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  1. I have entered the start up costs as an 'other expense' and then amortized the amount that exceeds the $5,000.
  2. Gotcha - I must have misunderstood what you wrote in the OP.
  3. Wouldn't putting the investment in their personal name be considered a distribution?
  4. 1120S filed for full year. 2 K-1’s issued, one to deceased for the period 1/1-DOD, 2nd to estate for the rest of the year.
  5. There is a time limit for filing the 1045. If it was filed outside (beyond) that limit then the carry back must be taken via 1040X; I include the 1045 as a worksheet
  6. Randall, so far I have had no reply from my account rep to my email requesting a larger discount. I will be sure to post to the group should a response be received.
  7. This morning my account rep emailed with a link to the renewal; I responded asking for a greater than 12% discount, especially since the cost of the software is up 11%.
  8. I want to clarify my post, just above Abby Normal's. Calling the IRS to cancel an electronic funds withdrawal should be done by the taxpayer, not the tax pro.
  9. Call IRS e-file Payment Services 24/7 at 1-888-353-4537 to inquire about or cancel your payment, but please wait 7 to 10 days after your return was accepted before calling. Cancellation requests must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. ET two business days prior to the scheduled payment date. Posted on the IRS website Feb 8, 2022 https://www.irs.gov/payments/pay-taxes-by-electronic-funds-withdrawal
  10. Or the excel spreadsheet saved in pdf format, without a single thing totaled !!
  11. I efile the extension,leaving the payment line blank, then send the payment voucher to the client. It's up to them whether or not they remit the balance due for the extension request. I explain that an extension is for filing the paperwork, but not for paying the taxes due.
  12. Randall, I do not intend to add the K2K3 if not required. I am adding a 8275 disclosure form stating the entity meets the reporting exclusion requirements.
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