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  1. Great! I didn't even think to check for that. Such a simple thing that a lot of missed a great deal.
  2. I do like the larger print on the SR.
  3. Nature abhors a vacuum, so that white space that still remains on the now 2/3 full page, will one day be filled up again.
  4. The IRS treats each year separately, and they're underfunded and understaffed right now. The shutdown plus the new tax law with a 1040 redesign, have put them in a serious bind.
  5. Probably not. Most of my freelancers 1099s add up to less than sales anyway. I trash all the 1099s my clients send me too.
  6. 1040X with corrected SE form and an adequate description in the explanation box should do it. Not sure what you want to stamp 'Do not file' on. Taxpayer's should check their SS earnings in about a year, because I doubt the 1040X will be updated over to SSA.
  7. Max was so mad he couldn't type straight!
  8. Nothing can be 100% relied on. My son sent me 3 texts on Father's day but I only received one of them.
  9. Let us know if you find something like that. Thanks! A quick search found this: https://try.clicksend.com/us/email-to-sms/
  10. I have one LLC taxed as a C corp that's 100% owned by a foreign corporation. On the 8832 we entered "none" for ID number of owner. On the 1120 we leave the ID# blank on the Sch G and have never had a problem.
  11. All of these "support" tools are a security risk. The last time I bought a Dell (90s), I formatted the drive and reinstalled windows. I have an IT guy. I don't need or want Dell support.
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