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  1. Is november the best time to buy? I have no problem waiting, thanks!
  2. After 6 tax seasons with my current desktop computer, I now need to replace it. Any idea of what specs to look for in terms of brand, memory, processor etc? Thanks for a wonderful tax season!
  3. I was told the early bird renewal discount ends next month
  4. I have added the CA Sch S to a client's return and completed the input tab, but the info is not flowing through to page 1 of the Schedule. Any idea what input may be missing?
  5. Has anyone else received an ATX renewal notice? I just got mine yesterday. Is this truly the best deal and why did they send it out so early this year?
  6. Check the bottom of the 1099R to make sure the fields are not overlooked.
  7. It turns out the file was corrupted. ATX Tech support was able to export the file, fix it and send it back. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  8. Where do you enter the QBI info on the S-Corp Return so it flows in the K-1's. I apologize if this has already been asked.
  9. I have prepared a 2018 return and when I now try to access it, I receive in error message saying to open the 2017 return and close it and try again. This did not fix the problem. Has anyone experienced this error and found a solution?
  10. ETax847

    Form 8582

    If i override it, it will not carry over for next year.
  11. ETax847

    Form 8582

    I have a new client with carryover losses from a k1. Does anyone know how I can input the previous year losses without having to override anything? Thanks for your help!
  12. I have the same issue but in the 2018 software, does anyone know where to enter prior year's losses on a k1 so it carries over?
  13. Please give notice if this actually passes. I have a ton of returns that need to be amended. UGH!
  14. Never mind! I now see what you are referring to! Thanks so much!
  15. Lynn, I'm not following your response as I have the same question as Tracy Lee. In my 1120S, I go to Sch K1, then what tab do I click to get to that worksheet? Sorry for the trouble
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