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  1. I side with Tom on this one.
  2. All of the e-filed amended returns were processed timely. I'm going to wait until the efile window reopens in january and resubmit it electronically.
  3. The IRS agent told me, the file was closed out with no comments entered by the agent in charge of the file. I now need to resubmit and start this whole process over. Beyond frustrating.
  4. Thanks. So frustrating that the IRS is this incompetent.
  5. I mailed in a paper copy of a client's 2019 amended tax return back in April. Today, I come to learn that the IRS closed out the file with no comments and I need to resubmit it. Is there any way I can E-file this or has that window closed?
  6. How will they ever get caught up by the time tax season starts?
  7. Every time I call the IRS to check on an amended return that we submitted in April they give me a new 16 week time frame to wait.
  8. Thanks Yardley. I, too, am interested in your feedback and what hiccups, if any, you encounter.
  9. I just received the offer email today. I cant justify spending an extra $500 for this extra functionality. Why they dont include these features in the normal version is beyond me.
  10. Thanks Abby, that did the trick! I appreciate the timely response.
  11. Where do I go to check the complete disposition of a rental property in ATX? On the Fixed Assets tab, I have entered in the disposition information, but none of the carry forward losses are flowing through. Any idea what I am overlooking?
  12. I will do the same. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. I received this email today: Congratulations! To thank you for repeatedly renewing your preparer tax identification number (PTIN) early, you have the opportunity to renew your PTIN before the season opens to other tax return preparers. The PTIN system is ready to accept your renewal from today through Oct. 15. Should you miss this opportunity, you can still renew your PTIN during renewal season beginning later in the week. All PTINs expire on Dec. 31 and must be renewed annually. You must have a valid PTIN if you plan to prepare any federal tax returns for compensation or you
  14. I've tried call the TPP Service Line over the past 3 days, but keep getting a message to try again later due to high call volume. Does anyone know a work around? Or have you had any luck getting through?
  15. Great article. Thanks for sharing!
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