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  1. In an online discussion recently, it seems Ohio wants to or is creating nexus if trucks drive through the state more than a minimum number of times. No deliveries, just driving through. The compliance would be a nightmare.
  2. Remember how much they were appreciated? So much that we funded a barbeque to send them and they sent a photo back of them enjoying it. The good old days, indeed!
  3. A return was transmitted then rejected due to dependent anomalies. I tried to re-transmit and system is down. Client wanted to paper file. So I gave a paper return expecting a rejection again (included Form 8948) as client did not want to wait and see. Is there any way I can stop the federal return from being processed or just wait for the expected second rejection? That is, if ATX comes back to life again.
  4. Thanks, Yardley CPA, for this info. I had best call my business bank first to see. PNC is my personal bank but Fifth Third is business.
  5. I've never had or even seen a money order payment before. Ignorance here - deposit (I use a mobile app) just like a typical check?
  6. The client does not owe state estimates so no worries there. He could not find it possible to list future estimated IRS payments until 30 days prior to due date. This and most of my clients are pdf via electronic methods only hence my instructions in a single highlighted sentence to confirm payment methods and bank accounts. I will in the future, however, include those pages to be initialed/signed and dated and returned along with the 8879. Thanks for that idea, Bart. Then again, this is the first time in over 20 years to have such an issue so may not be a huge worry going forward.
  7. My choice since 2003 has been custom built by my computer guy nearby. He has built the last 3 with upgrades in between and an annual 'spa' treatment. Because he knows exactly what the components are, he can trouble shoot in a heartbeat although issues have been extremely rare. There is no bloatware or other crap, just what I want and need. When he does remote in, he knows exactly what to look for and where to find it. We are discussing whether to go to Win 10 or not next year. Support for 7 pro is still available for 3 more years but I am familiar with 10 on my Surface Pro so undecided for now. I would not have an off the shelf computer again for business. YMMV
  8. I'm still trying to trace a difference of about $180 from a schedule from a worksheet from a who knows what to page 2 that left me and the client baffled. Fortunately it wasn't enough to make penny's difference in tax but made me look, well, less than the stellar professional the client thought I was
  9. Thanks, Lion. That's where I sent him to make this one. Perhaps he will see that option but I will let him know. Communication - I specifically state to 'confirm bank accounts and payment options' in my cover email for the pdf returns. Alas, like my engagement letter and cover letter for same, it seems the eyes glaze over or get misty and ignoring text prevails.
  10. Using those 2 numbers alone for 2018, I get total income of 57058 with taxable SS of 17768. Am I misunderstanding your question?
  11. Client told me during return prep that he wanted to make estimated payments online. He meant direct debit but did not confirm that payment page in the pdf copy which clearly indicates payments to be made online or paper check and the bank information below for direct debit is blank. So he will now pay first quarter through IRS online direct payment and we will probably do annuallized income on 2210 for 2019. However, he wants to know if he can now set up direct debit for the remaining payments. I can only imagine through his bank and schedule them but don't know if there can be correct 'memo' info included. Any other ideas? Is it possible to created a 'return' for just estimated payments?
  12. Agree about the comparison form... it helped explain much to clients not quite grasping what went wrong in many cases or right in a few. I also like the tax summary which shows the marginal and blended tax rate. Several folks got moved to a different bucket in 2018 so that helped, too, but this board helped the most! Thanks again and again to Eric for this platform.
  13. Do you mean Heath Richardson? Yeah, I need a new rep, too. Although I have to say he managed to get 3 1041's credited back so my upgrade to MAX resulted in just $88 extra instead of $250. I stil like $995 for MAX, though
  14. Mine just came back - whew!
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