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    Good News!

    But, but....I thought our homespun humor, cracker-barrel wisdom, and cornpone colloquialism (see below) somewhat compensated for our lack of expertise (hmmm...better make that "my"; John's pretty swuft 'bout taxin' stuff) and/or whatever other flaws we bring to the board. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/colloquial P.S. to Rita: Sorry about missin' the meetin' and didn't mean to diss your sincere invitation (would really like to meet you, a few others too, some maybe not) but my wife's got to have surgery then and wouldn't take it kindly if I went off somewheres (actually I gave up on those family reunions). Anyhow please forgive & I'll wash your shoelaces - with malice toward none and charity for all, I remain, your most humble and obedient servant, blah, blah, blah -- BB. P.S. to Catherine. My apologies (that's all I do anymore) if my Nazi-spelling censorship offended you - I don't like those corrections either, but couldn't resist attempting to be funny when the opportunity presented itself. You're a great poster and your scientific essays are impressive - thanks for everything.

    Amending an H&R Block return...

    Me too. I once said this to a client who couldn't pay me in full: "Well, if you're short, Mr. Short, you can pay me next month."

    Good News!

    John, you're just like me. A chronic grump. Have to say though that that funny line you put at the end of your posts for a while still gives me smiles whenever I think of it. It was (remember) "Despite the high cost of living; it remains popular." Yuk-yuk-yuk!

    Good News!

    That #&%(*@* royal wedding is finally over. Only downside, we've still got to go through the royal divorce in a year or two.

    Amending an H&R Block return...

    Haven't you misspelled misspelling? According to an unimpeachable source (Wikipedia), there's no dash in there. If this is correct, consider yourself reprimanded, but not chastised, banished, or anything drastic.


    https://www.jklasser.com/news/when-are-foster-care-payments-tax-free/ Got it here; thanks anyway. The quoted rates were wrong (thought that $50 - a partial month - was a bit light); per DHS it's $300-400-500 depending on age. All's well that ends well. Those old yellow book guys and TurboTax are gettin' about as good as CCH.
  7. Does anybody happen to know if such is taxable? Guy left sack of junk with me to be sorted out after 4-15 & I'm doing it now. In the debris are three check stubs from AR Dep't. of Human Services listing one month's payment for three juvenile reprobates - $50 for mild cases, $300 for the moderately tough, and $410 for those in which karate skills would be helpful and it's a good idea to lock the bedroom door at night. I've heard about this program over the years from different people; the state farms out the troubled kids to any soul willing to take them in and hopefully rehabilitate them. But, I've never had a client who actually did it (well, I know one who applied but was turned down -- good thing too; I wouldn't leave my hamster with them). But anyway, there's no 1099 or anything else here and the client's clueless. There's a phone number on the check stub, but I don't want to call and ask "Is this taxable" to somebody who's going to say "You're a tax preparer. You're asking me?" Probably will end up doing that anyway, but thought I'd give it a shot here first.

    Summer Gathering

    Sorry, cain't make it. That's family reunion season and several relatives in dire straits are depending on me to co-sign their bank note renewals. Too, although I am allowed to leave the state, I don't like to get much further away from home than Little Rock. Good luck with your barbecue'n and stuff.


    After all the mind-churning problems that have come rolling down the pike this year, I think maybe next year I'll just go to the nearest J-H box company and apply for the lowest peon position they've got. They tell me (maybe some of you know better) that they put the newbies on "interview mode" and let 'em ask/answer "yes" or "no" to the computer and, voila, a tax return is born. I've always sneered at those modes since with ATX you actually have to know something about taxes to get anything of difficulty to work, but lately the easiest path seems the most attractive to me. While I once had a "Cadillac" program that would do everything except make breakfast, inflation pushed me into ATX and I've been stuck there ever since - I've been trying to remember who it was who posted here (pre-Obamacare) that he/she wasn't worried about the health insurance dealie coming up 'cause they'd just plug it into the computer and everything would fall into place. That remark prompted a reply from somebody saying they'd experienced the similar "Romneycare" and while survivable, it was "no walk in the park". Anyway, it's been an exhausting season (just one opinion - you're welcome to yours or to pop the champagne if it suits you).

    Nobody Asked You

    I don't hate you (you're too nice a guy) but I can't imagine how you manage to pull it off. Personally you're liable to find me lying back in the swivel chair, legs up on desk, mouth open, dozing and half-awake at any time after lunch. Either the loud doorbell or my assistant {wife} jolts me awake just in time for my feet to hit the floor and to sit up straight 5 seconds and try to look normal before the intruder gets to my large (lay-down) desk. I remind myself of a client; an older guy housepainter who has a pickup and a Purdy paintbrush hanging out of his paint-speckled overalls who, worn out, went to the doctor for general malaise. Doc said "Do exercises." He said "Doc, I'm 75. After a day's work it's all I can do to make it back home and fall in the recliner."

    More Oversight Again ?

    Tom, Rich, and Possi are absolutely right. They keep upping the freebie EIC/CTC while piling on regulations, audits-in-disguise, and draconian penalties to stave off public complaints about the outrageous fraudulent amounts given away. All this while branding us as their "partners" (which I strongly resent) and touting "FreeFile" to slice into our income right along with TT and every other Tomas, Diklah, and Hariq (I'm keeping up with social change ) who owns a kitchen table and calculator. At this rate they may eventually let us deduct black helicopters and nothing else.

    new laws - what are you doing?

    new laws - what are you doing? By WITAXLADY, 22 hours ago in General Chat Not much.

    College kids and free file - new source of revenue

    I once had the heart-warming experience of listening to one side of a two-part phone conversation between a mom in my office and her no-account, unemployed, live-at-home slacker kid back at the house. No problem about claiming himself 'cause Mom (who handled all obligations) hadn't filed it for him yet. I figured his deduction was worth about $150 to him (mowed some yards) and $800 to Mom; she insisted she would "pay him back" the $150. The back and forth went on for a bit until Mom suddenly stopped short and, overcome with frustration, blurted out "Raymond; I am not ripping you off!" Surely there must be justice waiting somewhere, someday............


    Mine crashed too. Panic in the trenches..."Oh, noooo, not now, not now!" Possible new computer, compatible new printer, driver downloads, phone tech help time, hooking everything up; lost programs, arggghhh! Mine started going haywire yesterday after I rolled over my first 2016 ATX client to 2017 program. I'd seen the MalWareBytes pop-up too. I've got premium MWB but don't know if it's set for automatic updates or not. Later punched the pop-up but don't know If that was the problem or the cure update. I uninstalled two high-memory usage programs and the memory increase (I think) put me (sort of) back in business - either that or the MWB fix. Shut everything down and left off overnight. Opened up normal this morning and I think all is okay now.

    What would you charge?

    These prices probably won't mean much to anybody here unless below the Mason-Dixon line, non-urban, or away from the southern east coast.