanks.