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  1. Client sold land (at a substantial loss) and a vacation house (at a substantial gain) in SC in 2020 (not SC residents). That 40% capital gain deduction is pretty slick. SC Sch NR is also allowing a deduction of $10,000 per client 'retirement deduction' even though they are not SC residents. The two combined (40% deduction and $20k retirement deduction) result in no SC tax even though clients had a $30k capital gain in the state.SC peeps, am I reading this correctly? The instructions say 'SC taxes retirement income for individuals who are residents of the state'. I have no income lis
  2. I need to make better use of this. You should do a webinar after the season!
  3. ATX won't let me open two returns at a time; even simple ones. I clearly have something amiss in my setup.
  4. All my clients who needs this form have multiple hatchlings, and I can't believe the inefficiency in going between 4 different returns to tally all of the information for the 8615 and the Family Schedule D worksheet. What am I missing? I feel like I have to be taking the long way around this field. Is there a path through the center that I'm not seeing? As an aside, I don't hate 8615 as much as I hate 8283, which I hate with the power of 1000 suns.
  5. I think this is a pretty good rule of thumb! https://www.unclefed.com/ForTaxProfs/irs-wd/1998/1998-041.pdf
  6. This really sums up my world and how I'm feeling. Hugs to you. (NOT the Rita kind!)
  7. Anyone else behind where they usually are this year? I still have 150 returns to process; returns are in the office longer than usual. I have worked solidly (until at least 11 each night and sometimes as late as 1 a.m.) and all day on weekends. 4 hours off on Easter, 3 hours last Sunday because my son was confirmed, and 9 hours for my son's track meets). I had a few grouchy clients call about estimates today. (Both had enough carry forward in my first draft of the return to cover 1st quarter). I'm feeling down. Am I just super slow this year? I'm really trying to figure it out.
  8. I'm trying to figure out if I have some sort of configuration error or what could be going on. I've used ATX since 2002. I had problems in 2013 (we all did) and now this year. I have a brand new Windows machine (set up by my tech people last fall), and I'm running ATX on my local server. I have 8 licenses (I'm the only preparer, but I have people who do data entry, checking, etc.). I'm restarting multiple times/day, closing the software often, and trying to minimize other uses of the computer (let's face it, sometimes one has to be in QB and ATX at the same time), and I'm struggling with
  9. I am doing this right now (on the buyer side) in much the manner Catherine states. Are you selling anything other than your client list? (Building, equipment, software, etc.?)
  10. Thanks so much to each of you for the help and levity! I'm not certain I know what 'restart of services for all years' means. Does that just mean restarting ATX for the years I'm using?
  11. Anyone else having problems? It's becoming almost unusable. Constantly 'could not connect to the server' - 'try again' - the software freezes up or has a HUGE delay moving between fields. I have restarted the software, restarted the machine, prayed to the tax software Gods, and done a 'connectivity ceremonial dance'. Any other suggestions? My software is up to date, but is there a separate patch or something I'm missing?
  12. Yikes. Best guess: Lots of work. Invalid joint election and lots of extra steps when amending. IRM I have never had this occur, so I am NOT speaking from experience. Eager to hear what others have to say. I'm also interested in whether past invalid filings actually triggered the start of the Statute of Limitations. I'm thinking the answer to this question would help determine how far to go back? This could be an interesting discussion.
  13. I feel really stupid, but I can't figure this out.
  14. jasdlm


    Does anyone know what happened to OldJack? He hasn't been on since October of 2019. I hope I didn't miss a post.
  15. I am highly entertained by people who label things for me. One client actual prints out a full sheet of paper "Husband's W-2"; new sheet of paper "Wife's W-2". Thank goodness; I might not know what these were, otherwise. It entertains me when they drop documents off in this fashion, but if they set a meeting and take 30 minutes of my time just to tell me 'this is my 'W-2', they move to the front of the line for a good ole fashion 'Rita Hug'. I did have one client who had a big orange smear across her 1099-ssa. She drew an arrow to a conversation bubble and wrote 'This is Squash'. Tha
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