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  1. https://www.taxact.com/support/657/2020/earned-income-credit-entering-combat-pay-for-calculation?hideLayout=False#:~:text=You can elect to include,each make your own election. "You can elect to include your nontaxable combat pay in earned income for the EIC. If you make the election, you must include in earned income all nontaxable combat pay you received. If you are filing a joint return and both you and your spouse received nontaxable combat pay, you can each make your own election."
  2. No, he does not. I have never done this, BUT he might be able to include his combat pay in order to collect some refundable tax credits... like EIC.
  3. Her college tuition is from an accredited school here in the US.
  4. Sooooo in my case, where an unmarried couple have ONE child TOGETHER, only one can claim HOH. That is the case this year. Backing up the truck, if HIS daughter from another mother lived with them for over half the year, HE can claim HOH, AND under the tiebreaker rule, Mother of their baby cannot claim HOH because he COULD claim their baby for HOH, even though he doesn't. She is single. No HOH.
  5. Well, nobody's looking in the windows, and that was the original divorce agreement, and he claims they share her. I know the rules, you know the rules. It's the 2 HOHs under the same roof that make me go hmmmmm. But, they aren't married, have pretty close incomes, and as roommates, they might share expenses under the same roof for their own children and both claim HOH. I would guess that's how they got away with it last year. It's the ageless, timeless discussion with no real answer. Like I said, nobody's looking in the window. I do know my son and his wife split my gran
  6. There's no EIC involved. I think my head was working with a "tie breaker" rule when I was thinking about incomes. He made about $12000 more than she did, $61k vs $49k. Last year, they did DIY and she claimed the baby and HOH filing status. He also claimed HOH claiming his child from another mother whom he had the right to claim. They split custody 50/50. So, on his years to claim her, he gets it all. Two HOHs under the same roof.
  7. I feel ya, TaxMan. VA has been absolutely BRUTAL.
  8. To carry on this conversation, my client received scholarships exceeding tuition paid by about $4000. HOWEVER, most of that was for a class abroad. I have the bursar report clearly showing her own money paying for tuition and fees exceeding $4000. This is her 4th year of AOC. As long as I have documentation, I can still take the full AOC, correct?
  9. I never thought of that. I just think of the IRS as the "worst lending institution in America."
  10. They were divorced. I just spoke to him. He took all the money and put it on a house. He knew he'd pay tax, but was blown away at the amount. I didn't even mention the ex because HE didn't mention her. So, he's taking the hit. "What do I do, I don't have $85k...." I would suggest you borrow it from anybody but the IRS. You can't fix stupid. But boy, the anticipation of telling him this and wondering if he was going to try to dish half off had my stomach hurting. Oh wait, I didn't eat... that's what had my stomach hurting.... INAD (I need a drink)
  11. How do I handle this Sch D sale of stocks with a net gain of over $186k between ex husband and ex wife? His is the primary tax ID number on the account. They are listed as JT TEN on the statement. Am I able to split the "hit" on all this income? Right now, he owes over $72K to the feds and over $13k to the state. It's a new client (last year) and I'm already shaking over what will happen when he finds out. Am I able to use half as "nominee" income and take it off? If so, how is that accomplished?
  12. No equipment or building involved. Just the client list. I put it on my local EA group and had several calls. I'll address other groups after tax season is over. I want to be picky and try to find a good match so my clients will be happy about it. I've been working out of my home for over 20 years and have TOO MANY returns to be doing this anymore. I did talk to a woman who has a family run business, full office and family staff, and it might be a good fit. We will have a meeting after the season.
  13. So, will it be considered an installment sale? I'm walking into this blind.
  14. I will be selling my business at the end of tax season. I would like to un-incorporate (S-Corp) and stop payroll by the end of June. Is that wise? I mean, is there any reason I should NOT do that? (I'll continue as a Sole Prop until I find a buyer, then I'll be employed by that business until I retire. That's the plan in my head.)
  15. Yes, I'm not positive, but I believe my detail statements follow the returns. I would note it as a personal exchange. And these two LIVE TOGETHER UNDER THE SAME ROOF. ermagerd I'd be like GIMME MY D@#* MONEY!
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