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  1. Abby Normal

    Depreciation Question

    Documentation is always a good thing, well, maybe not always...
  2. Abby Normal

    Where is the 941?

    I don't like PDFs opening in my browser so I have PDFs set to open with my default PDF viewer (Foxit). Edsel, sometimes the fillable fields are not highlighted. It's often a preference in your PDF viewer software. Right click and choose 'Save link as' to save the PDF to your drive.
  3. Abby Normal

    Where is the Bulldog Tom?

    Remember he was starting a new job. I'm sure he's swamped.
  4. Abby Normal

    Accounting Question

    If they received the check in February, it is likely for a prior policy period. They can't audit a policy until the year is over.
  5. Abby Normal

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    When I copied and pasted that email address into my email program, it complained that there were non-ASCII characters in it, so I just typed it in and it was fine. Here's my email: This redesign is a huge waste of money and is purely for political talking points. They've taken a familiar two page form and turned it into an eight page monstrosity. Making the main form two half pages instead of one full page is a joke. The amount of excess paper this will cause to be consumed is alarming. All of that white space on the new forms is insane. Make the new 1040 one full page and put multiples of the new "schedules" on the same page so that the average taxpayer will still only have two pages and not eight! And if the taxpayer doesn't need any schedules, their tax form will be one page instead of the traditional two. Thanks for listening!
  6. Abby Normal

    AICPA & NAEA - Simplify W -4

    Could not agree more. Here's simple for ya: Every employee is withheld at Single 0. No W4 needed unless you want more or less withholding. W4 has one amount box with two checkboxes: Add this to my regular withholding and subtract this from my regular withholding. On a second line, you can choose to bypass the regular withholding altogether and just enter a flat % you want withheld. This will be good for those whose wages vary significantly from week to week, or those working a second job, or those with with a spouse who earns much more than they do. The % could be less than 8%, or maybe 10%.
  7. Abby Normal

    IRS eservices wants me to periodically recertify my account

    Yes. My password had not yet expired. Also, in past years, it has expired and I just needed to create a new one. All this certification and recertification just started last year.
  8. Abby Normal


    Edsel is the the official timber expert on this forum.
  9. Abby Normal

    LLC Reporting

    LLCs do not default to Sch C. I have plenty on Sch E. They are simply disregarded for tax purposes.
  10. Abby Normal


    I tell my clients to cross out and write in the amount, if they're paying more or less than I calculated.
  11. Abby Normal

    IRS eservices wants me to periodically recertify my account

    The odd thing is, when I initially registered I had no problems doing it all online. Why, all of the sudden, my cellphone can't be verified is curious. Just glad my annual (?) recertification is in July and not during tax season.
  12. Abby Normal

    Depreciation Question

    The likelihood of getting both parties to agree to this seems very low. When people barter they feel like they're putting one over on the man. I'd just journal entry it to sales and fixed assets, then 179 the trailer and move on.
  13. Abby Normal


    Which vouchers, 1040V, 1040ES,...? If you want 3 1040ES vouchers, there's a check box for that on the 1040ES form, options tab. When you print the return (Ctrl+P) and check the 1040ES form, all 3 vouchers will print.
  14. Abby Normal

    IRS eservices wants me to periodically recertify my account

    It was not an email. I went to the irs eservices website which I have bookmarked. This came up after I logged in. https://la2.www4.irs.gov/eauth/pub/login.jsp
  15. Abby Normal

    IRS eservices wants me to periodically recertify my account

    Looks like I'm waiting 5 days. Glad this isn't during tax season or some other deadline.