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  1. This is the page you want. https://support.atxinc.com/myinformation/MyProducts
  2. But anyone who fails online can receive a letter in the mail with a code to finish setting up the account. I had to do this for someone whose credit had a freeze placed. No big deal.
  3. Intuit is the one company I hate more than micro$oft.
  4. My poor car wouldn't know what hit it, if it got washed more than once or twice a year!
  5. I have all the install files downloaded to our computer. This is true for all of our software. I'll upload it and post a link here, shortly. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tr9rbIIJzQmohLfpf9whDiAFq2Omq0tl/view?usp=sharing
  6. You can with some states but not with federal... unless it can be done with an amended return. I suggest IRS Direct Pay. Also, just because they had some unexpected income does not mean they need to make estimated payments. I usually recommend they earn some interest on the money and just pay on 4/15.
  7. It should be 30 days, so you pay your taxes on 4/15 and pay your first estimate on 4/30, but it doesn't matter, because this will never pass. Some accountant will calculate how much interest it will cost the government to delay the 2nd and 3rd quarter payments by a month and it will be too large of a number. Abby Downer (wah wah)
  8. And there's the problem. None of my few gamblers have any interest in keeping detailed logs.
  9. Catherine would probably rather have a gun, anyway.
  10. Yes, I saw yours and Eric's shields. Will all the shielded folks be in a group called something like Knights of the Computer Table?
  11. I suspect they'll just summarize annually, like brick and mortar casinos do, and the gambler needs to be the one keeping track of sessions.
  12. Which portal are we talking about?
  13. I don't see a shield but I do consider my two profanity warnings a badge of honor. Oh, and thanks, Eric! It seems I only cuss every 4 years, so look out 2022!
  14. For now, at least, this is a one time deal for 2021, but I can see that some would like to make the child credit monthly payments permanent.
  15. Wait 20 minutes or more then retrieve acks. If no luck, rehang again.
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