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  1. Randall


    I agree Bart. I don't want to chance it. I think I got messed up last year when they dropped the fee. I guess I thought I didn't need to register each year.
  2. Randall


    Yes, didn't hear anything until late summer. Got a telephone message while I was out, said I would be receiving a letter. I called the PTIN people, an IRS rep said I would never get a call from an IRS rep but the message sounded legit. She checked my account and I was not renewed. I immediately renewed. I did receive the letter a week or two later so the phone call must have been legit.
  3. Randall


    The rush for me is I forgot to do it last year. Got a letter this summer from IRS. I quickly renewed and marked my calendar for this year. I think the reason I forgot is that they did away with the fee and I must have assumed it was the registration altogether.
  4. Randall

    Printing New Form 1040

    The problem with voting the rascals out, is we just get new rascals.
  5. Randall


    I'm on 1803. Did I miss 1804-1808?
  6. Randall

    Printing New Form 1040

    Instructions on who to vote for?
  7. Randall

    fixed asset report in ATX Max

    Like Abby said, you can get the reports from the 4562 tab. If you're talking about the Fixed Asset tab, you can highlight an asset, and hit the print page button. This will give you a pop up menu to check all the reports you want. Unfortunately, you have to go to each asset one by one. These are nice reports to have but too time consuming if there are a lot of assets.
  8. Randall

    Transmitting (no update)

    I'm wondering about KY responses. I've got four I'm waiting on. All four have Fed acceptances. Does anyone know of a delay with Kentucky. Nothing on ATX website about it. E-file status shows 'waiting for response'.
  9. Randall

    Clergy exempt from SE Tax

    And sometimes (or a lot of times), people with limited skills in their native language.
  10. Randall

    Dell Computers - Good Bad or Indiferent

    Yes. I bought from HP but when I custom my purchase on line, I then call and talk to a person to walk me thru it.
  11. Randall

    Clergy exempt from SE Tax

  12. Randall

    NT-Computer is messed up

    You can also save the recovery key to your MS account on line. You would need a 2nd computer or device to access your account.
  13. Randall

    NT-Computer is messed up

    I'm not sure when you have had the computer for a while. It was easy for me because I encrypted my whole disk (Drive C) and my 2nd disk (Drive E) when I first got the computer before I put anything on it.
  14. Randall

    Best practices in switcing to Drake

    I can't answer for you specifically. After the 2012 ATX problem, I got the Drake 2012 season free and went to one of their seminars. I purchased both ATX and Drake for 2013. My intention was to use both and compare the two. I got busy and lazy and ignored Drake. I again purchased both ATX and Drake for 2014. I wanted to give Drake an honest try. Again, I got busy and lazy and ignored Drake. ATX seemed to be working for me and I decided to stay with ATX and not pay for two programs (silly me). Drake users will tell you to go all in with Drake. All I can say is if you want to give it the honest try, go all in with Drake. Learn the program and make the comparison properly.
  15. Randall

    NT-Computer is messed up

    When I got my latest computer (W10), I called Symantec to see if they were up to date. They saw my version/build number and said their Encryption software was not yet ready for my computer. So I used BitLocker. I do have the Symantec software program though. I use it to shred individual files, especially on flashdrives and external HDs.