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  1. Why do you say that? ATX's has a video that says to do exactly that. I'm assuming you're referring to the data folders.
  2. You are correct. https://myatx.blogspot.com/2019/11/atx-2019-preview.html
  3. Sniffing out where data are stored requires you to be quite the computer sleuth. Besides the usual suspects (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.) you should look in: C:\Users C:\ProgramData First, go to Windows View settings and set it to show hidden folders. I believe both of the above are hidden by default. You can buy a relatively cheap hard drive enclosure, for the old drive, so you'll be able to access any missed files for a long time. Or just keep the old computer around, as has already been suggested. And, of course, I always recommend a backup service to keep your files safe. But that brings us back to having to know where all your important files are scattered across your drive.
  4. We bought custom printed CDs from Tenenz for about a buck each. We felt it was worth it for firm image. We looked at custom flash drives but never bought them due to price. I never password protected the PDFs, but I considered encrypting the CD or flash drive with a password, but I think I just ask each client if they want the PDF sent via our temporary portal at SendInc.com.
  5. Yes. Installing the program does not erase the data. Here's what I recommend: Copy the ATX data to another folder. Reinstall ATX and check if data is there. If not, copy the data from step 1 to the ATX data folder.
  6. Guys. We get over quickly.
  7. We used Virtru for awhile but had problems as well. Now with SendInc and having no issues, except the emails expiring in 7 days and clients procrastinating. Sendinc is not an email program, it is a portal the client logs into with a password of their choosing and downloads the file. Firefox Send works the same way, but you can skip the password if you choose. Both are free.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2019/10/12/theres-a-new-question-on-your-1040-as-irs-gets-serious-about-cryptocurrency/#6f6c733e5c92
  9. Yes. You never give up your right to amend.
  10. No because some of the NOL might have been used in those prior years (2008-2014) and would not be available for 2015. You really have to redo ALL of the returns, whether they're being filed or not, or at least do the NOL worksheet for every year.
  11. Under the Page Layout tab and the Print Area dropdown, there is the option to Clear Print Area.
  12. Excess deductions are gone though because they were a 2% itemized deduction. This is probably a final K1 if these are capital losses being distributed.
  13. If this K1 needs to go on the bene's 1040s, they will have to amend, unless the income passed out to them is inconsequential.
  14. If you don't like all those zeroes on the ATX comparison sheet (I don't), you can turn them off in preferences. I use the blank space to type notes on the comparison form.
  15. Go to the website for ATX efiles and rehang the efile. https://returnquery.atxinc.com/ You will have to logon.
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