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  1. I got this link from ATX support that walks you thru the process. In the past I did the import method. https://support.cch.com/kb/solution.aspx/000048812
  2. Thanks jklcpa. Yes, that's the situation. That's what I was reading too regarding the IRA contribution. Thanks for the heads up on SEHI. I was thinking of the IRA but there would be no SEHI deduction.
  3. As for compensation requirements for IRA contribution eligibility, is Box 1 or Box 3 the determining amount. Just wondering regarding the s corp health insurance deduction. If that drops Box 3 down to zero, would Box 1 amount still allow for an IRA contribution.
  4. Whoa. But I can understand when you pass these things so late in year
  5. Randall

    1099 Rents

    I only do a few. I always order the forms (red originals).
  6. Any word on when the filing season will start?
  7. I'm waiting on my new computer. It should have been here a couple of weeks ago. The support number I have from sometime back is 1-800-638-8291. Not sure is it is still current. I don't know what the concierge number is.
  8. ATX still hasn't updated the worksheet. Both go on Line 30, but the new worksheet has two separate lines. They're calling it EIP1 and EIP2.
  9. I saw the IRS instructions on line and the worksheet does have 2 separate line items, one for each stimulus.
  10. I do it the way Margaret does. I'm working on mine, a little each day. I noticed the questionnaire did not have anything about receiving the stimulus.
  11. I know anything is possible in our whacko world. But if they forgive the deferral, how can they not give credit back to those who did not defer.
  12. Good to know. Fortunately, I only do a handful of these.
  13. Good, ATX should be soon.
  14. ATX has it for the first $1200/2400 payment. Not yet updated for the latest round. There's a line item in the area of tax payments with a jump to worksheet. If the person is eligible, the $1200 or $2400 will be included in the total payments and/or credits amount.
  15. Ok, good news. Now we just have to wait for IRS to get the forms ready and open up the filing.
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