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  1. It hasn't been filed yet, but the software indicates it is ready to efile. There is one more question. She (HOH) itemizes. Does he (MFS) have to itemize ,too?
  2. JohnH, I like your last suggestion. It takes the uncertainty out of the other ways of handling this, which could lead to delays and complications. Even if the Jan 15 payment is late the penalty, since it is the last qtr, is only going to be 1.2% ($72).
  3. That did it. Clicked in HOH qualifier and it took the dependent off of the 1040, but kept CCC. Thanks for your suggestion. The folks at Drake are good, but don't know everything.
  4. That's right, but has to be listed on return in order to get CCC. So, the return that is filed second has to be paper filed, because the first SSN will block the second. I checked with Drake and they concur.
  5. The question was really about efiling. Only one can efile as the dependent is going to be on both returns. She doesn't qualify - makes too much money. Thanks to both of you.
  6. Couple separated early last year. She is custodial parent of 2 children, but is allowing him to claim (8332) one as dependent for CTC. Can she claim CCC for this child? And, if the child is listed on both returns, won't this prevent efiling of one of them?
  7. From a article I will post here, it seems that the B trust can still claim the Sec 121 exemption if a QTIP election to file as an estate is made, as there was no estate return filed when spouse died. Of course it would have to be a late election and the article does not get into how that is handled. https://aboutlivingtrusts.com/step-up-in-basis-with-a-b-trusts/
  8. Max W

    Estate scenario

    Lion is right. You have to know what kind what kind of trust you are dealing with? There are many kids of trusts and a myriad of variations in each type.
  9. California allows e-filing of amended returns, if your software can handle it.
  10. Nope. It was published last year. Maybe the rep didn't read it. Wouldn't be a surprise!
  11. Sales people can be dishonest. It is not in their interest to prepare license and insurance papers for a corporate customer. Both of these would add to a higher price tag on the vehicle and could kill the sale. Many sales have died because of small things. With a nice commission hanging in the balance, the salesman doesn't want to see the customer walk.
  12. It can be read here. Have fun! https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/rp-19-38.pdf
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