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    New Form 1040

    In my test print 1040 page 1 half page,1040 page 2 half page, schedule 1, 3/4 page, schedule 4 almost 1/2 page, schedule 6, 1/4 page. I was hoping ATX would combine a bunch of this into 1 page. This is assuming that you are not duplexing. It would seem to me the keep pricing up where it needs to be the more pages a client sees the happier he is.

    New Form 1040

    I test printed a return yesterday. Half pages, third pages 6 schedules. What a waste of paper. My cohort said same amount of toner just more paper. Add in QBI worksheets and forms more pages. I agree no new ones this year. Just my 2 cents

    desktop purchase advice

    Has anyone had much success in cloning an old HD to the newer ssd's? my guru says move the data over then reinstall the programs. Seems like a lot of work.

    Business Sold

    I am hoping in a year or 2 if I can get my daughter up to speed. Am curious about one thing. How did you price it? Like 100% of gross plus equip or some other way. Anyway Congrats in order. Now to get to those other projects???? Stay and visit with us once in while. Years of experience can be useful to someone just coming on.

    savings bonds

    My daughter who will taking over soon so I can retire is in a learning curve. She has not learned where all the different boards are and how they post items.

    savings bonds

    Just reread this . TP DOES have a liability in all those years. My typist put this in b4 I could read it. Same problem tho. TP would have owed some tax. Posted b4 I could edit.

    savings bonds

    Ok I need help. TP inherited savings bonds from spouse.22 years ago. TP deceased in 2018. I found these as executor buried in bottom of drawer. Maturity dates 1998-2007. Interest never reported. When I look at the old returns for all those years which I have tp has a Zero liability(filed to get mim wh back). If I add in the interest for each of those years TP still has no liability. Now that I am cashing in all those bonds what MUST or Should I do with 33k of interest? Your thoughts?
  8. Maybe we could with Erics help establish a buy and sell unit for us that would like to get rid of some stuff that still has life?

    Annual e-file shutdown begins 11/17

    Also If I remember right it is also the last time you can efile 2015 returns.
  10. My thought would be are those 2018 forms even available yet as the k-1 instructions do not have the correct where to put #'s on the 2018 returns. I have been trying to figure this out as I too have a short year I would love to close and issue those k-1's. Thoughts????
  11. TAXMAN


    Any one know how to look on Town of Concord MA site to find Real estate taxes paid for 2017?
  12. TAXMAN


    So if my PY person has govt pens 34k and ss pension 11k while in co the best they can do is 24k?
  13. TAXMAN

    NT Storage

    Thanks all. We have been canning most of the stuff last 3-4 years. It is stuff I have from about 2012 back to about 2004. How well do you trust the shred it people?
  14. TAXMAN


    TP 70 years. part year moved there in July 2017. receives govt pens and ss. CO Form 104PN. Here's what I have and not sure what to put on Line 31. Line 12 Col A=87210, Line 13 43605, Line 18 $1517 line 19 =0, Line 30 col A = 25517.(24k pension & 1517 state refund received b4 move) I am not sure that line 31 should only be 24K. Can some check me out?