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  1. One set of clients, TP and SP, both in their late 80's. TP has alzheimers and is now showing signs of paranoia, enhanced by his extreme hearing loss. He has hearing aids but often removes them, so I communicate with him via notes. While I offered to go to their house to collect their tax info I am now hesitant to do so due to his paranoia and the fact that he has guns in the home. SP daughter has POA but I am unaware if it has been invoked.
  2. Sales of privately held stock may be reported by the installment method (I don't have a cite handy but many years ago had a client in similar circumstances).
  3. 1099-MISC, INT and DIV are still 2 to a page. 1099-NEC is 3 to a page
  4. No place to enter for Sch C since it is not taxable
  5. Taxman, when I turn age 72 I too plan to take my RMD as well as continue to contribute to my IRA. IMO it’s a good plan tax-wise, should one meet the contribution qualifications.
  6. As a perk of being a member of NAEA, and NCPE Fellowship, I have access to Verifyle Pro, an encrypted secure document sharing platform. AFAIK it is very user friendly. PS - Other organizations may also offer it as a perk of membership.
  7. Torez J. Brown Senior Sales Business Retention Associate US Professional Market/US Preparer Market Tax and Accounting North America Direct: 678-797-6940 torez.brown@wolterskluwer.com
  8. I just used it to help determine of an adult, disabled child is a dependent, and found it very useful. Judy, perhaps this could be a 'pinned topic' ??? Thanks, Lynn
  9. Ok-512 Corporate - 1/27/2022 Ok 512-S Small Bus - 1/27 OK-513 Resident Fiduciary - 2/3 OK-514 Partnership 1/27
  10. I submit 95% of my W2's via Nelco, the vendor partnering with my Howell write-up software. The handful that are not sent via Nelco generally have 1 or 2 employees, which I enter manually. I do not plan to change to file upload (I'd tried accuwage previously without success). For my practice, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' !!
  11. Danrvan, true. My comment was incomplete and should have included the phrase “not sold via public trading”.
  12. Installment method is available for the sale of privately held stock.
  13. Just received an ATX email, stating that the 2021 software will be available one day next week. ATX offices will be closed for Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday 11/25 and 11/26.
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