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    ATX slow today

    I did a couple of times and even shut down my computer completely and two restarts. The slowness was more obvious when I rolled over 43 returns from the prior year, took about 7-10 mins for the process.
  2. Anyone else experiencing ATX 2019 with being slow?
  3. TP kid works/lives in NY, Manhattan to be exact and before entering the county and school district which I didn’t know, TP was getting a small refund. After I obtained the county and district information, the refund turned into a balance due. I understand NY taxes on where you live or work, however the TP didn’t have local tax withheld and is the reason they now have a balance due. What form does the TP need to give to their employer for the proper taxes to be withheld? thanks
  4. TP check and there is no record, that is why I was asking, TP was a victim of identity theft a couple years ago.
  5. Can a TP see the status of their refund?

    NT - mom

    Hoping for a speedy recover for your mother.
  7. There are a few members I have not seen post or chime in for a while, hope you are doing good, let us know you how you are doing.
  8. Thanks for your reply, form 8332 would be the solution, TP is the noncustodial parent. MAS
  9. It's more on the due diligence, TP provided the divorce decree and I know it's not enough to prove the kids lived with TP, provided 50% of their support etc....
  10. Can someone remind me of what the IRS thinks of parent court agreements of sharing kids for tax purposes? Thanks
  11. I am a bite confused, I thought all business returns were due on 7-15-20 after they were extended, I tried submitting an extension in ATX it was rejected because it was passed due.
  12. Yes you are correct, the sale was between the shareholders, the $8000 in capital stock didn’t change on the books.
  13. First time encountering this scenario, 4 shareholder business sold their corporate stock between each other, each member contributes $2,000 back in 2005, in 2019, husband and wife bought 24.5% x 2 of shares, making the other shareholder only .5% owners. The shares were sold at cost, how do I report this sale on the 1120S/k-1`s? I am aware the shareholder that sold their share will report on sch D. Thanks
  14. ILLMAS


    https://blog.stridehealth.com/post/instacart-shoppers-tax-guide#:~:text=1099-MISC%3A Reports how much,in a given tax year.&text=As an independent contractor with,receive this form from them.
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