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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends on this forum.
  2. I can think of numerous times when I interviewed potential clients, declined to do their work, and the conversation ended with an effort by them to clarify precisely what the problem was. I assumed they were preparing for what to tell (or not tell) the next preparer they approached. On the other hand, it's usually fairly easy to sniff out when someone comes to you with a scripted story because they've been through the routine with the last person who declined to do their work. Maybe that just comes with experience. But my most reliable tactic has always been to suggest to a potential n
  3. Another one of those issues that arose from unclear and confusing info from SBA at the outset, leaving both applicants and (in some cases) lenders in the dark. I've encountered a few others.
  4. So an interesting question arises. Were the tips included in the wages figure used to calculate the original PPP loan request?
  5. I agree with Gail. If the PPP were simply a loan to the employer, there would be no basis for including employee tips. But the overarching purpose of the PPP (combined with the anticipated loan forgiveness), was an attempt to make employees whole without being too financially burdensome on the employer. And of course to keep them off the unemployment rolls, which somewhat reduced the total unemployment numbers and tried to avoid "windfall" claims. Although I'm not sure that last part was achieved.
  6. No, there have been surprisingly few porn sites in the mix, as far as I can tell. Maybe more among the ones in foreign languages, but I wouldn't likely recognize them unless they're in Italian, Spanish, etc. But the mention makes me think of a friend who was presenting a power point to a group of executives a few years back. His email would pop up a message on the screen occasionally, but suddenly there were several Viagra and Cialis ads in a row. After 5 or 6 had popped up, he just turned to the group and said "I wonder how they know?".
  7. I think I may have found the answer to what's going on. If you don't mind clicking on a link, here's the article I just now read: https://www.howtogeek.com/412316/how-email-bombing-uses-spam-to-hide-an-attack/ If you don't want to click on the link, I'll try to summarize what "email bombing" is all about. The attacker has likely gained access to one of my online accounts (especially one with stored payment info), and they want to try and order from that account. They're hoping that if I get a notification about a transaction I'll miss it, or even delete it along with a group of kn
  8. Reminds me of what the owner of a company I worked for used to say. "When we're brainstorming a problem this is a democracy. But when it's decision time it's a dictatorship."
  9. I have myself listed as two other people with different email addresses in my contacts list. Those in turn forward to my primary email account. (I've been told that's a good way to get a heads up if someone hacks into your contact list.) Nothing like that has happened and nobody has told me they're getting unusual emails from me. So I don't think anyone has hacked into my account, although I did change my password just as a precaution. Since posting that question this morning I've shunted 30-40 emails from my inbox into Spam, and dumped about 400-500 out of Spam over the course of about 6 h
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I monitor my credit regularly, but will step up the intensity. I'll start paying attention to IP address on some of them. I've wondered if they are bombarding my inbox in hopes I'll accidentally open an attachment. Not all the emails have attachments but many do. But I never open an attachment unless it's expected.
  11. In follow-up, this morning I deleted 1,400 messages that had accumulated in my Spam Inbox overnight.
  12. For all you tech gurus out there, I have. question. Suddenly my inbox is getting bombarded with spam, thanking me for signing up for all sorts to newsletters and other sites. My spam filter catches many of them and sends them directly to my spam inbox, but a huge number are getting through to my regular inbox. Lots of them are also in foreign languages. I'd estimate I'm getting 100+ in my inbox daily, plus 300 - 500 in my spam inbox. I dutifully empty the spam inbox several times a day now. I also mark the ones in my inbox as "spam", and I think the volume in my inbox is decreasing sli
  13. I did prepare a 2020 YTD statement through 3rd quarter today for a client, and it really looks wierd. These are not actual numbers, but similar. The client received a $200K PPP loan, which was spent appropriately. The conventional financial statement showed a $180k net loss. Then I added a line item entitled "Anticipated PPP Loan Forgiveness-Payroll" in the amount of $150k, a second line item entitled "Anticipated PPP Loan Forgiveness-Rent/Util" in the amount of $50k. Both these line items were negative entries under "Other Expenses". So the net income after Other Expenses is $20K.
  14. JohnH


    That hasn't been my experience. Sometimes they have reclassified, but it's hit and miss. I've seen similar situations with several clients over the years.
  15. Even that calculation reaches a point of diminishing returns. I'm 72 and I just received a increase in my social security benefit due to my current income replacing a low-earning year somewhere in the distant/forgotten past. I estimate that I'll break even on the transaction (Social Security EE withholding plus ER matching which I also pay) sometime around age 95. But after that I'll be ahead by $300 per year or so, so there's that...
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