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  1. My favorite music decade is the 70's, followed by the 90's and the 60's, not necessarily in that order. I also love music from the 30's and 40's, especially the reefer songs.
  2. As best I recall, in this order, Intuit Proseries, Dalton, TAASC, Drake, TaxWorks, ATX. That doesn't seem like enough.
  3. I never thought about it until today. Is it an abbreviation? Who originally wrote and sold ATX? Did they sell to Kleinrock, before it all got sold to CCH?
  4. This is why Gmail was created. But I agree with getting your own domain. And I would have your domain email addresses just be set up as forwards to a Gmail address, because Gmail has great spam filters, and if you ever change who's hosting your domain, you don't have to worry about porting all of your emails to the new host. You can set up Gmail (under Accounts) to send using your domain email address (alias) so your clients never see your behind the scenes Gmail address. That way you can easily see your emails on your mobile device and reply to them as if you're at your computer. Gmail is a bit persnickety setting up alias email addresses. We were able to use smtp.gmail.com on some of our computers, but we had to use our local ISP's smtp on the rest of the computers. It works the same regardless of which smtp site you use.
  5. It was one of the worst decisions the IRS ever made. All that was needed for joint Sch C or F was a % field for the main spouse. Then you have separate Sch SE forms. That's all they were really trying to accomplish, getting the Social Security record right.
  6. Can they both go into the bank together? They might be able to do a deposit with cash back.
  7. Tax-wise, the IRS may not care. It's a 1065 either way. Legal-wise, I would want that building titled in the LLC's name.
  8. I go into the ATX server backup folder and delete many GBs of Payers backups and Companies backups. I've already done an interim cleanup a few weeks ago and Payers had almost 5,000 backups! I've asked ATX to fix this but it's never been done. Just leave the last 5 backups, because you'll have hundreds more soon enough! FYI: When you delete the older backups, the ones that are left are the highest numbers, and ATX will start numbering them at 1 again. So go back into that folder in a few weeks and delete those high numbered ones, after checking that you have at least several lower numbered backups.
  9. Sounds like a soap opera! Or a romance novel.
  10. Every time I consider deleting all returns older than 7 years, I remember those (admittedly few) times I needed those older returns to see energy credits, education credits or various state credits or deductions that have limits, or ??? ... and so I don't delete. But I should probably delete all returns older than 15 years, at least.
  11. Yikes! That's 94% full. I suppose SSDs don't slow down as much as HDs when almost full, but still. I'd have your IT guy swap in a 2TB SSD as soon as possible. And put in a 2nd drive that you clone to every night.
  12. Yeah, I misread what you were asking.
  13. The only paper we keep is signed efile signature forms and POAs. Any misprints or copies of documents the client doesn't want, get shredded every other month. We use a mobile shredder service and you can watch it being dumped into the shredder. The shred size is nowhere near the required tiny size, but most documents, including the copy of returns that we print, have masked ID #s anyway.
  14. Not a Drake user, but whenever I need a number like that. I do a with and without on the return to calc the difference.
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