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  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/photo-irs-why-refund-checks-delayed-paper-unprocessed-tax-returns-2022-6 can you imagine - this is 1 office in a building of the IRS x how many centers - I wonder if this was the neatest one? I posted this for my clients that are waiting... for their 2021's to be done and their 2020's and amends and retention credits and D
  2. Thx Marilyn! Good to see you Hanging in there yet!! D Want some - I have a few more!! One just got his 2017 refund for $7,700 - we persevered!! another asked for an extension as he was moving in same town so did not file sales tax since Dec!!
  3. that made me chuckle! We try to give them plastic envelopes to use - for their convenience! or ours! some use them I still have a return to finish from Mar 1 - I cannot handle the aroma of his papers.. d
  4. Have you tried Tax Advocate? but that takes 4 weeks to process the 911 form (someone had a sense of humour! ) Or even better - have the client call them direct - they do not have to send a form in.. One called and was told their refund was held up in the Check Mailing Dept! Seems they are short staffed there.. It was for retention credit. We try to get them to do direct deposit but some insist on checks.. and now that is broke as well - short staffed - she said.
  5. super job! looks great - My landscaping is still in the pots as I still have too many taxes to do yet! d
  6. Renting from parent - a trailer home and the insurance is paying that - but does the parent have to claim the rental income? My take is of course -But Is there an exemption? special provision? I can't think of any - Parent could pay the utilities - and that would be an expense.. some depreciation, furnishings.. But it would be income.. Thank you for any advice and clarity. D
  7. so I know I need more info - Is it a LE? did she gift it or they purchase it? If they do own it and it is sold - the children will have to pay capital gains on either the purchase price or the gifted basis - correct? Same if LE? or can she use her primary exclusion? I sure have some doozy questions! Thank you, Darlene
  8. I am not against some sort of informal appraisal- she has friends! This is the Great Northwoods! as she needs to log off every year to pay the property taxes.. So getting an estimate of years growth would give a good foundation. Thank you, D
  9. Mind is slipping - Daughter inherited land and immediately logged it off Is basis the amount she received? or -0- Thank you D
  10. Thank you - it was determined she is temporary and supposed to be back in WI - but covid has stopped it But I do not want to split!! income - mini temper tantrum!! D
  11. I think I told this already or the trucker with 2 paper bags of everything!! including receipts I did not want to know about and 2 pair of dirty underwear!! and hi ssiter came to retrieve them! Sorry - went to the trash but the worst is the one that the cat got wet!! eeeww - made copies and threw originals away.
  12. 1 - at what point - does spouse become CA resident - took a job there and not been home in a year. 2 - From WI and directions read as both community property state - income gets split on CA - And the same on WI then? each state has a non-resident? 3 - Can she be a CA Nres? now how do I do that as they will see it is WI and CA and expect 50/50? 4 - able to use WI-OS, then? Any help please to clarify this, please? Thank you, Darlene
  13. a LLC is a limited liability company = that gives you an entity with hopefully some protection - it's own EIN, rather than the personal soc sec, and must operate as a separate entity to not be as liable, just like a s corp. Unless more than 1 member, it is filed as a Sch E,C,F on the taxes. More than 1 member - unless H/W - if community property state - file as partnership or S corp. Easier in WI to do a LLC and then elect S Corp status as they become profitable than form C and elect S My way of seeing it.. D
  14. After so many years of listening to my family say your clients will not care much if you die or end up in a wheelchair from too many late nights**(a.m.'s), I have decided next season - I am telling them in Dec I am only working 60 hours a week - 10-7 or so not the 80 now!! I will only get the first couple hundred or so done and the rest will be extensions and they can decide what they want. Stay or look elsewhere. When they call at night and weekends and I do answer sometimes - they say or "Are you working?" How else would I get the taxes completed? Most of my simpler ones have left as I don't get them done fast enough and I guess I am not charging enough for the more complicated ones as I keep getting referrals and new ones! Also have the issue like M - 3 have retired in 100miles. Not looking forward to the phone calls this week, plus I find I do not do as good or quick work when tired!! Imagine that! ** some will Darlene
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