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    CPA with 28 years experience and MBA specializing in taxation including individual, corporate, and fiduciary; Master Scuba Diver Trainer; Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer; marathoner; singer

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  1. Oh, this is sad news, indeed. He was such a wonderful person providing true technical and customer support. I had the great fortune of talking with him at least twice. Thank you for keeping us apprised and providing a way to help remember him. I hope you are continuing good work and helping others as you learned from him. Many of us here certainly hold him and you and so many other original ATX folks in very high esteem. One barbeque dinner wasn't enough to thank you all!
  2. New (well, she still hasn't sent me anything yet) client showed inventory on 2017 return O boy, $10,000 materials and supplies, 0 eoy COGS $10,000 plus additional supplies of $5092 on line 22 Sch. C. So no real inventory valuation but does that ever exist? IF she ever sends 2018 information, I am curious as to how to distinguish between supplies in COGS and other. Anyone out there have experience with artists? She paints and shows in galleries. They are quite good but a bit too abstract for my taste. I just want to do right by her.
  3. From handy dandy Quickfinder - If the business or rental portion of the taxpayer's home was used as a personal residence for two of the five years before the sale, the taxpayer can exclude the gain on the entire home (except for any depreciation allowed or allowable after May 6, 1997). An example provided even uses the same years as your client! So up to $250,000 less the part of the gain equal to the depreciation allowed while renting the house.
  4. I've never had such a late client - new, artist in New York. She has yet to get me her data. Is e-filing still possible given the above cut off times?
  5. I don't see that SendSafely has e-signature capability. Lion, it seems that the CCH portal doesn't either, ,that you also need CCH e-Sign, right? I'm struggling to find a portal option that includes e-signature capability. Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms. Yardley, does the ATX portal have e-signature option? I just may end up using snail mail again! (kidding)
  6. I just looked at a SendSafely demo. It seems to cover the bases except, of course, for electronic signature. I called ATX and the portal cost was $450. No bargains for me, I guess. SendSafely is $20 per month for one user. I'll keep looking, especially for something that can be e-signed.
  7. Just WOW! You have excellent taste in gifts. That necklace is stunning. The shoes are beautiful but make my old feet hurt just looking at the pointy toes. I'll bet your wife is beautiful, too, and so appreciative of your generosity and obvious love.
  8. Thanks so much, friends! I may return with questions if I ever get her documents. She didn't seem too worried so I will not be, either!
  9. Thanks, I was hoping that at least one was allowed! I used to have a NY client several years ago but she moved back here. Could be a scary adventure!
  10. Daughter of friend has contacted me to prepare her 2018 returns. She is an artist living in NY, Brooklyn, and sells through a Detroit gallery. Yes, she is successful enough to live in NY but, well, an artist. No extension, no estimated payments (she wrote, "I know, I know"). So I'm in Ohio but pretty sure she has to file NY state and NYC. I will look up MI and Detroit as she will receive her 1099 (hope she has it already!) from the gallery that represents her. My question is whether I am allowed to file in NY. I seem to recall sometime in the past that NY was getting really picky about out of state preparers. If this doesn't work, any volunteers from NY?
  11. Thanks, Yardley. I will look further into this. I suspect most will be flummoxed by it as my clients are, well, of a certain age and are now experts at using encrypted email though that took some time. Or maybe I'm not giving them enough credit. But that seems like a reach to cover so few clients.
  12. Yardly, how much did the portal cost? Did you add something like a technology charge to cover it? I have only about 50-60 clients so the per client cost is a consideration for me.
  13. "effeminately?" Not sure what kind of line that actually is given the definition I Googled.
  14. Well, I wish you a most wonderful birthday! Enjoy the celebration. How nice that it isn't during tax season like mine in March. Hey, take lots of time off to celebrate and get the rest you deserve. Taxes, wedding, birthday - all merit a good break!
  15. IRS updated my file to license expiration date of 2022 and PRESTO! I had the option to renew and did so promptly. Another task checked off. Now on to the year end newsletters and insurance renewal. Oh, and the amended 2017 returns of a former, now returned, client. Are we having fun at last?
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