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  1. I was looking for a financial series I had written for my church a few years back and could not find it on my current computer (Win 10). So I pulled my Win 7 machine out of storage and hooked it up. Nope, not there either. So I pulled out my really old Win XP machine. Shocked that it fired right up (but it took a while - gotta love that new SSD in my current computer). It was amazing that I could plug in my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and they worked perfectly with XP. I remember I never wanted to leave that operating system and only did so when there was no other choice. Found what I was looking for, but it was different to see that old operating system. And no, I did not connect it to the internet while I was on it. I have no idea if there are any boogey men out there just waiting for an XP machine to connect to the interweb thingy and steal all my old data, but I was not taking a chance. Tom Modesto, CA
  2. Thanks for your comments, and I would love to come back to Tennessee. I really enjoyed my time there last summer. I was at the Coliseum for the game with my sons. It was sloppy on both sides. We have a new quarterback and I don't think he knows how to read progressions yet. Locked in on one receiver too many times. That was a winnable game for Fresno, but they just don't have the same talent they had last year. Feel sorry for the USC quarterback. Tough to go out for the season with a ACL tear in the knee in the first game of the season. Tom Modesto, CA
  3. I have met you. Saying you are petite is generous. It is like saying a nuclear particle is small! I would have thought you shop in the young girls department....HaHa! Love you my sister from another mister. Just could not resist the chance to poke a little fun at your expense. Tom Modesto
  4. So I needed to call Bank Of America to get a replacement card because I lost mine. OK, I shredded it accidentally but that is a different story. Anyways, I need to call the customer service department. What is the first question the computer asks? "What is your card number?" I don't know, because I am reporting it lost (shredded - different story), but luckily, after doing nothing on my keypad they shoot me to the next prompt that says "If you are calling to report a lost or stolen card, press 1". Now we are getting somewhere. "We are experiencing extremely high call volume. Your call will be answered in the order received." Time to play some solitaire on my computer. Missed two calls waiting for a live person. Finally get a live person (from TN...she said so when she answered, sorry @RitaB if you think I am making fun of your state). What is the first question the rep asks? "What is your 16 digit card number?" Me "I don't know. I hit the button to tell you that I need a replacement card. Maybe the computer did not tell you that when the call was routed to you." And here is the kicker...I kid you not....this came out of her mouth...obviously reading from a script..."Did you know you can go online to the BofA website and take care of this?" Me..."How do I do that if I don't know my card number?" Crickets.....then ..."oh, sorry about that, lets get you taken care of, what is your social...…" I just wanted to say "Here's your sign". Tom Modesto, CA
  5. That is a pretty normal clause in lending contracts that I have seen in CA. However, the lender usually will accept an internally prepared financial statement with a CPA reviewed/audited year end statement (specifying that the statements conform to GAAP), and of course the year end tax return. For your specific question related to the Capital Lease rules, I think I remember that FASB has a phase in period for adoption, and if I remember correctly, it is based on revenue of the company. Double check me on this, it was over a year ago that I went to a training on that. Tom Modesto, CA
  6. Love the SSD. Will help with boot ups. CPU is a little slow, but maybe the SSD will help. Light on Ram. You will be paying for Office 365 for the rest of your life, but that is OK if you are OK with it. I prefer to buy the software upfront. I think you did good for your stated intended use. Tom Modesto, CA
  7. The iRS is full of people with accounting degrees. You would think that some of them actually earned the degrees and have a somewhat inquisitive mind....and would ask this question as well? And maybe the number is big enough that they just don't fix the system? It is not a conspiracy theory if they really are after you... Tom Modesto, CA
  8. I am thinking like Possi. Some kind of 3rd party supplemental disability insurance purchased by the employee? Tom Modesto, CA
  9. I always start with the IRS letters. There should be some. Figure out how aggressive they are in the collections process. From that information, you will get an idea of what years the IRS is looking at. Then call the IRS and let them know the guy is coming clean and will be filing his returns. Ask them which years they want. One time, IRS asked for 7 years, knowing that the taxpayer had lower income and withholding during most of the years. They did not seem to care about the other 4 years. Another time the client was a tax protester, and they wanted every single year, all 10 of them, as they were actively collecting on all of them. In both cases, they stopped collections and gave me time to prepare the returns. PPS can be your friend on this. Use them. Tom Modesto, CA
  10. I did not really buy it to get more customers, I bought it to get the secure portal. I think that the IRS is going to mandate higher data security in the next couple of years and I think email of client documents is going to go by the wayside. So I am preparing for what I think is on the horizon. My plan is to ease all my clients who email me their docs to start using the portal on my website. I will request they do so this year, and require it in future years. I will also start putting all my correspondence to my clients on the website. My client letter that I mail out every year will go on the website only and in each of their portal folders. Whenever I drop something into their portal folder, it pushes an email to them to look for what I dropped in there. But, since I have to have a website for the portal to reside at, I thought I would put it together as professionally as I could. I saw this vendor at the CSTC seminar in Las Vegas. The product looked good and it was affordable. They have been very good to work with so far. What I am really concerned about is the same thing we have on this board, DIY taxpayers asking questions on how to do their taxes on TT. Tom Modesto, CA
  11. So, I have joined the 21 century and got a website. Mostly for the secure portal. Take a look and tell me what you think. www.trctax-ea.com Thanks Tom Modesto, CA
  12. Just wondering why Edsel is worried about the employer. Paying the SUTA is their issue, not the employee. And it is not the parent's issue either. Unless the parent is the employer? Or the employer is also a client of Edsel? Or the student is going to get a 1099 MISC and not a W2? So long as the student gets a W2 from the employer, Edsel can prepare the returns. It is a slow day and I am bored, so I am thinking about this instead of working like I should be. Tom Modesto, CA
  13. So long as the parents are claiming her as a dependent, their home is her home. Tom Modesto, CA
  14. Did the TP move permanently to CA? It is a question of Domicile. If they moved to CA with the intention of living here permanently, then they are a part year resident. If they moved here temporarily and they intend to go back to IL, then they are a non-resident. Different rules for each scenario. Residents are taxed on world wide income (with a credit for taxes paid to another state). Non- residents are taxed on the income received while working in the state. Tom Modesto, CA
  15. Got an email from ATX. They will not do anything for prior years to allow for this change. They say it will be incorporated into the 2019 software. Tom Modesto, CA
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