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    Any body know what was in the bill Mr. President signed yesterday?

    IRS EIN#

    no Just a farmer who hasn't used a id# in about 10 years as best I can tell.
  3. Any one know what accepted with message in CO means? I can't find it.

    IRS EIN#

    Found the problem. Code 101 indicated TP already had a number.

    IRS EIN#

    Anybody having a problem getting a FEIN#. I have tried twice in 3 days to get one. Thanks
  6. Thank you. She is only employee and tp has never had to pay before. Had no employees to this point.

    NT but Tax

    Yep and I now have all 3 big firms wanting to either buy or consolidate. I must be important.
  8. For my VA preparers Does a farmer who employ's his spouse at less than $3000.00 a qtr owe state unemployment. I cannot seem to find. Federal I found @20k per year owes no futa so would it be safe to say no futa no va unemployment. Thanks for the help.
  9. Because the AOC is a better credit some of my 529 earnings are being taxed on the Federal return. All money was spent on education. Question is: If I include the earnings on Federal can I subtract them out on Virginia. I believe I can. Thanks Guys.
  10. TAXMAN

    Refund holdup

    I have 2 out in limbo land. One IRS needs to address. The other IRS said they did not received W-2 from employer. Employer said all w-2's were electronically filed. Wonder what this is all about?
  11. Since it was not addressed in original bill as passed will it take another act of congress to say give it back? I too am waiting on what to do.
  12. TAXMAN

    529 PLAN

    My mind is not working as it should. I have a 1099Q gross dist $5100 in box 1. Earnings in Box 2 $2100. and box 3 basis $3000. 1098T box 1 says $4100. Nothing in box 5. So the way I figure it the earnings is tax free. Leaving 2000 for possible ed credits. or do I need to make some sort of allocation? If you can please help. Thanks
  13. Tend to agree but somewhere in this old mind something that says 5 months of school or college refers to full time. Is this something that needs further exploration?
  14. I know this but can't find it. Where in ATX does it put all these backups? I know it stores one every time you open and close a return.
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