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    Drake Web

    If you change software, do you lose access to all your old data? I'm guessing you do. Do you really want to trust someone else with your data? Do you trust that they'll back up your data frequently enough? Do you want your data on someone else's server that is many times more likely to be hacked than your own server? If the internet goes down you can't keep working.
  2. If your windows has a password and ATX has a password, isn't that multi-factor enough?
  3. That's like trying to do a puzzle without all of the pieces. There's probably no difference in tax if you just assume the carryover losses are all ordinary. What I don't quite get is how you can know the total amount of the carryover losses without having the detail.
  4. I don't see how. Distributions reduce basis, but no below zero. Distributions in excess of basis are capital gains, but as far as I know, that isn't passive income, so no passive losses will be released.
  5. Yes, under the newest rules, many, many things are now just an expense. Even a million dollar roof replacement.
  6. I'd probably argue for a 15 year life so I could bonus or 179 them, rather than $200 per year depreciation.
  7. Yes. They offer shred on site for a slightly higher fee, and you can watch them shred.
  8. Between burning up shredders on a regular basis, plus labor to shred, bag and drive to recycling, we found it was much cheaper to hire a service. They want to come once a month but we can skip every other month so only pay a nominal fee 6x per year. But like you said, we have very little to shred these days as we keep very few paper records, so it's more about recycling than security.
  9. Most trusts I deal with are all intangibles (stocks, bonds, etc.) but it sounds like you have a rental property? I'm not familiar with IL laws, but I would think that it would be an IL 1041, but as long as all the income is passed out, no tax will be due to IL, but the beneficiaries may have enough income to have to file a nonresident IL return.
  10. If each valve cost less the 2,500, I would expense them.
  11. If the IRS just scans all paper returns received, perhaps they need to let individuals scan their paper returns and upload them securely. Would prevent mountains of mail sitting in trailers.
  12. Run the ATX database repair batch file for 2019 and 2020. Read every word of the instructions carefully, or it won't work. https://support.cch.com/kb/solution/000048310/15000
  13. There's also a ton of construction going on. There are hundreds of new homes being built right now in the small town I live in and even more in the much smaller town about 6 miles away.
  14. For ATX to work, all the server services must be running. To check that, bring up Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Alt+Ctrl+Del), go to the Services tab and look for the ATX Server services and start them if they're stopped (right click). You'll have to be more specific about not being able to log into 2020 & 2019.
  15. It's under Manage Users. Simply uncheck the box and be done with it.
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