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  1. Client's mother in law passed away on 3/17/2021. Today they received her stimulus check for $1400. Does it need sent back or since she was alive when law was signed should it be deposited into the estate account?
  2. I have them write down and initial what amount they received. The statement they are initialing says if they told me the wrong amount, and it involves correspondence or phone calls on my part there will be an additional charge for those services. It hopefully eliminates some of the discrepancies.
  3. WV lawmakers finally passed the law granting the $10,200 exclusion of Unemployment benefits from state tax. This follows the Federal adjustment so there will be no state adjustment necessary. Just wanted to update everyone. It still needs the governor's signature but he will sign it.
  4. Hope this gets updated soon. I have clients that owe large balances and want the extra month to pay. I'm now beyond the three days for the date on the e file forms. Ugh!!!
  5. Taxpayer has not received 1099G from Florida DEO. They have the exact amount. Can anyone provide me with the EIN and address.
  6. Virginia update relating to PPP After more than a month of back-and-forth debate, the Virginia General Assembly voted last weekend to allow businesses whose Paycheck Protection Program loans were forgiven last year, or who received one of the state’s Rebuild Virginia grants, to deduct up to $100,000 on their 2020 tax returns for eligible expenses paid for by the loans and grants. The standstill had risked holding up Virginian’s state tax returns and making it more difficult for tax preparers, who didn’t know what the law would be, to assist clients.
  7. Client received following email regarding 1099 from MD and taxability of funds received. These are not PPP funds. These are a grant from the state of MD. Question is how specifically is this to be reflected on MD Form 510? I cannot find a place for the subtraction. I emailed the address shown but so far.... no response. Dear COVID-19 relief recipient, We will soon be sending you a 1099 for the Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant you received. We apologize for the delay. Please be aware that due to the passage of the Relief Act of 2021, your grant is not taxable
  8. Thanks for the earlier responses!!
  9. Site is back up now. I just submitted all of mine.
  10. I cannot get into the SSA Business Services online. It appears to be down. Calling SSA national number and get cut off every time. Anyone else having issues?
  11. Who do you use for malpractice insurance? I've never had a claim, but the rates keep going up each year. Because I am a PLLC, my state requires a million in coverage even though I would otherwise not need that large of coverage.
  12. cpabsd

    Form 2848

    Thank you so much. Just faxes to Ogden number and it went through. Hope you all have a great day and stay well!!!
  13. cpabsd

    Form 2848

    My fax to submit Form 2848 to IRS has failed multiple times. Is the line shut down temporarily? It's great the IRS wants us to use the online services, but we can't if no POA is already on record with them.
  14. My printer was purchased in December 2015. It's a HP 401 laser printer that has performed perfectly to date... until ATX 2019
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