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  1. Hi everyone, I do not do corporate taxes, just individual ones, I have another accountant prepare my corporate taxes and I filed by 7/15/20 as it was my understanding that the deadline of 7/15/20 applied for corporate ones as well, but I just received a pretty hefty penalty charge, I cannot get a hold of the accountant who filed so I am coming here for guidance from this community, is there anything I can do to avoid paying this please. Thank you in advance!
  2. I understand that per the IRS, the student who is under 24 years old cannot claim the American Opportunity credit. Just had someone come to me who is 21 years old files single, not claimed by her parents as she's on her own and brought her previous taxes with her all done at H&R Block and they claimed the AOTC. Can someone please help me understand if I am wrong?
  3. Do they need to file a US return even though they do not have any US income?
  4. How I wish I could just say that, not my problem and get over it haha.
  5. I am wondering how everyone is handling stimulus questions, have a very upset client calling saying that she received her stimulus but did not receive her 18 year old, she has called me three times already. She does not believe me and has talked to half the town and she is being told by what she says everyone that she knows she is being told that they received the $500 for their dependents who are older than her daughter so she does not understand. I said if they have not filed 2019, they base the stimulus on 2018 returns and if their children were 16 in those returns than yes they can get it and it is their good luck. She wants to me look into it deeper and claim her money somehow, is there such a thing?
  6. Was the deadline of the corporate tax returns also delayed to July 15th?
  7. I have some possible clients from Spain who got here 7/24/19, can they file a 1040 for 2019? Or would they have to file 1040NR?
  8. Clients are residents of USA, but have a house in Spain where they are originally from, they have filed form 8938 last year, do they have to continue filing. I would like to get familiar with this form but I have never had to use it. Thank you!
  9. Wife has student loan dept, last year the IRS kept all of their refund, this year they do not want the same to happen. What's the best option for the husband? To claim MFJ and and file form 8379 or can they file MFS, will they touch his refund since I will have to include wife's name and SSN. Your help is appreciated!
  10. Just had a second client call me to say that they checked on IRS.GOV website to check status of refund and it is being mailed when in the system it clearly states to deposit directly in the bank account. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. Client renewed ITIN 2 years ago due to not using it for the last 3 years, now his number is expired again due to the middle digits being one of the expiring numbers, he still has to renew correct?
  12. Boyfriend and girlfriend live together, she is claiming child for max refund but claiming single, can BF claim HOH status without child being his dependent? Thank you.
  13. Client's children have ITIN numbers and with the new laws they can no longer get the child tax credit, they want to know that if they apply for a social security number this year, will they be able to use it for the 2018 tax year and claim the full child tax credit?
  14. All of the returns I have prepared this morning have been rejected, under Third Party Designee, I hit Yes and my info is there already but I also check the box "use paid preparer" and this is the rejection I am getting: I am confused as to how to enter? Any suggestions? F1040-438 If Form 1040, 'ThirdPartyDesigneeInd' has a choice of "Yes" indicated, then 'ThirdPartyDesigneeInd' in the Return Header must not be checked. /efile:Return/efile:ReturnData/efile:IRS1040/efile:ThirdPartyDesigneeInd
  15. There is no date on ATX, IL website says today they would start processing tax returns but not sure how if the forms aren't out!
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