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  1. Kentucky takes 2-3 days even with regular returns. I haven't noticed any longer for the nonresident returns. I don't know why.
  2. Randall

    IRS EIN#

    That's why I like to file a 'final' return for trusts and estates who have an EIN even if they aren't required to file a return.
  3. Randall

    NT - mom

    It's a tough thing to go through. It's been over 6 years for me. There's no easy way.
  4. Wouldn't this be between the shareholders personally? No book entry on the corp books? Just an adjustment to outside basis for each shareholder? Shareholder interest for K-1s calculated proportionately depending on date of sale?
  5. My state (KY) and locals conformed to the July 15 extension for filing and paying penalties. So if the Fed has another extension and the locals don't conform, I'll have to do what I previously did for the April 15 due date. That is, get the local extensions with a payment by July 15. But still, I have fewer of them since I've gotten a number of them done (or will) by July 15.
  6. My concern with another extension is whether the states and locals will conform.
  7. I think like you Bulldogtom a lot of times. Sheesh. Armies of programmers sitting around thinking up new silly gimmicks. I go backpacking some just to get away from it all. I carry my cell phone but seldom use it. I like printed maps. But others have all the maps on their phones. I have those map apps too but usually can't figure them out. You can't get away from it. There's probably an app in Alaska to warn you when a grizzly is coming.
  8. I'm ready to retire. But not to work for HRB. Or anyone else. Ha. My general plan was 5 more years but I don't know if I can last that long.
  9. I enter the 1099MISC so IRS can see the client is reporting the info.
  10. I prefer BS & PL. I mostly have QB clients now. A few with poor accounting, small. I usually use the old accountants working trial balance format that I set up on an Excel spreadsheet. Only I start with last years ending balances, add the client's current year activity and any other AJEs from me. Then get my ending balances.
  11. I have two hard drives. C drive is an SSD with my OS and other programs. The 2nd drive (E drive) is a traditional HD, where I keep all my documents and files. Both are encrypted with BitLocker. When I turn my computer on, I'm prompted for a password. Then I need to unlock the 2nd HD. If I forget and I try to access something, I get a message saying no access. I have Win10.
  12. Randall

    Refund holdup

    I have one client, efiled late March. A $12k refund. I heard on another forum of several of these.
  13. Randall

    Tip Income

    I've had several clients pay me more than my fee. Said my fees are too low. They are rare though. And yes, my fees are too low. Received a bottle of wine once and a gift card from a restaurant once.
  14. I just realized that Ky 1040-X returns are mailed to Kansas City, MO.
  15. I'm not sure how the corp fits in with this. Where are the properties titled? I have a two member LLC who is the single member of several other single member LLCs. The properties are owned and titled in the single member LLCs which are disregarded. One 1065 and one Ky 765. But Ky does require a Single Member LLC form for each and wants the annual $175 for each LLC. A corporation in this mix would seem very messy.
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