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  1. Abby Normal

    NT-QuickBooks stopped working after a Windows 7 update-

    Did you get an error message? I've had good luck googling the error. I remember deleting some files was the fix for one QB not starting error.
  2. Abby Normal

    Windows 8

    10 is largely based on 8.
  3. Abby Normal

    Sch C or Sch A?

    My first reaction is Sch D capital loss on the loan. I'm guessing the loan was not secured by the property.
  4. Abby Normal

    Windows 8

    I'm not familiar with AMD chips but it appears it does run 8: https://www.amazon.com/Gateway-E1-1200-Windows-Desktop-SX2110G-UW308/dp/B00AQYSPA2
  5. Abby Normal

    Windows 8

    I upgraded to Windows 8 in December 2012 and it's been a very positive experience. Like you, I'm not touching 10 until I'm absolutely forced to. Not a week goes by that I don't see an article or two reporting on windows 10 troubles. And Windows 8 will get you more used to a Windows 10 like interface. Do you know which generation processor you have? Newer processors won't allow you to update either 8 or 7. I just had to replace a motherboard and had to make sure we got an older processor, and that limited our motherboard choices.
  6. Abby Normal


    It's only for new or modified divorce agreements after 12/31/18 and the fact the recipient is getting it tax free should be factored into the payment amount.
  7. Abby Normal

    2018 Tax Organizers

    I always highly customize the questions and get rid of the ones that are way too obscure. Always tweaking my wording when I see too many clients misinterpreting the question. I don't like to send them until after the new year. I like to let people enjoy their holidays without having to think about taxes.
  8. Abby Normal

    Well, it's official

    Thank you, @DANRVAN!
  9. Abby Normal

    1041 and k-1's

    Capital gain income is not automatically distributed so the estate pays the tax on that. Main exception is final return, when everything passes out.
  10. Abby Normal

    1099 software

    QuickBooks all the way. We pay for the Enhanced Accountant Payroll package from Intuit and efile all W2s right inside QB. We still paper file 1099s because Intuit wants to charge us for those. It makes no sense to me to print these to a PDF and import them into ATX. Seems like way too much work.
  11. You use the 2017 forms to do a short year 2018 return and enter the fiscal year dates at the top. If the year end is late enough in the year and the extended date falls late enough in tax season that ATX will have the business forms ready, then you can wait for the 2018 forms.
  12. Go into rollover manager and click on the poorly named Last Month/Quarter tab. That lets you roll over 2017 returns to a short year 2018 return.
  13. Abby Normal

    any math wizards out there - I have a PV problem

    This is why we have computers and software. We couldn't really do tax returns without a computer anymore.
  14. Abby Normal

    Well, it's official

    Thanks, @mwrightea!
  15. Abby Normal

    any math wizards out there - I have a PV problem

    TValue says it's 330,308.81 using 3.5% rate. I saved this file in case you want another rate.