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  1. I got an email from Ky Society of CPAs on Ky legislation. Yes originally Interest was not included because it needed to be waived by legislation. A new bill has passed and is waiting on Governor's signature to include the waiver of interest until July 15. I'm not sure if it's official yet but I think it's coming.
  2. I have a grandniece in NYC. She and her husband live in Queens, work in Manhattan. Not going to work at this time. They have a little 2 year old girl. So far, they're ok.
  3. I was not familiar with Diffie but I see John Prine is in serious condition with it.
  4. Cities of Florence and Covington (in northern Ky) have granted the extensions, both filing and paying without penalty or interest.
  5. Kentucky has followed the Federal extensions. In northern Ky, 3 counties (Kenton, Boone and Campbell) have followed the extensions. Including the cities that report on the County form. Several cities who have their individual form haven't reported an extension yet. The Kentucky Society of CPAs has a link for which local jurisdictions are offering extensions.
  6. I've not bothered with it. I'm in northern Ky. Kenton County's return includes most of the cities with it. City of Covington requires it's own return. Campbell County includes most of the cities too. Boone County is just for the county. City of Florence has it's own return. I see the 3 counties (and cities reporting on their form) have followed the extended due dates and payment dates. Still waiting on word from Florence and Covington.
  7. No need to file 4868 by 4/15. Filing 4868 by 7/15 gets you the 3 additional months to 10/15. But not an additional 6 months from 7/15. That will be a break for me. I won't have to get those ready the first week of April.
  8. I'm 5 minutes from my office. No staff, several attorneys in the building (old house converted to offices). I can get caught up on my backlog in my office. I've been letting clients decide for the last several weeks how they want to do things. I've mailed some out. I've had clients call from the parking lot and taken it out to them. Some clients come in as usual.
  9. I've got a note in my calendar for the first week of May to notify a client (1120S and 1040) to find someone else for his 2020 returns. 2019 completed but with too many hassles.
  10. Had a few show up as accepted. Skipped the status of 'transmitted to agency'.
  11. I exchanged a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage.
  12. Yes, wondering if ATX has a delay going on.
  13. Is something new? I have to go into the global tab and check the boxes to print reports and basis statements before they'll print.
  14. I think with gift splitting, both spouses would have to file a gift tax return and sign off on the other's return. Can't file a joint gift tax return. If siblings are married, he can divide that sibling's gift to his spouse. Either way, there should be no tax with the lifetime credit.
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