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  1. Well, I like it, but...would the style lead a customer to expect maybe a 19th century saloon inside? Maybe okay though since lots of my office equipment is from that era (but I did junk the Comptometer - wasn't twain-compliant). Very catchy layout. Unsure whether or not to tout "college-educated" (went to a cow college here-not a sprig of ivy anywhere). But overall it's tasteful, price is right, and it carries a little sense of pleasant adventure (unusual for our profession). Nice find.
  2. No more drinks for you today, Max.
  3. My approach is about the same as this. Of course, in the 1098 case described in my previous post there was no choice or "maybe" about it, but I still think the house flip is a judgment call to be determined by your above factors. Regarding your experience of "In 27 years, I have only undergone 3 audits, all over 20 years ago." - that very closely resembles my track record.
  4. I do too, but I'm not fine with it (Unisom helps with the sleep). Low audit odds and lax enforcement seems to be stacking these up during the last few years - a perception is being created that we don't (pick one): get in out of the rain/ know as much about taxes as the big-box people. Aw, okay; so you guys aren't buying the ethically-challenged approach. I guess I'm still smarting from a last-season loss: long-time client questioned about a second 1098 she wanted to deduct and finally admits it's on a (never-before listed) rent house, but says "We don't make anything off it; it only makes the payment" (bet you've heard that before). I rejected, she left, took three relatives' cases with her, and was at Block's down the street an hour later. Oh well; I have my ethics courses (if I can keep affording them) to keep me warm. Hey - client joke: COP: Where did you get these drugs? PERP: Some dude ran by and gave them to me. COP: One of these days I'll arrest a guy named "Some Dude" and the judge is gonna throw the book at him!
  5. Thanks for the stats, cbs - odds are a little better than I thought. While, as Max said, three's probably enough to call it a business and, as you said, your five probably did nudge that envelope, I'm fairly sure nothing will come of it AND I'm tired of losing clients on toss-up cases. If it's debatable, clients frequently later run to Block who says "That guy's crazy - you're not in business. We'll amend and get your money back." They do/you look bad/that's the last you see of your former client. That's why I say (if it's not a huge amount of money/risk) let the client make the call.
  6. We will keep you, those lost, those not, and those still struggling, in our prayers, Bill. Thanks so much for all that you and they did. And we won't forget...
  7. I think all the guys' answers above (maybe yes, maybe no) are right on the mark. There's no bright line and mostly it's a matter of luck whether IRS reels him in (chances are good you'll be okay with a "D" nowadays). It's better to let the client decide (unless you can't count the houses on one hand) and get them to sign off on it. One thing I'm pretty sure of -- after you advise SE would be due, the majority will maintain those flips were incidental and no business was involved.
  8. As a taxpayer once said: "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me!"
  9. Catherine, In the (paraphrased) words of Captain Renault ("Casablanca"), "I'm shocked, shocked to find that a naughty joke is going on in here"! Meanwhile, here's another: Little girl to little boy - "Can I touch it? Little boy to little girl - "No! You've already broken yours off."
  10. around here. Anybody heard any good jokes lately? One from last week: Guy says "Lock your wife and your dog in the garage for an hour;" asks "Which one do you think will be glad to see you?" Yeah, yeah, I know. It's slim pickin's, but you've gotta work with what you have.
  11. 1. Install voice recognition app. 2. Press Alt and Ctrl simultaneously. 3. Clearly and distinctly enunciate: "SHAZAM!" 4. All will be revealed.
  12. Thanks for the tip, cbslee. I was unaware of this security breach, but just checked and WAS "impacted'. As far as I knew I always had "good credit"- can't speak for it now though. I kind of hate to check to see the damage, if any. You know, I once had a lawyer tell me that if he could land a class action suit, he'd "have it made" and now I know what he meant. I read the terms in your link and, if I understand it right, the "impactees" get $125 and/or free credit checks, 93 individuals who filed the suit get $2,500 each, and four lawyers get 77 million bucks. Anybody who thinks that's a tad one-sided is free to run down to Atlanta to a "Fairness Hearing" and object. But who could possibly complain?
  13. Ha-ha! Kudos to you, Max - you're a gentleman and a scholar. As a card-carrying codger I appreciate your spirited defense of "old folks" while still offering a clear analysis of the problem as you (in the words of you-know-who) refuse to take advantage of the original poster's youth and inexperience.
  14. Max, Do you know if they're saying that we (professional preparers) will have to file ALL our 1099 forms electronically or if they're just lowering the threshold number? Thanks.
  15. Dear Kam, Would you please repeat the question? Thanks.
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