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  1. Margaret CPA in OH


    I've been using this form for several years and include it with the electronic return (or printed for those few) so folks can more readily see how changes in their income and deductions from last year resulted in the current year's higher or lower taxes. I wish there was a comparable form for the state but those fluctuations aren't as obvious any way. It tends to forestall some questions from clients.
  2. Margaret CPA in OH

    1099 address labels

    Is it possible to print labels for the 1099 recipients from the payroll package? I've not purchased the envelopes this year for my church but have prepared the 1099's as usual. It would be nice to give them printed labels for the church envelopes. I spent a bit of time in the KB but could find only how to print a label for the issuing company, not individual recipients. It may not be possible, either, as too much to ask.
  3. Margaret CPA in OH


    Online list shows release on Jan. 25. You could also just compare with last year's return the hard way. It will be interesting to see the new comparison form and how it shows the placements of income and deductions between somewhat different return formats.
  4. Margaret CPA in OH

    Engagement Letter

    I use the engagement letter every year for every engagement for a couple of reasons. All those mentioned by Rich. I am a member of the AICPA and insured by their affiliate. There is a significant premium discount for using them. Several years ago I called for advice about a potential claim (didn't happen, though). When I forwarded the signed engagement letter, I was assured then that all was covered. It was a great relief. If any potential client looks askance at the requirement to sign said letter, we part ways. We need to know the expectations of each other and who, exactly, is responsible for what. I am still amazed at the number of folks who seem to have lost or misplaced prior year tax returns. I actually wonder if they have a clue as to the location of the supporting documents. More than once I have been asked about a W-2 or other document for a prior year. Yes, I do, in fact, have a copy. Where is theirs (she asked rhetorically)?
  5. Margaret CPA in OH

    1099 ROLLOVER

    Ah, payroll compliance, new 'improved version. Um hum. I am trying a corrected W-2 since it has the same EIN as the 1099's so no extra charge ($10 per EIN) but the data from the W-2C does not flow to the W-3C and, of course, those fields are not accessible. After 2 hrs, 54 minutes on hold I did reach a really nice tech person who couldn't figure it out (it shouldn't do that - duh!) and ran it up to the next level. I stressed the importance of expedience so we will see. If it isn't fixed, BSO direct it is. I guess the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' adage didn't apply here. The new program looks prettier, matches better but doesn't work as well. Whatever happened to beta testing before prime time? /s
  6. Margaret CPA in OH

    Using BSO for client

    Yes, I just remembered today that I also have to do 941X along with the local amended reconciliation and, of course, the state. I think the church still has an EFTPS account. Years ago when I was treasurer I did everything including payroll so set up all these things. Virtually every treasurer since then has managed to mess up something along the way. In theory all was 'solved' when it was decided to use a payroll service. However, a part time employee was paid from a different account for extra work that did not make it into the payroll reporting and, of course, no taxes withheld. The current treasurer is well meaning and grateful for assistance but he didn't catch this payment from October. I think he will be looking at every check in the future - or I will scowl at him every Sunday. Thanks again for your help and reminders. This is my task tomorrow as I got copies of all the original filings from Paycor this afternoon. Ugh, I really didn't want to do this. At least I'm not busy yet with returns.
  7. Margaret CPA in OH

    Using BSO for client

    Thanks, Catherine. I already reset my password as noted above. I was actually surprised it 'took' since the last one was from January 2016! I guess since I didn't inactivate the account, that was the only thing needed! There will be SS and MC tax due so how is that paid? The church forgot to run about $475 'extra' pay through the regular payroll so no taxes were withheld and remitted.
  8. Margaret CPA in OH

    Using BSO for client

    Thanks, just wasn't sure as it has been a while. I used to prepare through the ATX Payroll and it went through the AccuWage process. Do you know if a W2c has to be handled the same way or might I just access BSO and enter all data directly? Does the W3c have to mailed along with the check?
  9. Margaret CPA in OH

    Using BSO for client

    I have a BSO account but not used for a couple of years as no employees now. I need to file a W2c for my church. Is it possible to do that through my account? I think so but not sure. I was able to log into it after updating my old password but couldn't find an answer to this on any of the "help" options.
  10. Margaret CPA in OH

    ATX pay per return

    Since tax year 1997 I have been using MAX or equivalent having both personal and business returns. This included the Payroll program. When I renewed for 2018, I realized with client attrition and downsizing that I needed only 3 1041's and 1 1065 so consulted my account rep. I was told the pay per return cost was $54 each so decided that was the less expensive way to go. $699 + $216 vs $1649. Today in installing a second copy on my laptop (3 hours on hold for support but worth it - got a lot of other stuff done), I discovered that I also had Payroll so downloaded and installed and activated. After I rolled over a client, up pops the pay per return box showing I have no money. So I had to figure out how to do that and how much I needed. When researching, it appears as though there is a $249 license fee PLUS $300 non-refundable deposit from which payments are deducted. So it appears as though I have to pay $549 upfront for $376 of business returns, couple of extra states beyond 3 and some 1099's. Or am I not reading this correctly? I tried to call sales but no answer. I really don't want to spend now $1248 but neither do I want to spend $1649. Am I misunderstanding this? Do I sort of already have the license since I have the 1040 and just need to pay for the extras? Retirement looks better every. single. day!
  11. Margaret CPA in OH

    Time to Send Out Tax Organizers?

    Thanks for the 'push' to do more emailing. This will be the last year for all the printing and mailing, I think, save for the few. Do you still include the name and address of each client on the emailed engagement letter? Do you sign it? I like the idea of the acknowledgement statement but may check with my insurer to be sure that suffices. The only detailed organizer pages I send out are for those who have self employment income and expenses and/or rentals to remind them of what they had the prior year. Could also be emailed, though. As can my questionnaire. But then I do want the returned questionnaire and very few have the capability of scanning to email in return. Giving this some thought!
  12. Margaret CPA in OH

    Myatx login

    I just logged in with no problems. Hate the additional id step though...sigh... Very new look on the website and pages. I will have to look around a bit.
  13. Margaret CPA in OH

    ATX 2018

    There are many forms to come but looks forms based to me. Pages 1 and 2 of 1040 are the shortened version as on IRS.gov. 1099 Div and Int data entries look the same. Not sure what this person's issue is.
  14. Margaret CPA in OH

    ATX main computer and laptop

    Guess that's what I will have to do to keep them. Then make the second trip to review and sign 8879. I charge by time, though, so that won't go over really well, I suspect. We shall see what happens.
  15. Margaret CPA in OH

    ATX main computer and laptop

    Thanks, Jack. Got it. My technology smarts go only so far. I couldn't imagine how this would work and, well, it doesn't.