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  2. We recently had a client who had rented an office building to a nonprofit and eventually donated it to them. He got the certified appraisal (40 pages worth) that I told him he needed. However, the appraiser refused to sign Part IV of the 8283, claiming he didn't appraise it for IRS purposes or something like that. I believe the two of them are battling it out now about why the client paid for an appraisal to certify FMV and now the appraiser won't attest to it. Have your client hire an appraiser very carefully!
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  4. Do you need a certified appraisal or just a fairly good idea of what things are worth?
  5. Sometime back a forum member posted an entry in which a question was raised concerning the appraisal value of items a client wished to sell. One or more members posted the names of appraisers or auction houses that they were familiar with (one in Washington D C if my memory serves) and I failed to print the replies out. Now I find I need this type of info and would appreciate any input from anyone. Alternatively if I can be furnished the original post and comments from here that to would be appreciated. I'll be sure and print it this time for sure if received.
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  7. From the kiddie campfire song: "The nearest branch was ten feet up; I'd have to jump and trust my luck... I missed that branch away up there... Now don't you fret; now don't you frown - I caught that branch, on my way DOWN!"
  8. You make a great point. Personally there's no way I'd stand that close to a mother bear and her cubs. If one of the cubs begins to make its way in their direction, the mother bear may spring into action in an instant. Then you'll hear someone screaming "You can't outrun that BEAR!" And the response will be "I'm just trying to outrun YOU!"
  9. That's really something. The mother bear is so accustomed to human exposure to fear no harm from humans to her cubs otherwise all those hefty critters to the right would have been heading for the hills.
  10. Oh, I can't bear to think of what direction these comments may take.
  11. They probably needed to take a paws from the heat and cool off.
  12. RE: NYS + EIC (not unemployment). This addresses Carolbeck's post. I had the same thing happen. NYS changed EIC and I thought I was wrong until I read HVKen's post and reviewed the instructions. NYS is allowing the use of 2019 income but you had to enter a Special Code on IT-201 Item G. It's Code P3. See Form IT-215 Instructions page 2, left hand side, just above "Worksheet A."
  13. I did a look-back, and she was the primary TP on the 2019 MFJ return with HIS 2 children on the return. We filed the 2020 return on MARCH 7th, 2021. It looks like the IRS based the CTC on the 2019 return and not the 2020 return. How many times will this happen across the nation?PLUS, on the 2021 return, he will most surely be able to claim the entire CTC because HE (likely) never received an advanced payment. I still need to check with him.
  14. My first thought is someone with a dependent used the same account for direct deposit. Maybe a grown child or ex. Ok, no, that thought was way down the line. Let's be honest here.
  15. I would be wary of scams where a deposit is made (which later turns out to be fake and is cancelled), and the person is called, told it was a mistake, and is asked to return the money via wire transfer or gift cards.
  16. I should have also included this working URL in my initial post: https://taxcut.atxinc.com/taxcut2011.aspx But (as you will find) neither of the update buttons on the page work.
  17. Vegas to Reno is quite a ways. Over 400 miles. I will wave to you when you get here, but the mountains may obstruct your view. ;0) Enjoy sin city. I will be there in Sept for the NATP tax seminar. It is one of the few live seminars going this year. Tom Sparks, NV
  18. Hello experts. Speaking of the Wolters Kluwer takeover, I am trying to update an old copy of Taxcut (aka H&R Block) - and install a new state. I purchased this software, but I am unable to use it now because the URL for updates has changed or been taken down. And of course, the bigger the company, the less helpful they are. What are we supposed to do if a computer crashes & we need to re-install? The software is useless without being updated - and all of the updates are web based. Within the program, the suggested URL for updates is: ftp://ftp.atxinc.com/2011/TaxCutBiz/ManualDownload/webenginetc.exe But ftp.atxinc.com is now unreachable. Can someone do me a favor & see if this update file is still available via support.atxinc.com?
  19. That was just a sample letter I found online, however it's the exact letter my client received for 2020, since it's considered a government job there is no social security but there is Medicare, and the excludable amount is being taxed for for Medicare. I will be around your area next week, taking a brief vacation to Vegas.
  20. This is the page you want. https://support.atxinc.com/myinformation/MyProducts
  21. We are well past the statute of limitations on this return. Why are you looking at this? Assuming I got this from a client in the current year, I would probably recalc the W2 for correct box 1, 3 & 5 amounts, enter the W2 I just calculated into ATX with the corrected box marked in the W2 entry screen, and e-file that sucker with the letter attached. At audit I would argue that the letter constitutes a correction to the W2. It gives me something to stand on to justify the way I filed the return. Going any other way means adding adjustments with statements to multiple lines of the return. Without a correct W2, there is no way they are going to refund the excess SS and medicare withheld. By correcting the W2, that is the only item affected and only one item to fight with the IRS about. JMHO Tom Sparks, NV
  22. She can't "opt out" because when she went to the web site, she "doesn't qualify for child tax credit." I'm not even making this up.
  23. I know, it's more so she won't spend the money...
  24. Yeah, my bank is paying 00.01 %
  25. My guess is that it'll be reconciled on her 2021 income tax return in 2022, a lot like the RRC worksheet but NOT keeping the excess. Tell her to opt out. Or buy a nine-month CD to hold the funds until next spring.
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