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  3. So this is why @RitaB hugs 'em first.
  4. This thread brings back fond memories of a client from the early 1980's. He was partially disabled, but a very proud, independent type. He owned a large truck from his working days and to earn a little extra money he would haul livestock to market for local farmers. Never earned very much profit but he wanted to "pay his fair share" because he was receiving a small disability payment. I admired his integrity. Each year he brought me his records - a calendar kept in his truck for writing down his mileage and hauling fees. Needless to say, after a year of being carried in the cab as he loaded, hauled, and unloaded animals, the calendar was something that needed to be handled "with care". Especially since it might have occasionally fallen on the floor. (Don't ask me how I know that)
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    The MeF system went down sometime yesterday for unscheduled maintenance and is supposedly back up now.
  6. No efile here: "Unknown error - An error has occurred and is preventing the connectivity test from proceeding"
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    Cant efile this morning. Anyone else tried?
  8. When clients shop for prices, I tell them “I don’t strive to be the cheapest, I strive to be the best!” If they are still on the phone after that, 99% of the time, I’ll get a great client. They are ALL referrals. So, I’m also quick to say that I’m sure they spoke to “so-and-so” and already know the value in my work.
  9. Yes, you might say we share the building!
  10. Last week
  11. Probably just fishing with a wide net. If anything like payroll processing, anyone with the appearance of access to or control of funds will be looked at, and will likely have to defend.
  12. No resolution on mine either. The agent I finally talked to came to the same answer. He could not find any way to find any problem or be able to pull information from wherever the return went.
  13. No resolution. The return is a single taxpayer, no dependents, one W2, standard deduction and PTC (one of the easiest returns we did last year). I offered to send the W2 showing the withholding and the 1095A for the PTC calculation, but the agent on the phone insisted she could do nothing since the return was in error correction and she could not pull it back to her for resolution. She could not "see" what the issue was, so all she could do is refer to her supervisor and error correction department for information. She was very polite, but her hands were tied. She says when they send out the referral, they usually get something back within 30 days. It is concerning that PPL cannot tell us why they return was held up. There ain't much in the return that could be incorrect. And as I said, the CA return flew through and the CA refund was processed timely. The W2 is from a smaller company, so maybe the employer sent it in on paper. Possibly shredded? That is my best guess. So we wait....hoping someone answers the referral. Tom Longview, TX
  14. When the IRS announced that anyone could now get an IP PIN, they said: The IRS plans to offer an opt out feature to the IP PIN program in 2022. But I haven't seen any announcement of how to do that, yet.
  15. I believe I read something several months ago that the IRS will not process a check once it's more than 90 days after the date of the check?
  16. So sorry for your loss with this aggravation compounding pain. I do hope things will clear soon for you.
  17. Were you able to resolve this with the agent so that the return will now be processed? Were there items of income or deduction on the return that would have been filed with IRS on paper 1099s. Remember, only paper-filed documents were shredded, not anything electronic. Does the return have items that the IRS may be waiting to verify with outside sources that may not have been filed yet such as IRA or HSA contribution made before 4/15/22 for 2021 that would be on a form 5498, or something like excessive federal withholding on a W-2 that would be filed with SSA? Maybe something else that is not within an acceptable parameter to the IRS? We're all just guessing at this point, and I'm concerned that the agent couldn't tell you why this return was held up.
  18. My brother passed away in June 2021. He always filed at least six months or more late. As executor I efiled his 2020 tax return in December 2021(delayed because of probate proceeding) and it was accepted and I wrote a check and mailed it for what he owed($2500). Check has not cleared as of today(May 20th). No letter or nothing. Tried calling many times but got the same recording as others are getting--too busy, call back tomorrow. Efiled his 2021 tax return and owed nothing.
  19. Was this letter from one of the collection agencies that the IRS is subcontracting with?
  20. Could indeed be a reason for non-match of documents, and I don't see it being a political comment to refer to public statements of fact regarding actions taken by the IRS. It's not even political to rant about how much of a royal PITA it's going to be for us, dealing with the repercussions of their actions. (We'll probably get asked to provide proofs from client docs like mortgage statements and more, that were sent in and destroyed. My state does this all the time with withholding for state pensions; they pay the funds, they withhold the state tax, then demand the taxpayer prove that the state withheld the tax by sending in 1099-R forms with the state tax withheld amount highlighted. I swear, if these people had a clue, they'd be dangerous...)
  21. Remember the maxim: if you double your rates and lose half your clients, you will be doing half the work for the same money. YMMV if you are basically working as a hobby, or a ministry, or any other non-financial ultimate purpose. But for those of us making a living at this insane business, the workman is worth his/her hire. Anyone who does not agree need not be a client.
  22. It looks beautiful! Enjoy the fruits of all your labors.
  23. Well here is a new one. Just got a letter, addressed to ME (at my business address), for tax debt owed by a former client of mine, demanding payment from me! There was a box to check stating I dispute the debt, reason: it ain't mine! and I faxed that in immediately - along with a strongly worded letter demanding that they remove all association of this debt from my name and address. I also stated in the letter that if this affects my business credit rating, I will consider legal action against them. So I think they have been dealt with. We'll see. The larger issue is that they could only have gotten my name and contact information from the IRS, which has somehow conflated my (now-expired) POA with the principal of the LLC in the paperwork they are sending to debt collection agencies. Who would I contact to protest this/warn the IRS/demand they ensure that debt collectors are going after the tax payers, not the tax preparers? This is carelessness in the extreme. Frankly, if any of us had sent taxpayer confidential information out to a debt collector and put an IRS agent's name and contact as the person responsible, the entire agency would be all over any of us, stripping us of our EFINs and PTINs and whatnot. It's not okay, just because it's them doing it, not one of us.
  24. You can have a lot of fun for Halloween!
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