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  1. Thank You Catherine.....
  2. Now look forward to what is next for this wonderful atx community.......
  3. This Has Been Bugging Me My Whole Life..Abby....
  4. WHEN I WAS YOUNG....... TODAY'S YOUNGIN'S......... .........
  5. H&R Block intends to close 400 of its company-run outlets, as the tax prep chain foresees fewer customers coming in to have their returns prepared as a result of the new tax law. Shares in the Kansas City, Missouri-based company plummeted Wednesday after Block cut its guidance during an earnings call, even though it reported mostly positive results for the quarter. SEE MORE: https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/h-r-block-plans-to-close-400-tax-prep-locations-after-tax-reform?brief=00000158-5504-dc42-a1fe-55d7045f0000
  6. Elrod

    The List......

    I ate too many doughnuts... Then this dude beat me up...@#%$*&
  7. Elrod

    The List......

    MMmmmmmm..... .......
  8. Free Doughnut Day....Friday Dunkin’ Donuts: Customers will get a free donut of their choice with the purchase of any beverage on June 1. The deal applies all day to all participating Dunkin’ Donuts across the country. Krispy Kreme: The classic doughnut chain is offering customers one free doughnut all day at participating shops in the U.S. and Canada. Hungry doughnut fans can pick any item from the menu for free. Fractured Prune Doughnuts: Fractured Prune is offering one free OC Sand Doughnut — a glazed doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar — to each customers at all participating locations. Duck Donuts: All customers will get a free doughnut with any purchase at this chain, based in the eastern part of the country. Receipts for purchases on National Doughnut Day offer a coupon for a free half-dozen doughnuts with the purchase of a half-dozen, good through Aug. 31. LaMar’s Donuts: The midwest-based chain is offering a golden ticket to customers for free doughnuts — print or show it on your phone to get a treat. The offer excludes specialty doughnuts. Entenmann’s: Doughnut lovers can enter a contest to win free Entenmann’s donuts for a year. For those in New York City, the company will hand out free doughnuts in Times Square on Friday. Honey Dew Donuts: Customers can receive a free Coco Loco Donut with the purchase of any medium or larger size drink. Cumberland Farms: Locations in remodeled Cumberland Farms throughout the Northeast and Florida are offering a free doughnut with the purchase of any coffee or fountain drink from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. Tim Hortons: The Canada and U.S.-based coffee chain will offer a free doughnut with the purchase of coffee.
  9. Where to get Em...... https://www.elitedaily.com/p/where-to-get-free-doughnuts-on-national-doughnut-day-if-youre-craving-a-sweet-deal-9223225
  10. Nope....Sorry....Can't make it...This won't be removed until after August.... I am allowed to go here.... But not here...... ......So... To Rita....One of these.. .
  11. ...Good Thinking Rita Also...I like your makeup...Cute
  12. This sounds spectacular. Because it is further than where we get groceries, I can't make it. But...I know it will be a swell time for anyone form this group. Just to see all the smiling faces that we talk to on here, in person,... WoW ! My wife and I are limited to short distance travel. Don't get me wrong... We both like food. My best to whom ever thought this up, and to who ever can make it to the gathering. It will be the cherry on top of this fine community. Elrod
  13. Hooray....The ...Last ... Day....---Hope You all had a peaceful and successful tax season. Now You can dance... IN THE OFFICE: OUT OF THE OFFICE: OR - ON THE WAY HOME - TODAY:
  14. Elrod

    Stay safe!

    This is what it looks like out my back window today...Northern LP Michigan. But we ain't got these folks problems.... I pray for those south of us with the tornado's and winds...To All..Be Safe..
  15. Rita.....Many feel your frustration, as the season draws closer to the end... .........
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