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  1. duplicate the return. recreate the efile in the new copy of the return. efile
  2. Click the option on the invoice to show all the forms
  3. See if this is helpful - https://www.irs.gov/payments/pay-taxes-by-electronic-funds-withdrawal
  4. Did you do the marriage worksheet ? I never have, but know it is an option.
  5. For this purpose, the SEHI deduction is the same as for the actual SH. Did I correctly understand your question ?
  6. The family attribution rules are applied regarding the SEHI. The presentation for that was correct. See IRC Code Section 318's Family Attribution Rules.
  7. It will not show until the final year.
  8. Could he fund an IRA to get below the 401%? Maybe borrow the $ from dear mom ?
  9. On the 1120S, schedule K, line 17 (page 4), line 17d, click on that grayed out line, and it will take you to the underlying worksheet to enter 199A information for lines V, W, X, Y, Z, AA, AB, AC
  10. If net s/e income is less than $400 no s/e tax is due. You still have to file the tax return and the pertinent schedules.
  11. The 1041should gave ‘initial’ , ‘final’ boxes to check in the section just below the address on the first page. When prepping the k-1’s they too should have a ‘final’ box to check.
  12. Is the 1041marked final? I am not an expert in 1041s but it is my understanding that all losses flow to the beneficiaries in the final year.
  13. I didn't follow the script, but did do a 199A supporting worksheet in my own tax return - it works perfectly.
  14. Here in NOLA tax season (at least at my office) always has a slow start. My barometer is Mardi Gras - most folks start getting their stuff together after that. Most of my clientele, though, have more complicated tax matters so tend to wait 'til all of their docs are 'final'.
  15. My client has Roth IRA as well as regular IRA and pension distributions. When I looked at line 4a it showed only the nontaxable Roth IRA amount, $13,314, while line 4b showed the taxable amount of the regular IRA and pension distributions, $20,780. I think line 4a should include all amounts, $34,094 (Roth, IRA, pension) and line 4b is correct at $13,314. Anyone else run into this issue? PS - I tried ATX chat feature and the little wheel just turns and churns and no one comes on the line. Thanks !
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