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  1. I do not print all for preparer as that is on the back-up and in the tax program on the server..and saved to zip often... I just save what I need like W-2's, etc.. D
  2. with tax pract line shut down Is the Ogden office still open for faxing POA's? I need a couple 2016 tax transcripts for amending - asked the person who takes care of this 4 weeks ago to do - turns out - she doesn't like to do it!! Well I guess I am not in charge of my office anymore - not the boss... So now what? Will try faxing and see what happens Thx D
  3. client/friend called crying (hysterically) today about I am not really sure - just scared! But she is still working fixing lunches at school kitchen 4 hours in am and babysitting grandkids (shes about 50) - i Not at all worried about her hubby who is a truck driver, packs his own lunch, use paper towels while fueling and rest stops, - I said he should also change his shirt! One office staff person came in - asked her to leave her coat in plastic bag - so warm when she went to car and take shoes off and wash her hands in warm soapy water at door - my she was offended - snapped at hubby - cried later as she was scared - She is not coming back for a couple months? Rest are remote .. but some stuff I needed but as of today in North Central WI we are closed to the public. And hubby says if someone is in the office I am upstairs! and they must wipe down and disinfect before I can go down and that I must wear shoes in the office and take off at stair door! I am always barefoot!! but everyone wants to come in, wants their taxes down now!! - they are not taking this seriously!! D
  4. but regardless of where the money comes from - ie, rebate, unemployment - how long is it going to be before they get it??? that 401 might be the fastest route!! d
  5. lived here since 2017 - so does that count for the 183 days? F1 student visa
  6. aahh but I have to be Pro for I don't know $9.99 a month... at least thru NAEA.. D
  7. thank you - I will ask her more... I once new the years.. but I did not right it down - so I forgot! we were just talking a the door - when it was safe to do that! Thx again! Stay safe! d
  8. from what I understand - file for 2019 - 1040NR and 2020 - 1040... correct? Thank you, D
  9. Guy from India got his H1B work visa in Dec 2019 - how do I file his taxes? been working here at a local business since 2017 single. Than you, D
  10. Thank you that helps greatly for the client! Now what about them sending me info especially now?
  11. Dear all who use verifyle, If I send an email to clients thru verifyle, can they send me their paperwork back thru that so it is secure? And how? Thank you, D
  12. How do they sign on verifyle without printing please? And right on about the printers and Ink!! Thx D
  13. My memory does not work well from tax season to tax season so I am always too nice the next year - especially with those that call and "ask are they done yet?" , "I have more info" - after they are done, etc.. so I started today putting an asterick by their name! for an increased fee...
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