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  1. But Catherine......She has the power.....
  2. I am so happy Max, that you have a sense of humor. I truly meant no disrespect, but what you wrote in your previous post struct me to be so funny, I wanted to return the humor to you. Your picture on here is more handsome than what I posted......Hope your computer comes back..
  3. Max parking his car..... Max going to office...... Max in office working taxes...... Max at home after a hard day at office.....
  4. Grilling out and enjoying yummy food.... Enjoying the water and out of doors..... Then fun with all the fireworks...... Finally a good nights sleep....
  5. Bill.....Remember to fill your glass first....
  6. I am not sure if Compaq or HP have a support assist, But my guess is, they compete with Dell, so they may have a platform assistant. After you get your new computer, you can check with them for your needs...
  7. I think Dell support assist is a useful tool, just like any other software that supports our computers. The secret is to erase all the crooks out there in the net, but with that impossibility.... Simply have all programs updated to the latest version, Weather it is adobe flash player, the browser we use, or even our operating system. It is a sad shame that something as useful as computers and internet IS, that a bunch of sorry #"@)*^> horse's bums ruin it for all.
  8. You should also update to version 3.2.2 on win. 7. I have a win.7 other computer and updated it.
  9. Dell says version 3.2.2 is safe..... DSA-2019-084: Dell SupportAssist for Business PCs and Dell SupportAssist for Home PCs Security Update for PC Doctor Vulnerability DSA Identifier: DSA-2019-084 CVE Identifier: CVE-2019-12280 Severity: High Severity Rating: CVSS v3 Base Score: See NVD (http://nvd.nist.gov/) for individual scores for each CVE Affected Products: Dell SupportAssist for Business PCs version 2.0 Dell SupportAssist for Home PCs version 3.2.1 and all prior versions Summary: Dell SupportAssist for Business PCs and Dell SupportAssist for Home PCs require an update to the latest versions to address a security vulnerability within the PC Doctor component. Details: The PC Doctor component in Dell SupportAssist for Business Systems and Dell SupportAssist for Home PCs has been updated for the following vulnerability: PC Doctor CVE-2019-12280 For more information about any of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) mentioned here, consult the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) at http://nvd.nist.gov/home.cfm. To search for a particular CVE, use the database’s search utility at http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/search. MORE AT: https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln317291/dsa-2019-084-dell-supportassist-for-business-pcs-and-dell-supportassist-for-home-pcs-security-update-for-pc-doctor-vulnerability?lang=en
  10. Offline and in the dark: Inside the CCH outage Wolters Kluwer NV makes the software on which many of the world’s small and midsized accounting firms run. Early last week, a cyberattack took down that software and presented a case study in how not to communicate with customers over a hack. The company told its followers on Facebook and Twitter on May 6 that, out of caution, it’d taken some of its cloud-based software applications offline. But the opaque 48-word statement didn’t explain why, and left customers frustrated and worried. MORE AT: https://www.accountingtoday.com/articles/a-massive-accounting-hack-kept-clients-offline-and-in-the-dark
  11. Elrod

    When I was 17

    My Dads impression............
  12. Fndy...Buddy..It is a joy for me to let all you fine people know all the important things that's going on beyond our front doors. When you call it quits...I hope you'll ring in with all this important info also.... Have a good day Bud.
  13. Friday, June 7, is National Donut Day. You can get free donuts at several beloved major chains, and discounted donuts at several less-beloved chains. Krispy Kreme is even planning a second free donut day, with one catch. Here’s where to get your free donuts across the country. Free Donut, No Catch Krispy Kreme: One free donut (of any kind) per customer. If KK gives out 1 million free donuts, they will announce a second free donut day later in June. Walmart: One free glazed donut per customer, in the bakery section. Plus you can get $3 of free donuts with the Coupons.com rebate below. Hardee’s: Reportedly there’s a coupon on their site for a free Fruit Loops mini donut June 7–9, but we can’t find it. Salvation Army: Free donuts, mostly for veterans, at certain locations around the U.S. Kwik Trip: Free Cake Donut, Dunker, or Glazer with the coupon in the Kwik Rewards app. Martin’s Super Markets (IN/MI): One free donut per person at the bakery, if you’re in the store’s text club. Factory Donuts: One free donut, and “unveiling a new donut creation.” Duck Donuts: One free bare, powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar donut. Donut King (FL): One free donut per customer. LaMar’s Donuts: Free donut. Randy’s Donuts (CA): Four free glazed donut rounds 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Also a social media sweepstakes. Sugar Shack: The chain offers a different donut deal every day, and has teased a free donut deal for Friday. Updates to come. Coupons.com: Up to $3 cash back via PayPal after you buy donuts at Walmart, Target, and regional grocers Kroger, Owen’s, Pay Less, QFC, Ralphs, Smith’s, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, Food4less, King Soopers, JayC, Gerbes, Dillons, City Market, and Baker’s. Discount or Free Donut With Purchase Dunkin’: Free donut with a drink. Cumberland Farms: Free donut with a “dispensed beverage” like coffee or soda, 5-10 a.m. Honey Dew Donuts: Free donut with a medium drink. Shipley Do-Nuts: Free glazed donut with any purchase. Doughnut Plant: Free mini carnival sprinkles donut with any purchase. Voodoo Donuts: The Homer donut (strawberry frosted) is $1. Circle House Coffee: BOGO on donuts. Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts: Buy six buttermilk donuts, get one free. Duffy’s Sports Grill: Free Red Velvet Mini Donuts when you buy two meals. Top Pot Doughnuts: Free donut if you’re wearing their $22 National Doughnut Day shirt. Also a sweepstakes for free donuts, and a limited-edition sprinkle donut to raise money for Northwest Harvest Food Banks. https://lifehacker.com/where-to-get-free-donuts-on-national-donut-day-2019-1835101014
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