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  1. I would copy just your (new) client's info and shred the rest. I would not give back the return as is. Lynn
  2. I suggest you consider charging your highest hourly rate x the amount of time it takes you to prepare the form.
  3. Yes - it is strictly the employER's choice to opt in or out.
  4. The banking lobby has pushed for forgiveness of loans under $150,000 but that bill languishes. My bank just sent notices to its customers stating that they are currently entertaining forgiveness applications only for loans over $150,000. I have no doubt the banks are waiting until further action on their bill before asking those with. Loans under $150,000 to submit forgiveness applications.
  5. Yes, I believe ATX is ready for this. I think yesterday's news release from ATX said they would start accepting efiled 1040X on 8/19. Just yesterday I downloaded the updated 1040-X.
  6. I cannot help you as I never got past the part of the prospective's inquiry as to how much? So, my CAA was non-renewed by IRS since I did not submit the required number of W7 applications within the prescribed time period.
  7. IRS expects to accept efiled amended 2019 returns 8/17/2020. I have not heard when ATX will be ready for this.
  8. Have you completed the housing allowance worksheet ??
  9. I'd like more clients but not those of the tire kicker variety.
  10. Actually there is. If you scroll down on the Main Info page of the 1040, towards the bottom there is info re Versicom. AFAIK it is an additional fee paid service add-on and they will send either an email or a text message. I have never used it.
  11. I think I saw this in my newsfeed today on the ATX tax program
  12. Box 2 has a sub box which says something like ‘include amount rolled over ‘ .
  13. AFAIK the main topic was extending application for the PPP program to 8/8/2020
  14. UI benefits for corporate owners is state specific. I a pretty sure that here in Louisiana corporate owners (c or s), while required to pay into the system based on their earnings are ineligible to collect UI benefits should the company close its doors. The basis for that is the corporate owner has decision making powers to determine when/if the entity closes.
  15. W2 is always proper for a minister employed under contract with a church. It should reflect housing allowance in box 14, zero social security, zero Medicare, and box 1 earnings in excess of the housing allowance. I have seen W2’s with only the box 14 h.a. Entry. There are examples in Hammar’s or Worth’s clergy resources.
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