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  1. How do we get to the messages when the efile is accepted with messages?
  2. I'm not sure what you mean. As Jack said, inside the return, the extension form has it's own efile set up. Then when creating an extension, the Fed and state options are there as well as the extension option. Just click on the extension only and an extension efile is created. Then in the efile manager, you'll see the efile for the 4868 or 7004, whichever applies.
  3. Today (Monday) is a half day. Only because it is the 15th. Tomorrow off.
  4. I agree. I don't want to do this for people. Sheesh.
  5. I agree Pacun. Let the he said she said stay with the lawyers.
  6. K1 received from an LP. Box for PTP is not checked. Do we assume this is correct? I’m not sure of the difference in a PTP and an LP where the average client (investor) can invest. Should I just accept the K1 and not mark it PTP in my software?
  7. Randall


    I had a 1065 rental, some commercial, some residential. I aggregated the residentials together and the commercials together and had two 'businesses'. The 1065 worksheet had only one line for z code. I showed the total on that line, then went down to the 'other line' and divided the total into two groups, residential and commercial rental. It showed up on the K1s and I took it from there on the 1040. I think you can do something similar with the S Corp. Making 3 business activities.
  8. Transfer MUST be direct. No 60 day rule here.
  9. Thanks for comment. Couple getting divorced. Were not my clients. Attorney in the building (and other attorney) asked me to prepare the returns. I prepared a draft showing both outcomes. Problem is there is one child so I prepared two drafts of MFS showing each claiming child. The outcomes were quite different. I didn't comment on it but I think it's an uh-oh situation. I haven't heard back but I think they're fighting it out. With the due date approaching, I wanted to mention to the attorney about the extension and wanted to know the best approach with the extension.
  10. With the due date approaching, which would be preferable if one may owe in a MFS situation? File a joint extension with no payment due? File separate extensions with one making a payment with the extension?
  11. Jack, I originally thought this too. But looking at it, there was nothing about the age 24. From Pub 970, he is a dependent of the parents (other relative), he is a qualified and eligible student.
  12. Just to confirm my thinking. Client's son was 24 before end of year. Still qualifies as qualifying relative. W2 earnings only $2k, lived at home all year. Has used AOC credit 3 years. He should still qualify for the AOC.
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