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  1. return rejected but efile manager still says transmitted. I've gone in and selected rehang, but nothing happens What next?
  3. Is there a paper form for this? I have several clients that do not have internet access
  4. Marie

    verifying ID

    tried the pract priority line, was told too busy, call back
  5. I have several first time filers (under 18) who are getting the letters about verifying their ID. One client has tried at least 6 times, at various times of the day to call and verify. No luck talking to a representative. Their time limit is up. What is the next step? She does not have access to a computer, unless she comes into my office. Can that be done? She does not have a credit card to help verify either. Any suggestions?
  6. Marie

    advance ctc

    Sara's firm? where is that thread?
  7. Marie

    advance ctc

    clients are getting letters, some have no idea what is going on. Will the tax preparer (me) be able to opt out for my clients? I have several clients who do not have computers
  8. me, too. only being processed. Most of my hold-ups were efiled first of March. Tried the pract line and said they were too busy, call back tomorrow. What a pain!!! Going past the 12 weeks
  9. holdups seem to be add'l child for stimulus, pyeic, filing as an independent child, being claimed as dependent in 2019, now claiming stimulus still, some of these people dependent on this refund, I work a low income community
  10. more than ever for me. I'm fielding lots of calls. If I can get ahold of IRS, does it help straighten anything out? Can they give a date?
  11. need to check on an efile status, can't find where to go? The new website comes up and I can't seem to navigate. How is the easiest way to get there. I always click on support in the program and went right where I wanted to go
  12. can I do a partial like kind exchange?
  13. USED QUALIFIED INTER. I have done a couple. but they put all proceeds in escrow, not just part. and purchased more than they sold. Are you thinking there is no way to defer his gain?
  14. When selling the original property, it sold for $612000, $300,000 was automatically put into escrow at that time for a like kind exchange. He had no access to the $300000 until he purchased the replacement property and it was wired to the owners of the property he purchased.
  15. SO, CAN YOU HELP ME DO SOME FIGURING OUT. Not me, but I think he was told this would work. he put into escrow the profit he made. then went and purchased another property.
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