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  1. Yes, my main drive is encrypted. I am using bitlocker. It just seems like a quirky thing that only happens on some occasions. New computer at the beginning of this year. Never happened on previous computers.
  2. I have 2 hard drives, C and D. When I start my computer I enter the password. Then when I want to access the D drive (encrypted), I have to enter another password. In the file explorer, I just right click on the D drive and an option to 'Unlock Drive' is available. Once in awhile, when I first start the computer and enter the password for the C drive, the D drive is already showing the left side arrow in file explorer. If I click on it, the message says access denied. But when I right click on it, the option to 'Unlock Drive' is not there. So far, I simply restart the computer and everything is ok, the option to unlock the D drive is there. Does anyone know what might be happening? So far so good on restarting, but I'm wondering if something freaky is going on and some day, I won't be able to access my D drive.
  3. I don't know. I hated Apple from the beginning. They stole they're name from The Beatles.
  4. Are you talking about 2020 or 2021? As someone said, amend 2020. Or for 2021, just pay a one time estimated payment. Why not paper 1040-ES with a check?
  5. This makes sense to me. I never understood the June & September dates.
  6. Randall


    I was more interested in what the person using Venmo could get in reports. A summary of transactions, any classification of type? In other words, at the end of the year (month), who sent me money (name, amount, date, etc?), who did I send money to?
  7. Randall


    I couldn't last thru this 'acting' thing. But I get the point. I was wondering what kind of record reporting you could get from Venmo.
  8. Randall


    Thanks for all the comments. I'm not sure now either. Do you have to have 'Friends'? I have the Square card but never used it except at first as a test, sending money to myself. I have so few who ask about credit cards, it would take me a half hour to figure out how to do it. I'll look into the going into my account and emailing an invoice. That sounds much easier. My practice is fairly small and for now, I just take checks and cash. But I did have a couple of clients this year ask about Venmo.
  9. Randall


    Anyone using Venmo? Any general comments on how it works, ease of use, safety, etc?
  10. Hopefully, they'll be sending 1099-Gs at the end of the year. Clients aren't going to remember any of this at the end of they year.
  11. Something similar to me. But I hadn't efiled it yet. The fed exclusion was already there. I added it back to Ky when they made their decision. But ATX had not yet updated for Ky. When I went to efile, I had to recreate the efile because it was several days. I opened the return and ATX had updated for KY and added UI back to Ky so I had it added twice. I saw the increased amount owed and found the reason. I had to delete my original add back and all was well. Like Abby, I make pdf copies for my file so I'll have a record of what I did. I also don't have to open the program up to look at someone's return later when a question comes up.
  12. I'm sorry. I have a new computer but I'm a stand alone. So I don't have as much going on.
  13. I don't know why this person is having so many problems. There must be something unique going on. Like others, I haven't had this problem. Only once in a while with large print jobs. But nothing like previous years. The software is a little slow but I think that's because it is a spreadsheet based program or that's what I've heard.
  14. I'm probably a few years away. How are you looking for a buyer? I receive the mailings about this. But I'm not looking for a bundle. And I know my fees have been much lower than most people. I was thinking of someone close, not big. Maybe someone going out on their own.
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