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  1. Thank you The errors were caught in 2019 and now again in 2021 for 2020 What a mess the values used were higher insurance numbers so those have to be adjusted and some were sec 179 and too high! And now the current bookkeeper went back and found more assets not given to me.. And my fault? I said when you give me a correct list, current list - preferably with purchase invoices attached, I will look at it. I am not recreating and checking it! Plus I do not know what you have left? or purchased! Not happy with me - do you want to pay me or do in house? already left once and came back.. Family is hard to work with!! D
  2. so I am filing an amended 2019 return - this is 1 year after filing 2019 taxes - Does this fit the requirement to qualify for 3115 It was filed without a 3115 In 2019 taxes - there were many assets not on the list from prior years and were then added starting with 2019. Most were sec 179 or started as of 1/1/2019. Does this qualify for 3115? to make the additions legit? or to add them to their assets? Correcting as WI Auditor says depreciation already taken in earlier years but they were not. (auditing for Sales Tax) Does need to be amended for 2 duplicate purchases - same price but 2 different names and they have to come off and then sec 179 to have a -0- change. Thx D
  3. long time ago - 3 months? but only under the condition the program did nt shut down and he said it was fixed with the update! It was not!! Still shuts down all the time grr
  4. ps = the Brass Tax has an excel sheet but not the $20 booklet anymore..
  5. I read the instructions, searched the Forum for 3115 - I know it is 1, A and E - I need to change depreciation for items purchased in 14-18 to take on an amended return for 2019 - that were never on the prior tax return(s). What is DCN? Part 1 Thank you, D in snow country1
  6. OOPS - the 4 was supposed to be a $$$ $5,000 read before posting! The issue is it takes to much time out of the already overburdened staff We now have about 70 family or 1 person S corps and the payroll, PPP, retention credit, adding retirement programs, etc.. = just conceerned that the company would not put the energy into like joanmcq does! and then we would still have to get involved.. Or we would just offer our own to them for $10??
  7. looking at the TPP - where 1040 client pays $10 to have Tax Protection Plan and if get IRS or state letters/audits - 3rd party takes care of the issues - client can contact direct or I can for them? But the TPP does all the leg work? Any experience using it anyone please? I am unsure what time it would save on simple missing forms, etc but on the bigger 1-3 audits a year on Sch c,F, - that I have to charge up tp 45,000 to arrange their records, receipts - I would see that it would help both myself, office and client..?
  8. really - I did not know 2018 was available to e-file in ATX???
  9. if he is getting a refund - rarely do they get a late penalty - in my experience - I do not think they care if you ever so the IRS can keep the $$$ only WI charges $50
  10. not home - a property they had and he used for business - so probably depreciation on it! He has not sent divorce papers yet.. I will have to remind him again His 2019 personals are not filed yet as I cannot get answers Nice guy but Dr from Columbia - makes great coffee but wants lots of money back to pay her bunco $$$'s
  11. Thank you - that is what I have been doing.. D
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