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  1. Where are you in MO? I'm in Lawrence, Kansas.
  2. Is there a slick way (that I'm not seeing) to go from Fixed Assets to the 8283, or do I need to choose 'Disposition', 'Do not calculate gain or loss', and then enter in the 8283 and adjust for the depreciation recap/ordinary income (from FMV)? Thanks!
  3. Green columnar pads are one of my absolute favorite things. The more columns, the better.
  4. Oh goodness. Prayers of gratitude for the safety of Beth's daughter, Carol's daughter, and Catherine's daughter. I can't even imagine. Doni
  5. I'm trying to remember that we've got this ... it's hard when I start the day with an email from a client saying he doesn't believe me OR the IRS information I sent him (re: he can't take a medical deduction for someone coming to his house and doing his laundry); he is going to do further research, perhaps contact the ADA or the VA, and get back with me. He's a lovely person, but this is not how I wanted to start my day.
  6. I just got baked potato with sour cream all over a client's 1099-SSA. Sorry, Carol. Hopefully she'll never pull it out of the nice packet I make for her.
  7. I am blown away by the people who have a W-2 or 2 and maybe a 1099 INT and can't get their act together until April. Unfortunately, I only have a small handful of these super-simple clients, but why can't they get here before 12 April? Maybe the same reason they don't free-file their own returns. Hmmm.
  8. I have an antique fainting couch in my office that my husband bought me several years ago so I could nap periodically and save drooling on my keyboard.
  9. Or, like the one I got yesterday ... a 1099 Misc on page 9 with $9k in oil royalties! Why don't they put that close to the front!!! I do look at every page, but when something like that happens, I get a little anxiety attack thinking about how I could have missed it. For some reason, the same thing happens to me every time there's a number in Box 10 (dependent care) of the W2. I missed one in my early days of practicing and Client got a notice of tax due, of course. I paid the interest/penalty, client paid the tax, I apologized, and I still do that client's return (kids are long grown), but I've been anxious about that box every since ;). Sometimes it slides over to the far left of the W2 and is easy for tired eyes to miss. For a few years, I made myself initial every box 10 on every W2 (even for people with no or grown kids) just so I could sleep ;).
  10. Thank you, Judy. I really appreciate it. I had a definite meltdown moment yesterday morning. Trying to buck up today. It's so nice to have friends here who understand. I can't believe I've been haunting this board for almost 20 years! My gratitude to all of you. I hope we continue to help each other make it through the season for many years to come. Doni
  11. I emailed a client 10 days ago: "I don't have your blah blah blah brokerage statement". HIs response TODAY: "I know. I intentionally didn't send that to you because it is long". Woe is me. And tired is me. Woe and tired.
  12. I overslept this morning and consequently my son was late for a 7:00 am call for a school activity (albeit only 2 minutes late, but isn't everything magnified right now?); he's at the school with no breakfast and a pocketful of granola bars and a latte (mother of the year right here). I yelled at my husband this morning for making a coffee mess all over the counter and not cleaning it up or throwing away his trash. I used a few 4-letter words (which I truly NEVER do), so I think I scared him half to death. Then I came to the office and thought I was going to break down crying. This is ridiculous. I think we don't realize the depths/effects this pace/pressure have on us. One of my staff members gave me a pep talk which really helped. 'I've worked for you since 2008. You've never not made it to the finish line. You've got this.' I pass this pep talk on to all of you. We've got this. 10 more days. Palm Sunday and Easter. Renewal and rebirth and and incredible amount of Grace.
  13. Client has 2 K1s from estates (father and grandfather). Both hold rental property in MN. One K1 includes a MN k1 attachment and one does not ... consistently for the past 3 years. Both rental properties are in MN, so I put both on MN non-resident return, but it there something I'm missing? Is there something I'm not thinking of that would cause one of the properties to not require a NR MN return? I'm just perplexed.
  14. I'm really sorry about the rotten day. That stinks.
  15. The karma of my talk of 20/day has circled back to me. I just spent 3 hours trying to calculate an accurate basis for someone who sold 2 shares of stock he held in an S-corp for the last 17 years (I was not doing his returns for those 17 years). At least he could look up the original purchase price of the shares and had all of the k1s going back to the initial ownership. The Universe is speaking to me.
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