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  1. Joel

    Investment fraud

    Terry, I just went to IRS.GOV and typed 'ponzi' in the search panel. There are 13 articles for your review. I have filed a few returns that included the ponzi deduction usually taking the 95% deduction unless the taxpayer had previously elected to be included in a class action suite.
  2. Joel

    QBI you vs them

    I disagree. The person creating the K-1 has to indicate to the partner/shareholder/REIT owner how much of the income generated is from QBI sources. It is reported on the K-1 on lines 20/17/14 (I am not sure of the exact line numbers) to be input onto the K-1 worksheet of the final personal tax return. When preparing the personal tax return we must include all forms of QBI, including Schedule C (if any), to determine the final amount of QBI, subject to taxable income limitations.
  3. Joel


    Just renewed my PTIN. Six digits starting with 1. I guess in my old age I was slow to apply for the PTIN.
  4. Joel


    I guess I am the Pack Rat of all Pack Rats. I still have my 1955 tax return.
  5. Years ago, while in the Coast Guard, in November, the ship I was Communications Officer of received a 6 month supply of a brand new form for a monthly report to headquarters. In April the following year I ordered a replacement supply of the forms. The reply from headquarters was "In November we sent you a six months supply of this new form. Why are you ordering more in April?" (In essence: 6 months ago we sent you a 6 month supply. Why do you want more?) I realize that someone never read what they sent as a reply. Joel
  6. Joel

    1040 PostCard

    To really get a good laugh add the following: 3. What we don't need we will send back.
  7. Pacun, a wash sale occurs when you sell a stock at a loss and repurchase it within 30 days + or - If you replace the stock with a similar one after a loss the loss is allowed and the basis of the similar stock is its purchase price.
  8. The parents could use the funds for adult education for themselves and not pay the penalty.
  9. As for me, any temperature below my age is COLD!!!
  10. I so agree. I always have felt that education is knowing the right book or website to look up the answer. We cannot remember everything!
  11. Deb, You missed the third line "3. What we don't need, we will send back!
  12. Joel

    QB Question

    " A bit like knowing someone is OCD and making all your pictures crooked before they visit " But if someone was truly OCD he/she would be CDO!!!
  13. I had a similar problem, but I called software sales. Got right in and the sales rep walked me through resetting the account.
  14. Catherine, After my wife passed away last September, I received a heartwarming letter from an Academy classmate of mine who also had been a member of our Wedding Party. I will quote part of his letter here, changing the names and gender. "It is hard to face the death of a loved one. And yet, it something we all must do, several time in our lifetime. It is part of the celebration of life. and every life must be celebrated. "Your job now is to take up Eric's ethics, his vision, his wisdom, his respectfulness, his energy and carry it forward as long as you can. It may seem that a library of knowledge and experience has been lost. Not true. Everyone who knew Eric carries that library forward. It is not lost. Memoria Semper / Always Remember" All of our hearts are with you, Catherine. Joel
  15. If there were regular taxes paid in those 2 years, then the taxpayer would have received back that payment based on the 1045 form.
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