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  1. Cathy

    Twilight Zone

    Any minute I expect the Twilight Zone theme song to start blaring from my radio that's not turned on!! Just found another new present we were left with this year. Form 8990...instructions are only 11 pages long. This form is used in order to find out how much of the business interest expense that can be used as a deduction on Schedule E. 800 returns? Nah, no way!
  2. I'm sincere when I say this, there isn't any way possible 800 returns can be prepared by one person (even with a little bit of help from his wife).....no way in hell. cbslee, if you ever see him again, tell him you barely broke 1,000 this season...1,002 as a matter of fact! What's another couple of hundred returns...child's play. If I could do 800 returns in one season, I would hope I could make it not working the rest of the year....$200,000 should get me through with $$$$ to spare, pay taxes, and buy a really cool pair of to have on when I go visit the other work horse that prepared 800 returns. 800 returns with the new forms, idiotic scheme for the forms, a 300 page rules and regulations issued 1-30-19 or thereabouts....you really can't blame IRS as they only had a year to get that accomplished! 800 returns....no chance in......fill in the blank. Take care all, Cathy
  3. "Regardless of what the court says", there is more to that theory. The custodial parent can be setting her/him self up with Contempt of Court.charges if he/she claims the child when in violation of the order from the court. And if the other parent's preparer has been on the ball and got the custodial parent to sign Form 8332 through his client (before walking out of court is a good time to do it), IRS will honor that form and let the non-custodial parent claim the child. And no, IRS isn't honoring court documents (post 2008), they are simply honoring Form 8332. It took a while, but attorneys representing the non custodial parent are FINALLY seeing the importance of Form 8332.
  4. This is my 43rd year preparing tax returns and the worst year, to say the least! I have read conflicting things about the Extenders bill and thought it was all set and I was just waiting on directions from IRS as where to show the extended items that were needed on my clients returns. When researching IRS's website on the Extenders items, I get dizzy as it's click here, now here,...a couple more times then find myself at square one which was my original research quary. QBI....Am I the only one to admit that I feel brain dead when trying to decipher the regulations that keep on changing? I am literally at a complete loss on the whole issue! Ok.....it's out! There is an idiot amongst you! I feel better now! Maybe you can now see how intelligent you are and will have a wonderful day! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers (pleeeeeze)! Take care, Cathy
  5. Cred65, I agree with everyone about listening to your doc's orders. How quickly we forget the horrendous stress we go through during the season which will be on top of us before we know it! Take care, Cathy
  6. Cathy

    NT Storage

    That's why I love living in the "boonies". I have a yearly paper bonfire. Tried my shredder but too many staples. The fire is beautiful also especially when the weather cools down.
  7. MFJ couple (client for 25 years) just got a letter from IRS in regard to their Amended 1040X they filed (NOT)! IRS said they will either send them a refund or a bill. I called the number given in the letter and it's the same lady's voice who answers every IRS phone if you know what I mean. Anyway, they're not open today so we'll have to call back tomorrow. In the interim, have any of you had a similar circumstance? This particular client recently retired from their self employment and have been one of my best, if not the best client one could hope for. Insofar as either one of them filing an amended return, no way, no how! The return is under lock and key along with the other 24 returns I've done for them over the years. The more I think about this, the more I think it's got to be an error. The letter sent was a form letter. I'm willing to bet someone typed in the wrong form number. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Cathy
  8. UPDATE: A huge "THANK YOU" to John with ATX who just got my files restored!!!!!!!! If I had time, I would write a book about him, however, I'm so far behind because of my foolishness! Again, thank you, John! Take care, Cathy
  9. Thanks, Jack. You're about 5 minutes too late. I found the files and now I think I have deleted them. Thanks anyway!
  10. Well, it finally happened. I paid my $129 to Carbonite and had a warm and fuzzy feeling everything would be o'kay if my computer died....NOT!!!!!!! The power supply went out but rather than get a new power supply, I got a new computer....it was time. I had my hard drive put into an external drive and now need to get my 2017 clients' tax returns off of my hard drive and can't seem to locate them. I've heard they are hidden somewhere. Does anyone know the path? Thanks! Cathy P.S. IF ANY OF YOU USE CARBONITE AS A BACKUP FOR ATX, DON'T.....GET AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN ASAP!!!!!!!!
  11. Cathy

    EFC Rejection 84

  12. Hi, I went to the knowledge base and looked up the EFC Rejection 84 and what to do. Basically, I'm filing a brand new 2016 return. It's happened before, but I forget how to change the year within the submission ID. The knowledge base was a video which told how to get rid of the Error Code 84....Just Great....I learned how to discard the EF Filing Info, but the wrong year still pops up when I recreated the return which causes it to reject again on the EFC level. I cannot believe ATX put out such a video without a real solution to the problem.....the wrong year in the Submission ID. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Aside from the other requirements for the Donee of contributions in excess of $250 (at one time), a problem I am having is getting a signature on the written acknowledgement. I might be too picky, however, with a word processor being in everyone's possession these days, it would be too easy to duplicate the letterhead I am seeing from churches in our area. It appears that no one wants to actually sign the written acknowledgment. It's my theory that if a Treasurer gets paid to handle the church's finances, then that Treasurer needs to sign such a document in lieu of a pastor or priest signing it should neither of the two want to sign themselves. If it was my church and said Treasurer refused to sign the acknowledgment, I think I would be looking for a new Treasurer. I have gone over Publication 1771 and realize an email (which is o'kay in the pub.) from the donee (churches in these instances) cannot show a signature unless the church has special computer equipment and most do not. However, as an email can actually be traced back to the sender, then that can be proof the acknowledgment came from the church and not just fabricated. I'm not saying original signatures must appear on the documents as plenty of the larger organizations uses a signature stamp such as St. Jude. In Publication 1771 (Charitable Contributions), nowhere or anywhere else as far as I can see makes reference to signatures, however, the words "written acknowledgement" to me means a signature, plain and simple. Am I being too picky or does anyone agree with me? Thanks! Cathy
  14. The original dates IRS put out there were all estimates. The actual date of the "Extender bill" was signed on 2/9/18. Then it was several days after that when IRS acknowledged the PMI was deductible for 2017. I immediately started using the PMI when the client brought in a statement from the bank (or called the bank from my office) giving accurate figures. The few returns that were filed prior to the Extenders bill will be amended after April 17, 2017. Am I concerned that IRS might be confused as to why the PMI was included on a return so soon after they announced the inclusion of it...?..no, and I see no need to worry as they of all people should understand this rollercoaster tax season. We once had the same thing happen, and I followed the same procedure with the PMI and haven't heard a word nor do I expect to. And, to answer your last question, Judy, nothing was attached to my returns in regard to the PMI. I wouldn't dare write anything myself as I'm too afraid I would go off on a tangent for Congress signing retroactive laws AFTER TAX SEASON HAS STARTED! Whatever happened to the good ole days when the laws were passed much earlier in the year thur IRS had time to digest them and issue their rules and regulations BEFORE tax season and not DURING it! Hope everyone has a joyous and blessed Easter! Cathy
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