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  1. Two recent posts:
  2. Try contacting the company if it still exists, they can sometimes recommend techs by zip code or at try to sell you the latest version.
  3. What tax program are you using? I know ProSeries does require it.
  4. The person is an employee and unfortunately would be subject to SE taxes, can’t remember the form, but you can notify the IRS about the employer not treating employees as employees. Just let your client know they might be out of a job afterwards if they decide to become a whistleblower.

    Fill-in Forms

    Buy yourself Adobe X Pro or Adobe Pro DC, I also use this product to send my clients encrypted password protected documents instead of using a portal or a share file.
  6. How often do you decide to stop working with certain clients for not paying, being too demanding or difficult etc...?
  7. Just out of curiosity, why do IRS agents a request a copy of the forms 1099s, 1096, W-2s & W-3 even though they were efiled under an audit?

    Myatx login

    Try using this link to login: https://support.atxinc.com/User/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fdownload%2fATXProgramDownload
  9. We might be boring, but we never stop learning If you are using ATX payroll package, you will need to print out the form 1096, along with the 1099s and Copy A at minimal to give to your client. Also when ready to print, make sure on the pull-down menu to select 1099MISC to be able to print everything at once.
  10. Can someone recommend any YouTube video that you might come across that would be helpful to someone that would like to learn about basic tax preparation? Thanks
  11. Sounds like a consulting fee to the advisor with the employees, advisor employees should of continued to receive pay as a W-2 employee. Advisor with employee just reports it as income and the offset is the wages they paid. MAS
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Brother-Monochrome-HL-L6200DW-Networking-Replenishment/dp/B01824JTWK
  13. May I add another question, let's say a client wants a copy of their 20XX tax return and copies of their W-2's, 1099s etc.... for a loan they are applying, are these portals only limited to sending an ATX copy of the return? Thanks
  14. ILLMAS


    Not enough for a PITA
  15. Does anybody know if a business can pay an 1120S late filing penalties online using a credit card? I have a client that would like to use their credit card instead of their checking account via EFTPS. On the IRS payment site, 1120S does not appear, which makes sense since there is no tax on the return. Thanks Marco
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