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  1. Ask them if they have a prenup delineating property separation.
  2. Some folks received their first stimulus money in April 2020. And the second as early as 12/29 or into January/February 2021.
  3. Judy, in ATX K-1 is no longer marked as draft. I looked at all the lines for code V and don't see anywhere to input the 199a dividends received. It's not a lot of $ (under $10) and probably will have no tax impact for the S/H. Thanks for responding.
  4. Client is an S corp with an investment account. The 1099-DIV reports line 5 Section 199A dividends $x.xx. I am mystified as to where on the return/worksheets/schedules to enter this information. I hope someone else has run across this in the past and has an answer. Thank you,
  5. Schirallicpa - the client does not have to pay back the extra EIP received. While the IRS might say to return those extra funds, there's no payback requirement in that stimulus package.
  6. But if he's already received the $1,200 and $600 then IRS already has the correct bank details. My guess is the letter is just an FYI, just in case, you might need to ......
  7. It takes a couple days for the ACK to come back, and the time frame extends the closer you get to the filing deadline, My early ones took 2 days , and now I am looking at 3-5 days.
  8. When the TDF form was filed It was a mixed bag. That changed when the FBAR filing is allowed only on the FINCEN site . I provide general FBAR filing requirements but do not want the liability of doing so. My 3 individual clients with foreign assets all file their own FBAR and provide a copy to me. The FBAR for a US trust is filed by the trustee, who also provides a copy to me.
  9. What I have done is edit the letter to add a paragraph
  10. IRS does match 1099-K, or at least the ones issued for $368,000
  11. line 10B ? click on the arrow to the worksheet. enter the cash charitable contributions on line 5 of the worksheet. that's what shows on my system. Did you do the program update when it came out a couple of weeks ago ?
  12. I stopped mailing w2’s to ssa and 1099s to IRS; they are Efiled, the w2s through my writeup software via nelco (howell) and the 1099s via ATX. A few are manually entered directly at SSA BSO
  13. Close 2020 PR. Open 2019 PR. Close 2019 PR. Reopen 2020 PR and try again.
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