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  1. Randall

    Amended Returns in ATX

    I always rename the amended return with 'Amended' included after the name. When rolling over, roll over the amended so the correct amended numbers are rolled over.
  2. Randall

    It's Already Started

    A client just got one for 2016. Says 1099R amount was not reported. It was reported and IRS letter agrees with amount reported but says an additional amount (of that same amount) was not reported.
  3. Randall

    Windows Update

  4. Randall

    Windows Update

    I've been getting prompts to upgrade but I keep hitting delay.
  5. Randall

    Windows Update

    Anyone update the latest Windows and have trouble opening ATX? I saw the ATX message. I haven't updated yet.
  6. Randall

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    I had a client who built a garage for someone. Sued him for payment. The guy counter sued, said the windows were off line or something like that. The garage was passed by building inspectors. My client lost. Didn't get paid and had to pay the other guy $25,000.
  7. Randall

    Contribution to IRA- decuctibility

    Yes and it works for Roth IRAs too. Tracks basis for nondeductible IRAs and Roth IRAs. Ties into 8606. Just this season, I had a client who took a distribution from his IRA. I wasn't thinking of the basis but the software calculated zero taxable and when I looked to see why, the 8606 info was rolled over. I had to input the account balance and it calculated correctly. Only $500 was nontaxable but that was better than nothing.
  8. Randall

    Form 1065 Alphabet Soup guideline resource?

    I ignore the entries that relate to the Domestic production. Yes, one K1 turns into 3. Sheesh.
  9. Randall

    Taking More Time to Prep This Year?

    Yes, selling is a real pain. I was going to start thinking $25 per K1.
  10. Randall

    Taking More Time to Prep This Year?

    The PTPs with K-1s inside brokerage accounts are a real pain. I started stating an additional charge on my invoice for them. One client with 6. I charged an additional $100. And when they sell the units. Ugh!
  11. Randall

    Extension For Deceased Client

    When you tried to efile, did you enter the date of death under Filers Info? Just wondering if the efiling of the extension would have gone thru then.
  12. Randall

    Trust tax year

    They really make it hard.
  13. Randall

    Trust tax year

    But would the estate or trust be required to file a return for 12/31/16 with no activity?
  14. Randall

    I Did 16 Returns Today With Clients Present

    Are you kidding me?
  15. Randall

    I Did 16 Returns Today With Clients Present

    I talk too much with some clients. I like to even though it eats up time. New client the other day, I saw her name, detected a slight accent. She's from Russia. I immediately had a thousand questions.