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  1. the law changed - first it went EIC to the highest earner - then it went to choice - unless per above... Makes it easier and smarter... sometimes - Depends if you see it as a scam or as a way to get more income into the household.. I have too many couples Not getting married due to tax refunds... My goal is toget them to marry - assuming they stay together ....
  2. Owner occupied adult care facility is able to receive non taxable monies. So income taxable - = no tax except for minimum soc security credits and IRA Now they are opening a second facility soon. Do they form a S corp to do wages and lessen SE tax, or a C Corp and rent the building to the operating facility? 1 - Need more money for loans and 2 - like always, looking to minimize taxes... Already doing payroll under the LLC - WI, easy to switch over... Thank you, D
  3. LLC forms a S corporation, son forms another LLC as part of the business but all part of the S Corp Now there are 2 EIN's... Can both of these EIN's file under the S corp - of so - how do I show that If not, how would I correct that? Change the second EIN - Of course, payroll was involved Thank you D
  4. yes, I suggested that and lo and behold he did have some self employment income - he did not report! Imagine that - a clergy... and so some of his expenses went there... Thank you - but that is not fair as the 2106 is linked in this case to the SE wait did I say fair?? D
  5. I did a search and cannot find anything that addresses this... So with the 2106 eliminated - that also means the mileage the ministers would take off there, books, etc against their SE earnings is also gone? Meaning the 55,000 miles etc creates an amount due of $2500 instead of a refund of $1,000? Yikes? Any work around? Am I missing something? (I have the earnings/allowance fine) Mileage allowance would not help SE tax but would give them $$ for gas anyway Thank you, D
  6. thank you - she does have Indo income..and thank you for the FBAR note - but I think it is all transferred here - as I have a US bank account every year..
  7. or even simpler is Quicken - that is what we use for most of the businesses and my 2 businesses. I use QB when the client has it and try to get by - buying every 2-3 years. And Medlin is great - but we only use it for payroll D
  8. I do not normally deal with or never - I should say - so US army man married Indonesia lady Dec 2018 - why didn't he wait until Jan??? So from what I read - she needs to get an ITIN and he claims her as a dependent and MFS - loses $2,100 + owes state? She is other? Or he can claim her income? How do I get Indonesian changed to US dollars? and then he can file MFJ? He is calling Wed. It does not pay to wait for a green card? as she has never been to the states? Military discount? for being overseas? Thank you for any input. I am thinking I should send him to military tax filing service? But he and his family have been coming here for 20 years..
  9. ok - I will try to get that on the form!! thank you, D
  10. thank you so very much!!! D send me your address - I will send you some awesome cheese!!
  11. ASSUMING IT WAS USED FOR oops taxable purposes - does it go on the 8835 - like the HSA is for 8889? or how is it recorded?
  12. Is anyone familiar with CA LLC's? taxpayer formed a LLC in CA in February - when is the $800 due and can they do a payment plan? Thank you D
  13. hello I am amending a 2015return and it shows a taxable amount under MSA Why would that be - I have done tons of HSA's but never ran into a MSA - before I ask the client ,,, what am I to ask them? I read the instructions -and I would think it should be nontaxable and needs the 8853. I wouldn't question it except much of the return is wrong and this might be one more item? Thank you ahead. Sincerely, D
  14. funny thing is when I right click - I have no print option...
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