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  1. I want to switch gears a moment. TP file 2016 with refund being carried over to 2017. Service has not processed 2016 as it was paper filed on time. Now service sends TP backup withhold letter for 2017. It took them 32 months to process 2015 to get the correct c/o to 2016. Do I prepare a file a 2017 showing the c/o from 2016 knowing that the service is not going to see that c/o until they process 2016. TP will get notice saying his payments are not correct. More letters to come. What to do? In meantime For above post I would not file an amended return.
  2. Help please from my SC friends. TP is a full year nonresident of SC. TP received a 1065 K-1. marked as final. The K-1 of ptrship address is SC. The only 2 entries on the K-1 is Box 9a long term capital gain 51K and 19A distributions of same number. On the SC1065K-1 the same number is in Line 9 Col D.(amounts Allocated to SC). ON my SC form (schedule NR) I am showing this number in Col. B line 7. My understanding from TP this was from a sale of real estate held by the ptrship. My question is can I make use of Line 34(44%reduction) or do I need more info? I have read over line 7 instructions and line 34 instructions and it appears that I can. Please help. many thanks

    NT - mom

    Went thru this a year ago. Still sometimes hard. I rest on memories(good or bad). I know she has no more pain. As for other GOD will take care of. Prayers be with you.
  4. For my SC friends. According to K-1 partnership has a SC address. It sold RE in SC. Passed the gain to Virginia resident. Does my VA resident owe SC tax on this gain. The only number on the k-1 is box 9a long term capital gain. on the SC 1065 K-1 it has the partner as a nonresident. Have not run into this b-4. Thanks for the help


    Any body know what was in the bill Mr. President signed yesterday?

    IRS EIN#

    no Just a farmer who hasn't used a id# in about 10 years as best I can tell.
  7. Any one know what accepted with message in CO means? I can't find it.

    IRS EIN#

    Found the problem. Code 101 indicated TP already had a number.

    IRS EIN#

    Anybody having a problem getting a FEIN#. I have tried twice in 3 days to get one. Thanks
  10. Thank you. She is only employee and tp has never had to pay before. Had no employees to this point.
  11. TAXMAN

    NT but Tax

    Yep and I now have all 3 big firms wanting to either buy or consolidate. I must be important.
  12. For my VA preparers Does a farmer who employ's his spouse at less than $3000.00 a qtr owe state unemployment. I cannot seem to find. Federal I found @20k per year owes no futa so would it be safe to say no futa no va unemployment. Thanks for the help.
  13. Because the AOC is a better credit some of my 529 earnings are being taxed on the Federal return. All money was spent on education. Question is: If I include the earnings on Federal can I subtract them out on Virginia. I believe I can. Thanks Guys.
  14. TAXMAN

    Refund holdup

    I have 2 out in limbo land. One IRS needs to address. The other IRS said they did not received W-2 from employer. Employer said all w-2's were electronically filed. Wonder what this is all about?
  15. Since it was not addressed in original bill as passed will it take another act of congress to say give it back? I too am waiting on what to do.
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