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  1. David, at times most of us have had to be the bearer of bad news to clients. Year after year I had to remind a firefighter about how there were no deductions on house meals and dues. Every year I had to pull out Rev. Rul. 56-49 and commiserate that I would not deduct them even though 'everyone else does.' Such is the burden we bear.....
  2. GGRNY, how do you manage e-signatures? I think I have OneDrive available but haven't used it. Do you still encrypt documents uploaded?
  3. Good to know! I will have a few candidates for this. I assume you notified ATX so they might, might fix it.
  4. Well, there is an ongoing discussion on the ways to do this. For many years I have been sending password protected encrypted returns (256 bit through Adobe Pro). The hassle for me and clients is getting the signed Form 8879 back to e-file. So I am exploring especially Verifyle. Still in discovery mode.
  5. Good questions, Lion. How does anyone verify anything online? I guess somehow one has to create some special questions. Hmmm, maybe I will just stick with what I have been doing. I think the Verifyle user can download anything to keep in one's own files. What was a bit unsettling to me in the terms and conditions was that Verifyle can (does?) keep a copy of everything that is put up there. But what does CCH do? Are all those records kept or destroyed? Is anything ever really safe? Arrrggghhh!
  6. taxbrewster, thanks for the replies. I also think that Verifyle meets the IRS standards. What you may have missed is my comment that many, maybe most, of my clients do not have smart phones and would/could not do what the video shows anyway. I didn't see how to do that on a desktop computer. It does seem that the 'signature' isn't a true signature, rather something generated in some random font passing for a signature. I plan on going through the exercise by sending something to my husband to see how hard it is for him. He is a retired mainframe person. While he finally broke down just a couple of months ago and got a smartphone when his flip phone finally died, he is a good test candidate!
  7. I agree that Verifyle is probably my answer and I don't think $198 annually is going to break my bank. I just don't know how clients will create an electronic signature. The one client I have that used it last year is very sophisticated with technology but the majority are not. They mostly have desktop computers or older laptops. Even if they have smartphones, I cannot imagine anyone trying to review a tax return on that tiny screen let alone 'signing' something. I need more education on this as will many of my clients!
  8. Okay, I began a Verifyle account and watched videos for a couple of hours. Showing my ignorance here, but how is an electronic signature created? There were frequent referrals to touch screens, etc. but the majority of my clients are, well, on the older side and do well with using a computer, probably laptop and not with a touchscreen. Is there a difference between a digital signature and electronic signature? I am finding conflicting info and seeming interchangeable terms. Any guidance appreciated!
  9. Pacun, what you write may be true for some or even most people but I have never tried to access IRS through my phone until the agent suggested downloading the IRS2GO which I will now uninstall. And I use Firefox browser for everything online, including on my phone, except to access IRS which, of course, only works well with IE. So no accidental logins there, certainly not 5 times over 4 months. I don't have a clue what actually happened but am confident it had nothing to do with me at all. I'm just grateful that I again now have access. Oh, I don't think IRS allows any passwords to be saved anyway. At least I haven't seen that, just the username.
  10. NECPA, I hold you and sister in my heart. This is surely a scary time. Despite your professional responsibilities, I encourage you to always put family first. Clients that will not understand that are not worth having. I wish you luck in finding the right printing solution.
  11. Lion, thanks for this, especially about New York! I am still trying to finish that footdragger artist from New York for 2018 and did not know about this. (By the way, how many times must I contact this person to remind her that I am STILL waiting on some information despite her 'urgent' notes about having to have these by November 15, wait now December 15, wait now January 31, wait now January 20th to have in time to apply for health insurance. But now I'm sick, now I'm in DC and won't return until Wednesday.... Sorry for the rant now over) I will have to check whether ATX allows this. Also, I always send Client Copy for the clients to review with all the input pages so they can check themselves the data sources. It appears as though this allows only the file copy. I also include the state and local returns for their review. How much does this cost? If I have to do the local returns (many of them have locals, ugh!) separately, I'm not sure this would be my best solution.
  12. Update: After trying on my own to access and update, etc., I spent 1 hour, 58 minutes (but who's keeping track?) on the phone with a super nice agent who really tried to help without success. I kept getting to the point (5 times) where I put in my cell number for a text for 2fa and no text. Agent said it would be escalated and I would get a call back HAH! I tried the IRS2Go app but, of course, one must go through exactly the steps I was unable to complete to use that. He did say to text "In" to the IRS number which I did. No response. I turned off my cell phone overnight and this morning Voila!, a text was there - oh happy day! So I went back in and tried the whole thing again with success this time! I got a texted code! And then I could see that my account had 5! unsuccessful login attempts since Oct. 29, NONE OF THEM BY ME! That was scary to see. Not sure what, if anything to do now. I wonder if folks find us, at least me, and try to login for nefarious reasons. Retiring in 3 years. I am so sick of passwords, logins, 2fa, blah, blah, blah....
  13. I feel your pain. Been there, lost (thankfully) a client and didn't look back. Normally I do itemize a bit, more than one line item. At least I separated out year-end vs. quarterly forms but I also used to keep track when done. Otherwise, hang tight. We can't fix stupid and we can't do the work of our clients, in my opinion. I hope you are able to enjoy a little down time this weekend and perhaps an adult beverage or four.
  14. Abby, I use Firefox exclusively (save for IRS stuff) and wondered about that option. I have been using Adobe encrypted to 256 bit to send returns to clients for review but the signed 8879 has always presented issues except for a single client who had the capability to sign electronically and return encrypted. How do you handle e-signatures, if you do? I've just signed up to try Verifyle as mentioned by a couple of folks to utilize the e-signature capability. I did read through all the terms and privacy stuff (never, ever their fault, they can do anything, etc.) and am just concerned about the part that says they can keep and use User content, which I take to mean anything I or clients upload. I do like the Firefox temporary aspect. Guess I better get this straightened out last month!
  15. Anyone else have this happen? Apparently 3 login attempts were made unsuccessfully but I have to wait 24 hours before checking to see login history. No, I didn't try to login. I assume that since my (our) credentials are online with IRS now, hackers see possible opportunities. Grrr....
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