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  1. BHoffman

    Engagement Letter

    Yardley, does your E&O insurance company provide sample engagement letters?
  2. BHoffman

    1099 online filing

    Hi Jack - thanks for responding. I can't file 1099 forms via Drake and found an older thread that suggested efilemyforms.com Tried that, and it works great! I only have about 5 or 6 forms to file.
  3. BHoffman

    1099 online filing

    Well, I forgot my FIRE password and want to use an online 1099 filing company. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. BHoffman

    Time to Send Out Tax Organizers?

    I do not include the name of the client, nor do I sign the engagement letter but it does appear on my letterhead. The sample tax engagement letter on my E&O insurer's website says this: "To accept our firm’s offer to perform services based upon on the terms set forth in this Agreement, forward the completed tax organizer and other tax return information requested to us. By doing so, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms set forth above.", which is the same thing. It's hard enough to get the signed 8879 forms.
  5. BHoffman

    Time to Send Out Tax Organizers?

    I started emailing my pre season tax letter, engagement letter, privacy policy, and my own very EZ organizer to cut down on time and mailing costs. I only have to snail mail a few. My engagement letter doesn’t have to be signed and says “When you submit your tax information to me you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions for my services.” I found that very few clients ever used the multi page detailed organizers I used to mail out. Sent the emails out today and am getting lots of thank you replies. I moved from AZ to FL into my deceased father’s house. The office here is tiny compared to the one I had in Phoenix. So far, so good with client retention. Wish me luck and accept my best wishes that your tax season is the easiest and most profitable ever!!
  6. BHoffman

    Best free remote log in program

  7. BHoffman

    Merry Happy

    Merry Christmas!
  8. Can anyone suggest a good, free remote log in program? I have one client who has trouble using join.me and wonder if there is an easier way. I need to log into their computer once every year. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  9. BHoffman

    N/T - The 8867 from 2025

    Of course I didn't believe your post was serious. One spoof deserves another. My concern is that the upcoming tax season is going to be somewhat of a gray area with all of the changes. If you post that the "IRS released a statement", then that's maybe not so funny. Better to present yourself as a conduit with a Deep Throat rogue IRS agent who feeds you this information in a dark underground parking garage.
  10. BHoffman

    N/T - The 8867 from 2025

    Yeah, I got that. Trolling isn't nice. Don't forget that crap we all went through a few years ago with that 3115 debacle because of bell ringers. Be nice.
  11. BHoffman

    N/T - The 8867 from 2025

    I'm still very curious as to where you obtained this information. Your post says "The IRS has released questions which will appear on the 8867 by the year 2025". To whom? Where can I find the release? If it isn't public, then where did you get it? I want to see where the IRS has released these questions. I need to see it now as I'm trying to put together a retirement plan. If this is valid, I need to know as this will probably tip the scale in favor or earlier rather than later retirement. It's important that I can verify what you posted now and not in seven years.
  12. BHoffman

    N/T - The 8867 from 2025

    Where did you get this information? I would like to read it in depth. Thanks!
  13. BHoffman

    Possible Myths about 1031 exchange

    He shouldn’t have any mortgage boot as long as the new debt is more than the old debt. There isn’t any depreciation recapture if the new property has a higher Basis than the old property.
  14. BHoffman

    LLC Reporting

    The nature of the income determines the tax treatment. Whether the client is in an ordinary business or is an investor should have been determined when he first began reporting. Limited Liability Companies are just legal entities. LLC does not automatically equate to the tax requirement of a Sch C. I have lots of rentals reported by LLCs on Sch E.
  15. BHoffman

    Change in Capital Loss Carryforward

    I’ve also had to correct a loss carry forward and just kept a detailed note in the file. Never came up.