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  1. Randall

    Advanced Server Error Instructions

    Amen. I don't know enough to dare to tread in there.
  2. Randall

    Raising My Fees

    I'm thinking of mentioning an increase in my engagement letter. Not a specific percentage or amount. Then be more specific when they bring their info depending on the client's circumstances. I'm planning on a general $25 or $50 increase for most returns. More if the return has more work involved. For new clients, I plan to quote much higher.
  3. Randall

    Windows 8

    I've had 8 and now 10. The look was a little of both. I got used to 8, then had to adjust again to 10. If I were going from W7, I'd just go to W10.
  4. Randall

    Windows 8

    Free program to make it look like Win7. Why? Who knows what these programs do. Get Win10.
  5. Randall

    Windows 8

    I've had Win 10 for a year and haven't experienced any problems. I'm not a computer guru, but I personally would go with the latest (W10). Whatever you do, DO NOT upgrade your existing computer. Buy a new computer with W8 or W10 but I would go with W10. Abby, I don't think W8 gets you oriented to W10 that much.
  6. Thanks Abby, never noticed that before.
  7. Randall

    2018 Tax Organizers

    Not sure about customized questions, but I usually send them out by the first week or 10 days of January.
  8. Differrent question but regarding 1041. Client wants to wrap up estate return. Was going to do a final short year ending Oct 31. I can't rollover from the calendar 2017 return. I duplicated the return but carryover loss on 8582 won't carryforward. I tried to overwrite but can't get it to work. I see a notification from ATX that 2018 will be out soon. I was wondering about waiting so I could do a rollover from calendar 2017.
  9. A client dropped off her info Friday, Oct 19.
  10. Why bother, prepare it when you're ready, it's late, they pay a penalty.
  11. Randall


    I agree Bart. I don't want to chance it. I think I got messed up last year when they dropped the fee. I guess I thought I didn't need to register each year.
  12. Randall


    Yes, didn't hear anything until late summer. Got a telephone message while I was out, said I would be receiving a letter. I called the PTIN people, an IRS rep said I would never get a call from an IRS rep but the message sounded legit. She checked my account and I was not renewed. I immediately renewed. I did receive the letter a week or two later so the phone call must have been legit.
  13. Randall


    The rush for me is I forgot to do it last year. Got a letter this summer from IRS. I quickly renewed and marked my calendar for this year. I think the reason I forgot is that they did away with the fee and I must have assumed it was the registration altogether.
  14. Randall

    Printing New Form 1040

    The problem with voting the rascals out, is we just get new rascals.
  15. Randall


    I'm on 1803. Did I miss 1804-1808?