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  1. Get a more knowledgeable I.T. person, to clean out the boot area. It is fixable. Easiest way is to get a new WIN10 computer.
  2. Ignoring all the hype, and doing business as usual. No different than any other flu season. Common sense rules our actions. Not media hype.
  3. At least right now. Too volatile for a partnership. In my observed opinion.
  4. Remove 1040 efile form. Then close client and add the forms back, create e-file.
  5. Most Ohio returns have 4 returns. Fed, State, School District, and if applicable, city tax.
  6. Direct from the IRS: "Most taxpayers will receive their refunds in 21 days or less. There is no guarantee concerning how long refunds will take." Some refunds will not be sent out, until mid March.
  7. Go to MyATX website. choose e-file status click on rejection information. In the lower left corner of the box that comes up, will be the SS# related to the error.
  8. There is no getting around the early distribution penalty.
  9. IRS does not allow that information to roll over. Entering it every year, is SOOOO difficult, and is a method of verifying identity.
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