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  1. Anyone know if the October 15th deadline of extensions (if you don't file by July 15th) is still good? "Grasshopper" Bart
  2. Thanx for the tip, Jack. If I get acks tomorrow, I'll stop chewing on my fingernails and develop legendary patience. Note to John H. - Is that you I hear snickering about me and my fellow goobers who stayed with ATX after the bad time several years back?
  3. We talked to two different ATX reps a few minutes ago. They looked ours up and said two from this morning showed up in the system and were being processed. He didn't show the other six in the system, but said to wait and they would eventually get to them. Didn't say when. They said everyone is working from home, so I don't know if anybody's minding the office (they wouldn't say). However, my wife grilled them some and they promised to get everything handled and not leave us in the lurch (keeping my fingers crossed).
  4. Sent off several returns to ATX about 4 hours ago and get "transmitted to EFC" but not "transmitted to AGENCY" yet. Anybody else getting that today?
  5. I just saw on Memphis TV news that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin (Munchkin, Muppet, whatever) announced that the FILING DATE was also extended to July 15th in addition to the extension to July 15 for PAYMENT. Don't know what this does to extensions. I HAVE NOT seen the actual OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, so DON'T QUOTE ME. Anybody know anything different?
  6. Some guy posted on the internet (got 36K replies): Said: "It's Sunday, so I think I'll take a day off from panicking and pick it up again tomorrow."
  7. Okay, that's it. Out the window.
  8. If one more person....just one; comes in and starts in on what all's gonna happen; I swear I'll either overdose on a bottle of Germ-X or throw myself out the window (even if it is only a one-story building). (Not that I, myself, haven't already mentioned every possible dire consequence in the world 'til my other half finally told me to shut up.)
  9. Just when I think I'm over the hill: Guy drives up today, gets out, crips in the office (a bit unsteady - says "I've been sick.") He's 103 - yeah, one hundred and three). No cane, no walker, no wheelchair. All health is mostly intact, but requests I write for pickup instead of calling (his hearing is shot). He's a widower, buys mutual funds (his son/sole heir is a churn 'em and burn 'em broker but doesn't lose too much) and there's enough money to last another century, so everybody's happy (including me - decent fee guaranteed & no complaint). Maybe God's in his heaven and all's right (well, mostly) with the world after all.
  10. Yeah, I'm prone to those too (so my wife says), but anyway, who can tell what's right to charge. Everybody varies and the determining factors are all over the board. It may depend on who it is - what's included in the "short form" they claim it is and it ain't - do/are they: coughing in my face, wearing enough perfume to burn my eyes, poor-mouthing while I know they have enough cash to burn a wet mule, likable, affable, cheerful, have body odor that would drop an ox, be poor, pitiful, or pretty. Sometimes I gouge and sometimes I practically give it away. I had a fit the other day and charged a client $800 for a quoted $400 maddening job and then made a grand gesture of slashing it in half in front of him when he complained. Kept the client but I'm still P.O.ed about it. What next? Oh well, such is life the old man used to say. RANT OVER! I charge $75 for one W-2 and a state. $95 for two W-2s, $110 if they have an HSA or other stray form, $150 to $300 and up for C or E, etc. The more complicated it gets runs it up to $500 or possibly $900. Course, this is pore boy country so it probably won't fit the Yankee prices. Meanwhile, I'm playing it by ear (and nose).
  11. Schedule E client bought a heater for $2,000 and in the fixed asset screen section ATX automatically plugs the whole $2K in the special allowance box and writes it off in full. I don't need or want fast depreciation this year and thought that 179 was not allowed on rental house furnishings. Is the 100% special allowance not considered a form of 179 and must be taken on all equipment regardless?
  12. Me, too. BUT - just now phoned them. Rep says it's not you; that it's their (ATX) error, that everybody will get that message, they are working on it, and should be cleared up in a day or two (hope the part about clearing it soon up is right). Didn't say if it had any effect on anything, but I'm not sending any morer efiles 'til they say it has gone away for good.
  13. I'm gettin' an early jump on the holiday this year since I'm famous (notorius my wife says) for coming up empty-handed on Saint Valentine's Day. No more heart-shaped little box of candy. More later.
  14. Guy shows up today with a 1095-A after I threw away my accumulated 10 or 20 pound stack of O-facts last month (I just thought I was through with that junk). Oh well, it's a (sort of) short form (8962) that Turbo didn't get -- now if only he was a millennial instead of 57. But I guess we're still in practice (at least 'til we kick the bucket).
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