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  1. Tell them that they either need to pay you to keep the books up to date, or hire a third party bookkeeper that you can train and work with. And tell them that it'll be cheaper than paying all those penalties and interest and their lives will be less stressful, which is priceless. I don't know about changing to a fiscal year for an S corp but IIRC, you need a valid business reason and/or a deposit to compensate the government for deferred revenues.
  2. It's either there on the Elections form or you can use a blank election to type whatever you want.
  3. Maryland only requires officers to be listed for corporations. LLCs are not required to list owners or officers.
  4. I download all available articles of incorporation or organization and any subsequent filings from the state websites, if available. Fortunately, Maryland has a great website for this and most of my clients are in Maryland, but I have had some luck downloading from other states. Also, husband and wife are considered as one for taxes as they relate to stock or partnership holdings, whether the holdings are in their joint names or not. And an officer is an assigned roll, not an ownership roll. Anyone can be named an officer and you were doing that. The lawyer's being a real jerk.
  5. If they aren't in the return, simply add those forms. Or am I misunderstanding your question?
  6. Not if you download just the driver (.inf) and not an executable file containing the driver.
  7. You can rollback the driver in windows or download an older driver.
  8. The IRS can barely open their mail, these days. I've filed a few 8919 over the years with zero repercussions, but the 1099 amounts were not huge. These bonuses sound like they might total to a much larger amount. But you can't control how these employees have already filed their returns.
  9. Yes, but don't just use the install CD that comes with your printer, because that will likely install a bunch of utilities you don't need or want. Manually install the driver from the CD if you can find it, or better yet, download it from the manufacturer's website because the one on the CD might be outdated.
  10. At this point, the penalties and interest make retroactive fixing not worth it. Employees can handle on their 1040 with a form 8919, using Code H.
  11. Not on Win10, but when I move to Win8, you had to find the install file for just QB because the CD tries to install older versions of various supplementary programs that QB relies on, and those installs failed.
  12. You will likely have problems installing versions older than 2015. I remember when I moved to Windows 8, that installing 2011-2013 QB was a struggle, and 2011 never ran quite right.
  13. My favorite bad transcription of a voice message I received came from a woman with a Chinese accent, who tried to leave the message, "Meet at 4 o'clock." but it transcribed as "Need more [rhymes with rock and is name for a rooster].
  14. Based on my experience with Google Assistant voice commands, this could be disastrous.
  15. I only learned recently that these revocable trusts were supposed to file a perfunctory return noting that all the income was on the 1040, and I don't think the IRS really cares about returns that do not provide any revenue for the government. If any of the financial accounts have the trust's name on them, then surely there is an EIN. I would just start trust returns as of the date of death and consider whether it makes sense to elect to file the estate and trust as one, until the estate is closed.
  16. I never had a chance to use this, but I always wanted to tell someone with whom I did not want to meet that I could see them "next Odin's Day but one."
  17. I've used quite a few over the years, going all the way back to DOS. We currently use and like AnyDesk. It costs about $120/year. Demo several and see which ones seem to work best for you.
  18. This should have be entered in QuickBooks (or some other accounting software) from the start. Entities need books.
  19. Resident states almost always tax everything, but DC should give credit for any tax paid to MD.
  20. Probably some security warning you the file came from the internet and could be dangerous.
  21. That's exactly why we stopped using spreadsheets and started tracking in ATX Return Manager. It was extra work to maintain a separate spreadsheet.
  22. State law may not agree, but if it was at least an LLC, the limited partner could avoid SE tax, but it would not be capital gains.
  23. Whose name is the real estate held in? Also, if TP A is doing this regularly, does it rise to the level of a business (Sch C) for them?
  24. You can delete all of your physical printers (not your PDF and other nonphysical printers) and windows will just re-add the one that is attached. I'd disconnect the printer cable, then when you reconnect, windows will detect and install.
  25. Burying the IRS in more mail is counterproductive. Mail is always my last resort when communicating with the IRS. Fax is preferred. Times like this is when I miss the old EAR program (Electronic Account Resolution). We used to be able to handle IRS notices in as little as one day, and at most 3 days.
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