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  1. From what I see here, unless the probate can be uncovered, I think it unlikely that the requisite information will be found to offset the distribution. However, once the tax is assessed for 2018, it would be ripe for an OIC under Exceptional Circumstances (Effective Tax Administration). With the health and age conditions and the inability to earn any income, the distribution money would be needed to maintain basic living expenses. Of course this assumess they have no other property with equity other than their home.
  2. This is good way to do it as long as it is not a name ike John Brown where you could get a hundred hits. We were trying to contact a client who had seemingly dropped out of sight. He was in his thirties so checking obits was not the first thought, but nevertheless went ahead and Bingo. The guy had died of an embbolism. If there is mor than one person with the same name that comes up, having the address is essential. Searching for others, I have seen some obits go back to the late 1700's.
  3. Nothing new! It has happened before with 1310's. Also with 2848's. One was sent back with the usual cover sheet, a series of check boxes indicating the deficiency, missing page 2, which of course came back with the rejection package. My suspicion is that it is deliberate, that the rejections are on a quota system , just like cop having to hand out a quota of so many traffic tickets.
  4. You can amend the return to include the child. In the SS/ITIN box, write Applied For. Then mail it to the ITIN center in Austin TX with the W-7 and supporting docs on top of the return. If the wife gets her visa in time, you can include her, too. I'm doing this off the top of my head, so wait 'til others confirm.
  5. Correct name, wrong SSN! Possibly an input error. One possible scenario - input clerck started on student's info, took a break and flipped over form; came back and saw on screen cursor in SSN field; continued from ther inputting wrong info. I discovered something like this when a was the reviewer of CP2000's for HRB . Employer had issued two different W-2's on the same page. One had the correct person, the other was for a different employee. Preparer must have though they were duplicates and carelessly entered the wrong one. Since the correct one hadn't been reported, it triggered a CP2000.
  6. First, delete, or move to a backup all files. Even though files are deleted, or moved, they can still be recovered. So, the next step is to bleach the disc with software that overwrites the disc with zeros. www.killdisc.com or anyother bleach software does this. There free versions.
  7. A follow up to what can happen with an unprotected web site. Malware can be embedded on a website that can then infect someone browsing that web site. Although, the article says that it appears to be experimental, it will surely be picked up by copycat hackers. https://www.zdnet.com/article/tricky-trojan-targets-news-website-to-backdoor-your-pc/
  8. Yes, Wage & Income transcripts are available for 10 years. They will have everything that was reported by 3rd parties (except for state information). The transcripts can be gotten over the phone, but they IRS no longer faxes them. If the clients was married in 2010, the spouses transcript should be obtained as well. Ram32 said "the IRS created the missing personal return ". That would have been the SFR.
  9. I am not sure I get what is annoying about the neighbors. Is it the cigarette smoke, or the constant mumble of their conversation? There are things that can be done to remedy the situation, but they may be more of a bother to you, such as having a smoke alarm that keeps going off and having to be reset. It is a good idea to have a smoke alarm, anyway. I am surprised thay are not required. If you have renters insurance, the company might give you a discount for having a smoke alarm. If it is low level noise they generate, playing loud music can drown out their conversation. That's how my roomate and I silenced some noisy neighbors that moved in upstairs from us. My roommate had a very powerful stereo system. So, we mounted a large speaker on the top of a bookshelf, inches from the ceiling, and turned it up full blast. Never any problem after that. Goodluck with anything you do.
  10. Max W

    Old Tax Returns

    I did not say that SFR returns could not be amended, because you did not mention them. It seemed as if you were talking about unfiled years. So, if 2011, 2012 were SFR'd, they can be amended as is any year that has a balance due, no matter how far back. However BTW, I have noticed a loophole in the treatment of unfiled returns. I do not think I have ever encountered a SFR if an extension had been filed for that year, even if subsequently the return never got filed. I think we are going to be seeing far fewer SFR's. In 2017, the ASFR unit was scaled back to shift more resources to the Refund Hold program. TIGTA was not in agreement with that decision. https://www.treasury.gov/tigta/press/press_tigta-2017-27.htm
  11. 754 comes into play only if they file as a partnership. Two or more persons can have different shares in a rental property and each would file a Sche E with their %age of income and expenses.
  12. It is the FMV at the time of death. There executor should have had gotten an appraisal shortly thereafter.
  13. TAS has issued a schematic diagram, resembling the London Underground Maps, that traces the various paths the tax return takes, starting with pre-preparation and then through the IRS system of screening, processing, refunds, collections, appeals, litigation and alternatives. Although. I think the intentions were good, designed to help the taxpayers understand the complexity of how their return is handle, I doubt that many would take the time to work their way through any of the labrynthine schematics, or that any would even be interested. On the other hand, it might help su explain to clients what is happening with their return. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p5341.pdf
  14. Before doing any math, I would want to know for certainty that the widow actually owned 1/4 share. How was the sales contract made out? Were any of the wife/widow's funds used? How is the property titled? Was the property retitled into both names when they got married, (showing intent to share ownership)?
  15. Some tax treaties allow an exemption from withholding. The exemption is claimed on form 8233.
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