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  2. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my stepdaughter's with SIL and 2-year-old grandson Everett who requested I sit next to him and gobbled up his dinner. We then returned to the little inn where we stayed for a few days. We had no refrigerator there, so couldn't take any leftovers. But hubby planned ahead and ordered the Stew Leonard's Thanksgiving dinner for pick-up today, so we can eat turkey and stuffing and all the sides all this week. My son and his wife live at her mother's inn in PA; DIL is the executive chef. She's been on her feet for over a week now. Usually she starts with "Bah Humbug" about the Thursday before Thanksgiving. This year she's been wishing everyone a "Thanksgiving" and if questioned, tells them she did NOT forget the "Happy." We don't visit them until the week between Christmas and New Year's when the inn empties out. We'll try to get the granddaughters on FaceTime.
  3. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. We had ribeyes on the grill and saved our bigger meal of a small turkey breast for today b/c my husband had just finished the latest of his most recent medical treatments on Wed, and we wanted to make sure he was feeling well enough to enjoy the turkey.
  4. We are still eating the leftovers: turkey breast, stuffing, spuds, etc. the turkey turned out great. It’s only the two of us, so we don’t get the full bird anymore.
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  6. Yes, I remember doing that when studying for the SEE, and when taking the *&^ tests, too. Passed all four sections first try, too. (Down to 3 sections now; could make snarky comments about tax preparers these days having it easy - but I won't because the IRS is crazier now than it was then.)
  7. We had two Thanksgivings - one by ourselves and one with younger daughter & her family (older daughter was working on Friday and could not join us). First one featured ribeye steaks and homemade sweet potato fries, with blueberry cake for dessert. Second was smoked shoulder and green beans slow-cooked together, with cormbread and herbed baby potatoes, apple crisp for dessert. Yum. Hope all my friends here had a wonderful day (or days)!
  8. I would hope that the IRS looks at the calls coming in and the agent I spoke with would forward this to whoever in the IRS programs the computer. That may be too much of an ask, but one can hope. I can see how this happened, the law was passed late, the IRS scrambled to do the best they can, and the Mortgage Interest Credit is not a "big" credit that is on a lot of returns. This is only the second one I have had in 24 years in business. I have not been in Longview long enough to know who my liaison is. And I need to get ready for the upcoming tax season more than I need to spend hours on the phone waiting for the IRS to answer. Tom Longview TX
  9. I don't think so, but I am satisfied with the deal that I got in May and was then able to put it behind me and worry about other things. Actually, I haven't heard of any newer "offers" and I do talk to my sales rep from time to time. What irritates me the most are all of the changes in Support and the inability to access them easily. I hope that process changes as we move along. Like I said, I have a working program installed and they haven't even been paid yet. I just received an email informing me that payment is due next week. Merry Christmas to me.!
  10. Contact the IRS liaison for your area. They deal with systemic problems. Explain that the computer is not reading the form and fortunately for this client, the refund will be corrected. How about the other taxpayers who had the same issue but didn't get through to such a patient agent? Ask that all such returns be reviewed. The liaisons can make sure problems with IRS systems get fixed.
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  12. CASOL was the precursor to eServices and stood for Customer Account Services On Line.
  13. Hate to drag this on, but then why leave it blank and withhold the information requested by the IRS? Here is a second "opinion" per https://www.thetaxadviser.com/issues/2013/dec/casestudy-dec2013.html "......the effective date of the S election could be entered."
  14. I have to disagree, otherwise why would they ask the questions? My interpretation is the IRS wants to know when the entity was incorporated and in what state. In the OP, the incorporation date is the same as the effective S-CORP election date, that will match the incorporation date on 1120-S. And possibly receive a rejection or request for additional information? Have you filed one that way before?
  15. It appears to me that you have interpreted the issue correctly. I think that the date of incorporation and the state of incorporation are "state" related questions not "federal" related questions and that is why I would leave the questions blank.
  16. That is true, but I put in the date that will show as the beginning of the first tax year on 1120-S rather than leaving it blank. Have not had an issue with it.
  17. The instructions don't address this, but I would leave them blank.
  18. Just put in the effective date of the S-corp. election.
  19. Perhaps a dumb question. But the LLC is not incorporated. Do I answer these questions?
  20. Turkey lurkey doo and Turkey lurkey dap I eat that turkey Then I take a nap Turkey and sweet potato pie Sammy Davis Jr. Only had one eye Turkey for the girls and Turkey for the boys My favorite kind of pants Are corduroys (except on Thanksgiving when it's sweat pants!) Gobble gobble goo and Gobble gobble gickel I wish turkey Only cost a nickel
  21. Finally got on the PP Line and got to an agent. The issue is the 8396 credit. The IRS computers read Sch 3 of the 1040 and did not pick up that it was an 8396 credit so they messed up the ordering rules. IRS agent is trying to fix it now. ATX is correct, but it took us about an hour to get through the CTC worksheet. He kept getting hung up on the line 14 calculation on that worksheet because the computer did not "see" the form in the return. FYI if any of you have a client who got a CP12 and they lost some refund and had a 8396 in the return. This has been bugging the snot out of me since it came up. I am so glad I can tell the client that it was not us or our software that made the mis-calculation. It is not a lot of money, but my reputation is worth all the effort. No charge to the client for my time on this one. Tom Longview TX
  22. No No Yes Have your client call and find out what is the delay, I have been warning all my clients, if you refund doesn't arrive in a timely manner, call the IRS and keep me posted.
  23. So the consensus is that I should not file an amendment with the same amounts but different W2 Payer info, while explaining the amendment under Explanation of Changes on Page 2? Would the Payer info on the W2 Entry form being different not typically trigger such a delay? The IRS Where's My Refund page is useless as it has said "Your tax return is being processed" since March with no specific info. I know there may be two forms the IRS uses to authorize the preparer to discuss a client's return with them. One is the 2848 Power-of Attorney which I believe is more effective. I can't remember the other. Is the 2848 generally sufficient?
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