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  1. How much tax are you costing your client if you tell her to file mfs?
  2. I don't have any clients in that situation, but Ed Zollars discussed it on his podcast Monday, http://www.currentfederaltaxdevelopments.com/podcasts/
  3. I wouldn't waste the time printing out the reject and attaching it. Half the time I don't even remember to attach 8948 and I've never heard back on it.
  4. No. The law states that procedures are to be implemented to prevent double payments, but it doesn't say they have to be repaid: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/1319/text#toc-HE372FCE88BBF432D9CE73118562D7D33 6428B(h) (2)regulations or other guidance to ensure to the maximum extent administratively practicable that, in determining the amount of any credit under subsection (a) and any credit or refund under subsection (g), an individual is not taken into account more than once, including by different taxpayers and including by reason of a change in joint return sta
  5. wasting time just track the carryforward
  6. Yes. Sending it back will only cause problems.
  7. Has he even tried to locate her? It's not that hard to find people. If the two of them truly can't find each other, how does he know she didn't already obtain a divorce or nullification?
  8. The irs announced on 4/9 how to handle the excess APTC. There was a program update for it on 4/12. Today is 4/20. Not exactly weeks. Some of ATX programming is worthless shit. The customer service may be the worst in the industry. No reason to make stuff up to make ATX look bad, the truth does that well enough.
  9. If it's a limited partner, se tax would not apply.
  10. Why are so many people hellbent on sending these payments back? No good can come of that.
  11. Was the tax timely paid in April? If so, that's why you had no problems.
  12. Why are so many people hellbent on returning these payments. The payments don't have to be returned. What good can come of returning it? When your client returns it, then the irs doesn't pay the $1400 to the parent because the payment was already sent, are you going to resolve the issue for free? Keep the damn payment. If the irs doesn't catch it and issues a payment to the parent also, lucky for them.
  13. Did the employer file a gift tax for the $50K for what he seems to be claiming is a gift? Not that it would matter, cash paid to employees are wages. This should have been reported on her W2.
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