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  2. D, I feel the same way. I don't even know where the time goes. People are really pushy here, also. I am working completely by myself and I'm not the happiest either. I was going to try to make it until 70 doing this, bu tif it keeps up like this, I may just wait to 65 for Medicare and then go work for somebody doing anything but this. I spend so much time answering the phone, emails and reading that actually preparing returns is a pleasure. I just got Ifirm as a portal yesterday, but I don't have time to learn to use it for at least a few weeks.
  3. I like to get about 5-8 tax returns of normal types done a day - getting a couple complicated entity's in between a week - I am the last review, my staff inputs. I am lucky now to get 5 done a week!! Since Covid with the EIDL, SBA's, hardships, employer unemp comp, and now farm SBA, I think I am just going to tell people - "you know we HAVE been closed for 8 weeks!!" And none are patient anymore - they do not care about anything anymore... Sorry - most are nice and some have called back and apologized. Hospital staff say everyone is angry - angry they have to isolate, and others angry, people are not!! We just had our 2nd case so we sort of quarantined early - waiting for other shoe to drop - maybe should have posted other thread - but was talking initially about busy =- still working 7 days a week - usually 9-14 hours a day Haven't worked by myself in 17 years... and at that have someone in 2 days a week to keep going on paperwork and remotely with emails and phone calls. Be Safe D
  4. I used a program from MN... which had MN and WI - and then did the SABER!!! miss that and the bunny hop... need some fun here... D
  5. Almost but not positively. I've seen these were all was reported on the individual, and the "trust return" was either nonexistent or had demographic info only and a disclosure that all income was claimed on return of John Q Smith ssn 123-45-6789. Start with trust document and prior year returns. Talk with lawyer who set it up, if needed.
  6. First pro software I used on my own was TaxAct - dumped it after a couple of years because at the time it had almost no part year or non resident state forms. Switched to ATX, left in the midst of the 2012 filing season debacle for Drake and have been with them ever since. Used a couple of forms from Zillion Forms to get the PY/NR forms I couldn't get from TA at the time, too. As a consumer a bazillion years ago I used MacInTax, then Ttx (briefly; never liked it), after they started pushing e-filing and I left paper behind. For friends and colleagues, I have helped using ProSeries, ProSystem FX, and others that I frankly don't recall. Do remember I hated ProSeries with a passion (it was the most convoluted and non-intuitive program I've ever used, including writing my own programs in Fortran with punch cards), and thought that ProSystem would be a lovely option if it wasn't obscenely expensive. LOL; I don't really remember it too well (it was a LONG time ago), but I do recall there were a couple of really complex individual returns with lots of states, and a gnarly S-corp that I finally beat into submission. Maybe they were all related.
  7. what is this word, and what does it mean? we are all tax accountants - doesn't that say it all?
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  9. Axcess Tax, X is just for windows programing
  10. Late to the party, but it is indeed just an anagram of the word TAX. There is no other meaning. And if I remember right, the free noncalculating forms service "ATX Forms Free Forms Service" was to be free forever. So after a year or two when they wanted to charge for the product, they changed the name to Zillion Forms. I could be off on the names, or which product came first. I tried to erase most of that from memory once I started working on the TaxSolver team, which was for Sales and Use tax compliance for larger companies. And then I tried to erase that too once I left to pursue web development full time. Bits and pieces still linger, though.
  11. My first job out of college was using UltraTax. When I started my own practice in 1997, I used ProSeries PPR. In 2001, I switched to ATX. Looked at Drake in 2012 but could not make myself pull the trigger. I probably should have, so now I am ATX for life. Tom Modesto, cA
  12. Before starting my own practice, I used CCH in the late 80's, early 90's. I began with the fill in sheets which had to be sent to a processor but my boss then had us hand prepare returns too to be sure of the amounts and results. Then CCH online. My first program for my business was the 1996 Parson's Personal Tax Edge costing, I think, $69. They either closed up shop or were bought out and I've been with ATX ever since, MAX most years. I haven't had nearly the issues that some experienced, especially in 2012, so have never felt the urge to change. With just a couple more years to go, I plan to stick with them.
