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  1. Congratulations and thanks for prompting a trip down memory lane for me. To answer your question, I never did join. Lots of pros and cons, but I just didn't like their approach. Sample magazine had good info and I assumed they were lobbying (even if we can't get a catchier name change), but like Tom said, the new letterhead printer asked me "What's an EA?" Nothing deal-breaking but then EA state society wrote me almost demanding I join as a moral imperative while dissing another accounting group (required 40 hours CPE) I was in at the time. Also, I'd have to pay state plus national dues. So, no go. The tests? Ah, I got some good laughs, and scares, thinking of those two days (used Gleim books too-very good). It was 2005. IRS wanted licenses for everybody except EAs, CPAs, attorneys. Good thing I got a no-computer/calculator education - those testers took away everything, gave us a pencil and scratch paper - that was it. If you didn't know your multiplication tables, you were dead in the water. I had studied two weeks for the test - was a little set back when 30 minutes pre-test others said "six months" / "a year" / "taking it 3rd time". Upshot, I flunked the first year (figured I knew taxes, but who knew a sister corporation didn't require a real sister?). Year two: 2006-last four-part. Passed (scores not disclosed-thankfully). Secret of success: six months study, prayer and (must be) divine intervention. Just for extra pull, gave ten bucks to a panhandler on the way out. Two ironic things stand out: (1) Before taking test, a lawyer told me "No point in rushing. It takes government a while to move." How true - it's 2022 and barbers can still do tax returns. (2) Before we left, the person testing us held up one of those green 1040EZ pamphlets (remember them?) and said "Those of you who pass should be able to fill out this form."
  2. Thanks for the tip, Lee. Actually, I think many here do. In a nod to marital bliss, I liked "How'd ya like a trip to the moon, Alice?" And another gem was sewer worker Art Carney's hope that his son would someday "wade in my footsteps". Come to think of it, our first house furniture and appliances somewhat resembled Ralph Kramden's apartment. But, that aside, ... mmm ... wish somebody could bring back the old days.
  3. Try 1-800-638-8291. That's ATX and they're there. Hold time was ten minutes for my recent renewal. The down side of that is it's ATX which makes some lips here curl. But, I like it, have used it 15 years, it's forms-based, and I'd rather be tarred & feathered than switch software (caveat: support's just...ah, well, I don't wanna talk about it). The hesitation to answer is not that we're unfriendly (I, for instance, am only slightly irked since Time magazine passed me over -again- for Man of the Year). But, this is a board for professional tax preparers and your post has the tone and timing (3 posts total-January) of a do-it-yourself newbie. Of course DIY's fine if you wanna do it, but (how to put it?) there's nothing in it for us. Good luck. BB
  4. Moving; well it's...hmm...terrible. The easiest part is moving your stuff, but changing the address everywhere was a big pain for me at least; I know others said they had no problems. All the vendor/utility/net/cable reps were mostly from the Philippines speaking Urdu while their voice-recognition apps prefer Greek to perfectly-enunciated English. Also, where is everything in this place? That aside, the reason for doing it (money) did offset the pain somewhat. I've gotta do it again sometime in the not-too-distant future pending certain events - not looking forward to it. As to what to do/ when to quit/ whether to keep a token batch of customers and carry on; nobody can say except you. While rasslin' with that I made up a short, good client contact list and renewed ATX, so that's that for now, but next time - who knows? Running? Mainly to the refrigerator. P.S. In case you leave, I've enjoyed your posts quite a bit - you're a good egg. Best regards, BB.
  5. I posted before knowing the extent of the devastating tornado damage in Arkansas (and other states). We were close, but not hit. Sorry if the post came off as cold and/or tone-deaf at such a time.
