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  1. This is wrong. The estate would be the shareholder and simply get a K1 from the 1120S. The corporation was not dissolved.
  2. It's crazy to file anything on paper with the IRS right now, unless you're absolutely forced to.
  3. Most states will allow the same name, once the old one is surrendered, and the state has likely already done that. MD says you can't have similar names but I see almost identical names all the time.
  4. I would explore letting the old corporation die and forming a new one. Why incur all those penalties for an inactive corporation. This would mean a liquidation of the old corp, so the question becomes, what assets are in the corp?
  5. I just try to pull a transcript from eservices.
  6. So you have a corporation with no books? Tell 'em to take a hike. No one needs that kind of grief.
  7. 6 cent increase would make sense. 3.50/gal / 25 mpg = 14 cents per mile 5.00/gal / 25 mpg = 20 cents per mile
  8. That was a good workout! Is that a wild sheep?
  9. Are you sure you can't deduct those losses due to disposition? I've never had a case like this.
  10. We put in a succulent garden with various sedum, daisies, yarrow and Beekeeper Caryopteris along the driveway, and it's doing very well.
  11. Catherine having dwarf trees makes me snicker.
  12. iPhone is an apple product. Androids or smart phones are the main competitor. In the US, market share is about 50/50, but worldwide, Android dominates. With Apple, you only have access to their apps and it's not very customizable. With Android, you have access to apps from many companies and it's very customizable. Both are easy to use. You can find cheaper Androids but iPhones are always expensive. Neither lasts much beyond 4 years. Both stop providing updates after just a few years. My current Android (Pixel 2) is about 6 years old, so I'm no longer getting system updates, but I have a good antivirus and other security, so I'm not worried about safety. It cost me over $600 and new ones are about a grand. I like to have a phone with a good camera, and I prefer pure Android to the customized ones from Samsung, etc. I also want a fast processor. My fiancee has a cheap Samsung Tracphone and it's slow, has a crappy camera and the wifi speeds are a fraction of what I get, but she only paid about $100 for the phone and one year of service (no monthly bill). How much memory you need depends on how you use your phone. I have thousands of songs on my phone so my 64GB phone is close to being full. Next time I want to get 128GB. But if you're not planning on using your phone as a music player, then a lot less memory will be fine, as long as you don't install too many apps.
  13. My guts says it's 100% taxable.
  14. We bought some cheap Solar LED spotlights to highlight the plants at night, and the serpentine cedar makes a creepy shadow on the wall. in
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