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  1. Marie


    I am chosing single status, also. but why is it there? Plus I have to copy and paste info from company tab to individual tab. Not a time saver, seems to be wrong
  2. Marie


    Also, all 1099's I rollover go to the company information instead of the individual information. Am I the only one that is happening to?
  3. Marie


    When filing 1099 for individual, it can't be created without filing out the filing status. and if you select MFJ, it asks for spouse's SS# If I leave as company information, I can't use the SS# as my identification number. Error says it must be EIN What does filing status have to do with 1099's?
  4. Marie

    1099 ROLLOVER

    1099'S Rollover, All are rolling over to company instead of individual. Then when I check it, error shows that EIN is needed. Most of my people don't have EIN. So then I go to individual tab, put program doesnt put in SS # or address. Plus a filing status has to be checked at the bottom of the info page. WHat's going on?
  5. Marie

    1099 printing

    ok, found that. Looks right, but last year all 1099's with names were listed and you could pick all or just one to print. is that option gone?
  6. Marie

    1099 printing

    put in info, wanted to print, can't find where to click. There are no names, no choices as to which copy to print, copy B or A or ?? last year, all names popped up and you could chose which 1099 to print or print all.
  7. Marie

    partnership and 179 deduct

    ok, thanks for the responses. i'll switch to bonus
  8. Marie

    partnership and 179 deduct

    Did I mix up facts too much? As ATX does it, if net loss of partnership and 179 deduction, the 179 deduction does not flow to the K-1. Does that mean it can't be taken against other income on the partners individual income tax if he has other business income? Or do I put in manually
  9. Marie

    partnership and 179 deduct

    Partnership has an ordinary loss so 179 deduct doesn't show up on the K-1. But both partners have other business income on their individual return. Is the 179 deduct allowable on their 1040 against other income, even though the partnership income is negative? Do I need to manually put in the 179 deduction on the K-1. I've tried and it isn't an override.
  10. need to correct EIN for one, SS # for another.
  11. Marie


    anybody else have this problem, or just me. is it a tech problem?
  12. Marie


    Error says have to carryforward small business credit. the worksheet is carrying it forward . What else am i supposed to do to fix?
  13. Marie

    efiling 2016

    I use ATX--trying to efile a 2016 return. Error says my submission year should be 18 instead of 17, but I can't find where the submission year is so I can change it.
  14. Marie

    Education credits

    I didn't fill that stuff in, the program put it in by my marking the student/dependent had educational expenses
  15. Marie

    Education credits

    no, school address is there. the error specifically says the student's address, city, zip, etc in that box it says: Student's name Joe Smith Students SSN 111-22-3333