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  1. Don't happen to know the AGI, do you? Only if you can say without compromising anybody (including yourself ).
  2. Any suggestions for a monthly tax newsletter? I had Kiplinger but they seem to favor tax dodges for the well-heeled, where to stick their million dollar IRAs, foreign tax matters, etc. and I'm looking for something focusing on "just folks" - average jobholders + C and E people. Funny, but I once read that IRS considers any outfit grossing under five million dollars to be a "small business" which suggests (to me) they're out of touch with actual mom & pop shops. Or maybe I am....
  3. I won't be buying an Escalade or Mercedes but this post brought a couple of things to mind: (1) I think it was novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald who said "The rich are very different from you and me." To which some wit replied "Yes, they have more money." (2) In 1986 I commuted twice a month to Maumelle, AR; a trendy (well-as trendy as possible hereabouts), upscale Little Rock suburb to work for a well-off construction guy at his lakeside condo. He wanted a cheap (his specialty) set of books (my specialty at the time) created and posted. On arrival he asked to borrow my car for the day-his Jaguar and Mercedes were both in the shop. I'd just bought a brand-new mid-grade '86 Pontiac and was quite proud of it. Day's end, I ask "How'd ya like it?" He: "Just fine; you know, that would make a great work car."
  4. Think I've posted this before, but it's worth repeating. I read somewhere on an IRS TIGTA (IRS's version of police Internal Affairs) report that they reprimanded a division of IRS for using as a password the word (no, not a convoluted, lengthy combo of numbers, letters, characters they ask of us) PASSWORD. Didn't say if upper or lower case required - your choice I guess.
  5. One from bygone years (paper-file days) still gives me a grin when I think of it. No hard feelings since (1) she was a very nice, pretty lady (2) it was unknowingly unintentional. She had a big wad of LBT (little bitta this-little bitta that) papers and needed a complex 1040X. Hubby figured a refund was due. She: "He said we need it done right away." Me: "Well, Mrs. X; I'm afraid this is going to take quite a good long while." She: "Oh, that's okay! I can come back after lunch." _____________________________________________ Such is life! .......................................... Pop
  6. Not much you can do I think and they'll probably leave eventually. They like you for your past good, solid work when they were "just folks". Your CPA title helps, but they want to believe their buddies who say go with the big firms. It's a pattern; not confined to realtors/landlords. Once many SE types hit six-digits they develop (as John said) a "sense of entitlement"- a sort of "look at me" smugness; i.e. "My house and cars are paid off, I own rental property, have stocks, money in the bank, plus a fantastic job and all benefits." Or, as one once told me: "I've pretty much got everything else nailed down and I just don't see why we can't crack this nut." Oddly, he seemed to believe that his success could kill off taxes (the nut).
  7. Gosh, Yardley; that's a tough one. Finally though, a question that doesn't require exhaustive research by the estate/trust wizards hereabouts. I believe IRS has already ruled for the prosecution ("yea"). However, many hair-doers as well as other independent contractors feel it's a subjective question open to debate . Lots tend to be "agin" while I'm obliged to argue "fer" and the damages are occasionally brutal (for both). "Such is life"; as the old man used to say.
  8. Please, please! It's been a bad year. Must we face this now? Is ATX requiring W-11 for '22? Maybe it will be less daunting in; say, December. I'll be free to do pre-season tax prep chores in January since income tax doesn't start 'til the 30th and I assume there's no point in filing my paper W-2s. It brings to mind a row of numerical fence posts stretching away in the distance: W-12, W-15, W-20, etc. until our great-grandchildren are eventually hacking away at W-65 and on......... Oh well; a venting helps anyway.
  9. With that resume you're running a close race with Margaret. With that resume you're running a close race with Me.
  10. I swear, Margaret; you are just the most enthusiastic and active gal I've ever heard of. Kudos for your gusto. Looks like I won't make it to Bonaire but the doc told me recently to "get some exercise"; so I'm taking your R&R advice. Think I'll wander over to our high school track after hours and make a couple of rounds. And; since he also warned me (again) to "NEVER eat another hot dog", I think I'll stop by Ralph's Kustom Kreme on the way home (Jog? Probably not) and get a foot-long (with extra mustard). Good luck with Raja. Regards, BB
  11. Thanks Judy, You're a gentle(woman) and a scholar (and)such a huge scholastic source. Regards, BB sorry, can't get this dang thing to work.
  12. Does IRS' First-time Penalty Abatement cover underpayment of estimated tax penalty? Seems to me like failure to pay would be the only possibility among the three f's: failure to file-pay-deposit. Since my guy actually didn't even make any estimates at all and owes about 15K, they probably wouldn't view him sympathetically, but, on the other hand, he's got the required clean tax track record. Is it agent's discretion or what? P.S. Seen any good movies lately? I swear I'm gonna cancel Direct if they switch one more channel to PPV.
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