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  1. For some reason when I try to batch print the tax organizers from the 2017 software it will not work. The "print" button is greyed out when trying to print batch style. Anyone else experiencing this or know of a solution. I tried calling ATX customer service and we all know how that goes. Thanks and Happy Holidays.
  2. ETax847

    Raising My Fees

    This year, I'm also not filing a return until payment is received. Tired of chasing people down to collect their prep fees.
  3. ETax847

    Raising My Fees

    Granted we all have different fees, but in terms of a fee hike, I was thinking of raising my fees by 25% in light of the new tax law changes. Anyone doing the same or more?
  4. ETax847


    I'm thinking of bringing DocuSign into my practice to allow clients to e-sign their E-File authorization forms. Any one have any experience doing this and anything I should know prior to rolling it out this coming tax season? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
  5. ETax847

    2018 tax software

    he means 2 factor authentication. No worries
  6. ETax847

    ATX 2018

    it is still form based. The 1040 changed and ATX reflects that change.
  7. ETax847

    ATX 2018

    New setup was a breeze! Hopefully the rest of tax season will be just as smooth!
  8. ETax847

    Qualified Business Income Deduction

    I thought they were supposed to simplify the tax code! This QBI seems to have complicated things!
  9. ETax847

    Qualified Business Income Deduction

    I heard someone refer to the TCJA as the "Full Time Employment Accountant's Act". There will def be a need for people to seek out professional help this tax season which could potentially lead to more fees.
  10. ETax847

    Qualified Business Income Deduction

    Thanks gang! This was most helpful
  11. ETax847

    2018 tax software

    Having the same issue. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.
  12. Does anybody have any good websites that clearly explain the QBI deduction? It seems rather complex and wonder if any particular websites do a good job simplifying it (if thats even possible)? Best wishes!
  13. ETax847

    2018 Tax Organizers

    Thanks guys! Now if we could just get the new software in our hands :)
  14. ETax847

    2018 Tax Organizers

    2 Questions Regarding 2018 Tax Organizers: 1) Are you plan on adding any customized questions (i.e. for crypto transactions or QCD's) 2) When are you planning on sending your clients their 2018 Tax Organizer? Thanks!
  15. ETax847

    Need Help - Software Wont Open

    ATX customer service is not very helpful.