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  1. I'm sorry. I have a new computer but I'm a stand alone. So I don't have as much going on.
  2. I don't know why this person is having so many problems. There must be something unique going on. Like others, I haven't had this problem. Only once in a while with large print jobs. But nothing like previous years. The software is a little slow but I think that's because it is a spreadsheet based program or that's what I've heard.
  3. I'm probably a few years away. How are you looking for a buyer? I receive the mailings about this. But I'm not looking for a bundle. And I know my fees have been much lower than most people. I was thinking of someone close, not big. Maybe someone going out on their own.
  4. I can leave the form in my client return. The red comments in ATX came up. But when I deleted items in columns A and B, the advance premium amounts remain in column F, totals on lines 25 & 27, but puts zero in line 29. Then when I create the efile, Form 8962 does not show up in Forms efiled. So it stays in the return in my ATX (presumably to be rolled over next year) but does not get sent with the efiled current return.
  5. And what about this Venmo? Anyone using it? A couple of clients have asked if they could pay me with Venmo.
  6. Thanks. I guess I was getting the ES April 15 date mixed in. With all the new stuff, it seemed there were differences in the extension date. I assumed ATX was on top of it.
  7. ATX updated the client letter to say that IRA contributions must be made by May 17. I thought the due date remained April 15 for IRA contributions.
  8. After a while, they open up to us. The good things, babies, kids growing up, going to college, grandchildren. And the bad things too, divorce, drugs, death.
  9. I take that back. After closing the app and going back in, line 29 was reset to zero. Does this mean we go ahead and include the Form or do we still discard it?
  10. Sometimes maybe a spouse. But over the years, I've met most of the spouses too.
  11. ATX just had a Form update and included 8962. At the top of the Form, it says line 29 will be set to zero but it did not reset my client amount on line 29 to zero. I think I still need to discard the Form 8962 and show zero to be paid back. Anyone think so?
  12. I do this as well. But I do advise the client to contact the Ky Sec of State. I think it's a simple form to officially close the corp.
  13. Ha. I think I still have to watch the last season. I get them on DVD. I've watched it thru several times. I shouldn't admit this in public.
  14. Ragnar Lothbrook is on his way. My long hours end April 15 too. I'll do what I can on slow time to May 17, then extensions after that. Ky has conformed to May 17 but only some of the locals have conformed. So now I have to determine who has to file certain local business returns by April 15 and get those extensions ready and with a payment of some amount.
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