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  1. You have no obligations of giving them your notes, fire them if they disrespect you.
  2. FYI not trying to be an A-hole here
  3. Just imagine if someone from your office gets COVID and you are forced to shutdown your entire office and clients have no sympathy and want there information done now.
  4. I did a quick amortization calculation 2% vs 2.5% on a 30yr loan, for simplicity I used $100K as the principal amount: $33,063 of interest at 2%, $42,243 at 2.5%. If I were to add $3K to the 100K to finance the closing cost, financing $103K you would pay $993 more in interest totaling $34,056.
  5. A good start is reviewing enrolled agent exam part 2 study materials, you might find a similar example in there.
  6. The only way to find out is to compare the good faith estimate with the final HUD statement, also it would be a good idea to shop around, he might get a 2% plus closing fees vs 2.5% with no closing fees, .5% difference makes a huge differences.
  7. So the 1040X was never processed?

    Windows 7

    Have you tried installing the program directly to the computer? I was able to install 2019 on a stand alone computer and I get an error message every time I open the program, but if you click okay, it lets you open it. Then you can try mapping it to the network drive.
  9. ATX efile has left the building, I thought it was going to be the 21st.
  10. Has anybody considered going solar power? From what I understand, it uses up the batteries first then the electricity kicks in.
  11. Virtual currency now front page 1 and line 30 for reconciling the credit. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-dft/f1040--dft.pdf
  12. I attended a webinar this past Saturday and the instructor mentioned that there is a possibility they might extend the filing deadline again and I have the same feeling to. But he shared something that made me smile, at another tax seminar in a state that doesn’t have all these restrictions, an attendee shared his story on how he was going to profit from people who were going to wait until 7-15-20. The tax preparer sent a letter to all his client informing them if they were going to come in after 4-15-20 he was going to charge a $250 fee for ruining his summer and taking time away from his f
  13. Has anybody called and see the status of the 2016?
  14. Is it the same as A-Plus which you had recommended a couple of years ago?
  15. Sign up for Enterprise membership with QB, you’ll get access to prior year QB, I renew it every year for two reason, one a client upgrades to the latest version, secondly I prepare payroll and the subscription is included. This year price is $1,175.
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