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  2. The cats hated him at first, but the Alpha is getting closer to him. He only weighs 4.5 pounds and our smallest cat weighs 12. Yoda can't figure out why they are annoyed when he chases them or runs headlong into their side to try to get them to play. The cats are positive that he is beneath them. He really needs our son to bring back their two Great Pyrs again, because he has a blast with the youngest one. When we get moved out to Colorado, they will have fun. A Morkey is part Maltese and part Yorkie. He does have some poodle in him according to his DNA test. He does not shed and he is the faster than greased lightning.
  3. I need pictures! What is a Morkey? What do your cats think about your dog?
  4. This was my last April 15th when I have to care about anyone else's return except my own! I just finished a bunch of extensions, but I still feel like a huge weight has been lifted. This has been the worst tax season ever. I didn't think that it could ever be worse than losing my Mom, but this last five months of having my husband so sick has been the pits. It was getting so hard to concentrate and get enough sleep. We got a new puppy, too for my husband. He turns out to be a Morkey, not a Poodle but I am happier with him anyway. I am also pretty sure that he will never know to go to the door to be let out. He is way too small, anyway. At least he is very good at using pads. Between a dog and 3 cats, it keeps me busy cleaning up. I just hope that we can find a condo that will allow 4 pets when we move. It was a sad and happy day. Lots of hugs and tears, and I will miss my clients. I got some beautiful bouquets, a customer made blankets for both my husband and me and gift cards to go eat. I did get a gift that I bet none of have ever received. My clients sent me an adjustable leg rest because they know that my leg is still a mess after my scope and that I will be getting a replacement. My client had just broken his leg very badly and was using this after his surgery. I have been blessed and still have a ton of work to do. I am hopeful that my husband will improve so that I can get a part time job out of the house in anything but taxes. Thanks so much for everything. See you all soon!
  5. 8 pm! Just filed the last extension and there are many. This day is SO over. Had to pause for one more senseless phone call. I am going to bed. Have been in this chair for 12 solid hours. We didn't even stop to eat. Good night all. Things will look better tomorrow. I am also rethinking giving up and shooting for one more year. What? Have we all lost our minds?
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  7. Thank you to all who have participated in the answer. Often I am responded to with a IRS link, which I believe to be perhaps the most official answer in existence. I am admittedly lazy for not researching on my own. I ask questions because I do want an alternative to spending 45 minutes reading something. One link a couple years ago resulted in 71 printed pages. But for Kathy, Judy, and Catherine, thank you so much for responding. I have my answer.
  8. You made my day @BulldogTom. Thanks for the smile.
  9. You have, indeed, had LIFE! That is so much in such a short time - well, for any length of time. I'm so sorry for your losses. Hopefully the brother and daughter may be finding peace within and with you soon. I'm sure Frankie and Louie are a comfort despite puppy challenges. I so much want a little dog. Two cats are sweet but not the same as a dog. My husband is less understanding. Take all the time you need. We know that without self care, we cannot really care well for others. Breathe....
  10. This has been a long season. And not so much because of the tax work but because of LIFE kind of getting the best of me. My mother fell and went into nursing home in January. She basically got stuck in there too long and got worse. My daughter was quite sick and taking priority over my mother. My mother died in March. Had to take off time for that and dealing with my estranged brother. My daughter had a very traumatic break up in March and had to move out of her apartment and back in with us, and continues to have her other problems going on. Being at the office was a better choice half the time this year, but I'm telling you, these family things have got me worn out. And just for kicks - we added 2 puppies to the family in January. Frankie and Louie. (Shih-tzus. And anybody that has little dogs knows - they tend not to potty train too fast.) (I will have to update my avatar when I have a free moment. That was my little guy Vinny who passed last August.) I'm ready to do NOTHING for a few days. Hopeful anyway.
  11. Just had a couple of returns sent in on April 11 come through, but ones filed after that have not. Is Missouri just slow on getting returns "Accepted"?
  12. I do get emails with things like (literally) "Help", "I cannot print", or "How do I pay my taxes". Over the years, I have built a custom automated reply system for the most common messages. I do track those who seem to ask excessive questions. They are thankfully few, and often indicate no experience or training ahead of time (with payroll processing) and will usually end up with a refund and a suggestion to hire out their payroll until they can get trained. Back when our customer count was beginning to grow, we could take orders on the phone and manually input them, we would spend time on the phone with most, but it actually was a detriment if one considers the time spent per customer and what our time costs (either to replace, or in lost productivity with other tasks). I am not saying support is a money loser, but the best use of support budget is preventing the contact in the first place by programming skills, FAQ, proactive emails, etc. It is also the best for the customer, as no customer (well, not those one should keep) asks for help before spending time trying to figure it out themselves and are likely at a low simmer (at least) when they reach out.
  13. I have no problems or any delays receiving acknowledgements with Drake, Federal or Oregon.
  14. For me. A dollar fee does not prevent calls for things not in my realm of support. It anything, it makes the process worse, as those who pay expect to monopolize my time, even beyond what they paid for. They do not like hearing no, that is not anything to do with my software - but I cannot refund you because you still called and took my time. The reality is, again for me, email is the only fair method, and workable. Anything I could answer over the phone is rare, and well documented already, and the other issues usually require images, backups, or a written-out reply (so it can be followed properly). Then there is the fairness. Should somebody who calls jump the line of those who write, and how much to charge for that effect.
  15. Edit: all my returns of 4/12 just were approved. (I use Drake but that shouldn't matter)
  16. I just checked and haven't received any that were efiled on 4/12.
  17. Solvency is calculated immediately before discharge. Only if the date of identifiable event is incorrect on form would solvency after the fact be considered.
  18. The forms may also insidiously end up being issued years afterwards, when the taxpayer is no longer insolvent. Then it can become taxable income.
  19. Here you go, Gail. https://www.gocomics.com/frazz/2024/04/13
  20. I can't figure out how to share a copy of it, but the April 13 comic strip Frazz was very on-point if you can look it up. And if someone better at this than me can share it......
  21. Yes, please see the instructions to preparing 1099-C and "Who Must File" and the large bold heading under that labeled "Exceptions". It seems that the form's issuance depends on the type of bankruptcy and whether the debt was for business or investment, or if it was for personal use.
  22. Sorry to hear about your mother. I lost my mother 10 years ago. It's never easy.
  23. Instructions for 1099C: https://www.irs.gov/instructions/i1099ac#en_US_202201_publink1000284973 If insolvent it's not taxable, but if form received it needs to be accounted for on return.
  24. Mortimer owes $10,000 to MegaBank, among numerous other debts, and declares bankruptcy. Through the arrangements, MegaBank agrees to accept $1500 as part of the bankrupt settlement. Question: Although MegaBank has agreed (reluctantly) to accept only $1500, can they (or should they) issue 1099-C to Mortimer for $8500?
  25. Thanks. That's good to know, and so it would be up to Christian to find out the specifics for this student.
  26. Sure he can. I know plenty of kids who graduated w/ an Associates Degree from the local community college the same time they graduated HS.
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