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  1. My late father, also an EA, never had E&O insurance . I do.
  2. IMO (totally unresearched), there is no difference between the 1099-MISC box 7 and Medical Payments box (whatever # that is). They are both counted as income. Does he have financials that reflect income at least, or more than, the total of the 1099-MISC and 1099-K issued to him? Lynn
  3. virtrue encrypts email - I used this for a short time but end users had difficulties with it. It could have been an end-user issue and not software issue sendinc encrypts email - never used it protonmail encrypts email - my son set himself up with this but I haven't for the office
  4. $1650 x % of # of days of ownership in the year =~ $4.52. Do the special date allocation section of the k-1 input.
  5. I did as B Aja I suggested. The attachment was s corp shareholder basis worksheet. But the tax return had the very same basis worksheet. Efiled and it went through as did the state return.
  6. The federal has 52 documents. There is one federal attachment - the S corp SH basis statement 2.6 mg. Hmmm, now to figure out how to condense it - who knows how to do that ? Edit - it looks like I have to upgrade to a different adobe version at $14.99 / month to add the condense file feature. Paper file it is then.
  7. I have a large 2018 tax return that I'm trying to efile. It won't go through as the efile times out. Any suggestion? If it won't EF then I'll have to print for the client to paper file via USPS snail mail.
  8. Start here - https://www.tax.virginia.gov/. There is a section for Tax Professionals. I had clients in VA and signed up for tax update emails. Some DOR , NM for example, have seminars for new businesses; maybe VA does too good luck !! Lynn
  9. I allocate sales price percentages across all assets, according to their original cost basis percentages.
  10. Black BART, 2018woeks fine, though ACKs are slightly slower. I am still waiting on an ACK for 2016 and have not been able to EF 2017.
  11. JohnH, the client for which I need to EF 2017 IS in a hurry to EF that year’s return as she needs a transcript for that year for her son’s FAFSA application. Admittedly she is tardy on filing that year, owes $ to the IRS and state, and had to collect the funds for my fees. The return languished on my completed, waiting for pickup shelf for several weeks until she could pay me. Now that my fees are paid and EF forms are signed I cannot EF until ATX gets its act in gear. If I am not able to EF by Tuesday next week I will contact the client and ask her if she wants to wait for EF top reopen or paper file.
  12. Bumping this thread back up for a variety of issues - (1) has anyone been able to EF 2017? (I have not). (2) I efiled a 2016 days ago and it is still at transferred to agency, awaiting ACK. Anyone else have better success with this? I have gone to EF status page on their support site; no news. (3) has anyone else been able to communicate with your ATX rep regarding renewing for 2019? I've sent mine an email and left a voicemail message - no response yet. (My rep is Aaron Seiffert; last I heard from him was late April when they invited me to switch to ATX Access - I declined). (4) For those who have renewed were you able to secure a better discount than the 10% offered on my renewal invoice?
  13. We won't be told, if at all, whether or not our clients' data was compromised until after the 5/31 deadline to renew with discounts !!!
  14. Form 8821 might be more appropriate - the tax pro would receive copies of any notices issued but not be responsible for responding. IMO, form 2848 carries with it representation rights and duties to respond.
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