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  1. Those which I efiled prior to 1/31 have all been accepted. However, the corrected ones efiled 2/4 and 2/5 await their ACKs
  2. I always enter the state of residency, in this case MS, since that is where the TP lived all year
  3. schedule E input page also has a QBI checkbox
  4. Are the check boxes on schedule c marked ?
  5. Is your state set to 'hold' until the federal is accepted? Or is it unlinked from the federal? Did you click on 'created' in your efile tab? Try clicking on 'held' to see if the NJ is there, awaiting fed ack.
  6. I always add it as a separate line item on 'other expenses'. 481(a) adjustment, $xxxx.xx if expense, or as a separate line item in 'other income' 481(a) adjustment +$xxxx.xx if income
  7. I went back to the return I mentioned above. I had deleted 8606 but went back to re-add it. My ATX version says the form is installed.
  8. I worked on a tax return in ATX yesterday and the 8606 auto populated. Have you tried to add the form ?
  9. How is CCH iportal different from their fileshare portal connected to my CCH website ?
  10. We just upgraded our 6 y/o computers from Win 7 to Win 10. No issues discerned. One computer is used by my assistant to do monthly Writeup and is rarely online. The other is my old one and has ATX programs back to 2012. It will be used only for when someone comes in that is a late/multi year nonfiler. I have a new dell win 10 pro with dual hard drives and SSD which is almost always online. The new computer has ATX 17 18 and 19.
  11. Pacun, my birth certificate does state the time I was born, and shows that I am 10 minutes older than my twin sister.
  12. IMO (totally unresearched), there is no difference between the 1099-MISC box 7 and Medical Payments box (whatever # that is). They are both counted as income. Does he have financials that reflect income at least, or more than, the total of the 1099-MISC and 1099-K issued to him? Lynn
  13. virtrue encrypts email - I used this for a short time but end users had difficulties with it. It could have been an end-user issue and not software issue sendinc encrypts email - never used it protonmail encrypts email - my son set himself up with this but I haven't for the office
  14. $1650 x % of # of days of ownership in the year =~ $4.52. Do the special date allocation section of the k-1 input.
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