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    CPA (passed on 1st attempt), MBA, Graduate degree in banking - major: financial management & control, NASB Stock Broker Series 7 License, Life, Accident & Health Ins License. Private practice since 1995. Technology nut. Disability advocate.

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  1. Crank

    Your fee

    Only ever had one. 22 yo kid. I passed on the bank charge.
  2. Crank

    Summer Gathering

    I wish I could attend but unfortunately I can not. Hope everyone has a great time!
  3. Crank

    1040 PostCard

    Hmmm, maybe I should cancel my tax package order
  4. Crank

    It's time for a new printer

    Where are you getting your toner. From amazon and ebay I usually only get <1500 pages from the "high capacity" carts.
  5. However, with the federal penalty gone as of 2019 the necessary calculations will need to be handled on the state return. Seems like it could be a lot more work for the state return. Also, could be possible that a lot of people wont realize that it will impact them on the state level thinking its been repealed.
  6. Crank

    It's time for a new printer

    Yep. I have had the HL-2270DW for about 5 years now and had another Brother model for about the prior 5 year period. I usually use Staple Multiuse paper which is fairly inexpensive and havent had any problems. I like Brother because I can find inexpensive 3rd party toner. Used HP previously but felt both the printer and the toner were too expensive.
  7. Crank

    Renewing this month?

    Email from my ATX rep today and she said it was an "online" promo and she couldnt give it to me. So you had to log onto the ATX website to see this promo?
  8. Exactly. If its anything like the federal a lot of people arent going to be very happy with the cost to prepare just their NJ state return not to mention the addition of a large penalty. If this catches on it would really add to the cost of a lot of states tax prep.
  9. Crank

    Renewing this month?

    I never received the add'l 5% off communication. I renewed on 5/30. Ill give them a call on Monday. Thank you!
  10. https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/06/01/new-jersey-imposes-state-obamacare-style-individual-mandate/ Sheesh. Now the states are getting into the act. I believe Mass. has done the same thing.
  11. Crank

    afraid to get EA

    If its really what you want then by all means go for it. I assume you will regret it if you dont. When I was studying for the CPA I took a review class and the best advice I got was. "Remember, the test was written by individuals and is designed for individuals. Many have passed so dont look at it like its impossible. If you want to do it, and you prepare sufficiently, you can do it!" And I did on my very first attempt. Its a great feeling!
  12. Crank

    Check my thinking on AOTC please

    Just a thought. Are you sure the numbers are for 2017 only. Ive had 1098-Ts that pull in other years info such as scholarship info for 2017 and the first semester of 2018 which could create a taxable situation. I usually like to get the term printouts from the school to be sure they are only allocating the correct year items to the 1098-T
  13. Crank

    ATX client letters

    I want in on this class too. Priceless!
  14. https://support.atxinc.com/download/formdevelopmentstatus.aspx 8863 is now scheduled for 2/2/18
  15. Crank

    What would you charge?

    ~$200-250 which includes the PA local but no planning. I know...Im low Speaking of the PA local, Im annoyed that the W2 detail page doesnt sum local wages and taxes this year