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  1. FDNY what time is the dog show? and on which provider ? Thanks ! Be well and enjoy Edited - found it, on NBC at noon to 2 Eastern time, right after the Macy’s parade
  2. ATX posted their last day to accept EF individual returns is 11/18.
  3. I received a similar email recently, which I too deemed to be spam.
  4. have you tried really early in the day or later in the afternoon? other than that I have no other suggestions
  5. Several years ago I had a business client with 2 'divisions'. The employees who worked in both divisions received 2 W2's (none of which ever came close to the FICA limit when combined). Employees received 2 W2's but when I filed them with SSA and the state I had to combine them into one W2 for filing purposes.
  6. Catherine if you are an NAEA member verifyle is provided to you as a free member benefit. I've been using it all year and for the most part my clients find it an easier platform that fileshare. It does have an e-signature option. Lynn
  7. Lion - I'll help you with your tax returns if you wish .
  8. I would copy just your (new) client's info and shred the rest. I would not give back the return as is. Lynn
  9. I suggest you consider charging your highest hourly rate x the amount of time it takes you to prepare the form.
  10. Yes - it is strictly the employER's choice to opt in or out.
  11. The banking lobby has pushed for forgiveness of loans under $150,000 but that bill languishes. My bank just sent notices to its customers stating that they are currently entertaining forgiveness applications only for loans over $150,000. I have no doubt the banks are waiting until further action on their bill before asking those with. Loans under $150,000 to submit forgiveness applications.
  12. Yes, I believe ATX is ready for this. I think yesterday's news release from ATX said they would start accepting efiled 1040X on 8/19. Just yesterday I downloaded the updated 1040-X.
  13. I cannot help you as I never got past the part of the prospective's inquiry as to how much? So, my CAA was non-renewed by IRS since I did not submit the required number of W7 applications within the prescribed time period.
  14. IRS expects to accept efiled amended 2019 returns 8/17/2020. I have not heard when ATX will be ready for this.
  15. Have you completed the housing allowance worksheet ??
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