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  1. I'm not sure I understand everything here but it sounds like a letter of explanation would be the better approach. Explaining the co which hasn't been processed yet, include copies of appropriate pages, etc.
  2. Max, in my case, the original was efiled and accepted. An amended return was paper filed in May. Now with the recent ability to efile an amended return for 2019, I'm wondering if I could efile the amended return before the paper amended return gets processed. I think that's what Etax847 is also wondering about.
  3. I'm not sure. As someone else said, I don't want to mix up two returns. But I'm wondering about it by the end of the year.
  4. I'm in the same situation. I keep checking the amended return status and nothing shows up. I don't see anything on irs.gov about the progress of irs in processing paper returns.
  5. Yes. The term used in auditing is 'ticking and checking'. Most of our society is just painting by numbers.
  6. I've used the form 9325 sometimes. But mostly I just print the ATX acknowledgement page along with the 4868. I think it has the same info as 9325.
  7. That's sound even stranger. Is it deferral of the withholding or deferral of the deposit and payment to IRS? If deferring the withholding, it would directly affect the employee's net pay. I would think the employee would have a say in that. If withholding is done and employer defers the payment to IRS, it would be money in the employer's pocket (at least temporarily). Either way, it sounds absurd and bizarre.
  8. That's what I thought. I assume it is at the employee's option. So the employer would be obligated to inform the employee of the option. How many will jump for the extra money up front and get killed in January?
  9. I don't do payroll. But I do a few quarterly payroll returns (and year end W2s) for a few clients who do their own payroll. And I have a few S Corps whose only payroll is for themselves as shareholder. I won't recommend any deferral for these clients.
  10. Who would do this? This sounds like a nightmare for employers. If an employer withholds the tax and the employee finds out he could have it deferred, he'll demand the employer not withhold. Then he gets hit with the additional withholding Jan-April? Am I reading this correctly? And I assume the employer still has to pay his portion? Or can the employer defer payment of his portion too?
  11. Exactly what does the insurance cover? Can you really undo the loss of info? I would think lawsuits? Doesn't the insurance company hire the lawyer? Does the insurance just pay for new computers? Hiring others to prepare your tax returns? Monitoring everyone's credit? Does the insurance cover all that? Is there a deductible?
  12. I assume ATX (and other programs) will be on top of this. It would seem fairly easy compared to the 1040 changes we've had recently. Ha.
  13. I'm not sure. I haven't tried this yet. But it would seem you have to wait for ATX to correct this. When you efile an extension, the program has a separate listing of the extension and later when you create the efile for the 1040, you can see the extension efile option grayed out. I would assume ATX would need to do this for the 1040X and show the original 1040 efile option grayed out. As for the 8879, I think I would just make manual changes until they come up with a separate form for the 1040X.
  14. I have the same situation as Etax. Still waiting for the amended paper return to be processed. I wondered about the same thing, that is, efile it now. But I was reluctant to do so for the same reasons stated.
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