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  1. 1- If nobody is complaining about your prices, you’re probably not charging enough. 2- I tell my clients I don’t strive to be the cheapest. I strive to be the best. Charge your price and be proud of your work.
  2. Many times, a payroll company takes care of payroll, and it’s not the actual business at all. It shouldn’t be real hard to get the withholding back. Then, have the employee fill out a new W-4 for the state and mark it exempt.
  3. The employer won’t correct the W-2. They withheld properly as far as they knew. A new tax form needs to be filed with the employer, stating that the employee is exempt from California state taxes. In Virginia, that form is a VA4. There should be a line on the California tax return where you can back out the wages. See if there is one on the California Nonresident return. If it isn’t there, put in a call to California. It will be worth the call. They might have a practitioner priority line, which I’m sure you would know about, @BulldogTom In Alabama, it gets backed out on the line for other income. in Virginia, we file a special form 763S. Each state is different it seems. Include a copy of the service members LES. That is the form that determines the state residency. I hope this helps!
  4. Thank you! I went to the pub 525 and worked it out. @DANRVANThanks for all your help!
  5. Ok, so I'm pounding this out now. There was a taxable benefit for the entire distribution. Distribution was 15,217. Actual deductible amount on the 2021 Sch A was 15,487. (expenses $31787- $16,300 floor= 15,487 deduction) In 2022 the medical expenses were $8925. So, I start from the entire distribution...2022 distribution 15,217 - 8925 = 6292 taxable income.
  6. I don’t know how to make this right. Include the total paid MINUS what the 2022 expenses were?
  7. It's marked as "Reimbursed amount" on the 1099LTC. Client was paid this amount, $15,217 in 2022 for overall expenses, some in 2021 and some in 2022. She is getting 2022 expenses totaled, but said it's around $8k actually paid by her in 2022.
  8. But before you do, raise the fee!
  9. I’m sorry, I meant the deductible portion of the expense after the floor was met. I’m out of the office until Monday, so I’ll look again at the 1099 as soon as I get in. thank you!
  10. My clients are MFJ. He was terminally ill in 2021 and had lots of medical expenses. We took the deduction for medical in 2021 and the NET expense final deduction was $15,487. He went to Heaven in January 17, 2022, so there aren't really any medical expenses to deduct for 2022. His wife received a 1099-LTC showing benefits paid in 2022 totaling $15,216. Does this become miscellaneous income to her since we took the deduction in the prior year and they benefitted from it, in excess of the payment? I think that's what I'm picking up in my research but want to check with the REAL professionals! possi
  11. Nothing much more frustrating than being hung up on by someone you don't want to talk to. My friends, there are your dangling participles for the day... maybe for the year... for you to ponder on... You're welcome.
  12. ... why? Because I don't know why. I'm fried. Yes, that's why. THANK YOU for smacking some sense in me.
  13. Client lives in Germany with her German spouse. He is not a US citizen, no SS number, no link to US. She (client) has a rental that has been BEING RENOVATED for years, and has just now (2021) become habitable and rented. Her gross receipts are $13,200, netting a loss. She has no other income. Since her gross receipts are $13,200 and the property is in MD, she is required to file Federal and MD. She has 3 children, 2 of whom have SS numbers. She is qualifying for the stimulus payment filing MFS with zero exemptions. Am I doing her an injustice by not putting her 2 children with SS numbers on her return? No EIC of course, but what about the child tax credit? It sounds crazy that I am even asking this question, but these are crazy times. Donna
  14. A client brought me one that had fallen in the toilet. "It's ok, it was clean water." Um, no. And you get a @RitaB HUG.
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