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  1. My Quickfinder handbook says that the date to establish plan and make contributions is the return due date, including extensions, for the year the plan is to be effective. I read that as making contributions even after the plan is established is good to the extended due date. Scroll down on this link https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/retirement-plans-faqs-regarding-seps#contributions to When must I deposit.... it says including extensions.
  2. Have you tried the Input tab/sheet? You can choose just about everything there - country, passive income, type as rent/royalties, etc. Detail tab has much the same. That's where I had to put other non-withheld foreign taxes paid for a client.
  3. So I am glad that you had the soothing remedies of chocolate, tea and music but, yeah, sometimes that isn't enough. Those adventures haven't happened to me often but they do try one's patience. When that happens, I do remember that I am billing time. One client this past spring was shocked! shocked! at my invoice but I pointed out the umpteen calls he made about so many things many of which he could have researched himself. This is a higher 6 figure IT person, too. I'm not sure he will be returning - don't care. My current thorn is waiting for the neurosurgeon (yes, that one) to deign to reply to my emails, calls or even the return to review in Verifyle. I can't make the horse drink the water. Oh well, maybe she won't come back either so less work for next season and inching ever closer to calling it in.
  4. Aren't there schedules with calculations showing income offset by basis (Sch. D?) and determining the passive loss limitations (Form 8582?)? If zeroes are carried to 1040, it seems the supporting schedules would substantiate that. And, if there is income, where is it shown? If you still can't e-file, I would definitely paper file as it's likely IRS will have documents to match with the income (1099DIV, etc.) and a return should prevent nastygrams for not filing. It may take a year or two, though....
  5. The tax credit allowed is related to the ratio of foreign and domestic income and tax. Just follow the lines on page 2 of the 1116. It's pretty straightforward, assuming the page 1 entries are accurate.
  6. If you think of the columns as specific periods of time with each succeeding column including the prior year to date, it should be possible if, as you say, you have all the statements. So were you to look at all (net)income on March 31, that would be the first line, column (a). Then for (b), look at all (net)income from the first of the year or year to date which will include column (a). Likewise for (c) and (d). It may be helpful to create a spreadsheet to do this listing all income items that you would see on the tax form whether or not you have any Jan. 1-March 31. If you will have any at any point, it goes in that column year to date. Maybe get some rest, reread the instructions, follow what TaxTexToo, described, and try again. Think about if you were preparing a tax return on March 31 with all it would entail, then prepare one on May 31 (which would include all the data through March 31 PLUS everything from April 1-May 31, then another on August 31 which would include everything from Jan. 1-August 31, then yet a final return through the entire year. Your income fluctuates but don't you keep track of how much you had as of March 31? How much by May 31 and how much by August 31? And if self-employed how much you spent in each time period? I use Quickbooks for my business and can pull a report for each time period. My Net Income for March 31 is almost 80% of the annual and at Aug. 31 about 95% of the annual because I do only income tax work. However, my adjusted gross income is smoothed out by regular monthly SS checks and monthly interest income. Then in October or so, I draw my RMD to withhold my SE tax for my SE income earlier in the year. Like you, my income from SE fluctuates but other income is regular and some irregular. However, with all my statements I can pretty easily determine my annualized income installments. I hope this helps a bit. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. If you want to just send some numbers, I would be happy to sort them as best I can. They can be real or made up but with descriptions and dates so they go in the right bucket. Now try to enjoy today!
  7. I had a client finally decide to go elsewhere a couple of years ago with their partnership return because the family member managing the books got tired of my asking for so much detail and clarifications about iffy numbers. I am much happier now. It was the last of my business returns (outside of Sch. C's) and life is better. It's just too short, in my opinion, to try to deal with missing/incomplete/questionable data and still feel confident about signing a return.
  8. In the few times I've annualized on 2210, I prepared a spreadsheet and got real numbers from the clients. For the columns, note that they are not perfect quarters so I would not take quarter amounts. It isn't impossible to get real figures from monthly statements and, if for self employment, the financials from the client - well, shouldn't be impossible.
  9. This just made my day! I'll be smiling for hours.....
  10. Thanks, Elrod, for always keeping us in a good mood, sharing laughter!
  11. Once I input the signature date for the client on 8879, the message disappeared! Magic there somewhere, breathing easier...
  12. Which forms? All? If so, is the data saved to repopulate? I've used ATX since 1997 and this is a first. Thought I had experienced it all by now.
  13. In trying to finish a return today, the check shows an error message for the extension. "Payment Date must be today's date or later. If this e-file is being recreated due to a rejection, this date must be updated." The 4868 was e-filed May 9 with a debit date of May 10 for the $13,750 payment. It was accepted on May 9. I'm not recreating it. So why would I be getting this message? Will it go away when I input the signature date for the 8879? I've not seen this before and am puzzled. I'm hoping to e-file the return soon.
  14. Tom, this is wonderful and timely. I would replace the Tax Mommy as my son sort of kind of discussed maybe he might be considering starting his own business. While encouraging him, I did rattle off many of the things on your list but really stressed that he needs to have a conversation with his tax/business advisor. Good luck to and with your niece!
  15. Ah, I remember now! See what happens with age and frustration? I have to deal with this now so am anxious. Thanks, younger, helpful folks. I will go review the great insights presented then. My apologies.
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