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    CPA with 28 years experience and MBA specializing in taxation including individual, corporate, and fiduciary; Master Scuba Diver Trainer; Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer; marathoner; singer

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  1. I just did it to be done with it.
  2. Both my monitors are set at 125% in FF. I still have to increase the occasional site more especially, it seems, when for whatever in the world reason there is white type on black background. I guess that black background is popular with many people but I find it really hard to read text on it.
  3. Looks interesting, Abby! I will try that, I think. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Eric, for this explanation. Interesting that you recall my earlier comments - guess I've a reputation and not a good one I just tried the compressed and definitely prefer it. I personally won't miss the Following feature as I don't know the purpose and never used it so all good for me! Um, Lion, I, Margaret, posted the unsolicited opinion but Marilyn is good, too!
  5. Wow! Thanks for that! Now I can see the first listed topic so at least I will now know if anything is new. Thanks again. I think you must be about the best moderator of any group. You are always so very helpful in so many ways. I genuinely appreciate you.
  6. Big changes on this page again. Overall gratitude to Eric for continuing his efforts to keep this group together and in touch - seriously. That said, I am not a fan of this latest iteration of display. The banner and first few pinned topics more than fill my screen so (first world, lazy me problem, I know) I have to scroll a bit to even see whether there are any new posts. I'm wondering if it is at all possible (I know zip about this sort of thing) to make that top banner much smaller. I don't even really understand why General Chat has to have that large box when it says immediately above
  7. Well, I know all of my clients and communicate with them via email and/or phone before and often after uploading documents to Verifyle. Some do not text so that would not work. If you do not know your clients and communicate via texting, phone, or email, not sure what you would do. In some cases I have been on the phone as they have accessed Verifyle to talk them through it.
  8. Also sometimes I get a rejection of sorts that I cannot Like a post. I thought that it was because I shouldn't express my opinion at that moment or something.
  9. Lately when I have looked at all the posts, after the last one I get this message: Sorry, there is a problem There are no unread content items. Error code: 2S136/J Then I have to go back to the Forums title at the top to get back to General Chat It used to just go back to General Chat automatically. Now when I go to Forums/General Chat, it is black as if there are unread posts but there are none. Not a huge problem but annoying. Is it just me?
  10. Verifyle is a bit clunky like that, too. One has to list each person as an account and it has to be (I found out later) the name as on the return. William, not Bill, for example. There is an editing tool whereby a couple can e-sign the second name but only 2 couples could figure it out. I could not but forwarded the instructions, such as they were, received from Verifyle. Some, actually many, folks are so much more technologically astute than I am! At least one couple printed out the 8879, signed, scanned, then uploaded to the portal but not everyone has a printer and/or scanner. It'
  11. I have been using Verifyle for $9 per month but one doesn't need to keep it year round. It has some clunky parts for the less than savvy tech folks but most have managed surprisingly well. It's been worth it to me as all my returns are e-filed and have the e-signature. One or two had to print out the 8879 but were able to scan an upload back to Verifyle.
  12. I think you need to also check for any state limits on the grade that can be used as some restrict to high school. And whether home school applies - I would be surprised but lots of things surprise me these days!
  13. 9325 I use it all the time so clients have proof of acceptance and instructions on how to check things.
  14. Not directly related but when I began my first accounting class so many years ago, I got quickly annoyed with having to put down the mouse to enter numbers or write. I rapidly trained myself to use a 10 key with my left hand and still do. Then several years ago I began to have bad pains in my right shoulder and neck and switched my mouse to the left hand; pain gone. It's remarkable how our motor skills can be retrained to suit the needs we have.
  15. Yes, but the client moved to a nursing facility so I suspect the change of address is the issue. There was no withheld tax, no refund and nothing due. I'm checking to confirm but had to get 2848.
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