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  1. I don't care about free coffee. I care about good coffee. I will, coincidentally, be away from home Sunday morning and I'll be getting coffee at Java Divas. I kid you not, the brewed coffee is quite good. The espresso, not so much. But Karin likes their frozen coffee drinks.
  2. Did you step up 50% of the house at date of death?
  3. Remote Desktop. It's been in windows for many versions now. We use it for several clients, but it's been recently "jazzed up", although the technical details are above my pay grade. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028379/windows-10-how-to-use-remote-desktop
  4. This is how we handle those: Report sale on 8949 as shown by broker, verifying that the broker shows the original amount invested. Enter codes BO in column f and combine the basis adjustment and the ordinary income portion that goes to the 4797. Be careful not to do backwards. The basis adjustment is a positive adjustment for the gain and the ordinary portion is negative. On 4797, enter the ordinary portion as proceeds and force to section II. Choose the K1 that was sold (or partially sold) from the drop down list.
  5. I've never needed to use the 6198 for S corp losses to be carried over. The basis worksheet handles that just fine. Carried over losses will offset future income or can be used if the shareholder makes capital contributions. They will also be allowed when the entire entity is disposed of.
  6. But it's not a solvable problem in the catch-22 situations.
  7. The instructions make it sound like you don't have to complete the withdrawal, before you file the return. The IRS can waive part or all of this tax if you can show that any shortfall in the amount of distributions was due to reasonable error and you are taking reasonable steps to remedy the shortfall. If you believe you qualify for this relief, attach a statement of explanation and file Form 5329
  8. Yes, that's how I do it. 2 or 3 times, I've had the catch-22 where deducting SEHI qualifies you for a PTC, but then the PTC lowers the SEHI so much that it disqualifies you for the PTC. I just split the difference and call it a day. Never gotten any IRS notices over this.
  9. They have to establish a state "residence" by where they vote, drivers licenses, where they get their mail, where vehicles, including the boat, are registered.
  10. Yes, but your personality is 5'10".
  11. Here's the offline Chrome installer. See if you can download this: https://send.firefox.com/download/e731737ffa5bd340/#gSRvIgTzunmD0XzaoDJx-A Link expires after 7 days.
  12. I've heard that Microsoft was making it hard to download Chrome and other browsers. Can you download the installer on another computer, put it on a flash drive and install it that way? 10Mbs a huge upgrade? We should be ashamed that we haven't wired the whole country by now with high speed internet. It's as important as electricity for a business.
  13. And the largest contributor is... <drumroll> CATHERINE! https://www.atxcommunity.com/leaderboard/?time=oldest
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