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  1. Pennsylvania has now decided to let income tax preparation proceed. Its been a crazy day https://www.mcall.com/coronavirus/mc-nws-coronavirus-essential-business-list-revised-20200320-qmw7cpxshrhcbmndxf2gqkja5e-story.html
  2. Im self employed and in Pennsylvania and I believe i will have to stop.
  3. Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania has ordered ALL non-life sustaining business to close or face enforcement action. Not surprisingly, this includes income tax preparation. https://www.mcall.com/coronavirus/mc-nws-pa-wolf-mandatory-shutdown-20200319-jgrxxz474vhfvcdgn34unitw4m-story.html
  4. Client received a letter from Pennsylvania claiming an underpayment penalty was due for 2018. This was the result of a $20,000+ year-end capital gains distribution from a mutual fund. Is this correct since there is no way to anticipate something like this as you would with earned income. This is the first time ive seen anything like this. Cant find anything in the Pa regs concerning this either.
  5. Crank

    Where are they?

    Staples bother me but not as much as: 1. People who dont bother to open their mail. 2. Getting documents all crumpled up in a bag.
  6. Just venting but who the heck thought up this question AND who approved it! "If someone can claim you as a dependent, do not check the box." Woulldnt it have been much clearer to just have a box to check if you CAN be claimed as a dependent on someone else's return?
  7. If they are at my office, regardless of if I see them, then I check "physically present". The only ones I check "remote" for are the clients where everything is handled by email.
  8. Crank

    Where are they?

    Seeing a significant amount of late filers this year. Oh well. I just charge a fee for filing extensions and then they get annoyed that their taxes are completed a few days after 4/15. Cant pile everyone in by 4/15 is what I tell them. Get here earlier next year. But they dont listen.
  9. Crank


    OK, im backup and running. Tech said it was an issue on the ATX side which is now resolved.
  10. Crank


    Thanks. Shared screen with tech. Program opened no problem and no error. Weird. I saved a log of the crash and they are looking it over. Really strange that it happened to myself and the OP at about the same time but now there is no error. Im thinking its somehow on the ATX side and not me.
  11. Crank


    Yes, reboot didnt help. on chat with tech ATM Ive had this setup for the past 3-4 years since my c:/ is only 256GB
  12. Crank


    I also just received this message. I am on hold for tech support (over an hour wait). I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent program update? Is your software and where it backs up to all on the same drive? ATX is on my c:/ drive but it backs up to a folder on my d:/ drive and I was wondering if that and the update dont get along well.
  13. Crank

    QBI Fee

    I have no idea. Im still trying to understand the rules.
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