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  2. Max you are correct on the KBA requirement. I have used the faxed method, sending the 8879 securely, have them sign, take a picture an return. But, with signature flow, I am pretty sure that was a connection with DocuSign. I very well may end up going with DocuSign at the end of this season. I normally send out more that 50 8879's for e-signatures and for various entities. Signature flow also provided the ability for me to have an engagement letter signed as well. Signature Flow has spoiled me but all good things eventually come to an end.
  3. There are a lot of E-signature companies offering this service, but for signing IRS 8878/8879, it has to have KBA (Knowledge Based Authorization), such as Docusign uses. Others that meet this requirement are CCH E-sign, Smartvault and I think Adobe. If there are others, I haven't run across them. KBA requires two questions to be answered electronically, usually DOB and SSN accessed through a credit agency. If I am reading the following correctly, the IRS will accept faxed, or emailed wet signatures. "What is an “e-signature via remote transaction” in relation to Forms 8878 or 8879? A remote transaction for e-signature is one in which the taxpayer is electronically signing the form and the ERO is not physically present with the taxpayer. Note: A remote transaction for e-signature purposes does not include handwritten signatures on Forms 8878 or 8879, sent to an ERO by hand delivery, U.S. mail, private delivery service, fax, e-mail or an Internet website." https://www.irs.gov/e-file-providers/frequently-asked-questions-for-irs-efile-signature-authorization
  4. This is a different question along the same lines as the OP. A single member LLC that is taxed as an S-Corp, is required to calculate AAA, A&E as well as track capital and stock basis correct?
  5. Drake offers an online signature option if you are a secure file pro user. $5.00 per signature seems a bit high. That means $10.00 for a MFJ return and only works for 1040 returns. DocuSign at $15.99 per month sounds better. If anyone is using anything else that is reasonable, please post it here.
  6. Catherine, Thanks for alerting me/us. I just spoke with them the other day and they said nothing about this. I'm with you, I don't use nor like Outlook. I guess I'll have to search for something different.
  7. Two recent posts:
  8. I had my IT guy load Windows 10 pro and everything was working until I tried to open prior years of ATX. I have 13,14,15,16 and 17 that I need to be able to work. 2018 works. Anyone else have this problem after upgrading to 10? is there a fix? or do I need to call ATX and wait on hold forever? thanks for any insight.
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  10. David, at times most of us have had to be the bearer of bad news to clients. Year after year I had to remind a firefighter about how there were no deductions on house meals and dues. Every year I had to pull out Rev. Rul. 56-49 and commiserate that I would not deduct them even though 'everyone else does.' Such is the burden we bear.....
  11. As usual, they heard it from a friend whose tax preparer lets them claim the value of their baby's photo, etc. - what they say it's worth. So I had to be the bad guy and tell my client no. Thanks for your help.
  12. Did someone on here say they used https://w21099.com/index.html? I wanted to ask how simple or complicated the QB import was. I just bookmarked the site today but I can't find the post that mentioned it.
  13. I'm glad it was online and not live because I was spitting bullets! I would've gotten a black mark on my permanent record from support.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Just worked on a return with 20k short term cap gains. Without line 6, none of SocSec taxable. But with line 6 included, yes. I was able to override the amount in the ATX worksheet. I went back to 2018 ATX and entered info in the planner and got the correct result.
  15. They know what they are doing. Same as the other topic where the entity was plainly treating an employee as a contractor. The business people think they can dump the issue on their accountant/preparer and the cost will be less than what they saved by hiring a sketchy person/entity. The hiring person likely did not check for business license, insurance and WC coverage. No clean hands on either side...
  16. Over the years, my experience with contractors is that for the most part they are concerned about the current job they are trying finish and the next job they need to start yesterday and not much else.
  17. I've told clients to keep blank W9s in their truck. Get it as soon as a new person wants work. Tell them no W9, no work. But still clients don't do it. I don't know why. Over and over again.
  18. Well at least the response was pleasant enough. That's a start. They may not be correct but at least they were nice.
  19. Guy shows up today with a 1095-A after I threw away my accumulated 10 or 20 pound stack of O-facts last month (I just thought I was through with that junk). Oh well, it's a (sort of) short form (8962) that Turbo didn't get -- now if only he was a millennial instead of 57. But I guess we're still in practice (at least 'til we kick the bucket).
  20. Micros POS software is owned by Oracle. Tom Modesto, CA
  21. Grrr. Maybe I wasn't specific enough, but support says the worksheet is just fine. Issue Summary Social Security benefits worksheet has a bug Description 1040 Line 5 Social Security Benefits worksheet line 3 does not match the one in the IRS 1040 instructions. It is missing line 6 capital gains. This is a copy/paste from the IRS instructions: lines 1, 2b, 3b, 4b, 4d, 6, and Schedule 1, line 9 However, your worksheet skips the 6: lines 1, 2b, 3b, 4b, 4d, and Schedule 1, line 9 Is this on your list of things to fix? Thanks! Joe Resolution Good Morning Mr. Davis, The layout is correct. According to the IRS, the worksheet is correct. The link to which you can see the worksheet for 2019 is https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p915.pdf. Please contact the ATX customer support center at your earliest convenience if this does not resolve your issue. We can be reached at 1(800) 495-4626. Thank you for choosing Wolters Kluwer.
  22. You can continue to use the contractor, however back withholding rules apply, which used to be 28 %.
  23. Edsel

    Fill-in Forms

    Several suggestions that work. Thanks to all respondents. Edsel
  24. I just had "this" conversation yesterday, with someone asking what it was like being able to "speak" programming. I think I shocked with my reply. Programming is a great skill. But, it is no more than 5% of what it is needed to be a programmer. 5% is coming up with the ideas, and 90% is trying to predict what a human non-expert will do, and dealing with those consequences. The person said "what?" and I shaded that when computers first became available to the "public", those who obtained them became experts. Now, they are ubiquitous, and experts are rare. Programmers must now anticipate and react, not just "allow". Many believe their computer should get the job done, and will or should never allow the user to be human (make an error).
  25. This will be the case no matter what you try. It baffles me how people can't create a password for a new account, and download a file. How do you live in the internet age without those skills?!
  26. Dawn, In the S corp return, there's a new tab under 1120S, "199A Activity Summary". There will be listed an 1120S activity, with an opportunity to add more. At the top of the form is a Check ('X") if Qualified Business. If you check that box, numbers will flow to the K-1s. If it is also a Specified Service Trade or Business, check that box also. Most of the input should flow from 1120S, but you may have to supply a Section 199A W-2 wages number and/or a Section 199A unadjusted basis number.
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