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  1. Does ATX 2021 contain batch extension capabilities? Pardon my ignorance, as I am on the client service side of our firm and not a tax professional. I remember reading something years ago, where it indicated it used to. I read a post last year stating that it was possible, but there was no confirmation number provided. If not, is anyone aware of a software that can do this? We need to create approximately 1400+ this year. It is exceptionally time consuming for our team to do this one by one. I'm just researching other options at this point. Many thanks!
  2. Hello. I've been pouring over the rollover manager, return manager, e-file manager, as well as the return and tax warehouse tabs and the reporting features. I need to pull a report that includes the spouses SSN's. There is only one SSN field in the customizable selections that I've been able to locate and it only pulls SSN's for the main client. Am I missing something simple or is this not a reportable feature/capability within ATX? Many thanks!
  3. Hi. I sent a message yesterday to ATX chat regarding upgrading our server from a Windows 7 platform to Windows 10. I was given instructions on how to move to a whole new computer. We are not doing that. Everything is staying on the same machine. We’re just upgrading it to Windows 10. Can someone please tell me if there is anything we need to be aware of (do’s and don’ts) or if there are any updates that will need to be made with our ATX server software prior to making the switch? We have ATX 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 all housed on our server. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a text reminder app or software to remind your clients of outstanding items required to prep or finalize returns? The vast majority of our clientele prefers text message communication. We of course prefer email for business purposes. Ideally, we'd love an email to text software and the reverse, where the client can text us and it shows up as an email on our end. I have asked our IT support if they have any recommendations. Without knowing who each client's cellphone carrier is, we cannot email them from Outlook and have it show up as a text on their end. I know there are several texting app's through Google Play, just curious if anyone has tried one or had a good suggestion. Thank you!
  5. I really appreciate your quick response. We tried clearing all the filters at the beginning and no luck. We still see them in the Acknowledgement History but not the E-file Manager. Are you aware of any other way to e-file?
  6. We have run into a glitch with our ATX software’s e-filing capabilities, which has us in a huge bind prior to tomorrow’s deadline. We need urgent help. Since yesterday, whenever we create E-files, ATX goes through the process, and everything looks okay. However, when you go to the E-file Manager, those created E-files are nowhere to be found and there is no way to submit them. If you go into the tax return Acknowledgement History, you can clearly see that E-files were created. We cannot figure out if this is a setting issue or an ATX software problem. We are trying to obtain tech support but no one is available until tomorrow. Thank you very much for any and all suggestions! Teresa
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