  6. Ah-ha! Finally got in (or on). Had moved (but still in AR) and lost password but finally unearthed it in all the junk (good advice: stay put if you're an old shoe 'cause it's a B.) Anyhow, this dang thang wouldn't believe I'm me - kinda unnervin' to be reduced to a pixel in this tech age. Note to jklcpa - I sent a note last night to the "contact us" box in the sign-in place after I couldn't get in. I assume you're buried in tax stuff and hadn't got to it yet, but was just curious to know if you did and would have responded (even if I'm a poor lawyer and made a weak plea). Other Stuff: What are the tax ramifications of this? Moved, but too old and decrepit to do it alone, so granddaughter and boyfriend flew in from Florida and did lots of the heavy liftin' (along with the furniture-movin' guys). Gave 'em $1,000 for air fare & BNB's; she went back home and had Amazon send me a big box of "Bison Shepherd's Pie" and they all expire tomorrow (like that gal in Clueless", I felt brutally rebuffed - how'd you like to eat six chicken pot pies in a day?). But, that aside, and since I'm (naturally) ignoring it, I wonder what erchess (a finicky poster from a mutual old board who would 1099 his mom) would do with this? It's not a barter and it's taxable work, but since it's kinfolk, the question is answered (forget it). Comments? Nice to be back. Where's everybody at? FDNY - you out there?
  7. Catherine, This is a long shot, but look on the next page under my post "Good News" where jklcpa posted a reply to a question Possi and I asked She quoted an IRS rule on it and listed a link further explaining it. The link was from a guy who just happens to be the President of Colorado E.A.s and his contact info. Don't know if he'd help but maybe out of professional courtesy he could/would hook you up with somebody. Good luck - Bart
  8. Don't know what's going on with my posts.
  9. Now here's a waiter (beg pardon, I mean bar-easta or however you say it) with direction and a goal (cain't say the same cause I'm still hackin' at various gigs 50 years later). Good information jsd, but '84 was my last time through Dodge so don't wait up. Can customers maybe express themselves with an excellent Slurpee? Coffee at a dollar was okay but $5 a cup seems a bit much. P. S. First guy I ever saw who's further off-topic than me.
  10. Bump to get an answer to WITALADY's (and mine) query to Possi.
  11. I'm curious too. If you can't give 'em the details about your clients (name, address, fee, favorite ice cream flavor) and you may not wanna stick around as an advisor; then what do you have to "sell" them except gross sales and X number of C/E/F etc. (which isn't particularly valuable)? I don't know how this works.
  12. Thanks for the quick service, jklcpa. You are way within error-tolerance limitations and have definitely got your cheese together!
  13. No, no; I'm not tryin' to proselytize you or hand out Witness phamplets; I saw a Help Wanted KFC sign yesterday which may appeal to those of us who are sick/tired/fed up (I'm in there somewhere) translating taxes for the terminally obtuse. It offers $15-20 an hour (possible manager training for those who can tell the difference between Original and Extra Crispy), 401-K, full health insurance + dental & vision, two weeks paid vacation, and fast-tracking for the skilled employee (if only I'd played basketball instead of majoring in business; accurate burger-flipping is probably a plus). Yes, yes, it's cheap pay, but think of the enticing attraction - soothing that wrung-out, worn-out brain of yours with a desperately needed island-class rest. The only thing you must really know is not PPP ins-and-outs, back-door Roths, or tracking CTC advances, but merely this (50% errors are tolerated): "Did that guy say with cheese or without?"
  14. Acutally, I'm in no rush to send them money, but I too like to get ready for tax season. Call me a pessimist but, as you know, we must have the PTIN to do taxes, so I like to get a jump on it if possible. Rarely (but sometimes), the IRS site has stated that my ID and/or password (known to me to be correct) is wrong, or that the computer's down, or for some reason they ae unable to process the application at this time. If their damn 1980 computer doesn't work, IRS is, of course, incommunicado. That leaves the paper option available by mail (probably as soon as the unprocessed 10 million return backlog is cleared) and doubtless, you would receive the OK by next July. P.S. I'm presently unable to process any critical responses to this hogwash. Check back later and let fly. _____________________________________ Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me!
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