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  1. Husband and wife are partners in a business. Wife gets guaranteed payments and both are 50/50 in profit. Husband also runs another business separate from the partnership. We want to set up a SEP. Husband's separate business is eligible (and he has no employees) What about the profit from the partnership? The partnership does have employees. Can I use ptshp income for SEP? or only the profit from the separate business? ATX SEP worksheet puts the partnership income into the calculation by default
  2. Client has a business and a farm, business has profit, farm doesn't. The numbers that are coming up on the worksheet are not the numbers that are on the sch c or sch f. I cant' figure where the numbers are coming from ? What should I be looking at? When I change the numbers, and then hit restore, it goes back to the original ones. Also, the profit and loss are not the determing factor, 199a deduction will be half of wages, but i still like to know how it works.
  3. same return, sole prop for both mfg and farm. building was vacated by mfg business on Apr 1, and used as farm building immediately afterwards. So, I take the original cost minus depreciation taken as mfg business, and that will be my basis for depreciation for the farm? 20 year building, no 179 or bonus.
  4. Building was a 39 year asset when used for mfg building. business has moved and building is now being used for farm purposes, 20 year property. How do I change?
  5. Got the letter about mismatch of employee and ssn. logged into BSO and found I had an error(which I already knew), but can't find anywhere to tell me who was mismatched. Is there is place to verify SSN? How do I get there?
  6. client has 10 rentals, all single family units. I know husband and wife both work rentals regularly. Do I aggregate? and how do I elect and do it? or do I just mark as a qualifying business? Please some help
  7. client had HSA marketplace insurance, husband and wife, both over 55. Maximum contribution $6900, plus $1000 (for over 55). Do they get another $1000 for wife over 55? I believe it is a family policy as only one premium paid and both on the form
  8. I've removed taxable amount in that box. 1099R in a separate box states 100% housing, and I know it is, just had never had a retired minister with a 1099R, just active ministers with houseing allowance. The minister also has more housing expenses than retirement. He tracks that very well
  9. How is this put on the 1099 input form? On w-2's there is a place to mark clergy, but can't find that on the 1099r, or anything associated. On the 1099 R, The box (2B )is marked that taxable amount is not determined and the taxable amount box (2a) is blank. Is there a worksheet for the housing for a 1099R like there is for a W-2?
  10. on unproductive property, Does ATX have a place to check to use this election or do I need to put it in the blank election? If so, what should it say?
  11. Also, if there is a loss, is there any reason to figure the 199a?
  12. Looking for guidance on a dairy farm that sells to DFA. also has calf sales and other misc income. DFA has given a DPAD amount on 2018 1099 patr
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