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  1. Abby Normal

    Hobby Rules - Don't Even Ask

    Not really. If AMT applies, they weren't deducting the 2% items anyway. Plus you can't arbitrarily go to your employer and tell them you want to be a 1099 contractor. And do you really want to give up health insurance, unemployment insurance, 401k match, etc. plus pay the employers half of Social Security and Medicare? Tax rate decreases and increased credits offset the loss of these deductions in most cases, so at least in that sense, it was a simplification. Besides, there were a lot of made up expenses in the 2% category.
  2. Abby Normal

    IRS to crack down on SALT

    I have a single parent pilot that I thought was screwed because SALT caused them to lose 7k in deductions and 2% cost them another 9k in deductions, plus they lost 12k in exemptions, so taxable income was 28k higher. Tax did go up by 5k but AMT went down by 6k. So they really just replaced the regular tax with the AMT tax which never allowed either of those deductions. And I suspect many SALT limited clients are in similar situations. And in this case, they also got 4k in child tax credits until the kids get a little older.
  3. Abby Normal

    Late Filing of Form 2553

    So true!
  4. Abby Normal

    Windows Update

  5. Abby Normal

    Late Filing of Form 2553

    And every time I've done that, the client gets a letter saying 'you already filed the 2553'.
  6. Abby Normal

    Windows Update

  7. Abby Normal

    ATX Server Requirements

    I find the Base and Better ATX system requirements to be ridiculously low. The Best should be the minimum. I have 16GB RAM and often run at 50% used. If I only had 8GB I'd be running out of RAM.
  8. Abby Normal

    Windows Update

    Which version of windows?
  9. Abby Normal


    Seems so simple, doesn't it.
  10. Abby Normal

    20% applies to rent?

    I think this year, the later you take CPE, the better.
  11. Abby Normal


    Tick tock.
  12. Abby Normal

    ATX Server Requirements

    Just get the fastest computer you can buy and definitely get an SSD. I have 10 years of ATX installed on a server/workstation, running on an i7 3.5Ghz with 16GB of RAM, but you're mostly only running 1 or 2 years at any time.
  13. Abby Normal

    20% applies to rent?

    Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter has said the IRS expects to issue guidance on the Code Sec 199A passthrough deduction in July
  14. Abby Normal

    20% applies to rent?

    I think we're still waiting on the IRS for interpretation.
  15. Abby Normal

    Amending an H&R Block return...

    Didn't you learn from Obama that using pronouns like 'it' or 'that' can cause you a lot of grief? Care to clarify? https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/needleman-the-dentist/n9232 Skip to 1:33 after the ad plays.