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  1. Is there a possibility of the PTC payback being waived for 2021?
  2. Good, hopefully it will end in 2021. I thought I'd read where it had been extended. "Don't kill the messenger" Most want that big refund.
  3. I understand this has been extended into 2022. I had no luck opting my clients out with the telephone number given for 2021. Might there be a box or form to opt out in 2022? I have many clients who don't want the ctc until tax time
  4. It's a family farm, and only under extreme circumstances will it be sold. Parents gifted farm to 2 sons and filed a gift tax return. Value is below estate limit. But the 2 brothers were to pay out a third of what it was worth to the 3rd brother. They haven't done it yet, but 3rd brother is wanting to cash out, so the other two will go to the bank for a loan. I think it is a gift, but do the 2 brothers file a gift tax return on the money they gave to the 3rd?
  5. Parents signed over farm to two brothers. Third brother is to get a payment from the other two brothers for his 1/3 that should have been his. Is that 1/3 in cash taxable to the third brother?
  6. Client withdrew out of 401k, reported all monies in one year. Made income high, but now wants to apply for student loans. Can that be amended to pay over 3 years?
  7. Marie

    pc anyware

    does anyone use this to do remote work?
  8. late filer, finished 2019, can I still efile thru ATX?
  9. RIGHT! Always seems like it is our fault and we have to fix. makes retirement look appealing. Do clients bug the franchise tax people like they do us?
  10. Clients are getting letters, I am reponding, clients receive more letters. I am calling, IRS can't answer, too many calls. Client got letter "notice of intent to sieze" We responded to the first letter months ago, received no reponse, now , notice to sieze. Several clients didn't get the amount of refund that they were entitled to, letters say could be one of 3 things, or 2, or 1. ID verification has been a problem. No one can be reached. What is everyone else doing?
  11. Client wants to add a DBA to his LLC partnership. Wants to use a new name, but wants to keep his LLC partnership and ein number. How to do? in Missouri Can you add multiple DBA's to an LLC ?
  12. can't do on line, not internet connected. I'll try the first thing in the morning
  13. Young client, first time filer got the letter to verify her info. She tried in the morning, afternoon, and evening and could not get through. She still hasn't received her refund. What can i do to help?
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