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  1. I did not know, but I'm sure Drake will know when they send out 2021 s/w.
  2. You could also set up a personal EFTPS account. I think it’s an excellent way to handle tax payments, estimated tax, extension payments, etc.
  3. I'm seeing this played out, as a half-dozen of my clients are dealing with unpaid refunds or penalty notices due to IRS not having processed their 2nd quarter 941 prior to processing their 3rd quarter 941. (or a smilar scenario with other back-to-back quarters) Therefore, their overpayment from the 2nd quarter was not applied to their 3rd quarter 941 and a notice for failure to deposit has been generated. The largest one was hit with a $900 P&I assessment, which I told him to pay in order to avoid a levy, and to not expect it to be refunded for 6 months or more. The upside is that he wil be paid interest at a rate better than anything he can get right now. (Fortunately he can afford to wait and he likes the idea of the iRS paying him interest.)
  4. Isn't it possible that the executor might be liable if the heirs stonewall on paying the taxes? Sounds like the executor did a distribution to heirs before settling all the outstanding debts (including taxes).
  5. You make a great point. Personally there's no way I'd stand that close to a mother bear and her cubs. If one of the cubs begins to make its way in their direction, the mother bear may spring into action in an instant. Then you'll hear someone screaming "You can't outrun that BEAR!" And the response will be "I'm just trying to outrun YOU!"
  6. Oh, I can't bear to think of what direction these comments may take.
  7. JohnH

    CP 14

    Glad to help a little. Hope this works out for her.
  8. JohnH

    CP 14

    She could go online and request a 120-day extension of time to pay without setting up a formal Installment Agreement. That gives her 4 months of breathing room. Then if the adjustment has not been made by the end of that period, she could try calling and requesting an additional extension of 60 more days. If she can't get through, then setting up a formal I/A with the minimum payment might an additional option. For some people, the fee for setting up the I/A might be a small price to pay to retain access to her $900. (She might even qualify for waiver of the fee, depending upon her income)
  9. Wouldn’t that be “Knights of the Tax Table” ?
  10. They might change the taxation of winnings vs losses at some point to allow netting out , but I wouldn’t bet on it.
  11. My Mac has a blue stripe at the top with the words " Browse Activity Leaderboard. Donate". and then a search box at the far right.
  12. JohnH


    My barber uses Square. I can’t think of a better recommendation for its services. But he doesn’t dispense tax advice, which is a bit puzzling.
  13. JohnH


    Great point about Venmo's weird social aspect, Eric. I use Venmo to send money to my grandsons (age 20 & 21) occasionally for gas, food, etc while in college. Amazing what I see in some of those comments between them and their friends, and sometimes more amazing they aren't aware that Pawpaw is seeing some of that stuff. Or maybe they know I've already seen & heard it all and it won't make any difference in what I'm sending them. Back to the main point, I've had clients use PayPal to pay me a few times, and it is super easy. I guess Venmo would be just as easy & safe for business. There's also Zelle to consider for business payments, although it's a little more complicated.
  14. Just curious. Do you use keyboard shortcuts and macros? That will significantly speed up your efficiency if you're not taking advantage of them. (Or have we talked about this on another thread? I can't remember. ) Once I settled in with Drake, I realized the mouse was often slowing me down.
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