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  1. I think the unemployed bill died. I could be wrong. Seen a lot with no wh on them.
  2. To my WV friends. Is it possible to get both of these credits. heptc says 4% of income. Do I include ss benefits in calculating this #?
  3. I still have the same problem. Occurs mostly after I have printed big return or several small returns. Both printers are loaded with memory. ATX should be able to fix this without us doing a whole lot of unneeded actions.
  4. TP and spouse mfj. TP is farmer with income and his own ins. Spouse is on obamma care and has to repay the credit. Can I use what she has to pay back as part of his se ins? form 1095 shows recipient's name as that of tp then shows spouse under that.
  5. Last I saw from VA is they are working on it. Conform or not? I too would like to know where we stand even though VA starts at FAGI.
  6. Has anybody heard when ATX will fix the problem? I have checked 5 of my returns all different %'s and is still wrong.
  7. ATX just fixed in an update to checker. Now if we can get the SS and charity deduction worksheet fixed.
  8. What is your opinion on dead people stimulus checks from 1st payment? Have some that went to estate then distributed to heirs then estate closed. Have some where spouse is still alive and already spent $.
  9. I have a similar setup but I only had 2019 and 2020 open. Close most everything else when working on returns.
  10. With all the current weather conditions and power outs, stay at home etc do you think maybe the farmers will get a break from the 3-1 file and pay?
  11. I have gotten this error about 5 times today. Program has encountered an error and needs to close. My co worker said he got it 3 times today. Any one have an idea what is going on?
  12. Do we have any more news on the 10k not taxable amount proposed?
  13. Have never been able to figure out why they make you go through rejection first in order to get the right year in. I have tried several ways to prevent this but nothing seems to work until the return gets rejected out.
  14. Rechecked one this am and still incorrect.
  15. I have about 30 overrides in the ef enrollments fees area when doing a check. I do not offer any of these products. How do I keep this from happening? Anyone know? I like the fact the other overrides are there.
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