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  1. farm (mink) has all equipment picked up by dealer.. no 1099 -C, etc - this was in 2016 - just filing now... If I show equipment as gone, there is a loss of $444,000 on the 4797 It seems plenty of time to have any other paperwork to offset that... He would have a NOL carryforward - in case some does show up Or never pay taxes? Is this how it works on unpaid equipment - implied ownership? Thank you, D
  2. HI - In WI, you go online and renew the WI LLC for $25 + $1 fee to pay! How does a CA LLC get updated yearly, please? Thank you, Darlene
  3. I was just going to ask the exact same question!! as the 2016 and no election to carry forward... Thank you!
  4. I am going to remember that and try it - irritates me when the ef info is not first and then 1040!!

    dependent and ACA

    found it... dependents claimed by family.. hopefully they used the family income!!
  6. well - I do hand out small calendars for that purpose with a clip pen attached for those that do not use apps and I stress when you get in write down the odometer and where you are going!! Get more every year!!! I am amazed! And I stopped ordering the fancy leather calendars as I could not even get rid of 10% to clients - don't use! As I don't either...

    dependent and ACA

    I did a search but cannot seem to find this answer Dependent has marketplace as over 19 and parents on another policy - Badgercare (WI) parents claiming children as in school and living at home.. 1095-A marketplace will ask for the form when e-filing? so do I allocate 1% to each daughter and the rest to parents? Do I add up the 2 childrens 1095A's and put on parents? - That seems to be my first choice.. as they are the dependents... but I will get a letter won't I if I do not allocate to the dependents or because they are dependents, the govt will not look for them? Thank you, D
  8. I have them bill miles used from personal to business every month... as usually using mileage Business vehicles are usually titled in business thank goodness - ie work vans etc...
  9. thank you all. I did call him and asked him about the sale - sold in 1992 - said I needed the tax return from then He has it - does not know if a 6252 was filed... Will look and bring in - and of course it was acreage purchased for little!
  10. Tech support has been great this year! Even calling back - altho on a Sat when we were done for the day...
  11. on again off client called - land contract finished 2020 paying $80,000 how much tax? Well that sort of depends on the original 6252,, What if he never filed that? thx D 4


    you have too much time - come do some taxes for me!
  13. still counting.. as have too many in waiting for info! really!! and then I get this email how I'm stressing her out as she thought she was filed in sept with her entity - wait! expecting her to pay and she travels her all over and how can she stop and take care of this in a fire sale.. I sent her her personal 2x since 9/15 filing - revised when she decided to put all towards 2019 - so I sort of need the revised 8879 and again my final payment - oh - I thought your estimate covered it all No - that is why I do not file til all the bills are paid - what part do you not understand - people like you get irritated and then do not pay me - so cough up the credit card and call it in!! Going to bed now - I am too upset with her!! all those I can finish are done - waiting for payments and signed 8879's and info ones and 3 IRS ones that I should file the state and 4 with state rejects I have to read up on and the 2 coming in yet ... worse than ever ! and then calmly email her am... have a great fall all D
  14. got cha! I do not think anything was distrubuted... so the next interesting question - they will get a lot of $$$$ but the K-1 shows losses dues to the stepped up basis so the distributions should be not taxed? all free money? from what I figure.. I want to be a bene! Oh wait trustee said I charged too much! Sincerely, D
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