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  1. Abby Normal

    Atx down or just me?

    Transmitting and receive acks just fine.
  2. Abby Normal

    Microsoft to charge monthly for Windows 7 updates

    I think they mean that people like us will not even have the option to pay for continued updates. You'll either have to move to 8 or 10.
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2018/09/15/microsoft-windows-7-monthly-charge-windows-10-free-upgrade-cost-2/amp/
  4. Abby Normal

    Dell Computers - Good Bad or Indiferent

    I prefer to build computers and replace parts as they fail. Just rebuilt one in the office with a new motherboard, CPU and power supply, but the old SSD was still good, so I didn't have to spend 3 days configuring windows, installing programs, configuring programs and restoring data.
  5. Abby Normal

    Dell Computers - Good Bad or Indiferent

    I just searched Costco for win10 pro dell and only got one result: https://www.costco.com/laptops.html?operating-system=windows-10-professional&brand=dell&refine=ads_f117501_ntk_cs%3A%22Windows%2B10%2BProfessional%22|ads_fbrand_ntk_cs%3A%22Dell%22|
  6. Abby Normal

    Dell Computers - Good Bad or Indiferent

    ATX will only address 1 GB or RAM unless you install and run the Large Address Aware 3rd party utility. This is where I found it: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/ Large Address Aware Utility Instructions After installing, switch into Advanced Mode, add recent ATX.exe files, set LAA and Original to True using the 'With Selected' menu. You will still get the message that you can't open a second return, but ATX will not slow down when it goes over 1 GB of RAM. I used to have to close and restart ATX while working on larger returns and definitely before printing.
  7. Abby Normal

    Dell Computers - Good Bad or Indiferent

    Most computers bought from these types of stores come with the home version of windows, which is not suitable for a work environment.
  8. Abby Normal

    2019 W - 4 DELAYED

    It's always the software companies that delay these things, but in this case I'm with them. I'm also betting they're hoping the new W4 gets scrapped. If it were up to me, there would only be the Single table and we would keep using allowances for withholding calculations. I'm pretty certain that personal exemptions will be back one day for tax purposes. They're actually not gone, they're just set at zero.
  9. Abby Normal


    You must be this tall to ride this coaster.
  10. Abby Normal

    Penalty abatment

    Failure to pay is covered but the first time penalty rules: https://www.irs.gov/irm/part20/irm_20-001-001r#idm140198826274112
  11. Abby Normal


    This is exactly why I love roller coasters.
  12. Abby Normal


    I figured it was universal because I've seen it so many times from different clients. If I delete it QB and they add it back again, I rename the account Reimb***DO NOT USE***.
  13. Abby Normal


    Few things get on my nerves more than a client listing an expense as 'reimbursed' or 'reimbursement'.
  14. Abby Normal


    How can that not be fun?!
  15. Abby Normal


    All I can say is, I'm thankful we have caller ID!