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  1. I started attaching the appropriate details from IRA statements showing the 60-day rollover period was met to the eFile because the IRS would always send out a CP2000 - and haven't had one since so they are definitely receiving the attachments and saves the headache from coming back later.
  2. I had the same issue - sounds like ATX is working on solution that will be ready later today
  3. They final regs updated what they meant by "reputation of the owner" - it only applies to those who are using their name and likeness to earn income like endorsements and advertising. Everyone was worried with the vague proposed regs since reputation of the owner would have applied to most everyone. But the final regs cleared things up considerably
  4. I did everything described above and nothing flows from the K-1 input to the 199a worksheet
  5. I've got an S-Corp K-1 info on a personal return and nothing flows thru to the QBI worksheet no matter what I check in the Activities tab. I tried deleting and re-opening the 199a worksheet and still nothing is linked.
  6. LouD

    1099 printing

    you have to go to the "Detail" tab worksheet and at the far right is the column to enter "X" for whichever 1099 you want to print. Definitely a few extra steps than in the past which is a pain but I was worried they got rid of the functionality so sign of relief there's something in place for all the replacements we end up producing in February and March
  7. any IL tax experts out there - existing client moved to IL in 2016 so first year preparing the resident return. Every year, client's W2 has 15 states where he worked with the wages broken out between the states so now I'm trying to figure out how to claim the credits for the taxes paid to those other states. Looking at IL 1040CR instructions, it states that I shouldn't include wages paid to other states if they are also shows as IL wages - and that's the case with this client but if I don't include the wages, then he won't get credit for the taxes paid to the other states? Am I missing something of where to enter things? the only way ATX calculates the credit is if there are wages in Column B for the other states which populates the decimal ratio and the related tax credit - I would hate to think client isn't entitled to the tax credits for other state payments? Thanks for any help and guidance!
  8. I did quick check last night on a client that I had done some work on my own spreadsheet and seems to check out from itemized deduction changes and income tax rate changes. The only area I haven't verified was AMT which seemed higher than expected given the new higher limits and exemptions
  9. just need to be wary of clients that are in or close to the AMT threshold - then there would be no benefit to parting with the cash at all
  10. looks like we are back online with these depreciation returns - just opened a couple of them and no more error messages. Very frustrating - their blog that gave us the details of the maintenance work was completely silent that we would have any type of issue working on a return - will have some disappointed clients tomorrow that are expecting me to be done with their returns...
  11. I am having the exact same issue - program opens just fine but any return (business or personal) with depreciation forms gives the "unexpected error" warning and asks to close down the program - extremely frustrating.....
  12. CA is one of the exceptions for claiming the credit for taxes in other states - so you have to take the credit for any AZ taxes paid on the CA return.
  13. I am two weeks out as well doing it full-time - most of my clients are used to that turn around time each year
  14. It wasn't an IRA but was husband's pension payments - which should have stopped upon his death in Nov 2013, but there must have been some additional payments that were due that fell into 2014.
  15. Husband died Nov 2013 but here in 2014 we receive 1099-R in his name and SS# of $1,650 with small IRS & state withholdings. I'm not sure why it was issued in his name with a 2013 DOD, but need help in avoiding matching issues with IRS. Would like to report the 1099-R on the wife's return (since she obviously received the income), but not sure how best to reflect since it's husband's SS# - just attach a statement to the return? Thanks for any help!
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