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  1. ETax847

    Parking Spot Depreciation?

    I think it's land, because the property tax assessment treats it that way. So no depreciation was my thought
  2. ETax847

    Parking Spot Depreciation?

    My initial thought is to treat it as 39 year non residential real estate, but Roberts, I agree with you.
  3. ETax847

    Parking Spot Depreciation?

    Client rents out a parking spot in a condo building. He only owns the parking spot. What type of depreciation do I use for this type of rental? Thanks!
  4. ETax847

    Energy Credits For Home Tax Form?

    I checked today and my form 5695 still has not had any modifications yet. I have checked for updates but there is not one. Can someone please confirm?
  5. ETax847

    Energy Credits For Home Tax Form?

    Lynn, I'm looking at the form in ATX and most lines say reserved for future use. Any idea what line to add the costs for energy efficient windows? Thanks so much for the prompt response!
  6. What schedule does the credit for energy improvements to the home on and also is this form approved yet for e-filing? Thanks!
  7. I cant believe this issue has not been resolved yes on the IRS' end.
  8. ETax847

    Concealed Social Security Numbers

    This is my first year suppressing the information on the Client Copy and the client feedback has been most positive. Hope everyone is having a smooth tax season!
  9. ETax847

    Form 5695

    Any word on when the IRS will update form 5695 and allow for e-filing of returns that contain this schedule?
  10. Client started a Go Fund Me page to receive help for medical expenses. Ended up receiving over $25k and received a 1099K for 2017. How is this reported on the tax return and should it be backed out because it is not income?
  11. ETax847

    NR CA 540 Help Needed

    thanks Lynn!
  12. ETax847

    NR CA 540 Help Needed

    Doing a multi state NR for someone who worked 5 days in the state of CA. Where do I put the income not earned in the state of CA to subtract that out? I'm not familiar with this state's NR return and am not certain where this adjustment goes. Please advise
  13. Has anyone been able to start on their clients' tax returns yet? It seems like most haven't even received their W2's yet, let alone the rest of their tax documents.
  14. ETax847

    Multi Unit Rental That Owner Lives In

    I was thinking one sch e to save on fees as well. Thanks
  15. Client has a multi unit rental and he lives in one of the 4 units. Do the other three units need their own sch E or can the 3 rental units be lumped into one sch E? Thanks and Happy MLK Day!