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  1. I still have a lot of those heavy-duty cases coming in.... I sure hope I'm not strapped with a ton of extensions. Normally, I like them because they keep me busy. But I have a 2 year old grandson to visit now! And I'm not getting any younger.
  2. My new client is from Venezuela, and he moved here in March, to live with his daughter. He has a green card, a social security number, and is a permanent resident. He is still a citizen of Venezuela. He does not have insurance. He is only 56 years old, and goes to the doctor when he visits Venezuela. This is all new this year. First time filing a tax return. His income is only 12,245, all wages, as maintenance in a hotel. Is he in violation for insurance? Will he pay a fine?
  3. I start early, so by 5pm, there is nothing much nice about me. If I took clients in the evenings, I'd be arrested by my own son, for murder. I think we should all get Medals of Honor when we get through a season without killin' somethin'!
  4. I have the same problem. There's one batch of 11 hanging out there for a few different states. State efiles I have sent since then have already come back. I'll have to call TWise today. We can't even re-create efiles because they have already been sent. UGH....
  5. I did find that! I can't USE it, but I found it~ Thanks everybody.
  6. The state of VA doesn't tax permanent disability reported as wages. I had to override TWise to get it to work, and I hate doing that. We are mostly ATX here, but if there are any other red-headed-step-children who might have a clue, help a mother, ok?
  7. Thank you for the validation. That's one I got right. One.
  8. My client married a woman who is permanently disabled from a tumor on her spine. She received Social Security (22,800) and she receives a W2 from an insurance company with ONLY box 1 filled in, $12,922, and "third party sick pay" marked. She hasn't filed a tax return since her disability initiated in 2005, when she was 41 years old. Wife is telling husband that she isn't required to file and she knows it all. I told the husband, congratulations on your wedding. She is required to file. If she had filed in the past, I believe she would have received a little EIC because what I have read tells me that her disability insurance W2 would count as "earned income." Do you agree?
  9. My client had marketplace insurance for 3 months in 2018, then got married and went on hubby's insurance. She is already separated and filing MFS. She has to pay back all of the advance payments, almost $1500. According to the instructions, MFS cannot use the alternative calculation. I have searched and read the instructions for the 8962, and I do not see any way that she won't have to pay this back. Am I missing something? Can she apply for relief within this tax return? Can she apply for relief outside the tax return?
  10. I sure wish one of the professional tax groups would rally and have the IRS pay every preparer for whom they hold 10-cards (fingerprints) for being their gatekeepers.
  11. As of the end of the tax year, the child must be under 19 if he is not a student, or under 24 if he is a full-time college student. No boom
  12. You have to use the rules for Qualifying Relative, not Qualifying Child...and the "child" ... now "relative," made too much money. So, the taxpayer does not have a qualifying dependent for HOH filing status.
  13. This new provision states that the spouse of a service member may now deem the service member's home of record as his/her own, even if that spouse never set foot in that state. https://www.army.mil/article/216845/acts_offer_benefits_to_miltary_family_members
  14. Since she and the kids went on my Son's insurance halfway through the year, am still able to deduct the portion of her health insurance that was paid by the clinic, and included in her wages, as SEHI? Or, did getting married during the year and switching insurance negate that benefit for the entire year?
  15. Thanks. I read about it on the IRS website, thanks to your post. I had no idea they could do that. So, when they got married, my son put his new wife and her children on his city health insurance and took it out of her parent's hands. Am I allowed to take that same SEHI adjustment for the portion of health insurance (that was bumped into her W2)? It was done before his group plan was available to her as his wife.
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