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  1. Same here; going to work on payroll today; already double-checked extensions; somebody faxed in their 88's last night; last guy came in and picked up just now. Funny thing happened this week - 180 degree opposing perceptions I guess. Guy brought in his big case pile of junk, proudly says "Here is it!" I say "I'll have to get you an extension; this is Wednesday - the deadline's Monday." We both stare strangely at each other - he's thinking (I think) "Well, you've got at least FOUR DAYS to do it!" I'm thinking "I've only got FOUR DAYS to do all this crap." He accepts it grumpily and shuffles out; probably miffed at the lousy service. What a profession - if I had it to do over again I should have majored in psychology - got to be less stress.


    Lady just called - said "We can't get this TurboTax thing to work right or something. Are you busy this weekend?"
  3. I don't have to imagine - a few years ago the CEO of a local bank (people seek him out for financial advice) said to me: CEO: "Why am I paying so much tax (many K's +) this year when my associates tell me they pay practically nothing for the same?" BB: "Well, see; when you make the kind of money you're knocking down and you have those side businesses that are dragging in a ton, then you're gonna owe lots of tax. Too, everybody's different - I doubt your pals' earnings are the same as yours. More importantly though, last time you personally sent off all four estimates. This time you sent none. So, it's pretty simple arithmetic." That was a little too plainly spoken for the fiscal analyst. The meeting ended abruptly and I haven't seen him since.
  4. I've told myself over and over (over the years) to NEVER believe that line "All I have is a W-2". Card 'em, scan 'em, wand 'em, strip search 'em - demand an old copy before quoting, whatever it takes. But for some reason I keep falling for it impulsively (must be something psycho/psychological there) and low-balling them. Typical one dashes in this week: April shopper, late-model car, well-dressed, acts reasonable, smells okay, nevertheless, it's all about "Are you cheap?" Client tried filing online but the stubborn thing just would NOT fork over $2K CTC for the 17-year old, so abandoned that (don't know how they beat the fee), tried J-H (price induced a near-coronary), and afterwards were scouring the earth for a cheap independent (me). After the poor-mouthin' start I spy a previous year in the junk and it's got 1040, A (fed/state), B, 2106, HSA, energy credit, but no EIC (how unjust) - too much income, of course. Told tax-world has changed, dumped most old baggage, and negotiated a new price (amid groans and gnashing of teeth-both parties). Next year, I swear; no April newbies get past the front desk without a lie-detector test!
  5. Depends. Appearances on: Milian - produces smiles, other income, line 21. Judy - the judge should get a 1099 for your emotional distress. Springer - no 1099 should be issued since your physical injury is not taxable.
  6. Yeah and thanx, but I've already tried that. About five years back (when IRS was still actually replying to letters) he asked about the SE health deduction, so I wrote them a detailed query about it and got a good agent who wrote back quoting and underlining relevant passages which I went over with the client to no avail. He was suspicious of IRS and wasn't interested in Section anything then or now, so I've decided to just forget the whole thing.
  7. That's a brilliant idea. But...there's a setback. Discussing it with my client, I realized that I had misunderstood him. He was not interested in paying social security -- instead, he simply wanted to get the deduction for self-employed health insurance only. I had previously advised he couldn't get it. But, his friendly neighborhood insurance agent (substituting for the infamous "barber") told him he could get it because he routinely sold policies to many other landlords who (unlike him) had no connection to their operations other that collecting the rent, yet they were all happily deducting it with no complaints at all from IRS. I believe that because probably nobody's minding the store at IRS and although I can argue the agent's got a policy sale axe to grind, I can't argue that the other landlords who say yea are lying because they're probably not. What a dilemma! The dopey insurance agent probably thinks he's right, the other landlords are clueless, my client's gullible, and I'm barring the door with ethics (likely known as "that tax guy who doesn't know what you can write off").
  8. I'm the same way - didn't mean it like it sounded. Some days I'm shell-shocked by five (closing time) after dealing with clients all day, but am a night person and can recoup after supper and two hours rest. I don't take any clients after five but can get a lot of work done between seven and midnight (or later) with nobody to interrupt. By late clients I meant I'm still getting some heavy-duty cases to work. The quick-refund-big-box franchise down the street now has an empty parking lot and is looking out the door hungrily 'cause their clientele has already come and gone.
  9. What would I do without them?
  10. I clicked it and nothing happened. Guess Joan's right.
  11. My guy has a dozen rent houses. I think he probably does have 250 hours of qualifying labor for the 199 (there's no log-could get one next time); but he asks about the real estate pro status because he wants to start paying in SE sometime (plus getting the SE health deduction). I'm not so sure about that one because he's got a repairman on the payroll although he himself is constantly tending to the tenants. But, in case he wants to go for that next year and comes up with a 750 hour log, I've never done that before. (1) Does the rent get moved to a schedule C (don't see how all that E info would fit)? (2) Would you simply add an SE form for the social security? (3) Enter earning where on SE? Only fit I see is on page two, section B, part one, line two, code A (other than farming). (4) Can this be done or is it crazy (you needn't reply if the answer's yes)?
  12. I've got a couple of those; from whom the wafting essence makes my eyes smart. They have apparently adopted the philosophy made famous by Dolly Parton (in another field, of course); to wit: MORE IS MORE!
  13. I'm with you, John (in favor or a strict expulsion policy). Whether I do 'em or not before 4-15 depends on just how bad they stink up the office. Last guy I ejected (with a firm "SORRY, BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO LEAVE!" ) required half a can of Lysol spray, a full 30 minute running of the ceiling fan, full-blasting A/C, plus some desperate arm-waving of an open newspaper to extinguish and disperse the last air-hanging whiff. __________________________________________ There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. ______ Matthew, VIII. 12
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