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  1. Can I file H/H Fed and MFJ WI? thank you, Darlene
  2. Thank you - He said they lived together all of 2019 - she just told me she moved out in Feb 2018. She wants the soc sec numbers masked.. And I gave 1 2018 copy but I will be nice and give him a masked copy.. and he would not be a client as he has no income but if I have to do a MFJ he will have to sign the engagement letter - right!! She will talk to her lawyer Can I file H/H Fed and MFJ WI?
  3. thankyou - Phil Harris - was - now someone else - just released - will do that - do not like the topics as much but I am not going to Pewaukee!! in these times d
  4. Thank you! I wish they would Before! right!
  5. I had for a 2016 amend! so now in this case it had to be mailed back.. just their signatures - how long before they match that up? I assumed it was a stall technique.
  6. great reasoning - I copied and pasted (sp?) to my client to tell her financial adviser as she transferred her Trad to Roth and paid big $$ in tax.. and they are only 66!! I said wait!! You all are so knowledgable and able to communicate that in the written word! D
  7. so he was a bully for 2018 taxes - they could no even sign together.. She came to me for 2019 taxes and has moved away so H/H more than 6 months of 2019 Now he calls and insists he paid me for 2018 I must give him a full copy of 2018 as he paid me - she did actually - and per the court they must file MFJ He is on disability so he wants her EIC, etc.. 1/2 anyway. 1 - Our policy; we remove the soc sec numbers of the spouse before releasing the copy to the other spouse unless (she) wants to give him a copy of the original, and then give each their own set 2 - Does the IRS laws take precedent or the Court? MFJ or H/H? He is a bully - telling me what I am going to do and that is why she moved, etc He said he needed it for FAFSA and he said he needed a copy of her W-2 for FAFSA - get it from the IRS! I gave him the 2 page 1040 - shows her income - all there is.. and that is all he is getting until Oct 15th. I said goodbye after he argued about 8 minutes. I asked for a copy of the court order and said unless he signed a letter of engagement and paid me , he was not my client - he threatened to leave as a client.. wow - $125 I took her on by herself initially.. Do I have to give him a full copy? 2 - IRS or court? - I can file mfj - so she is not in contempt or bothered more by him or I am not filed with a law suit.. Advice? Thank you and it is Tuesday!
  8. My thoughts - what course - /study program are you using for Farm, please? d
  9. Thank you - very well laid out. She already has a plan so we would just add depending what she decides.. Finance company - good point - but high income - do not see why that would be a factor Best, D
  10. Received my Farm Seminar in the mail today - Pewaukee WI - Sept Anyone going? I did not even go to a funeral today - only the Wake.. as I do not go anywhere!! what to do... D
  11. client contacts me wants to buy a "commuter" vehicle - has 2 offices now about 1 hour apart.. Says she heard that all the rest of hers have to be pad off? 1 - I have never heard of that? 2 - Should this be purchased thru the S corp? rather than "leased" to the it? 3 - If leased - she can use mileage - that would be an advantage and then only needs to keep track of mileage from 1st to 2nd location. If purchased - she has to use gas, insurance, repairs etc - not mileage and her commuting miles will be to the 1st location and home from the 2nd location and all personal miles and will need to show on her W-2? Correct? Nothing about other vehicles having loans paid off?? Any insight would be appreciated. Best, Darlene
  12. You can look up the EIN if you do not have it online as all charitables are public record - but apparently they have that - And then I would see if a new account can be established. It is simple - too simple but good for these small exempt entities. Or do a POA and call for them. Or like you said the easiest - they call! Which I am getting more to go on hold and calling themselves.. Best, D
  13. I have an old invoice and she finally contacted me and said she would not pay it as I took too long to do it - I did pay 1/2 of her interest - that was 100% her fault as she was to do estimates and therefore she said she did not owe my fee either.. how did I file it without paying - you learn.. You did the work - I would not charge her for the amend as that was your error - pay the interest if any and aploogize But with the Marketplace - did you play around with the %'s as the daughter can get 99-100% of the amount - is correct and sometimes that does make a huge difference. What is the worst that can happen - they move on next year and you downsize that way and then they usually come back the next! We are all human. Living the dream! Get lemons, make lemonade - as what else can we do! Best, Darlene
  14. I thought I saw the vouchers were not to be mailed to Cinncinati anymore? But I do not see anything on the IRS website? Business as usual? Thank you D
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