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  2. Hello Everyone!!! Happy Friday!!! Is there any update on this? Trying to e-file a 2017 Personal Tax Return for over a week now and still getting error listed above?
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  4. The program is the same whether you buy Max or Total Office. Even Advantage is the same with just some added functionality.
  5. JohnH, the client for which I need to EF 2017 IS in a hurry to EF that year’s return as she needs a transcript for that year for her son’s FAFSA application. Admittedly she is tardy on filing that year, owes $ to the IRS and state, and had to collect the funds for my fees. The return languished on my completed, waiting for pickup shelf for several weeks until she could pay me. Now that my fees are paid and EF forms are signed I cannot EF until ATX gets its act in gear. If I am not able to EF by Tuesday next week I will contact the client and ask her if she wants to wait for EF top reopen or paper file.
  6. JohnH

    ATX Renewal

    Usually the only way to get a significant discount in any negotiation is being willing to walk away (or at least convincing the other party you're prepared to do that). Maybe I'm naive, but if 2017 e-file isn't available for any reason, what's the problem with paper filing? It isn't as though the client is in a hurry to get it done... (But I do understand the overall concern extends beyond simply getting the return filed)
  7. Lynn, I have not been able to efile 2017 and I am getting very worried. I did renew and did not get a better discount than 10% from my rep. I can't remember his name and will have to look it up. I don't know how other people on FB have been getting larger discounts. My rep was not having any of my reasons, but I did drop down from Total Office to MAX and saved some money. The idea of switching programs when I am trying to count down to getting away from this much stress fills me with dread, but I am really starting to worry about what really happened at WK, since they have pretty much stopped communicating. I am very frustrated that 2017 efile is not back up when many of us still have those returns to file. I guess I would call the regular sales number and tell them that your rep is not returning your messages.
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  9. Bumping this thread back up for a variety of issues - (1) has anyone been able to EF 2017? (I have not). (2) I efiled a 2016 days ago and it is still at transferred to agency, awaiting ACK. Anyone else have better success with this? I have gone to EF status page on their support site; no news. (3) has anyone else been able to communicate with your ATX rep regarding renewing for 2019? I've sent mine an email and left a voicemail message - no response yet. (My rep is Aaron Seiffert; last I heard from him was late April when they invited me to switch to ATX Access - I declined). (4) For those who have renewed were you able to secure a better discount than the 10% offered on my renewal invoice?
  10. Yes, definitely a CA NR return. Also, enter the former 2106 deductions as CA does not conform to TCJA and you might have more than the CA standard deduction.
  11. Client's spouse works in health care. She works temporarily in California. She does share an apartment with another nurse and pays rent while she is in California. Her residence has been and still is in NC. She does come home to be with her husband frequently. I am waiting for her to tell me the number of days she spends in CA as well as if this is will continue to be a temporary assignment or permanent one. She does not qualify for any of the 2106 expenses due to the TCJA. but I don't know how important it maybe to establish a tax home. I just need to know why type of CA return to file. Her employer withholds CA income taxes so my first instinct is to file a CA non-resident return to be able to take the credit for taxes paid to another on the NC return. She does file jointly with her spouse who is the main taxpayer. Any help or guidance here is appreciated.
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  13. Our use of our smart phones for financial transactions has become a serious weak point. Hackers have now created methods of attacking smart phones which do not require you to click on anything. I have a smart phone, which I use for phone calls, texting and as a camera. I do not have any apps linking me to my bank, broker or my retirement accounts. I only use my desktop or my chromebook for those accounts.
  14. Big or small, they go after everyone. I get phishing emails at least once a day trying to get me to click links or open attachments. The schemers are getting more and more advanced.
  15. If you haven't done so already, now might be a good time to consider locking your credit reports. It takes maybe 30 minutes to lock them up but be sure to keep a copy of those PIN numbers they give you to unlock later. It's sort of a pain to unlock without them.
  16. The overall combination of hardware and software that makes the internet function is very complex and convoluted. There are so many access points that hackers can attack that's it's not a question of if, but a question when. All we can do is follow good security practices and limit our risk. Actually, our best defense is we are individually small potatoes.
  17. For those that don't click links:
  18. I'm not sure if anyone saw this story, but here is the latest on another data breach: A data breach may have exposed personal client information that advisers store on Redtail Technology's client relationship management software, according to an email the fintech firm is sending to affected advisers. https://www.investmentnews.com/article/20190521/FREE/190529989/redtail-crm-data-breach-exposes-personal-client-data?fbclid=IwAR1PqdjCyRL_WDS435YbcKtXTToB3oFbm1QKhxRXcjFnKI9xY-1KgnYSYr4
  19. I'm one of those. Every couple of years (and with every new client) I get a POA that goes back all open years and forward one from the current year. It's really helped on several occasions (pulling transcripts using TaxHelpSoftware, or Canopy, calling on a letter received without having to scramble for a POA on short notice). Actual representation work does not occur until a separate representation engagement letter is signed, though.
  20. Having a 2848 on clients has its down side. You will receive a lot of meaningless mail and in the case of joint returns, duplication of each letter. If you have a secretary, it will less of a burden. But, if you are a lone wolf like me, it can be a PIA. I have one MFJ client on a installment agreement covering eight years and received 16 letters, last week.
  21. Only if you want to spend hours answering all the questions that will arise. Most of which, you will not have answers for. Simple answer: NO.
  22. Unless you are credentialed, Form 2848 is useless.
  23. Is there any way to stop an e-filed return from being processed once it's been transmitted to EFC?
  24. This is my major issue and I devote a lot of time to it. I have a ton of clients who routinely give me bad information on their estimated tax payments and then blame me when the IRS sends them a letter or refund check later. My current issue is with a client who owes $25k to the IRS with penalties and interest - she didn't tell me the $25k refund in 2017 that was applied to 2018 was paid to her my mistake. She had a meltdown in my office. Writing a $25k check for her is nothing but getting the bill was huge!
  25. Plus, being able to check the client's account for things like estimated tax payments.
  26. My ATX rep still has not even communicated any information on this to me.
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