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  1. Its been the opposite for me (grateful), but with many of my clients being home and now having time to put the paper work sooner, I notice my voice/throat has been horsed for the past three weeks.
  2. A CPA friend of mine wrote this and I will be using it as a script to push my clients to see their banker for help: “Clients are asking us who they should contact in regards to a PPP Loan. Currently, all banks who are SBA 7(a) lenders are eligible lenders for PPP. The Department of Treasury will be in charge of authorizing new lenders, which could include non-bank lenders, to help fill any gaps. We would advise you to begin discussions with your existing bank to determine if they will be authorized to issue PPP loans. If your bank is not eligible, we would be more than happy to connect you with banks that would be a good fit.” Paul B. CPA

    SBA Loans

    I just helped out a client via team viewer 15-20 min to complete.
  4. Let’s say a person is disorganized and cannot find certain documents to claim the child tax credit, would a statement like this (TP was not able to obtain certain documents because his children school and public health administration office is not fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic) be a valid point at this moment? Thanks

    SBA Loans

    Was this for a client or for your business? If you can share your experience. Thanks

    SBA Loans

    Same here, I am busy getting work out. I will send them to their bank for help. Thanks

    SBA Loans

    Has anybody else been contacted to help their clients apply for an SBA loan? Two of my clients have reached out for help them, and I am wondering if it’s worth offering it as a service.
  8. Never mind, I just want back to 2015 for the same client and the transmittal letter says to mail it. But I will still be interested in correcting it for future clients.
  9. TP balance due is scheduled to be withdrawn on X day, however the federal transmittal says to mail out the payment...... Did I miss clicking on something to say the amount will be debited from your account?
  10. TP is a online gamer and his fan pay to watch him play against other gamers', TP calls them donations and I see it as other income or even SE income since the gaming platform pays him with a 1099 box 7 and in royalties, your thoughts? Thanks
  11. Possible, why not just expense the rent etc... to offset the 1099 and maybe next year the 1099 can be issued to the right party.
  12. My friend sent me this executive order: https://www2.illinois.gov/Documents/ExecOrders/2020/ExecutiveOrder-2020-10.pdf Accountants can continue to operate.
  13. Our state governor/city mayor have decided to closed ALL non-essential business effective tomorrow 3-21-20 until April 7, 2020.
  14. Sounds like the same treatment land gets.
  15. Did we miss something? Hope he is doing okay and gets better soon.
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