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  1. I sure hope they give us a new file-by deadline as well. This year, I will be notifying all my out of town clients that they need to find a local preparer. I'll also tell my larger (Sch C) businesses to look for someone else. I am walking toward the sign that says "reTIRED." It will be a slow walk, and I'll keep my small, easy local clients. But I'm so tired. This business isn't fun anymore. They can blame the pandemic all day long, but it ain't the pandemic. The IRS has been beating us up for a long time. Congress doesn't move in time for anything. Nobody does their job anymo
  2. Thanks so much for these details.
  3. I was in a NATP webinar and posed this question: What if the income was LOWER in 2019 but HIGHER in 2020 (phasing them out), would they still be able to use the 2019 to get the EIC? The answer was "Yes." I have military clients for whom taxable wages change drastically from year to year, depending on deployments. I once had a pilot making well over 6 digits receive EIC. Most of his wages were in a "combat zone" and not taxable Box 1 wages. That's why I posed the question. Are you saying the answer was wrong?
  4. As we begin the new year, remember that without the rain, there would be no rainbow. God works all things for the good, for those who follow Him, and I trust that God has gone before me and prepared the way... no matter what. This year might well be the most challenging for us tax pros. I'm thankful that we have each other. So, be kind, drink wine, and keep smiling! Cheers!
  5. Possi

    Rita B

    I hear from Rita all the time. We're co-dependents and proud of it! LOL The bombing was a horrible thing, alright. Praying for Nashville.
  6. I don't understand this one... Is this new? Is there something more to it that is over my head? Or, is it as simple as it appears... pick your income... this year or last year... So confused. "Temporary special rule for determination of earned income: The bill allows taxpayers to refer to earned income from the immediately preceding tax year for purposes of determining the Sec. 32 earned income tax credit and the Sec. 24(d) additional child tax credit for tax year 2020."
  7. Gee, I wonder when the IRS might impose this upon themselves. The 12th of Never. No kidding, retirement is looking better and better.
  8. I'm following this because I have never, ever used either one. I do dread the day I might need it, too. I'm so ragged out all the time, my mug will scare my clients to death! And if I have been *coughing* that day, the only medicine that works for me is Tennessee Honey. And that only makes me look better in MY eyes!
  9. HAHAHAHAA!! Funny, not funny. I'm so torn! I miss everybody. Can't wait for COVID to have a vaccine and we can gather again.
  10. No other company in the UNIVERSE would have that kind of backlog. Why does the government accept this kind of inept operation to continue? It blows my mind. I work for myself and would fire me if I was that bad.
  11. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. And to everyone, I am very thankful to be a part of this group. You all are so supportive and actually KIND. It's refreshing, and we are so blessed to know each other. Thank you!! muah!
  12. I would welcome an extension, and I also tell my clients they need to get here early. I think my words were, "I have zero desire to work during the summer." My clients know I mean what I say!
  13. I have cox as my carrier. When I was getting a lot of spam, I contacted them and told them to step up their game. They did. Your internet provider might be able to help you.
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