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  1. Many times, I've corrected carryover amounts internally and not filed an amended return, if the tax didn't change, and the IRS has never inquired. Every year is a separate bucket with the IRS and they do not verify carryover items. They're just not that sophisticated, and they may never be that sophisticated.
  2. Really? I thought the entity would remain intact with the same EIN. I had one a few years ago but the new owners had their own CPAs so I wasn't involved in the nitty gritty.
  3. Works fine here. You might need to uninstall/reinstall ATX. And if that doesn't work, contact support.
  4. I would never use an inkjet printer, even at home. Strictly lasers for me. Inkjets smear if they get wet, and they're way too slow for a busy office.
  5. There's a tax concept that if you control the rent being paid, then it will be treated as if it was actually paid, even if no cash was exchanged. Record the rent expense on the business and the rent income on the S corp that owns the building.
  6. Neither Chrome nor Edge will update automatically for me, most of the time. I've resorted to putting the installer for both, right on the desktop, so I can update manually, whenever SUMo (Software Update Monitor) tells me there's an update, or whenever I see a news article about either.
  7. Where did the actual money go? Was it a check or an electronic transfer? Or was it never actually received? If the estate received, and they paid it back out to the bene's then the income goes to the bene's. In other words, what actually happened?
  8. I could see myself working in a cool coffee shop (no chains!) in later life. I wouldn't mind doing some roasting of the beans, too. Or maybe a brewery or distillery. Or an animal shelter. All things I have an affection for.
  9. Selectively asking 'how can we afford this' makes me . Also, there's a lot of overreacting on this and I suspect the reality will not be so bad. Wait until we have details and real world examples.
  10. If he took distributions, you could claim a bookkeeping error and reclass those distributions as net wages. Of course there will be late payment of payroll tax penalties.
  11. I don't understand the rush to send in your money. I do it every December as part of getting ready for tax season.
  12. A partnership K1 should be entered on the K1 Input form in 1120S, and it will flow thru to the shareholder(s). Be careful with basis, but since it's a partnership, lack of basis isn't normally a problem, BUT you still need to track the S corp's basis in the partnership.
  13. Just make sure that the actual entity name is on all documents, including invoices, otherwise you're not putting everyone on notice that they're dealing with an LLC. You can have the legal smaller than the DBA, but you say 'Make checks payable to' the LLC name.
  14. On the books, I never do it that way, I just let Retained Earnings go negative. Same on the tax return, since that's where it flows (M2). And there's an M2 reconciliation to RE in worksheet for M2 where you have to enter the amount by which distributions are higher than what the M2 shows as distributions.
  15. APIC and yes it increases basis. Enter it on the basis tab of the K1 in ATX. You never reduce APIC. Distributions close to Retained Earnings.
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