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  1. I think the way to do this is to file the return with a copy of the police report ( a report was filed, I hope)along with form 56 appointing client as fiduciary. Check line 1 g (Other) and refer to the missing person police report. She can then sign a MFJ report as the fiduciary. It would be better if she could petition the court to appoint her, but sometimes that can take a long time. In small towns and rural areas you might be able to get it done in a short time.
  2. I just posted under Missing EIP payments a pdf, but when it is clicked on it goes into my private files. Webmaster please remove. Thank you.
  3. Don't know where you sent messages, but here it is for everyone. Due Diligence Questions 2020.pdf Let me know if it works.
  4. No problem. What is your mail address?
  5. I worked up a short question sheet re EIP's, foreign bank accts, Virtual currency and some state issues. It was sent as an email attachment. I prefaced it in the email by saying that these were questions that the IRS required to be answered and would they please circle the Yes or No and to please sign and date it. It worked perfectly. Now I have a written record in their file, so if they have reported the wrong EIP, there will be no argument.
  6. There are a number of companies that provide software for tracking and calculating cryptos - Koinly, TaxBit, CoinTrack, Cryptotrader.
  7. Thanks Judy. That is exactly what I had told the client. The issue came up because the client was a referral from another tax person who had given the client false information. I just needed confirmation that I wasn't missing something, because there is substantial amount involved.
  8. A new client is being audited and one of the expenses are dinner meals. Client installs office cubicle, partitions, etc. He works most of the time around 10 to 12 hours a day. He takes a dinner break after 8 hours, rests up a bit an goes back at it. Can he write off those dinners and what support would he need other than a log with date, time, cost and site location?
  9. I there a lot of wash sales, the best way to go is with Tradelog, or Gainskeeper. They will produce the 8949's.
  10. Well done, Judy. Life is too short for have this kind of people in your hair. Best wishes for your husband's speedy recovery.
  11. It is not a sale, it is a gift and FMV will only come into play if the church sells the property at a loss over the donor's basis.
  12. I came across this article which seems to say that the 2019 NOL waiver to carry back has to be made by the due date of the return with 2019 only has accumulated losses carried forward from 2017 and 2018, there were none in 2019, but most of the loss is being carried forward to 2020 and on. The way I see it, those losses are treated as if they occurred in 2019, because the exemption has to be made in each year that losses are carried forward. It seems that they can still apply the applicable losses to 2019, but that the remaining losses can not be carried forward. However, they coul
  13. New client had NOL's from Sch C business in prior years. The election was to carry forward. The last loss was in 2018 and they came to me just recently to file 2019 and 2020. Since they are late filing 2019, can they still take the loss?
  14. I have been able to move payments, using the practitioner line. Of course you will need a 2848, or 8821.
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