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  1. every 2 or 3 returns I open to create an e-file it closes.. grrr grrr
  2. so rebooting for the last 4 hours!! cannot efile - not respondng.. will not get done in time. grrr
  3. Thank you - the issue is these returns have been created off-site remotely.. But it seems if the extension was in the imported copy, it is holding. I just had some very early ones to finish?? Dealing with it - just taking time and I do not like in efficiency.. I like the earlier programs where every keystroke counted - put in 5 digit zip and it jumped to next cell, etc.. So I really like the zip putting in and it adds the city and state!! wish it did it anywhere the zip was asked for!!
  4. well I certainly hope not - that is part of a normal tax return, is it not? !!
  5. ok - I know replacing means overwriting - but usually an e-file never goes away and definitely not in this case?? How do the rest of you reconcile this? THx d
  6. hello, so when I go to import a tax return that has an e-filed extensions and instead of doing another copy - as that doubles my count!! the extension status disappears! How do I keep that? Is that just me? Now I am going in and printing the acknowledgement history - but that is extra steps and time and I do not have that now.. help please? thx d form northcentral beautiful fall leaf season!
  7. I send an email first. However, many are having issues signing and returning within verifyle - not techy! So they print and then email back regular! Or just ask me to mail..
  8. Can I file H/H Fed and MFJ WI? thank you, Darlene
  9. Thank you - He said they lived together all of 2019 - she just told me she moved out in Feb 2018. She wants the soc sec numbers masked.. And I gave 1 2018 copy but I will be nice and give him a masked copy.. and he would not be a client as he has no income but if I have to do a MFJ he will have to sign the engagement letter - right!! She will talk to her lawyer Can I file H/H Fed and MFJ WI?
  10. thankyou - Phil Harris - was - now someone else - just released - will do that - do not like the topics as much but I am not going to Pewaukee!! in these times d
  11. Thank you! I wish they would Before! right!
  12. I had for a 2016 amend! so now in this case it had to be mailed back.. just their signatures - how long before they match that up? I assumed it was a stall technique.
  13. great reasoning - I copied and pasted (sp?) to my client to tell her financial adviser as she transferred her Trad to Roth and paid big $$ in tax.. and they are only 66!! I said wait!! You all are so knowledgable and able to communicate that in the written word! D
  14. so he was a bully for 2018 taxes - they could no even sign together.. She came to me for 2019 taxes and has moved away so H/H more than 6 months of 2019 Now he calls and insists he paid me for 2018 I must give him a full copy of 2018 as he paid me - she did actually - and per the court they must file MFJ He is on disability so he wants her EIC, etc.. 1/2 anyway. 1 - Our policy; we remove the soc sec numbers of the spouse before releasing the copy to the other spouse unless (she) wants to give him a copy of the original, and then give each their own set 2 - Does the IR
  15. My thoughts - what course - /study program are you using for Farm, please? d
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