  13. If her parents do not claim the student as a dependent, the student can claim the AOL but NOT the refundable part (also would NOT claim her own exemption when her parents qualify to claim her but do not). If the student qualifies to claim her own exemption (pays more than 50% of her own support, etc.) then she can use all the AOC including the refundable part when she claims her own exemption.
  14. I understand that per the IRS, the student who is under 24 years old cannot claim the American Opportunity credit. Just had someone come to me who is 21 years old files single, not claimed by her parents as she's on her own and brought her previous taxes with her all done at H&R Block and they claimed the AOTC. Can someone please help me understand if I am wrong?
  15. You must "sign in" to see the donate button. Thankyou for the reminder and a BIG THANKYOU to Eric!!
  16. Like Gail, I too do not remember the first tax program we used. It was written by 2 men from the northshore (northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans area), and was DOS based. When they closed shop they suggested we use Crosslink for personal and Drake (I think) for businesses. I loved Crosslink but we didn't do bank products so the fees and efiling fees were eating us up. Drake, meh. We used Zillions Forms for sales taxes. When I made the decision after Hurricane Katrina to d/c Crosslink we switched to ATX Total Tax Office or Max, whatever allowed us access to all forms (personal, entities, payroll, sales taxes). I've been with ATX ever since and have no plans to switch. I tried UltraTax during the 2012 debacle - too expensive and did not have the heart in me to learn another program.
  17. I know I can't remember the first one, maybe two, programs we used. Then TaxWise, Drake, ATX, ProSeries.
  18. That's the one I was thinking about. H&R Block owned them.
  19. Get copies of prior year trust returns. Ask why they are not using the trust's prior preparer.
  20. My favorite music decade is the 70's, followed by the 90's and the 60's, not necessarily in that order. I also love music from the 30's and 40's, especially the reefer songs.
  21. Oh yes! There was one program that the preparers looked up entry line numbers and had a pages of paper with blank lines to write the line numbers and amounts, then hash totals. Data entry person entered all of that into a DOS-based program that generated a rudimentary tax form with a dot matrix printer on tractor fed paper. Ah, the good ol' days ... NOT! It was truly awful, and the entry person had to start the entire process over from the beginning if there was a mistake because there was no way to go back to correct anything. Seriously, I could have done the entire return faster with a pencil and eraser than all of that nonsense.
  22. As best I recall, in this order, Intuit Proseries, Dalton, TAASC, Drake, TaxWorks, ATX. That doesn't seem like enough.
  23. Started out with TaxAct in 2001, then switched over to ATX from 2005 until 2012 and been with Drake ever since. Part time gigs reviewing for other firms I have used Proseries , CCH Prosystems, and another god awful program whose name I have erased from my memory.
  24. The solution Max mentioned about a written forgiveness of the loan and converting to a contribution is what I have used with clients years ago. There were, I think, one or two small principal repayments but the balance was then forgiven. The church issued an acknowledgement at that time as the gift was as of the date the loan was forgiven.
  25. The two firms I worked during the years 1981 through 1995 both used CCH ProSystem. Once on my own, I used ATX for tax years 1995 through 2011 and now Drake starting with 2012 tax year.
  26. I agree with the check-check solution. As for the receipt, do you mean the formal letter acknowledging the gift? Does the non-profit have enough funds to write the check? It may be that they are having problems making payments, which could be the reason for the loan forgiveness. I think the problem with Marie's plan to amend is the acknowledgement letter, as that has to be contemporaneous with the gift. A possible solution would be for the client to write a letter to the N.P. forgiving the balance of the loan as a donation. The NP would then send the client the acknowledgement letter.
  27. Best Software was the tax program H&R Block purchased in the early 1990's and converted it to their own program for 1040 returns. For a while they used ATX for the business returns in their premium offices. It became available for the franchise owners to use in their offices. I purchased and used the Best Software for my Block franchise office the year before Block purchased the rights to the program.
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