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  1. Thanks, Max, for the reference. Curious that it isn't on the forms and has to date not been required. Guess we needed more work to do
  2. As noted elsewhere, some of us of a certain age at times make errors in attributions and more. My apologies to Gail and thanks to Lion for the correction (see red cheeks).
  3. Where did you find this number? My search showed this: Does the Social Security Administration have an EIN? That is because Social Security Administration does not have one. The EIN is usually for employers. ... Select Social Security (SSA-1099, RRB-1009)Jun 6, 2019 I did see as Lion noted that RRB has an EIN listed on the form but not on any of 3 SSA 1099s I've seen. It still just seems so very strange to now have to input it. And I trust Abby Normal is correct. Guess we will all find out soon enough!
  4. Aha! So this is new. I looked at a return on 2019 ATX of a client with tax withheld from her SS. That chart you show does not have EIN columns, just Filer and Spouse. I guess all the other entries normally have a data field for EIN so it's usually there. Thanks Max for finding it for us. Now if only ATX would code it into the data input area for SS benefits or at least provide the space to enter it there. Geez! What a crock! I'll have to research and see about RRB1099 as I have a client to see if that is yet another number or whether both numbers are entered. Grrr.... It's alway
  5. If you follow the links, there is no requirement to enter an EIN because it is, by definition from SSA. I think IRS is willing to accept the figures, including withheld tax, from form 1099SSA without an EIN. I've never entered it as, at least in ATX, it is never requested and has no place to be entered. As the field next to the carried tax is blue, I don't believe it is required to be entered. I've never had a return refused without an EIN for Social Security. I say not to worry.
  6. On page 1 when you click on the arrow for line 6a, fill in the information on line 1c of the worksheet. The tax withheld carries to the total tax withheld.
  7. Just know you are not alone, Donna. So far I am fine with out of town (and country) clients and Sch. C's are few and easy. I am in a bit of a bind now, though, as my computer guy decided I was to take over from his retiring accountant. After gnashing of teeth and tearing of some hair, I decided to prepare the return (2 S-corps and 1040) ONCE because I don't want to alienate him. I have emailed multiple times that it has been many years since I've done corps and the engagement letter will be pointed but looking at 2019, they were fairly simple. We shall see but ONCE only. My license e
  8. Oh my, NECPA, this is such a load for you to carry! Just know that any time you need to vent, you will find support here. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family.
  9. I was hoping to utilize this method as the client is in Germany indefinitely so it seemed easy. I finally (2 hours 4 minutes) reached the number on the letter and the agent agreed that it was likely that the return just had not been processed along with the check. She agreed with just following the instructions and explain same. This morning I reached e-services (an hour and 12 minutes) and was told that I needed to log into IRS, etc. every time and not use a favorite or quick link. I do use IE 11 ONLY for e-services but confess through a link on my desktop. So much for that. I did h
  10. But what was the problem? And how was it solved? There may be another on this forum who encounters the same issue. Please share.
  11. Curses, I just tried to log onto E-services and my site image is different so it says do not continue. Grrr, I just checked this in December and changed the password so this has happened since then. And, of course, calls to the help desk go nowhere. I guess this is one of those things where it may have been hacked or somehow compromised. The phrase was correct but not the image. Trying to be mellow, not succeeding, think I need to go for a walk in the sun. It's only 45 but warmer than it has been and is sunny!
  12. I will follow up on this but this is from https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals/submit-forms-2848-and-8821-online-faqs Can I use my Secure Access account for e-Services/TDS/SOR to log in to the TDC platform? Yes. If you already registered for a Secure Access account for IRS tools such as e-Services, Get Transcript or Get an IP PIN, you may use the same account to log in to the TDC platform. If you don’t have an account, register now for Secure Access if you want to use the TDC platform beginning in January 2021. The link above lists the identity authentication components needed.
  13. Has anyone used this feature presumably available now? I have a client currently in Germany who filed an amended 2016 form and included payment due of $698. She received a LTR 1687C stating that the payment was received and credited to 201612 tax The next sentence states that we 'need to know how to credit the balance of $698.' I am thinking that the return itself has not yet been processed but she is supposed to attach a clear copy of both sides of the canceled check in the envelope enclosed within 30 days but doesn't give the reason. The letter does ask for an explanation of why th
  14. Ooh, I like the discount for completed document! I would do that for the questionnaire, not just the organizer. I actually provide the organizer for the Sch. C and E clients so they can see last year numbers but for others, I want to see the original (or copies) documents. Do you custom address the engagement letters or just Dear Client? The letters are what take me so much time. The questionnaire just has a line for them to put the name (I blank out the SSN) and there are only a few organizers and only on request.
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