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    Insurance Mandate?

    I previously heard that last tax season was the final time people would have to pay a penalty for not having health insurance during the year. I know Congress didn't kill the Obamacare program, but I DID think they repealed the penalty. Recently I read something that said the penalty was STILL going to be in effect during the upcoming 2019 season for not having it during year 2018. I don't have many clients affected, but a few have asked. Which version is correct? Thanks.
  2. I feel the same - please accept my sympathy. Selectrics were indeed fine pieces of machinery. My one-time employer had ours fixed at a nearby repair shop. I took our last conked-out model there; computers were just being introduced and some manufacturers were trying to combine typewriters and computers with a short memory together. I asked them to fix our Selectric--they said they no longer repaired them and and tried to sell me a new typewriter with an automobile-sized handbook. I declined, spotted a used Selectric like ours, said "I'll take that one." It wasn't for sale and the salesman sheepishly admitted they used it themselves for billing (no one there could or would figure out the new combined typewriter-computers). Suggestions? Well, this place seems to get the most money (although I've never sold anything on Ebay and don't know how much trouble you want to go to). https://www.ebay.com/bhp/ibm-selectric-i-typewriter

    Some Clients can't be helped - I feel bad

    This, plus cbslee and Jack's experiences pretty well match mine except that a few years ago I had a good thing going straightening out state stuff (always had better luck with AR than feds). Had a great state's Taxpayer Advocate (first-name basis) & she had some of that scarce "compassion"-a T/P's wife was going off the rails mentally & she offered to slash his old $11K & change bill to $8K flat if we mailed cashier's check and dr. bills within four days-we did and she did. Some interest deleted (never been able to get IRS to do that). She's now retired and replaced by some nitwit (government service-the last refuge of the incompetent) whose mantra is "They need to pay their taxes!" Well, hell; I know that. But, as Jack said, "you can't fix stupid." Last case I had with my "good Advocate" the T/P (in exotic animal biz-sold 2-3 mass loads per week at $3k per-can't figure WHAT he did with all the dough) called and said he owed AR about $2,500 (had stacks of letters) and did I think maybe they'd go away if he did nothing. Told him it was possible but not likely (states are generally hungry). Six months later he calls and says deputy sheriff is loading his truck on a flatbed-what to do? Called my rescuer and she said "Okay, tell him if he will go to the Swampbog county seat right now, pay the sheriff $235 collection and deputy fee, then I will call and stop the collection. Then, if he brings you a $500 cashier's check tomorrow; call me saying you have it in hand and are mailing it, and I will set him up on a payment plan." Next day I called him - relative said they hauled off his truck. I haven't seen or heard from him since. No money on that one either, so I swore off. Post-mortem on first T/P-he should have stuck with derailed wife-while nuts, she could figure payroll; divorced her and last year wife #2 paid $1,000 for some guy to drive 50 miles, put up their Xmas lights, come back, take down, and store 'em for her 'til next year & another $1.000.

    What would you do?

    This reminded me of a funny occurrence: My late niece was a true, dedicated animal lover and as a kid brought home every stray cat, dog, and critter anywhere found. Her mom was horrified once when she showed up with a pig who promptly blew its foamy nostrils on mom's dress shoes. She later became a free-lance computer programmer, made quite a bit of money, got married, bought a 40-acre ranch in Texas, and promptly began filling it up with livestock. At one time she had approximately fifty animals there: horses, cows, donkeys, goats, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, sheep, turkeys, ducks and Heaven knows what else. The inventory grew since the farmhouse across the road had burned down a few years previously - the owner, another pet-lover known to take in all strays, left and never came back. But people remembered the area and began leaving their unwanted animals on the road there near her house and she collected them all. Anyway the funny part was this - she said feed prices became very high one year and horses especially were increasingly being abandoned because many people couldn't afford to feed them anymore. She and her husband, returning from a show with horses in a trailer, stopped at the house and dropped off the horses, but didn't unhook the empty trailer and went on to a nearby national park where they went hiking. Returning later that afternoon, they were astounded to find two live horses now inside their horse trailer. They took them home and cared for them, so I guess that would qualify as a true "Horse Rescue" operation.

    Dislike the IRS Pubs, examples, other IRS materials?

    Well, I know ignorance of the law is no excuse and I sure am sorry about it but I don't have any idea what a "gif" is; much less how to derail one. Is it anything like those PDF things (I can't find them anywhere either)?

    Dislike the IRS Pubs, examples, other IRS materials?

    The consensus appears to be that you are absolved, my son. Go and sin no more.

    Dislike the IRS Pubs, examples, other IRS materials?

    Ain't it the truth? I swear they stay up nights dreaming up the most unlikely of possible scenarios to illustrate anything. They'll say something like "a part-time exchange student from Bora-Bora who designs software during the week and picks fruit on weekends is an HB-1 non-resident alien who also sweeps out the premises of a non-profit organization nights for amounts which vary according to the phases of the moon. The amount of his earnings subject to {whatever} is..."

    What would you do?

    Personally, the last thing I won was a cakewalk when I was eleven years old. But...I always enjoy it when the "poor guys" win instead of the well-off (doctors, lawyers, etc.). I once saw a Missouri boy who hit one for half a million bucks or so interviewed on TV. He was a factory "hand" in jeans and baseball cap; humble and unpretentious. Asked what he was going to do with it, he said "Well, first thing I'm going to pay off my truck; then I need to catch up on some electric bills. Next, I'm going to get my teeth fixed and I have to help out my mama." "And then?" the reporter asked. He grinned and said "We're all going to Disneyland!" I know such remarks seem sort of simple given the enormity and magnitude of the situation, but it was his good character that was impressive. He was sincere.


    That's one good thing that came out of the PTIN mess. Before that a client paid me with a third-party check that bounced; then stole my SSN off his return copy and opened two rent house accounts under my name in a nearby town. Six months later the power company called demanding payment of my long past due electric bills. No, no...you're being much too hard on yourself. Granted, no one could ask that you do more, but see, you just need a little adjustment to your outlook on such things. I, for instance, subscribe to the view of the late Groucho Marx who famously remarked "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would be willing to have someone like me as a member!"

    Saved By A Late Filer

    Nice catch and congratulations! A lucky day for both you and Columbus.


    Well yeah; now that I've read Randall's reply and realize that IRS hardly bothers with it, it is yawnable. However, it could have been serious because it would be just like them to screw it up, send you a notice stating you can't efile until the number's verified as renewed, but no problem since it will be fixed no later than May 1st.


    What ??? ... You really did this? My fear is always that even when you try renewing early, some dope at IRS will louse it up or lose it or otherwise foul things up. Since they generally can't solve anything in less than three months that would leave you without a renewed number until after the start of tax season. I figured that the IRS EF people might not process your returns if the number wasn't renewed. But you're saying you didn't get renewed last time, filed as usual, and EF gave you no problems - is that right?


    Is IRS taking renewal applications for PTINs yet? If not, when does it open? Thanks.

    Proud of myself - QBI projected tax return

    I second the self-congratulation (tax preparers have to occasionally do that if no one else will shoulder the load). About the QBI phaser - isn't that a Star Trek thing? I knew I should have gone to that university seminar instead of buying those easy-peasy CPE hours online. Wish I could share your optimism. I'm leery of such speculations ever since somebody here once said Obamacare would be similar to Romneycare and probably no trouble, while another commented, "Maybe so, but it's no walk in the park," which was a mild understatement.


    Alright; you're past due. Where's my joke?