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  1. Has anyone heard of this new tax? The PTET tax that NY has. Thoughts? Thanks! Yvonne
  2. I am an EA too. I had to be fingerprinted to become an ERO. You didn't have to be fingerprinted?
  3. My computer is only one year old and was the top of the line at the time. I do have printer issues. Atx told me its because the program was written for older computers so the newer computers it gives printer problems. My partner's computer is 3 years old (windows 10) and his computer has the printer issues and this week it's the program needs to close all of the sudden in the middle of a return.
  4. Does any one else think that the program does not work like it used to? Is it only me? My computer is new and I was told by ATX that it is not printing properly because they target computers that are old. How about that! Any other ideas?
  5. Yeah no she called the company and they said they have been doing this for years. She was paid monies to retire early. So they paid her with 2 W-2's. Thanks for the input! Yvonne
  6. Hello All! I'm back! I changed my name from mydalbasti because I couldn't figure out my password and email I used. Anyway, has anybody heard of a company( using the same EIN #) issuing 2 W-2's to one person? Thanks in advance! Yvonne
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