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  1. Yes, but I'm not sure how long e-file will be opened this year. At some point, it shuts down until the opening of the following season. I'm looking but not finding it.
  2. I did this today as well. Thieving you-know-whats. It's so sad that we have to pay to work for the IRfrikkinS for free.
  3. Were they on "qualified EXTENDED duty" all that time, right up until they retired?
  4. Thank you so much. I didn't know about the 15 year rule for military. I researched it on the military source site, and sure enough... as always... I'm still learning! I'll be learning when I retire in a few years! LOL https://www.militaryonesource.mil/financial-legal/tax-resource-center/special-tax-considerations/income-tax-and-rental-properties-when-military
  5. They owned it since before 2012. Not sure exactly when they bought it. I'll look at it again tomorrow. I was thinking the military exclusion counted 100% but for the depreciation.
  6. My clients are military and own a house here. In the last 5 years, they have lived in their house just 15 months because of military deployments. I understand that the capital gain can be excluded on the sale, but for depreciation recapture. (Because of military deployments) Where does the basis get adjusted to exclude the capital gain over and above depreciation recapture?
  7. I tell them I don't aspire to be the cheapest, I aspire to be the BEST. I also don't sell tax returns like tax-in-a-box. I sell service.
  8. Well, God is really looking out for me. If only I would trust more and be less fearful. My client never received his initial refund (grace) because the IRS was missing those forms. After splitting the PTC with the daughter, they went from a refund of about $4k to owing $155. My client extended every grace and thanked me for getting him through this practically unscathed. I'm still pulling back on my business. My ration of errors to home runs is small, but it still makes my stomach hurt when they surface. I love y'all. Honestly, I do.
  9. Yes. When she married my client, the joint income is way over the top. They married in July and she went on his insurance in August. The Marketplace didn't end for her at that time, though. She kept it running until the end of the year. I wonder if they left it in place to cover her daughter who is 25 and files her own return. AND, I wonder if she ended it at the end of the year. For all I know, she is still the primary social security number! Another question to ask....
  10. Thanks, y'all. I contacted the client and will do my best to minimize the impact. The daughter is 25 years old and does the same kind of work as her mother, according to my client. So, her income is probably mostly tip income and she likely qualifies for the credit. I'll work on the allocation after I get a copy of the daughter's tax return. Allocating a portion to the daughter will certainly help. When I can amend the daughter's return, from what my client said, she most likely qualified all year. I've never split one, so I'm not sure how that will work, but I'm sure
  11. OMG I missed a 1095 for a newly married client. It's right here in his file. GAHHHHHHH He married a bartender who apparently had a daughter and she and daughter were on Marketplace insurance all year. Wife was covered by husband's insurance beginning in August after they got married, but the Marketplace covered her and the daughter all year. I filed a joint return and didn't have the daughter on it at all. I'll ask how old the daughter is, but I think she's grown because they never mentioned her. I should have asked many more questions. No excuses. I blew it. They j
  12. That's right. We all do that. We just don't realize it until NOVEMBER! LOL
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