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  1. Down south, we say, "Hold my beer and watch THIS $h**!" I'm straight up stealing "DOG FIGHT" when I need to get off the phone! LOL
  2. As long as it wasn't a rental property, I believe it is treated as part of a divorce settlement, not a taxable event. Wait for smarter people to post, though.
  3. Possi


    Sometimes money doesn't solve the problem. Thanks for posting.
  4. Possi


    Oh no, she's not retired. She's working the back field since hugging all those late filers! #ritahugs
  5. Yes, that is correct. It's a great incentive, isn't it? It is true.
  6. The VA Sch A does not get changed because of the tax credit. The taxpayer gets the tax credit AND the complete federal Sch A charitable contribution amount. Do not reduce the VA charitable contributions. I called Richmond and was reassured that VA conforms to the Sch A charitable contributions. I have had this before, but not as much money, and it never occurred to me to reduce the Sch A charitable contribution, so I'm glad I was right!
  7. All this time, the only way our clients would know it wasn't a scam was because the IRS never calls you. I think this might go sideways real quick. Then again, I have always told my clients to contact me first if they get any communication from ANY taxing source. So, it's also job security.
  8. That's great! The great-er news is that I sold my business and finally grew up to be an employee! So thankful to have the responsibility off my back, and excited to help the next one build her business. I'll work for a few more years, just because.
  9. As long as there are DIY'ers, anybody can do taxes, and anybody can cut hair. Truth. We need the DIY'er returns audited.
  10. That's how it works in TaxWise, yes. It's pretty simple. We print an "ACH 1040/ES" page as a reminder to the client.
  11. I actually made every client check, unless they told me straight up that they received the entire amount. These clients getting letters swore by the amounts given to me. I am telling them that they would need to prove to the IRS that they did NOT receive the money, and "good luck with that." Not my problem. The whole thing is a cluster bomb, as will the last stimulus payment and the advance CTC be next year. Job security.
  12. Yes, lots of letters are coming to my clients because in spite of my spending countless hours explaining why I needed their exact stimulus payments, many got them wrong. In other news, I did sell my business! YAY! I will continue to work for the buyers for at least 4 years. I will be transitioning from TaxWise to Ultra Tax. Praying for an easy learning curve. I'm so happy to be an employee and not a business owner. One more step toward retirement. And yes, you will still see me here!
  13. Thanks, I was considering a commission and wondered how much to ask.
  14. Well, it is looking like I will be selling my business and working with the new buyer for as long as I want, at least 3 years! So, y'all won't be rid of me yet! I feel really good about this. Y'all know how stressed out I was last tax season, and I need to get this office out of my small house. I do have a question though. I'm in Va Beach. How much should I expect to be paid while I'm working for the new owners? I have no idea! Thoughts?
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