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  1. I had a couple like this but added his information to hers. She had not filed yet and was existing client. I found out about new husband's filing and convinced them to go MFJ because of AOC for her son. There was no problem doing it that way.
  2. Just curious - were they still married at end of year so all gain is 50-50? Or was the title on the statement not changed or is the account still joint? If they were still legally married, is it better bottom line for them to file joint? Sometimes the dollars involved can be persuasive, sometimes not. With the example Judy showed, does that mean that each of them report the full gain and wife nominees out half? What does the ex husband report? If he reports the full amount, too, does he nominee out half?
  3. Perhaps timely: IRS Posted Today Electing To Apply a 2020 Return Overpayment from a May 17 Payment with Extension Request to 2021 Estimated Taxes The IRS postponed to May 17, 2021, the date to file 2020 Forms 1040 and 1040-SR and to pay any related tax. The due dates for estimated tax payments for 2021 were not postponed. The first 2021 estimated tax installment is due April 15, 2021. If an individual taxpayer has a 2020 overpayment and elects to credit the 2020 overpayment against the 2021 estimated tax, the date on which the 2020 overpayment is applied against the 2021 estim
  4. Yes, what I said - task manager. Report back later, inquiring (nosy, caring) minds want to know!
  5. So sorry, jasdim! Like NECPA, mine has been fine so far. Well, there is that miscalculation in the health care expense deduction in the Ohio return that has been known and reported (but not to us!) for some time, grrrr.... But no other problems here. Check your task manager. Maybe that will pinpoint the issue. And this is assuming you have LOTS of ram, latest chip, all that jazz. Maybe you missed a few dance steps, too. Or maybe call for tech support and see if they or your local tech guru can remote in and check. So sorry, hope it gets better soon.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to reread the beginning of this thread. Just a guess here that you may have to use a non-professional tax software. Otherwise, can't you paid with alternate currency? Love, chocolate chip cookies, bitcoin (heh, heh)?
  7. If any client EVER acknowledges bitcoin transaction, they will no longer be my client. That is simply beyond my expertise or interest.
  8. I'm not Judy but just remove the Paid Preparer information and leave the ERO information. They are separate in the system. If the return is open, Tools/Preparer/ERO>Remove Preparer
  9. Apparently Form 843 is a possibility but she may choose not to go through that hassle. I think she is missing a document needed for that. I just feel for her, that the university put her in this situation. After a phone conversation with someone there in the international tax department, the explanation is that there was a software change just at that time and, as the university could choose to treat her as a regular employee and not give her Form 8233 to complete, they did. If she wants the $2100 deferred comp back, it will cost her 20% early withdrawal or wait until she is 55. Just wro
  10. Ragnar Lothbrook is on his way. I am SOOOO happy to see another Vikings fan! My husband thinks I am a bit nuts but I loved that series. I just might have to have another go at it. Once I get the staples out, papers out of envelopes, all in order, etc.
  11. Thanks, Pacun. It turns out the ITIN from 2017 expired end of 2019 (never really used as no 1099 issued) so an SSN was obtained. She should have completed a Form 8233 to get a 1042-S but, for whatever reason, that didn't happen. I am using only the 1040NR. I am just trying to find out what happened. She qualifies for exemption under the treaty, Article 20 (1), Visiting Professor, it is clear. She had a J-1 visa which expired May 30, 2020. She did not receive and will not receive stimulus money. I am more concerned about getting back her withheld income and Medicare tax as well as t
  12. At the risk of jinxing myself, I have to say that, again this year, I have experienced none of the problems described by users here. I didn't in 2012, either. Guess I had best care for my lucky stars even while I do feel for folks with problems. Maybe my computer setup? The guy who builds them? My sweet nature and good looks? Dunno but I am really glad as I have enough issues with 'special' clients.
  13. I think, in the defense of these folks, that this process somehow helps them feel organized and have a sense of control. Memories fade and gathering these documents once a year can be a scary thing for people who are number and tax phobic and worried about missing something and getting a nasty gram from IRS. Like jasdim, though, the hands on identifiers make me a bit, um, anxious except that "I'm billing time."
  14. This is what I found https://toledo.oh.gov/how-to-pay-your-income-taxes/joint-economic-development-district-jedd I'm not sure what your question is.
  15. Yes, that ratio can be a pain. I have several German clients (resident aliens, mostly, some with green cards) that are annoyed every year that they don't get full credit and some have substantial carryovers. I think much will never be used.
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