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  1. yes, that's how I thought, just looking for something else to help the son out. It was just a mistake on the previous tax preparer, but nothing to do about it now, I guess. thanks
  2. Father and son were farming. Previous preparer depreciated machinery as if the father owned, but it was actually the son's. Now son has sold the machinery. Father is gifting farm machinery to son. Basis is very low as most has been almost depreciated out on father's return. Son receives father's basis as his basis. Son has not depreciated gifted machinery. If son held for more than 2 years, could he sell the machinery as capital gain income? Does son receive his father's long term basis, maybe?
  4. Doesn't anyone else do farmers with dairies?
  5. Now when I override, I'm getting numbers that don't add up. It's all screwed up. Must be missing something?
  6. DPAD from milk coops like DFA goes on line 38. Before the update on March 20, I would fill in on line 38, it would add to 199A deduct and had a total. Now since the update, I get an error saying that line 38 can't be more than line 33 minus line 37. ok, but the program doesn't auto fill and I have to override to get the numbers in the lines. Is anyone else having this problem? Am I missing a tab to fill in?
  7. Most do not want the ACTC, so I delete the 8812 from my return.
  8. Can a superceded return be efiled in ATX? Forgot to put in the estimate payments
  9. Marie

    2018 return

    yes, atx thanks
  10. Marie

    2018 return

    can i still efile a 2018 return?
  12. S corp farm sells part of the land it owns. How is basis figured. S corp basis, or each individual shareholder's basis. (just land, no depreciation recapture) So is basis figured on the scorp's 8949, or is the total sale reported and each shareholder figures his cost?
  13. Has no one ever seen that? What is it for? Also how does everyone else keep track of those IRS263 purchases.
  14. What is that for? i have some IRC263 (a) assets I'd like to keep track of, is this where I put them, select 263 (shows up in red) Or do you just keep a list for yourself, and put the IRC263 asset writeoffs on the Sch F, other deductions?
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