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  1. Client received 2 1099-A's for timeshares he had, do I enter the Balance/Fair Market Value (same amounts) as income on other income?
  2. I have not had a single ITIN taxpayer client receive it either...
  3. I am constantly looking for updates on this. I do not think they are but the news is saying yes and clients are going desperate.
  4. Taxpayer asked me if he can put in an amount into this Roth IRA now (2021) and I take a deduction on 2020 taxes? He says he's done it for years, it reduces his income now. W2 says nothing!
  5. Ok looks like I have to do some reading tonight. Thanks much!
  6. Basis $469,183 Cost: $505,785 Wash sale loss disallowed: $48,268 Net gain: $11,673 do these numbers make sense
  7. Client brought in his Robinhood securities, do I only enter 1099DIV info which includes the ordinary dividends? Do I need to enter summary of proceeds, gains and losses?
  8. Thank you for this question as I have this question and so glad it was asked already. I want to get clarity though, the taxpayer can get 26% of total cost correct, how do I carry forward the credits if not all used?
  9. We called ATX as we have a few clients who want to file without waiting and they said UP TO 2 WEEKS to update.
  10. I am not sure about this so coming here for guidance. I have a 19 year old who made 12K, he has a dependent of herself who is a few months old. She says she's independent and she provides more than 50% of her own support. Can she claim the AOTC?
  11. Parents have the health insurance marketplace, they are listed as insured as well as their college daughter. Last year the daughter's refund was delayed because she received a letter from the IRS stating that she needs to claim form 8962 from the 1095A, so we filled out the form 8962 for daughter, she got her money. This year I am not sure what I should do now, should I include form 8962 on daughter? I have never "allocated" and not sure how to go about it...
  12. She pays for her and his household expenses but he went to school half time, he wants to file himself and claim stimulus as he went to school PT.
  13. Hi All, there's a family of 4, husband and wife and 2 college students kids who have the insurance. Last year both college kids were claimed by their parents and they also filed their returns. I input 1095-C market place health insurance info only on the parents and both kids received a letter from the IRS stating that they needed to include the information from form 1095-C as well. Does this sound correct? This year upon entering the information, they owe a crazy amount of money as repayment if I include the info on the kids return, I am not sure what to do.
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