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  1. If I'm not ready to create the efile, my final check is typically to try to create the efile without filling in the signature date, and look at any errors other than the missing date error.
  2. Don't know if e-services will allow this, but when that happened to my bank account several times, I changed my username to a random string (basically a second password), and it hasn't happened since.
  3. I have used 7-Zip to handle rar files.
  4. And you can print them all by checking the Notes Report box in the Client Documents section of the print dialog.
  5. PaulH


    The regs (page 198) say "deductions such as the deductible portion of the tax on self-employment income under section 164(f), the self-employed health insurance deduction under section 162(l), and the deduction for contributions to qualified retirement plans under section 404 are considered attributable to a trade or business to the extent that the individual’s gross income from the trade or business is taken into account in calculating the allowable deduction, on a proportionate basis to the gross income received from the trade or business." So if Schedule C is the only earned income, then its gross income is taken into account in calculating the IRA deduction, and it sounds to me like the traditional IRA deduction is "attributable to the trade or business". Having said that, I probably won't be subtracting IRA deductions from QBI if the commercial software developers don't do it. So far I haven't had to file one, and I'm hoping for more clarification before I need to decide.
  6. PaulH


    I'm not convinced anybody really knows. I read the regs to say that if Schedule C is the only source of earned income that makes an IRA deduction possible, it should be subtracted from QBI. But I see lots of opinions on the net that say don't subtract an IRA, and workpapers from Drake and Turbotax that apparently don't subtract an IRA. The IRS says (1040 instructions and Pub 535) subtractions from QBI include but are not limited to SEP, SIMPLE, 401K, but doesn't address traditional IRAs. ATX seems to be stalling, and I won't be surprised if the worksheet that finally comes out (if it ever does) doesn't address the issue, but instead makes you list the subtractions with no help from them.
  7. There are many posts on the official board about what should and shouldn't be included on lines 4a and 4b, including ATX's defense of their handling. I've been too lazy to try to figure out who is right until I run into a problem, but it's probably a lot faster to search the board than to get an answer from support.
  8. It's still much harder than last year. If you only want to print 1 of your 10K, you have to uncheck 9,999 boxes -- there is no Select All/Unselect All button. Hopefully, this is a hypothetical 10K subcontractors.
  9. You can still check (or in this case uncheck) the contractors to print, but only on the Detail tab, all the way to the right. The PDF trick only works for a single contractor if you print your 1099s on the UniForm, which I guess is allowed, but looks strange to me. All the traditional 1099 Copy A, B, C, 1, 2 forms print two contractors per page.
  10. Thanks. I don't understand it. When I fill out the Individual Info sheet, I have to select a filing status or else I get a red error and cannot create an efile. Not the end of the world, I will just select Single as the status, which apparently doesn't get reported anywhere, but does let me create the efile.
  11. I am using the ATX Payroll Compliance program. FDNY, did you have any payers without an EIN, so you had to use their SSN? Those are what we are talking about. If you had no problem with those, did you use the Company Info sheet or the Individual Info sheet? I cannot create an efile if I use the Company Info sheet (because "The EIN is not valid"). If I use the Individual Info sheet, I need to pick a filing status (for no good reason that I can see). Marie, I agree it is wrong.
  12. Supposedly available either yesterday or today, but I haven't tried yet.
  13. I can enter the SSN this way on the Company Info Info sheet, but it generates a red error in the payroll program and won't let me create an efile. As Marie states, if I use the Individual Info sheet, I can enter an SSN for the payer, but ATX then demands a filing status (and spouse info if I pick MFJ or MFS). I think my plan for these (payers without an EIN) is to use the Individual Info sheet, and select Single for the filing status. The paper 1099-MISC does not show filing status anywhere, there is no mention of filing status in the 1099-Misc instructions, and I'd be shocked to learn that filing status is included in the efile, though I can't prove it. The 1040 filing status is not even necessarily known by the deadline for the 1099-MISC.
  14. Lots of people. Here is ATXKristin's proposed kludge. Hopefully the next release, due out soon, will fix this. "Re: 1099/1096 printing issues Please try this for now. I have reported the issue to development. 1. Make sure the save selections option is not selected in Preferences. 2. In the print manager – uncheck all options on the Payroll tab. 3. Uncheck Save Selections. 4. Reprint from the Filing ta either to printer or PDF. 5. Reopen the Print Manager and you will be able to print from the Payroll tab."
  15. You roll over each client's first quarter file and then rename it (e.g , add Q2 to the end). There is a separate tab for monthly/quarterly roll overs. You'll use the annual roll over tab to roll the third quarter over to the fourth quarter (which must be done in next year's software).
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