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  1. Inherited 401k's don't have special rules AFAIK.
  2. Yes, thanks! This has been very informative.
  3. Well, . Good thing it's still sitting here! Thanks!
  4. Small business taxpayer. A small business taxpayer is not subject to the section 163(j) limitation and is generally not required to file Form 8990. A small business taxpayer is a taxpayer that is not a tax shelter (as defined in section 448(d)(3)) and has average annual gross receipts of $25 million or less for the 3 prior tax years under the gross receipts test of section 448(c). A pass-through entity that is a small business taxpayer does not allocate excess taxable income, excess business interest income, or excess business interest to its owners.
  5. When 17 was filed, taxpayer had not yet decided if they wanted to leave it as a nondeductible or convert it to Roth. Unfortunately, they also had other traditional IRAs, so a good portion of the conversion ended up being taxable, and they still have nondeductible basis left.
  6. You can add a note to any field with Ctrl+T. Or use right-click menu or Edit menu.
  7. https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/irs-expands-underpayment-and-underwithholding-relief-for-more-taxpayers-to-80-threshold?feed=00000158-20c2-d6a2-adfb-70eb85460000
  8. I had to override several fields on the 8606 for a nondeductible 2017 IRA being recharacterized to a Roth. The 1099-R was code R but nothing was showing on the 8606. I just plowed through and hope I didn't do something wrong.
  9. Carbonite doesn't backup ATX's default file locations. We use CrashPlanPro.
  10. The K1 would show a gain and a distribution. but the step-up in basis would increase the worthless stock loss, so yes, you are correct.
  11. Darn, I was hoping they could file as a threesome.
  12. The only problem with efaxes is you learn to hate people who fax upside down.
  13. Me too. I came in most days but only got 1 or 2 returns done each day. You can't make that time up!
  14. We double duty our 2nd line as a fax line. We don't answer line 2 unless it's a rollover and we know it's not a fax. We can actually receive a fax on both of our lines, which is helpful when clients dial the wrong number. Both lines forward to efax if we don't answer.
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