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  1. I was just thinking today, how nice it would be if I got copied on these notices. Sometimes the client gets with me right away, but many times, they bring it with the tax papers 10 months later. But, I'm not willing to get those forms for every client. Too many, too much.
  2. I found this, which I read as only landscaping for depreciation. You can tell if it was for landscaping or not: https://taxmap.irs.gov/taxmap/pubs/p946-002.htm Land(p6) Land You cannot depreciate the cost of land because land does not wear out, become obsolete, or get used up. The cost of land generally includes the cost of clearing, grading, planting, and landscaping. Although you cannot depreciate land, you can depreciate certain land preparation costs, such as landscaping costs, incurred in preparing land for business use. These costs must be so closely associated with other depreciable property that you can determine a life for them along with the life of the associated property. The leasehold would be 39 years, of course.
  3. Taxpayer advocates are for everyone. That is my recommendation as well.
  4. I use TaxWise and it is also down.
  5. Yes. If TP is permanently disabled.
  6. Possi

    virginia acks

    They are coming now. I got 12 of 15 before I vacated this morning. The others were sent later in the day on the 15th. I use TWise
  7. The new forms and reduced withholding absolutely slayed me. Having to sit with every client and go through the stress of their disappearing refunds OVER AND OVER AND OVER, with caring and compassion was emotional and exhausting. The new forms sunk my performance time in each return. And time is money. Overall, the business of taxes was awful, for me anyway. If this was my first year, it would be my last year. And, I'm generally an upbeat person. I am going to close my office tomorrow and not looking back until May 1st. The up side to all of this is that God already knew what was ahead of me, went before me, and didn't let my spirit down. My assistant does all the processing, opens all their mail, scans all the documents, and together we create some kind of "fun factor" in every day. It might just be lunch, but we work something in. I'm really very blessed to have her. That's part of the "God" thing. It's a good spirit here, just tired from it all. I'm truly grateful for this board. Truly. Grateful. You all have become real friends. Another "God" thing, I'm sure.
  8. I will hustle a little more today, but mostly all my ducks are in a row. More extensions than I want, but I took a page from Catherine's book and just straight up told the late ones. Tomorrow, I will renew my driver's license and Wednesday I will be lovin' on my grandson in DE for the rest of the week. I told my extensions I will see them when I'm sober, probably May 1st. I was only half kidding.... You guys and gals are truly the best~ Thanks for another season~ God Bless Y'all~
  9. The actual cost of the agreement is cheaper when you do the direct deposit. If they can pay in 90 days, do not do the installments. Instead, have the client call the IRS and work that out.
  10. Possi


    Short answer, yes.
  11. Possi

    Form 8453

    I have never sent the 8453 as long as the detail was attached. I don't think it's necessary when you electronically attach the detail to the e-file. I only send it if they have given away a car and I need to send the charitable receipt attached to the 8453.
  12. If they didn't use it for qualified medical expenses, it would be taxable.
  13. Possi


    That is a beautiful thing, right there. I might have a little tear in my eye. You have changed my life.
  14. Possi


    Thanks. The doc said it's an infection in the eyelid. Wonderful. I see a specialist Thursday. In the meantime, I'll try not to look at the children directly.
  15. The last I heard was... I just overnighted my tax package to you..... me~ I'll file your extension.... WHAT? WHY? It's only the 3rd! The deadline isn't until the 15th! me~ Tell that to the 60 ahead of you! (Oh no you didn't just tell me when the deadline is....) (ok, I might have overstated that number) (your fee just went up)
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