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  1. So what's the problem? My grandmother used to say, "It's a poor scorekeeper who can't win." She was talking about bridge, but still.
  2. PaulH

    Grrrr ATX is not approved for NC this year!

    I could complain about RITA all day, and also the way ATX messed up the form to make it efileable, but I guess I should work on another tax return instead.
  3. PaulH

    Grrrr ATX is not approved for NC this year!

    I modified the master to check that box. And a bunch of others. What bugs me are the increasing number of input sheets that won't let you create links, so every time Schedule C changes, you have to remember to change the Ohio Bus form, and the RITA 37 tax form. My kludge there is to mark them as estimates, so if I forget, at least I get an error on my final check. But I shouldn't have to enter Schedule C profit anywhere else--that's what I pay ATX to do.
  4. PaulH

    Illinois Schedule SA

    ATX also has the IL Sch SA form.
  5. PaulH

    S Corp Officer 401K Profit Sharing

    I don't have any cites handy, but I'm pretty sure the company match and profit sharing have to be pre-tax, not Roth. I don't think the employee has to make an elective deferral in order to get profit sharing, but only an elective deferral can be Roth.
  6. PaulH

    Recommend a free antivirus for PC

    Panda was someone's (maybe PCWorld's) top rated free AV program 2 or 3 years ago, and I've been using it ever since with no problems. Last time I checked there was another rated higher, but I don't remember which. Panda's free version was hard to find on their website--they make it made easier to download one of the paid versions.
  7. PaulH

    MD W-2 Upload File Error

    ATX just said they are publishing a fix around 6 PM today. Thanks again.
  8. PaulH

    MD W-2 Upload File Error

    Thanks to both of you. I just updated and tried again, but have the same problem. And I thought about typing the withholding numbers into the ASCII file, but don't want to do the necessary research into the required file structure to be confident there are no other problems, like a checksum or something else. There are fewer than 25 W-2s, so if I have to I'll paper file them, but I'm having a hard time giving up on finding the problem. Probably a personality defect on my part.
  9. PaulH

    MD W-2 Upload File Error

    ATX Payroll is producing a MD W-2 upload file that does not contain the state income tax withheld for the individual records. This results in error V00150 RV TOT-TAX-W2S-L3 DOES NOT MATCH SUM RS STATE-TAX-WH when testing the file on MD’s website. I also verified visually that the ASCII file produced does not contain the withholding data. Federal W-2’s are fine, and do contain the state withholding data. I have filled out the MD MW508 form, checked for errors and latest form updates, deleted the MD MW508 form and added it back, but no joy. Any ideas?
  10. PaulH

    Really? They took away Sec 179 calcs? Really?

    I think it's still there (it is in Max 2016, anyway). There is just a really annoying advertisement tab for the upgrade that you have to click to close every time you want to use fixed assets.
  11. PaulH

    ATX Program Update to version 16.6

    I finally reset my password, and everything is working again.
  12. PaulH

    ATX Program Update to version 16.6

    Not sure if you're asking me or Lynn (and I hope I didn't hijack this topic - not sure if she has the same problem I do). Anyway, I also use FF, though I also tried with Edge and got the same result. One of the ATX employees on the official community suggested clearing my page cache and cookies, which I did, and now I cannot even get back into the communities. I can still log in fine, but trying to do anything takes me back to the login screen. Guess I'll have to see how the telephone support is working these days,
  13. PaulH

    ATX Program Update to version 16.6

    I just updated through the software with no problem. However, the support site is not working for me. I can log in, but everything I try to do after that sends me back to the login screen. E.g., I get to the Download Center, and try to download either the ATX program or the Payroll program, and it sends me back to login. Same if I try to check my billing report. It's happened about 10 times now.
  14. PaulH

    Form 8615

    I don't think so, but I would love to learn that I'm wrong.
  15. Thanks. That's a handy site to get me to the right page to research the answer. I was hoping for a lazier alternative that doesn't require any reading. Even a list of states where none of the registration fees are deductible would save time reading through those state web sites. Some states make it difficult to tell if any of their fees is based on the value of the car. But this is much better than what I have been using (a google search which sometimes takes several attempts to get me to the right state site).