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  1. No way, I’m scared now, I haven’t logged in yet
  2. Thanks everyone for your input.
  3. Would you reach out to a TP children if you feel the TP is forgetful and/or someone might take advantage of them since their memory is fading?
  4. Online backup is a good choice, it won’t slow down the computer after it has fully backed up all your files, I would recommend starting on a Friday night and not touching the computer until Monday. FYI like any other backup software, make sure you know what is backed up, you might be surprised to find out your software was not part of the backup.
  5. I usually buy a external hardware from Costco and use the software included, an 8TB drive is priced under $150.00, not bad for the amount of TB and software.
  6. A non-profit held a virtual fundraising event last year and we are trying to figure if there was a benefit to the people who paid the suggested fee, the organization had a live singer, poet and a speaker, no food or drinks were provided, do you think there was a benefit? Thanks


    Team up with an office that has the service, that is what I do. Find out with your city to see if they have free paper shredding days, or if you don't driving here is a link to our city's program: https://www.recyclebycity.com/chicago/brief/chicago-shredding-events
  8. That will be my next step to learn, right now I am just using it to send out 941/W2 packages but I will be using for efile. Thanks
  9. Thank you, I see it now, I am glad I asked.
  10. Thanks everyone for their recommendation, I decided to go with Verifyle, but I have a question for those that use it, how do I get the date to appear after someone signs a document electronically?
  11. It’s so bad, an IRS agent I know decided to retire late last year.
  12. Thanks Judy. For some reason I could not edit the post, but I should of added, if it falls under equipment, furniture & fixtures, leasehold improvement etc...
  13. An auditor is making a mountain out something petty: Facts Non-profit rents a school building and they paid a plumbing contractor to run new gas and water lines to a room for a kitchen (for cooking classes), then a sink and commercial grade appliances were bought and installed. How would you classify each asset? new gas and water lines Kitchen sink stove refrigerator
  14. It is possible for someone to change their ERO number? Same FEIN just a new ERO like for a company that parted ways with a tax office.
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