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  1. Business clients of mine and now coming to me to handle personal returns. Other accountant left town. Father dies in 2017, not many assets, 3 sons - filed final return, every thing disbursed no estate return filed. Later find out there are Series HH/H bonds, Son #1 finally get them released and redeemed as the fathers personal rep. Received 1099 this year in father's SS#. for 85K of accrued interest - they just want to split between the 3 of them. Wondering how to report on the Sch B and if this is possible or do we / can we need to reopen years? Or can Son #1 nominee the interest to son #2 and son #3. Not sure we even have access to old returns, sons just want to split the interest 3 ways - pay the tax - call it a day I have researched the threads in this forum as well as others but don't have a clear answer. Any one dealt with this before? Thank you in advance.
  2. yes - sorry pension plan - I figured it out - needed more info. Thanks.
  3. I have a lawyer (over 50) made a large amount of money. Per the k1, he made contributions to the firms 401k of 60K. 54K and 6K catch up - while working on the worksheet for Line 28 - why can I not get the software to accept the catch up contributions. Those should be deductible as well correct, not just the 54K?? Thanks as always...the board is a life saver.
  4. after the 4th call today and rehanging several efiles both on my side and atx's side. doing the same thing over and over again - i just clicked receive acks - and it started to rain ACKS!!! I feel so much better and basically they had no explanation what was fixed or why it just started working....thanks for the input.
  5. Yep, that actually was the first thing I did, nothing....What worries me is it seems to still be an issue even for returns that I filed today..
  6. Hello all, need some step by step help here because tech support has not been helpful. I can read off the website and thats all they do when I call with this problem. I have researched the forums and tried multiple ways. The status is not updating in my ATX software - have a bunch of returns in the "transmitted to efc" status - I have received the ack but it is not updating the individual files so show accepted. I tried rehanging the files via the atx website because it shows accepted but I would like my software to match. They say the resolution is to - duplicate the return - open the duplicated copy - discard the EF info sheet then add it back in - enter the required fields.... Then go to the efile manager and click receive acks. I do this and nothing happens - am I suppose to recreate the file or what other steps am I missing....am I trying to change the submission ID? I dont get what I am trying to trick the software in thinking? Then do I need to rehang these files again to get them to update? I am losing my mind because its these little things that bother me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the comments, agreed, I have red flags going up everywhere as well. My first thought as well was it should be issued as a K1...In the latest development the company said they had "flexibility to report the income on a 1099 of his choice" My answer was say have a nice day and walk away...
  8. Looking for some help here. I have a client who is looking at a syndicated real estate investment and is being told the following - just trying to make sense of it. It is somewhat new to me. Investment $50K / Minimum ROI over 2 years is 25% / Hopeful return of $12,500 They would report the income and return on investment on a 1099-Misc Box 3 - stating that it would only be taxed at 15%. Resulting in a tax liability of $1875. How is this being treated as capital gains and not ordinary income (35% tax bracket)? Then how would this be reported in ATX because everything I run has it getting hit at his normal rate not a capital gain rate. I have read so much tonight on the subject I think I am confusing myself. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  9. I am starting to have this error more and more in the last 48 hours. Seems to be a theme of if I leave my software open for an extended period and my machine goes to sleep, then when I jump back on the software - open a return - get the error message.
  10. Thanks for the comments, I believe I am going to file 14039, give them a shout and at least make them aware of the situation. I will keep you posted if anything else develops.
  11. Thanks for the input - I was thinking about filing the 14039 as an option. Thing that might be the best option. He has already put a hold on his accounts. Good there. Thanks. I also did think about going the extension route as well to check but was concerned on the time between extension and when we file the actual return as a possible window to be taken advantage of. That is why I was heading down the road of submitting a blank return and then going the amendment route.
  12. Good morning everyone - wondering if anyone has dealt with this before. I have a local doctor who received his 1099 with a stamp on it stating "received open" from the postal service. Of course the person that prepped the 1099 included his entire SS number did not "xxx" his number. His office has a long history of other docs / employees being hit with fake tax returns being filed under other SS#. However he has always skated by and not been hit but is VERY concerned this year. Are there any proactive steps that I could take so the IRS could flag his account? Any thoughts to filing a blank return and then amending the return when I have all the docs because we usually don't file till April? The IRS just is usually reactive and won't do anything until the theft has taken place. Any advice would help. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the input. It looks like he takes the income on 2 of the 3 after speaking with him. The other 2 were separate gigs - flu shots for an offsite job. #2 was in fact something that his office did in fact include in his w2 earnings, so I am just going to back that one out. Thank you for the comments and answers!
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