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  1. if the taxpayer has any clue of the date of purchase you can use Yahoo historical price data and have a reasonable idea of the original cost which is supposed to be adjusted for stock splits etc.
  2. cred65

    NT PC Backup

    Acronis True Image as recommended by IT guy.
  3. Made donation today. Appreciate this website.
  4. If client has already mail filed 941 for 1st Q would it be wise to use ATX PR and e-file? Our would that make the situation worse?
  5. This is referred to as a "cashless exercise" if I remember correctly.
  6. Client needs 2006 1120S for KY that was prepared by previous tax preparer. computer has been idle for 6 years and starts up OK until PW requested. Any ideas? TIA
  7. Recently I was able to transfer ATX 2015-2017 from a W7 to a new W10 ver1903 successfully, but just had ATX support remotly perform this for 2018. They had to uninstall 2018 and reinstall the program. It is now working OK and the data files are still there. I had spent an hour or more yesterday with a rep who was unable to perform this task and transferred the job to a tech.
  8. I was able to recover years 2015 - 2017 using the video above but it does not work for 2018. Is there a separate procedure for 2018? TIA
  9. "You need to follow the instructions in the ATX knowledge base, which requires, if I remember correctly, a fresh installation of the ATX software for each year." Will the existing data files be retained?
  10. Never mind I found Tools Services
  11. Were to find Control Panel in W10
  12. He copied the HD from the old W7 system to the SSD on the new W10 system.
  13. I had my IT person build a new computer Core I7, SSD, backup drive etc with W10 installed and clone my W7 Pro to the new system for years 2015 - 2018. I just started using it and when I start ATX for any year I get the dreaded message to restart server which I have never experienced in 11 years. HELP!!
  14. Clients daughter received a W-2 from a part time job with incorrect SS# and it will be difficult to get a replacement by next week. I informed client we need to get an extension and wait for the corrected W-2. Is there a better way? TIA
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