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    I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    I found the top of my desk today and the missing choc bar.

    NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    My son is learning baseball umpiring. I have been calling about 5 years. First scheduled game for me tonight and his first base calling tonight. Should be fun. At least I can toss you out if I don't like you.

    VENT - The Geniuses

    Yea, how come the beautician down the street is smarter than me and cuts hair for a living???

    Form 1065 Alphabet Soup guideline resource?

    How many of all those states list do you actually prepare non resident returns in. I new one cpa said if the gross was positive and more than $50.00 he would do the extra states. I guess to jack up his fees.

    Two SSA-1099s

    Yes I have seen this also. 2 different claim numbers due to one of the spouses being deceased.

    Taking More Time to Prep This Year?

    They become a more nightmare when buried in the 1099B form because most brokers do not know the true basis. Then when sold partials you have to check th k-1 info looking for what have for detailed info. Just my 2 cents worth.

    New Tax Law and 2018 Planning

    To Gail in VA. Have you noticed that when TP loses A on Fed for 2018 that the state tax goes up due to THE LOW STANDARD. Have you read anything that says VA may allow an either or for deductions. Else it may become a windfall for the state and a loser for our TP"s.
  8. Eric I just donated but forgot to put my log in info. Did you find it?


    efiling 2016

    In ATX you need to delete the EF form for Fed and state then recreate the form . In the submission number you should see the date of 2018 in it. This is how I fix this problem. Works every time.
  10. TAXMAN

    NT / Nothing Gonna Steal My Joy

    Thank you Thank you this really picked me today.
  11. TAXMAN

    IRS Babysitting Position

    Yep that's what I thought when I saw the heading. I am gonna apply. Now it takes both incomes to make ends meet. They never that coming.
  12. TAXMAN

    Scanner Gone Stupid N/T

    Hey I had a printer do the Jack thing. Thought the dang building was on fire. Its hard to believe how hot these things can sometimes get.
  13. TAXMAN

    Adjusted basis?

    And even some of those basis are not correct.
  14. TAXMAN

    california preparers

    BulldogTom. Very close to what happened. I will get dates and proceed only. Trying to make this as easy as I can but not easy when dealing with CA. Thanks for the response's.
  15. TAXMAN

    california preparers

    I have a TP that had earned income in Nevada. Earned income in CA as a nonresident and then moved to CA with more income. Can I file a oart year CA and include the Nonresident income or do I have to file both? A non resident CA and a PY CA? I cant seem to make heads or tails out of CA rules. Please help.