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  1. I heard it on the ATX users facebook page, so when 1040 updated yesterday, I tested it and there was no red error.
  2. ATX realized their programming blunder and you are no longer required to enter an EIN for each group of forms that have withholding. It was a tremendously stupid idea to begin with because most people have multiple W2's, 1099s, etc., and the efile already contains the EIN for each W2, 1099, etc. I'd love to know what the concept was behind this idea to begin with, as I can't see any problem that it was solving.
  3. You moved the data the wrong way and created a new database. It's not too late to start over and do it the right way. You learned the hard way that export/import is not a good way to move your data. You don't get any of your settings, preferences, preparers, form customizations, etc., etc.
  4. You can customize the 1040 Ln 25-Tax WH tab to have the SSA EIN always there for you, in case you have withholding on a 1099-SSA, and it will NOT give you a red error if there is no SS withholding!
  5. Adding this to my list of form customizations, unless it causes an error to have the EIN with no withholding amount. brb
  6. Sometimes I'll look at last year's 1098 and call the automated line for tax info. We usually have all the info needed to pass the ID check.
  7. What happens if you enter a made up EIN (31-1111111)?
  8. I've heard the 3 dots menu referred to as the sushi menu and the 3 dashes, stacked vertically, is the hamburger menu.
  9. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/2021-tax-filing-season-begins-feb-12-irs-outlines-steps-to-speed-refunds-during-pandemic
  10. If the IRS isn't going to automatically send a new one, that's nuts. When you're already a victim of ID theft, they mail you a new PIN every year, automatically.
  11. I sat through the IRS webinar on this and quickly decided I would continue to fax them, unless I was in a terrible hurry for it to be entered in the CAF system.
  12. Once QuickBooks updates for the new year's forms, you can't go back and print prior years. More than once I've printed prior W2's to pdf and edited the year on every form. You might find an online service or software that will do the 2019 1099's.
  13. I wish. I've submitted an enhancement request for a feature to collapse the icon ribbon and encourage everyone who doesn't use it much to do the same. That's precious screen space I'd like to have, but I doubt ATX has any interest in programming a 'hide' button for the ribbon, like most other software has. And this year it's even worse because they've added more crap I don't need or use and pushed the few icons I do use off the screen, when I'm not running ATX maximized.
  14. You increase basis by enter an other addition on the K1 basis section (for entities) and the basis worksheet for 1040's. BUT you'll still need an M-1 adjustment for the nontaxable income.
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