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  1. Client made a deal to sell property in 2020, but because the title company is so far behind, the actual exchange of money won't be until 2021. Can I sell the property and pay on the profit in 2020? If so, how do I handle the 1099 in 2021?
  2. I have the same fears as you with numbers changing before efiling. I don't do returns with clients sitting at my desk, they drop off and come back when I'm finished. Sometimes, that could be several weeks if they are out of town, or just not in a hurry. Lots of time recreating. Don't like this. Is it just ATX or all software?
  3. Maybe discussed before, but what was the reasoning on rejects after 5 days?
  4. the amount is modified AGI , the amount on the 8962. No non tax income. I can do an IRA, which we will do to get it down to under 400%, but I was wondering if I have a wrong chart? or why my numbers aren't panning out? $68057 shouldn't be 401%, according to my poverty level chart. Without an IRA they will pay back $18000 - ridiculous!!
  5. My client made $68057 my chart says $68960 is 400% of poverty. At this amount ATX is saying a complete repayment of the PTC . Where is my mistake?
  6. taxpayer applied and received a first round ppp loan on his retail business with an employee. Now taxpayer would like to apply for the last round of loans on his farm. Will the first PPP loan affect his farm application?
  7. How do I delete a post that was a mistake?
  8. in the payroll program, I can't get the W-2's to print. I can print 941, 940, etc, but not the W-2's. tried as bulk printing and individually. Any suggestions?
  9. i'm having trouble understanding. where is the 1099 misc tab to click on?
  10. client received irs letter about taxpayer identification. this is the first return he has filed. Previously he had been a dependent of his parents. The letter says to verify, he must have a previous year's return. He does have a Form 1099 from working for 2019, but that is all. This is the second client received so far. The other was a return we filed to get the stimulus. They received the stimulus, but then received a taxpayer id letter. Have many of you been receiving the same? Suggestions on how to handle, please
  11. efiled return rejected, taxpayer had already sent in his payment with his voucher. Where do i mail the paper return? taxes are paid in full
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