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  1. @Yardley CPAWould you be so kind as to provide a review of the enhancements after you get a chance to try them out? Tom Modesto, CA
  2. I know. I am very careful about that. Tom Modesto, CA
  3. Everything I send outside of the organization (banks, insurance companies, etc.) is labeled "Unaudited". I have a good idea of what I am and am not allowed to do in my position in the company. I don't sign on the bank accounts (especially payroll) because I do our internal audits and bank recs. I don't make any assurances that the work I have done can be relied upon for credit or lending decisions. In fact I always state that the financial statements are not to be relied upon for any reason and I reserve the right to revise or correct them as needed without notification. Hey, ma
  4. My 8 year old Canon Imageclass 1350 is dying and it is discontinued by Canon. I need a new printer/Copier/Scanner. I would like something similar and I came across this Brother while searching online. Anyone using this model? Thoughts? Thanks in advance Tom Modesto, CA
  5. California Card Rooms. Gambling and attached restaurant. Think Casino without the slot machines. Tom Modesto, CA
  6. Sorry in advance for the long post. This is for my CPA friends on the board. My day job is controller for a partnership. I am not a CPA, even though my degree is in accounting. I keep up "generally" with the FASB and AICPA requirements for financial statements, but only as it pertains to posting transactions to stay in compliance with GAAP (revenue recognition, lease accounting, etc). Otherwise, I don't really pay much attention to the reporting requirements. That is what we pay the CPA firm 60K per year to do - right? So anyways, when I came to work here, the books and recor
  7. Actually, the things they have on there are not included in Max. Normal Education Credits are in MAX, but the optimization of them is not. The 2 year comparison will show the net income from Sch C, E or F, but not the details of the forms. The other states tax credits do not automatically populate in MAX. To me, with my clients, there is not enough of these returns to justify the extra expense of the functionality. I only have 3 clients with other state tax credits. I can print out the prior year C, E or F if I really need to drill into it. I have 1 client with a child in college
  8. That is what I have. It has a good portal, but the app for phones is a little clunky. My millennial clients don't like the app. Tom Modesto, CA
  9. It was actually not that hard after I fiddled around with it. Actually, I duplicated the return and fiddled in that one until I had it right. I prepared the 8824 first, then went to fixed assets, disposition tab, type exchange. Once I completed the disposition a new asset was created, but I was able to edit the activity. Everything flowed smoothly through to the Sch. E. It is pretty slick. Reminds me why I stick with ATX. This was one of those transactions I don't do very often, so I needed a quiet time to play with it. Tom Modesto, CA
  10. Nope. Read the Master Tax Guide, but not the form instructions. Do I feel stupid.... Thanks Lion. Tom Modesto, CA
  11. Parents have a 529 plan with son as designated beneficiary. He is not a dependent on their return. Distribution taken from the 529 plan to pay for his college education. How do I report the 1099Q in ATX to reflect this fact pattern. I went Add Forms and selected1099Q and I got a sales pitch for and upgrade (which pisses me off). Since it was all used for the designated beneficiary's education, do I need to report this on the parent's return? If so, where? How? Thanks Tom Modesto, CA
  12. I have Max. Client exchanged out of a rental into another rental. I have all the numbers and I know what the answer is. I don't know how to enter it in ATX. I have been playing around a little bit with the Fixed Assets and the 8824 but I am not comfortable with what it is doing. Fixed assets is trying to do a straight asset for asset swap and keeping it in the same activity. Is this the way it is supposed to work? If it is, how do I break the depreciation between the 2 activities on the E if they are both looking to the same activity for depreciation? The 8824 does not see
  13. I think they can use a 529 plan for those expenses, but that is just off the top of my head. You would have to research it more to be sure. I don't think there are any federal tax credits allowed for home school expenses. Tom Modesto, CA
  14. The term I was taught many years ago was "ticked and tied" - as in you ticked off all the numbers you added on the 10-Key tape, and tied the totals to the GL. Damn, I must be gettting old. Tom Modesto, CA
  15. ^^^ Yes! Exactly! grandmabee has it exactly correct. Tom Modesto, CA
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