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  1. Clients daughter received a W-2 from a part time job with incorrect SS# and it will be difficult to get a replacement by next week. I informed client we need to get an extension and wait for the corrected W-2. Is there a better way? TIA
  2. I am unable to find the client letter for new returns. Help!! TIA
  3. Any suggestions were to find legit copy for a custom built computer? TIA
  4. No Corp 1120S required in OH but a CAT tax probably required.
  5. I was referring to a 1120 S. Line 20 for 1065.
  6. It is to appear on Code 17 Lines V,W,X,Y,Z and entered under Detail of K-1
  7. The Planner in 2017 has a tab For QBI for entry of the data.
  8. I underwent heart valve surgery TAVR/I at Christ Hospital in Cinti, OH on 10/15/18 and was released on 10/16/18, total 28 hours. The actual procedure was app. 1 hour during which I was awake, but the recovery was a bit more trying and during days 2 & 3 where I was very weak and had no appetite. On days 5-7 (Fri-Sun) I was able the do a very light workout at the Y at about 1/3 throttle. The hospital has grounded me for 2 weeks but I will get a chance to appeal this next Tue. “This minimally invasive surgical procedure repairs the valve without removing the old, damaged valve. Instead, it wedges a replacement valve into the aortic valve's place. The surgery may be called a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).” The 2 entry’s are in the groin area. I am in a clinical trial sponsored by Edwards Lifescience SAPIEN 3 valve, and monitored by Lindner Research Center on campus at Christ for 5 years. If you are interested in viewing this gory procedure be my guest (3 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f20qrZcD1LE PS This is NOT a GoFundMe Request
  9. Reason being that the client is a slime ball. Told client to get new preparer.
  10. Client owns stock and wants to gift shares to his 18 year old for college this year. He also wants to know if he can gift $15K to his wife and have her gift to son. Is this the best way to get max amount to son? TIA
  11. When is the e-file system available? TIA
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