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  1. TP (age 72) owes about 8K on an extension. Insists on sending check. Do you think Virginia will question as they want large amounts by direct debits?
  2. My grandkids didn't find all of the eggs and we don't know where all the wife put them. I guess I'll find some in about a month when they smell good and the smelly kitty hasn't found them by then.
  3. We buy all the components and build them here. That way if something goes bad we can replace very quickly. I too suggest ssd and as much memory as the motherboard will accept. In the case of memory more is better.
  4. That number is VA AGI. AS long as you are under this # no return required.
  5. What I have done in past is to overload one of the fed checks and give all va refund to one spouse. As long as they in agreement this works out quite well as va does not allow splitting of refunds.
  6. To all my Virginia friends can you help. TP retired on SS disability in 2014(age 52) receiving about 15k each year and reporting it each year on tax returns. Insurance co sends each and every year a w-2 with wages in box 1 and no other entry on w-2 except box 13 marked "third party sick pay". The $ amount has been the same every year. My question is can this sick pay be considered disability for the Virginia disability income subtraction?
  7. We have asked for it many times. Seems to fall on deff ears.
  8. Thanks I have found my error. inadvertently added 2 numbers together. The spread sheets gave me an idea where to look.
  9. Margaret thank you. I must have one of my sheets messed up. I don't think any of the lump sum should be taxable and only the current year should be dealt with.
  10. Anyone having a problem with Virginia acks. I have some out 24hrs now.
  11. Someone who has time can you check me on this. TP is single all years. agi per year is 2015=1917, 2016=4416, 2017=20 per IRS transcripts and tp's returns. TP was disabled all years. SS form BOX 5 is 77954. SS form box 3 2015=4382, 2016=26292,2017=26376 That would leave 20904 for 2018. 2018 tp only income from taxable pension payout of 39290. No prior ss received or reported. If you have time can you run the #'s. I am getting a number in the 20K range as being taxable. Thank you.
  12. TP age 77 sold rental property to son at FMV financing 90% to provide income to him and spouse next couple years. It seems pub 537 indicates I can't report on installment sale because it is depreciable property in the new owners hands. It was not set up that way to avoid tax just to provide future income. I think I do not have a choice in this one except to report in full. What do you think? Report as full sale or not? Thanks
  13. Some months ago I stumbled onto a message that someone stated how to clear out some of the backup ATX makes when it leaves a file. Anyone remember what or where this may be?
  14. Due to the School situation I would vote non-resident. Have done this in several states.
  15. TAXMAN


    Just for kicks and giggles how many you think you will put on extension? I think my May and June months could be as busy as this month has been. 5 calls today.
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