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    CPA with 28 years experience and MBA specializing in taxation including individual, corporate, and fiduciary; Master Scuba Diver Trainer; Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer; marathoner; singer

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  1. Margaret CPA in OH

    Summer Gathering

    Me, too! I just have to figure out how to get all the Cincinnati Chili fixin's there in good order. No Graeter's ice cream as it would surely melt. We need a count by mid-June, I suggest, to be sure we all bring enough of whatever we're bringing!
  2. Margaret CPA in OH

    NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    See you in June when you'll really need help!
  3. Margaret CPA in OH

    I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    Catherine, you are supposed to be enjoying a hot fudge sundae, I believe. Are is that already a memory of the past? I'm muddling with a couple of simple extensions waiting for my husband to return from yoga so we can have dinner. With wine, of course!
  4. Margaret CPA in OH

    I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    London! Wow! Enjoy every minute as you clearly deserve it.
  5. Margaret CPA in OH

    An American Woman Wins Boston Marathon!

    Thanks, FDNY. I really hate the elliptical but probably because I resent having to use it! I'm just hoping I can get back to maybe run/walk shorter distances. I have a half marathon in October that is a must do as I am a 'streaker' in it, 5 years. And I've been fortunate to always be within the top 3 of my age (old lady) group. That's been the same for the Cincinnati Flying Pig (next and last), too so I have some really nice jackets. But none say "Finisher' which apparently is the newerish big thing. This is the Pig's 20th year so they are doing jackets. Then I am finished. Ahh, no more 5am Saturday mornings during the winter training season- Yippee!
  6. Margaret CPA in OH

    An American Woman Wins Boston Marathon!

    When I ran Boston in 1979, the weather was almost identical to yesterday, just not so much wind. I was, however, way back in the pack finishing in 3:35 hypothermic. I needed 2 iv's to recover. Back then there was no Gatorade, no Gu, etc., just water and oranges. That was my last marathon until I turned 60 in 2006. It was amazing how different things were and are. So I've run 8 more since then but May 6 will be my last. The left knee is telling me so. Kind of like this tax season telling me 'the end is near...' So proud of American women and all who continue to work on fitness at any level! Think of that 104 year old woman in the 100 meters! The mind boggles!
  7. Margaret CPA in OH

    VENT - The Geniuses

    I would vote for the client. The bank bozos are in business to make money and, perhaps, the client didn't even ask for advice. Could be client just got a check and deposited it, no questions. And, try as we might, too many of our clients forget again and again our advice that if money is involved, please ask US FIRST! We can't fix stupid or wilful disregard. We are advisors not parents (well, most of us aren't parents of our clients.)
  8. Margaret CPA in OH

    Rant: Client's that don't set up their voicemail

    And this is why I choose email still. I can print to pdf and save in the client file. Only 2-3 clients even know my cell number because they are members of the same church. I never have the sound on when I am working as there has been a recent inundation of spam calls here. It's using the area code and first 3 digits of my number so I quit answering or calling back. I was fooled once thinking it was a neighbor. I just respond to left messages. Technology can be very good, very useful and also a pain in the patooty. I choose to use it for my convenience. Ms. Cranky Luddite now signing off.
  9. Margaret CPA in OH

    I'm new and here to say thank you

    Welcome! It is a great group of folks. So much so we laugh, cry, and more with each other and are grateful for this board (and Eric!!! Yay!) which enables us to bounce things off each other, support each other, know we are not alone. So glad you joined us!
  10. Margaret CPA in OH

    Hello...and Former Client Needs Help

    Just WOW!
  11. Margaret CPA in OH

    Hello...and Former Client Needs Help

    Good to hear from you, Ms. TabbyKats! You seem happy in retirement although dismayed about the resulting former clients treatment. Tha's one reason I won't sell my practice, just assist clients with a transition to another practitioner of their choice. Sorry that I am unable to help from Ohio. I imagine this person would appreciate face to face assistance. Hopefully someone else here will be able to step up. Wishing you happy retirement ongoing!
  12. Margaret CPA in OH

    I am CRAP sometimes - I should be fired

    Alas, we all are human and do make mistakes. And the longer we are in the field the higher the risk of one happening. I also suspect that most of us here prepare rather complicated returns (otherwise clients might use TT) and often under the most trying of circumstances. It is additionally challenging when, like me, we are sole practitioners. We try very hard to do and review the best we can. But it is also incumbent on the taxpayer to review the returns before they sign. How could that client miss this without questioning? This is also why we have insurance. And, frankly, I do offer to pay any penalties - not tax - for any errors I make. To date I've been fortunate to pay just $25 or so, a credit on the following year returns. We support you.
  13. Margaret CPA in OH

    Where is that file?

    Uh, that looks dangerously close to my present situation. Not quite, but close.
  14. Margaret CPA in OH

    Form 1065 Alphabet Soup guideline resource?

    This just came out from AICPA, Tax Adviser: https://www.thetaxadviser.com/issues/2018/apr/reporting-publicly-traded-partnership-ordinary-income.html I don't know if it would be of any help but looked pretty thorough.
  15. Margaret CPA in OH

    N/T - Random thoughts & stuff

    Well, I just finished listening to Ride of the Valkyries so this is definitely a change. Thanks!