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  1. I did a look-back, and she was the primary TP on the 2019 MFJ return with HIS 2 children on the return. We filed the 2020 return on MARCH 7th, 2021. It looks like the IRS based the CTC on the 2019 return and not the 2020 return. How many times will this happen across the nation?PLUS, on the 2021 return, he will most surely be able to claim the entire CTC because HE (likely) never received an advanced payment. I still need to check with him.
  2. She can't "opt out" because when she went to the web site, she "doesn't qualify for child tax credit." I'm not even making this up.
  3. I told her to keep the money, but to expect to pay it back.... in 2025 when they catch on. LOL
  4. And so it begins. Client called and wondered why she got $500 deposited to her account for "CTC." Filing status is single. She has no children. We will never be able to un-screw this lightbulb.
  5. That is happening a lot this year. I just cough up an estimated payment voucher for my clients to mail.
  6. Yes, I do a lot of states, and GA took their sweet time deciding on this. It's painful. If not for the state return, I wouldn't be retiring. They just kill me.
  7. Send me the return and the letter, and I'll try to get a bead on it for you. Donna
  8. Many years ago I had mine waived. I mailed a check way back then... I just had to stop payment on the check and get a bank print-out of the stop payment. I explained in my response that my attempt was made, but the payment never made it to the IRS.
  9. @Eric, you take such good care of us. No complaints, for Heaven's sake! We you !
  10. I was told today by a client that if MFJ with children, both spouses must opt out, or one will receive half. I haven't studied any of this, so it was probably posted somewhere already. I'm in summer mode and picking at the leftover returns at this point.
  11. Possi

    verifying ID

    Perfectly agree. Perfectly.
  12. Possi

    verifying ID

    It seems like we tax pros and taxpayers have zero representation anymore. Somebody should have seen this coming. And these slow refunds are blowing up my phone and emails wondering where the refund is.... even though they have checked and it's being processed. This is causing even more calls to the IRS. It's awful.
  13. Possi

    verifying ID

    Do we still have a practitioner priority line for the IRS? I have 866-860-4259 in my phone, but haven't used it in a couple of years. VA has one, 804-367-9286, and that is the ONLY thing this state does well.
  14. Possi

    verifying ID

    I'm suspicious of fraud and would insist on seeing the notice myself before I advise. The state of VA often requests this, and I insist on seeing the notice and responding by e-fax myself.
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