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  1. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    NAEA NTPI Fellow

    Going through the NTPI program is very helpful to those who wish to, or already are, doing a lot of IRS representation work.
  2. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    Anyone else not looking forward to tax season?

    what about looking at the comparison pages, when they become available ?
  3. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    Printing 2018 Tax Returns

    While my printer 'will' duplex, in reality it tends to jam. So it's single sided printing for me.
  4. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    2018 tax software

    Triple password system !!! ??? Explain, please.
  5. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    ATX 2018

    Did the tax and payroll load into two separate modules ?
  6. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    ATX main computer and laptop

    Margaret, I would go to the homes of my two elderly home bound clients , pick up their info, take it back to my office, prepare the returns, then deliver back to the client In a week or so. My ATX is stand alone too.
  7. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    IRS Letter

    The deadline to petition Tax Court is FIRM - there are no extensions. If the deadline is missed, then it is not possible to petition Tax Court (and if the client does, the petition will be rejected as not being timely filed).
  8. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    2018 Tax Organizers

    I have already added the questions regarding cryptocurrency to the tax organizer. I generally try to send them out after Christmas. Due to the postal rate increase scheduled for 1/27/19 I plan to mail them prior to that date.
  9. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana


    As of 1/1/2019 alimony is not deductible by the payor and not included in taxable income by the payee.
  10. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    Little things going right, right now!

    I sat in the front row in colllege physics, professor similar attributes, and I regularly fell asleep.
  11. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    What would you do?

    I am going to fund an endowment for Boykin Spaniel Rescue with a portion of the proceeds. The rest is going into savings. I don't need a new car (my 2007 Volvo wagon is still going strong). My house is inherited and paid for. I will splurge on first class airfare when the situation calls for it (overseas flights for example). I will set up an annual gifting program to my sons, grandchildren, nieces and great niece and great nephew.
  12. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana


    Max, the invitation to renew 'early' was provided to a select number of PTIN holders, not to all. I have no idea what criteria the IRS based their selection process on; I was not invited to renew 'early', and in fact don't plan to renew until early December. By then I expect the kinks in their system to be worked out.
  13. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    Puerto Rico?

    From what I've seen on other FB groups, Puerto Rico requires those who prepare Puerto Rico returns to be specifically certified (not sure what their designation is called). J. Stephen Odom, EA in FL is suitably certified and prepares Puerto Rico returns. If you are an NAEA member you can contact him via the NAEA webboard (online forum); otherwise a google search may yield his contact information.
  14. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    Abandon Leasehold Improvements

    Option #2
  15. Lynn EA USTCP in Louisiana

    SS re-paid in same year

    The SSA should have shown the repayment amount; there's a box for that and they failed to properly report the repayments. I agree the client needs to go in person to the SSA office with all repayment documentation to get the SSA1099 corrected and reissued. Or is the net amount in box 5 correct?