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  1. Corduroy Frog, online credit card vendors such as Square have no monthly processor fee though there may be an upfront charge for the swipe device. I no longer use the swipe device. In my practice if a client wishes to pay by credit or debit card I go into my online square account, issue them an invoice which is emailed to them. The client may remit payment by clicking on a link to enter their credit or debit card details or ACH details for direct debit from their checking account. In doing so the fees are 2.96% for credit/debit or 1% for ACH. Yes, it is an extra step for me, but facilitates
  2. My experience has been a delay of 10-12 weeks after EF acceptance. Good news is IRS pays interest.
  3. After conversion from your previous software check all the carry forwards - NOL, capital losses, 8582 limitations, depreciation .
  4. NAEA partners with Surgent for the SEE prep courses.
  5. @Max, CSEA decoupled from NAEA a few years ago. One could join either organization without being required to join the other. Many current members of NAEA are from California.
  6. I've had at least 2 - 3 emails. My rep is Torez Brown - Torez.Brown@wolterskluwer.com
  7. Enter the same numbers in FEIN format instead of SSN format.
  8. It's really true for tax year 2020 !!! Prepare the 8962 and the bottom line will be -0- to be repaid.
  9. My post should have stated ' will NOT be fixed' by ATX. Thanks Gail for understanding what I really meant to say.
  10. My guess is it will be fixed for those of us LA, OK or TX. Would your client do a direct debit themselves at IRS dir3 t pay ?
  11. Pacun, have you tried to use the foreign earnings worksheet (FECWKST)for this? No SE tax will apply with this worksheet.
  12. Yes, if all wages are excluded via 2555 then there will be zero wages upon which to calculate the EIC.
  13. If the earnings are $18K the HOH standard deduction would wipe that to zero amd leave the TP eligible for child related credits , without using form 2555. Take FTC a for taxes paid to Spain, if any.
  14. Use the foreign earnings worksheet , which should flow to the line for wages .
  15. Wish I had seen this 10 days ago.
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