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    NT - mom

    Thank you all.. She seemed to recover last Fri and Sat and then Sun got a call - well it was from a nurse having a really, really bad day and I was on the end of it!! and she went to Palliative care and was to die within hours - Well from sun to Fri - many amazing things happened!!! Her funeral is Fri, my brothers are verrry hard to work with or lack of work on their part especially the one ordering from out of state and I am not the executor!! Praying for the repose of her soul, for us! for unity, for peace and no Covid - having a service - North central WI - our county has 11 cases.. but the priest has sort of gone scared now.. I do not go anywhere - so if I am doing this carefully - he can! Most people and clients have been wonderful - will not be contacting a few for next year! Just finishing up a few 2016's of new clients that came in and slipped thru our system.. -picked up 4 new clients in last 10 days.. Should have franchised in last 6 years!!! Sort of old now and sort of old to keep doing this ... Any way!! Thank you all and yes - we all go through this so peace to all, Blessings!!
  2. Thankyou hmm - with personals I have not had issues.. yes - I would not do that for entities but we are talking 1040's I guess I will call ATX

    NT - mom

    ps - I do not answer too much as some of you so smart and much more articulate than I am.. ha! I just now discovered the emojis
  4. do any of you have issues with the federal letter stating vouchers due April 16th 2016? and sometimes 2017 or 2018 Even when I change it on the master form - it will not hold.. Pain.. D

    NT - mom

    I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and wonderful words - I sort of did not want to post as it is sympathy.. but it was a dilemma - and we all are family in taxes and we all go through this My prayers are with all of you that will also be in this position now , will or have been. Be Safe, Best, D
  6. please - I printed earlier and was not sure how to follow the directions.. I have 2 sets- those not rolled over and those rolled over I wanted to get done.. Please appreciate simple clear instructions. - Also My daughters drove 3 hours today to take turns and one is staying over with her - I will go Tues am - for my peaXce of mind - I did need to finish some S corps.. we will bring her closer for hospice - but the assisted facilities by law allow no one in - so we had to get special permission.. I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and wonderful words - I sort of did not want to post as it is sympathy.. but it was a dilemma - and we all are family in taxes and we all go through this My prayers are with all of you that will also be in this position now , will or have been. Be Safe, Best, D

    NT - mom

    so I said the other day 6/24 - as I took my 90 year old mom in for a uti and ER visit that took 6 hours I did not have and they said she was not sick enough to admit- After a week - took her into ER at another hospital and the Dr said she is sepsis and needs dialysis, kidneys failing I said don't die on me mom - I do not have time for this... I am planning her funeral- Took her off the blood pressure meds which were keeping it above 60 - it was at 69, 4 hours later - it went to 81? supposed to just keep going lower. So I guess it will not be hours but maybe days.- how long can you live without eating... I am home- some other family is there now - but after 8 pm - do I go back? Do I let her be alone overnight? My hubby said he would stay with her. I wanted to get about 80 done in 10 days yet.. At least I have a really good excuse.. Prayers please for her gentle passing and family. Darlene


    plus maybe computer and internet? OIH
  9. no!! I need the time - still like the 4/15 deadline - working with grants from SBA, state, etc.. tell them to pay but not to file.. WI is not a bad covid state - or at least not north - how do the "bad" states do taxes?
  10. I needed to see what wassup - so I am lurking.. way too busy - I needed the govt to say =- pay but ext to Sept 15.. We do tons of small businesses/farms that cannot do their own grants.. and help with that and are working mostly remote - had to pull in staff this week so I can get taxes file plus this now means file ext for them and still some 2016's why did I do taxes? and talking how to transfer my wisdom and sell?! I am tired of working so many hours.. D Be Safe!!
  11. nice!! Still the land of free.. Count our Blessings.. too many taxes to do though by the 15th and still doing SBa grants.. Best, Be Safe! D
  12. Thank you! They have a lawyer friend.. too bad he doesn't do taxes!! d
  13. so I have figured out the now 3 1065's rental partnerships that combined or formed with the 3 partners and 1 1065 as a management company to do payroll and joint expenses .. Now I found out they have a corporation? over all of these 4 entities... Wouldn't that corporation file all these? And doesn't the corp have to file? Now I am confused! Thank you, D from central WI
  14. My tax client landscaper finally showed up! Saturday.. So I am showing him around and trying to be nice but on his case but how I was to be first and he did a gorgeous job on the relatives rock wall on the corner and I understand they had to be first, but you know he promised me I would be first, blah, blah, nicely, and I do his taxes and we're neighbors and Ill pay him a $100 extra - I tell him people tell me that also.. And you know what he said?! Nothing! I guess I need to try that when clients are rattling my cage. Silence is golden.
  15. I like to get about 5-8 tax returns of normal types done a day - getting a couple complicated entity's in between a week - I am the last review, my staff inputs. I am lucky now to get 5 done a week!! Since Covid with the EIDL, SBA's, hardships, employer unemp comp, and now farm SBA, I think I am just going to tell people - "you know we HAVE been closed for 8 weeks!!" And none are patient anymore - they do not care about anything anymore... Sorry - most are nice and some have called back and apologized. Hospital staff say everyone is angry - angry they have to isolate, and others angry, people are not!! We just had our 2nd case so we sort of quarantined early - waiting for other shoe to drop - maybe should have posted other thread - but was talking initially about busy =- still working 7 days a week - usually 9-14 hours a day Haven't worked by myself in 17 years... and at that have someone in 2 days a week to keep going on paperwork and remotely with emails and phone calls. Be Safe D
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