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  2. You struck a chord in me Crank. A common refrain, when is enough enough. I've seen most of my 68th year and like you have led a healthy lifestyle my whole life. But some mornings upon awakening I feel something off and say, oh great, now what is this? I have a feeling for us it's mostly wearing out parts maybe due to a healthy active lifestyle. At least the tax work does exercise the grey matter so that doesn't wear out, something that is keeping me in the game. On an Everybody Loves Raymond episode when Ray was in the sauna at his father's club with a group of older guys, in an attempt
  3. I'm 99.99% certain it is also the same on RRRB provided sick-pay W-2's.
  4. Because the EIN for RRB is different than SSA, I do NOT think the idea of changing the master form (proposed by @Abby Normal) is a good one.
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  6. I completely understand everyone's frustration and I'm with you. I started doing this as a side business over 25 years ago when I began getting referrals from family and friends. Over the past few years I've gotten rid of all non1040 clients. Sixty is right around the corner and I keep debating will each year be my last. My worsening health since 2014 has only exacerbated the frustration. As someone who has been health conscious my entire life it amazes me how many people lead unhealthy life styles without significant complications.
  7. Thanks, Max, for the reference. Curious that it isn't on the forms and has to date not been required. Guess we needed more work to do
  8. For anyone that wants to confirm the number I provided, it is under paragraph 3, just after the SSA address. https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/hallex/I-01/I-1-4-2.html
  9. I think of this every year and never take the time to do it.
  10. This new this year. A separate line for the 1099's withholding. And yes good suggesting to customize forms to always have it there.
  11. Take a look at the SBA PPP Loan FAQs, which I believe addresses this situation.
  12. I see what happened. PPP title of a post with the same dialog from Monday about not being able to print W-2s where that text had been retained by the forum and posted into your new post in error. I'm deleting it now.
  13. Under the three dots in the upper right corner, do you have a "hide" function? It may not be there if it is the post that created the topic. In that case, I may have to delete it for you. Posters always have the option of hiding their own subsequent posts within a topic. Which post are you trying to delete?
  14. taxpayer applied and received a first round ppp loan on his retail business with an employee. Now taxpayer would like to apply for the last round of loans on his farm. Will the first PPP loan affect his farm application?
  15. How do I delete a post that was a mistake?
  16. I've done it, too, skimmed above too quickly and typed the wrong name!
  17. As noted elsewhere, some of us of a certain age at times make errors in attributions and more. My apologies to Gail and thanks to Lion for the correction (see red cheeks).
  18. I'm not going to send before the 12th. I can't count on no more new clarifications of laws, reprogramming, etc. In fact, the 12th will probably crash the IRS computers! I might e-file on the 13th. But, yes, you can send to your software company when they're ready for holding until the 12th. I will probably have two different partnerships shortly and two different S-corporations to keep me busy after I finish payroll taxes/W-2s/1099s.
  19. Gail provided the RRB EIN.
  20. Where did you find this number? My search showed this: Does the Social Security Administration have an EIN? That is because Social Security Administration does not have one. The EIN is usually for employers. ... Select Social Security (SSA-1099, RRB-1009)Jun 6, 2019 I did see as Lion noted that RRB has an EIN listed on the form but not on any of 3 SSA 1099s I've seen. It still just seems so very strange to now have to input it. And I trust Abby Normal is correct. Guess we will all find out soon enough!
  21. I called ATX tech support and he advised efile will start a few days before February 12th. I see a lot of disappointed clients.
  22. I am not the most up to date but I thought we were encouraged to go ahead and efile and ATX would hold and forward them on February 12th.
  23. Friday 12 February. (Business returns Friday 8 January.) Or, do you mean the ATX date? Do they send out period emails to tell you such things? (CCH does to ProSystem fx users.)
  24. I see Form 8879 is still in draft form. Any info on when we can begin efiling?
  25. The EIN for Railroad Retirement Board is actually on the RRB-1099R and the RRB-1099. It is 36-3314600 so it is different than the number Max provided for SSA.
  26. Is the EIN for RRB1099 the same or different? I think I will just code it in for the small number of SSA1099s I have that also have withholding. I bet it is less than 5% of my client base.
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