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  1. It must be the use of solar power for operation, likely with some sort of small batt, is the key.
  2. https://cdn.intelligencebank.com/us/share/M7y7/ObeE/Ledy/original/XUS-20306-Manufacturers-Certification-Flyer-0123 This one is a solar powered skylight, with the manuf certification. I learned something new for sure.
  3. "Could" is the key. Means it is fluff, unless the purchaser or their reps can find the method of eligible credit. I "could" win the lottery - but I never play.
  4. Escheat is never clean. I am trying to clean up some from a few years back. (Royalties from oil/gas via tribal rights.) The one thing I have learned is planning is poor, and those who may get left with the clean up need to be proactive, in advance, and those who do not have an estate plan are doing a HUGE disservice to their heirs. Likely just an asset with a balance, more money for the bank account, is the most reasonable, unless this is the miracle case where there are documents (not likely, hence the escheat).
  5. While holding down Alt, type 0162 to get ¢. Interesting topic. My maybe future DIL likely gets a stipend for services performed for her PhD advisor. They travel to and stay at an out of state location several months of the year for the research work. But, I don't ask about her finances for safety's sake.
  6. Create the data to be backed up yourself. meaning gather, compress, and encrypt on your end (and test it!), then have the resulting file(s) backed up online. DO NOT rely on any backup service to "gather" and store all needed files "for" you. For instance, one I tried defaulted to some common data folders in Windows, but missed, and did not even suggest, including other locations. Then there is the issue of user level controls on your computer, and the backup not being able to get data from every user. So use some tool locally to gather, compress, and encrypt. Then try restoring. Once you have that working, send the created files to your storage locations. I use Cobian Reflector, and have for years. It allows me to compile the data I want to backup (multiple jobs if desired) and to send the results to nearly anywhere I wish.
  7. A veteran IT person would have also said "are you sure you can restore from any source, have you ever tried?" Looking at my mess of a desk, I have 4 local backups of various timings. SD, USB, portable drive, and on a second computer. Those handle the day to day issues, like stupid human actions. Two of the locals are triggered every half hour, and the other two are daily. While I don't like doing the same work twice, I can live with half hour of rework. For remote, I use two commercial locations, in separate areas of the country. I use two locations of my own control, also in separate locations of the country. I worry zip about compromise. I encrypt before saving in any manner, and the commercial services encrypt again. For most here, something similar to what I do is not out of line, since you also have data which must be kept secure, and must be able to be recovered from scratch. My sad fav backup story is someone who paid someone to setup an overnight backup for their system (server). All was coded correctly, other than no one paid attention to the storage location being turned off every day at closing, so there was never a backup made. Lousy power setup had the storage decive in a light switch. The Paul Harvey was the main data was lost when someone hit an on the floor cheap power strip.
  8. A legal question likely. Could even get into a where did the funds come from, community property, etc. I recently had to pay a debt from 1971, which should not have been in place anyway, to get a home sold in estate. The amount was simply too small to hold up the estate, so for the OP, maybe the tax is small enough it is just best to report/pay.
  9. There are legit entities which help. They negotiate for the debtor and arrange to disburse the "monthly" amount, sometimes/usually getting a fee from the holder of the debts. They don't usually advertise - meaning the ones on TV are likely less than desirable.
  10. I have no direct knowledge, but I doubt the people responsible for publishing the calcs do so without direction from the higher ups. In the case of 2020, we had a POTUS who was in the news saying what he had done to increase net pay. 2020 was not the first time the calcs were slimmed, but it was the first time there was, and remains, a significant percent - who use only the base options on the W4 - will be under withheld. Indeed, I am an oddball, as I have been managing my WH since my very first $2.35 an hour job. I had some inane understanding that getting a refund meant I was loaning money for free, and how WH stuffed into Dec is considered timely.
  11. At this point, for me, this type if stuff (being asked to setup or detail something clearly incorrect) is the bane of my customer interactions. Starts with the "nobody will know", to "none of your business you ^&(^(&, tell me how to do what I want". I usually reply with something like "based on what you have shared, I am uncomfortable with assisting as your description does not sound like an allowable method/option/choice". The most recent is someone who wanted help with something not allowed. I was told to keep my opinions to myself and to only answer the asked questions. Rather than just firing them, I am replying with links to the documentation, with zero comments. I got a message asking for more detail, and I replied with a snip from their "shut up" message.
  12. For the OP, it sounds like the FP is on the ball, as well as the preparer. I have received W2 for IHHS amounts, which were not taxable because of the facts (before they cleaned up their W2 process). I have seen W2 received by a group foster setup, essentially a private group home, as it should be since it was a business enterprise. I have seen many messes with cross county payments/reporting (where the county is responsible for the management of the foster child, and found an out of county placement). I cannot grasp having to house foster kids in a motel/hotel, but I can certainly see why. It must be somehow cheaper/faster than building a group facility. There is always the NIMBY issues as well.
  13. I should have said in my first reply, pass along kudos from another foster family!
  14. We never received a W2 for foster or respite care. Nor from adoption assistance payments (for hard to adopt children, and/or those with extra needs). Some will want to report it as income (and deduct expenses) as the income may be needed to get other benefits.
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