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  1. Don't sweat it, just enter info on box 1, people are going to be more upset when they try to use the insurance and find out it doesn't cover that.
  2. Contact ATX, they'll send it out for free, have your account number handy.
  3. I didn't know the IRS (PPS) had this feature until yesterday, I requested to be called back and when it was my turn, I missed the 1st call because I was on the phone with a client, 5 minutes later the automated system call me back and I was speaking to an agent. My call was in regards to a client refund from early February, the agent was very helpful and was practically reading the script given by the head honcho's line by line. "Tell the taxpayer we are experiencing huge delays because of COVID" "Tell the taxpayer the service centers are not fully in operations" "Tell the taxp
  4. One of my associates has a corporate client with a restaurant, about 25-30 years ago they changed the ownership to a family member name due to some outstanding debt, fast forward to 2021, they want to apply for a video poker license but now the family member credit history and other past items prevent them from getting a license. The ownership and management never change, it was always the original owner and the family member only loaned their name back then, now that they really want the gaming license they need to change back the ownership, would gifting the restaurant for X amount or the
  5. Deja vu - I would be more worried about them having the proper insurance, do you know how drunk people get in weddings, especially today
  6. Not my client but my associates, his client received a letter from the IRS informing them that the state of IL paid them around $9,000 in interest for back child support, his client didn’t even know about it, just thought it was part of the child support. Now for the bad part, taxpayer income is very low and due to the interest they lost around $6,000 of EIC and need to repay it back. This is an unusual case, interest income is interest income but it’s not like the taxpayer was saving the money from their earnings, would other income work? Thanks
  7. ^^ following this worked, I am still going to attach a copy of the death certificate and court appointee document for a refund under $100
  8. Thank you all, I'm error free now.
  9. The name and date are on the form already FYI.
  10. Errors get worst by leaving 2b blank.
  11. I am getting these errors, I was planning on attaching the signed 1310 and the court letter, should I remove form 1310 after I have printed out?
  12. Ok so mailing is the trick, box B should be sufficient since they have the court appointed letter and that should entitle them to the refund correct?
  13. TP daughter is the court representative so I am checking box B, however ATX is giving me an error saying I need to check box C since there is a small refund that will be deposited into the estate, and if I check box C, and answer Yes to all the question, ATX is giving me an error that I need to check the Yes and No boxes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. I am surprised they can handle any programs at all, aren't they workstations?
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