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    QBI from Sch E

    From Pub 535, page 2, middle column "Determining your qualified trades or busi- nesses. Your qualified trades and businesses include your section 162 trades or businesses, other than trades or businesses conducted through a C corporation, W-2 wages earned as an employee, and specified service trades or businesses. In general, to be engaged in a trade or busi- ness, you must be involved in the activity with continuity and regularity and your primary pur- pose for engaging in the activity must be for in- come or profit. If you own an interest in a pass-through entity, the trade or business de- termination is made at that entity's level. The ownership and rental of real property doesn’t, as a matter of law, constitute a trade or business, and the issue is ultimately one of fact in which the scope of your activities in connec- tion with the property must be so extensive as to give rise to the stature of a trade or business. However, the rental or licensing of property to a commonly controlled trade or business is con- sidered a trade or business under section 199A" Do you think a client a with a handful of properties would qualify?

    Non-Clients Calling with Questions

    Caller: I have a question.... Me: Let’s setup an appointment and I charge $XX, and if you become a client I will credit the payment towards your next invoice. Caller: Let me check my schedule and I will call you back. You know the rest.


    Can you even file 1099’s yet? Last week it wasn’t allowing me.


    Retype it like this xxx-xx-xxxx Also it sounds like you are using the tax program to create the 1099, you should be using ATX Payroll

    QBI from Sch E

    “IRS declined to provide any further guidance on when a rental qualifies nor any bright line test - trade or business is still the standard. It specially says it will not reference 469 for 199A purposes. HOWEVER, Notice 2019-07 will provide a SAFE HARBOR: Under the proposed safe harbor, a rental real estate enterprise may be treated as a trade or business for purposes of section 199A if at least 250 hours of services are performed each taxable year with respect to the enterprise. This includes services performed by owners, employees, and independent contractors and time spent on maintenance, repairs, collection of rent, payment of expenses, provision of services to tenants, and efforts to rent the property. however a rental activity can still meet the trade or business test while not meeting the safe harbor.” Anybody know where I can find notice 2019-07?

    QBI from Sch E

    Everytime I see a TT “a CPA has your back” commercial, I wonder if TT has the inside scope on 199a, I’m giving people the run around because I am unsure myself. “The only thing that I know, is that I know nothing”


    Its odd how we have a love hate towards the IRS, we disliked them when we are on hold for up to an hour or more, or when nothing is resolved, or when you really need to talk to someone but they are closed because its a federal holiday etc... Now we really need them because it might have an impact on our revenue etc.

    QBI you vs them

    I've been digging around ATX and Proseries to see if in anywhere one can check-off to let the K-1 recipient know they qualify QBI or the person preparing the tax return know. Does it exist and maybe I am not seeing it? I would hate for the IRS to challenge a TP because their preparer took QBI on a candy store or any non-qualifying business.

    1120S Amended

    Quick question, I will be amending an 1120S K-1, the TP now wants for the K-1 to be issued to the trust instead of the estate, should the new K-1 have the amended K-1 checked off also? In other words, the ownership changed from 100% Estate to 100% Trust, now 0% Estate and 100% Trust both have K-1 amended checked off, just want to make sure that is correct, it's been many years since I amended a business tax return. Thanks
  10. ILLMAS

    MFJ Status Question

    TP can apply for an ITIN for the wife in the mean time, see form W-7/instruction for more information.
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    I will just submit it once it opens.
  12. ILLMAS

    W-2 and 1099 payroll e-file

    As far as I know, you cannot efile* W-2's using ATX, only 1099's which is not available yet. You can create them in ATX, then convert them to .ASC files to upload into the social security admin. website, which require for you to register first. *Using ATX for W3/W2s does not allow you to efile them like you would a 1099, 1040 etc.... It's a different process, if you create a W3/W2 in ATX, first you need to obtain an user ID from the social security administration, once you are registered and have that number, you can go ahead and create the W3/W2s in ATX, you will click on efile, then the file will be converted into a format approved by the SSA. Finally, you will login into SSA business service online, upload the .asc format, print out your confirmation and that's it, you will only use ATX to create and print the forms. Hope this helps.
  13. ILLMAS

    W-2 and 1099 payroll e-file

    W-2's can be submitted via SSA already.
  14. ILLMAS

    QBI from Sch E

    "I think it is a risky position to take. I think I will lay it out for my clients and allow them to make the choice. " Show them this before they decide: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/6662 And include this if they want to take the risk: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8275r.pdf
  15. How are you going to handle your S-corp clients that don't take a reasonable compensation or don't pay themselves for QBI purposes? I worked out three scenario: Single, Taxable income $150,000, 0 unadjusted, non-SSB Scenario 1 W-2 wages from S-corp: $50,000 K-1 profits: $100,000 QBI $20,000 Scenario 2 W-2 wages from S-corp: $0 K-1 profits: $150,000 QBI $30,000 Scenario 3 W-2 wages from S-corp: $100,000 K-1 profits: $50,000 QBI $10,000 From the three scenario, # 2 will have the best QBI, however we cannot play around with the numbers to see what gives the best result, from what I've been reading, there is a debate as to prepare the return based on what the client brings in, other are suggesting they will be declining returns with zero or unreasonable compensation, other are saying they are going to reduce the K-1 amount by reasonable wages*, and some are saying no wages or reasonable salary, prepare the return but no QBI. *Reasonable wages How much would someone in your field make? How much would you like to get paid for what you do? How much do you expect to receive from SS when you retire?
  16. ILLMAS

    Hiring help contract sample

    Can someone share a sample contract, I am more interested in the lingo for client confidentiality and non-compete part. Thanks
  17. ILLMAS

    QBI from Sch E

    Someone in another tax forum made a reference to a court case, where a single property counted as a trade or business: https://casetext.com/case/hazard-v-commissioner-of-internal-revenue I read part of it, however it's a court case from the 40's
  18. I was just a tax training this past weekend and the instructors first words were "RAISE YOUR FEES BY XX%", 200 + people were in agreement.
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    Cleaning Scanner

  20. ILLMAS

    What To Do?

    Had a similar issue before, PITA TP every year, never failed, that my fees were too high for 1 hour work etc.... For 2016 he called me to let me know he was going to prepare them himself, I said great, he fired himself and I was happy. A couple of months later he called me non-stop, he needed help responding to an IRS letter and even offered to pay me to sort things out, I said no thank you, I am busy and don’t have time, he even had since aunt call me to convince me to help him and I still said no.
  21. ILLMAS

    QBI you vs them

    Correct, I’ve been thinking QBI is only for SSB.
  22. ILLMAS

    Myatx login

    Can someone do me a favor and check to see if you can login and view your account. Thanks I am able to login, but get a blank screen, like it's being redirecting to a different webpage.
  23. ILLMAS

    Illinois resident, tax on foreign income

  24. ILLMAS

    NT - The Honeymooners

    Ralph and Alice in 2018 https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kobSe_1543575607