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  1. Jack from Ohio

    Power of Attorney

  2. Jack from Ohio

    Expense or capitalize

    Since it cannot be available to rent, all the expenses are his personal expenses, and not deductible at all.
  3. Alimony is only gone for divorces finalized after Dec. 30, 2017. Any alimony in place before that, remains deductible by the payee, and taxable to the recipient.
  4. Jack from Ohio

    N/T - The 8867 from 2025

    METHINKS Max W is correct.
  5. Jack from Ohio

    NT-Computer is messed up

    I carry, on a lanyard around my neck, a 128GB flash drive, that contains an Excel spreadsheet, with all the accounts I have to log in, user names, and passwords. Currently over 300. The Excel file is password protected, as well as the flash drive. I only HAVE to remember 2 passwords. It is impossible for any person to remember all the different usernames and passwords needed, to do a business like ours. I also have, encrypted backup files for all my tax programs, and other important documents, on the flash drive as well. If I leave the house, it goes around my neck. I have a complete backup of all data files on a separate external drive at home as well.
  6. Jack from Ohio

    CPE recommendation?

    You cannot network with other professionals, from other locations, if you do online seminars. Nothing gives me more practical and usable information than one one one dialogue with professionals from other states, counties and cities. No matter how much you brag up the "benefits" of webinars, none are equal to the one on one networking you can get, (unless you act like a hermit) from attending a live seminar, or forum. It is the reason I make the time, and budget the money. It is a cost of having a professional, & informed business.
  7. Jack from Ohio

    CPE recommendation?

    I prefer to go to live seminars and workshops, such that CPE credits are a result of my learning and networking. I am opposed to "Buying" CPE credits. CPE credits are meant to show that we have been studying, and learning at the hands of qualified teachers. NOT to show who bought them the cheapest. Those that get live schooling, and then associated CPE, are easy to spot in a group.
  8. Jack from Ohio

    2015 e-file?

    That is exactly correct.
  9. Jack from Ohio

    windows 10 and ATX legacy Compatibilty

    I am going to put a WIN10 workstation in our network, so I can learn all of its idiosyncrasies. Which version of WIN10 should I get, in your opinion?
  10. Jack from Ohio

    windows 10 and ATX legacy Compatibilty

  11. Jack from Ohio

    windows 10 and ATX legacy Compatibilty

    The XP machine I originally had, for many years, had a serious heart attack of the motherboard. Imagine the struggle for me to find another XP machine with the associated drivers for the motherboard, and legitimate install codes. I finally got the system to access the internet, so I could put it on the network. It was touch and go for a while.....
  12. Jack from Ohio

    windows 10 and ATX legacy Compatibilty

    I have a machine with Windows XP in my network. I have years 2002 - 2005 on it. Those years are not compatible with WIN 7. Believe it or not, we have used it 3 times this tax season. People are getting notices for not filing for many years, and the IRS asked for the old returns to be filed. When Win10 is forced upon us, I will also keep a WIN7 machine in the network for just the same reason. Those years from 2006 and forward that are not WIN10 compatible, will stay on that machine. This process is easier than trying to get old programs to work with the new OS.
  13. Jack from Ohio

    Open letter to Microsoft about Windows 10 update problems

    And people said I was crazy for not using WIN 10....
  14. No one will believe the process and programs I use for anti-virus. if you wish to know, send me a PM and I will share.