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  1. Jack from Ohio

    Income Tax Software Reviews

    Delete him. SPAM
  2. Jack from Ohio

    ATX 2018

  3. Jack from Ohio

    ATX main computer and laptop

    AGREE!!! Your clients will appreciate the special treatment.
  4. Jack from Ohio

    ATX main computer and laptop

    If you have ATX networked on your laptop, you cannot use it as a stand alone. The program will only install one way, or the other. (Standalone or networked) If you setup your laptop as a standalone, you will not be able to roll over, or have any access to the 2016 information. Then you will have to export from the laptop, and import it into your main computer in your office for printing etc. Not nearly as simple as the install video makes it seem.
  5. Jack from Ohio

    1099 software

    From the ATX download site.... IMPORTANT: ATX Tax and Payroll Compliance Reporting are separate products, and they should be installed separately. Do NOT download and install the tax program(s) on this page if you have already installed them from a different source like a DVD. Instead, use the 'Program' update icon on the toolbar in Return Manager to obtain the latest updates.
  6. Jack from Ohio

    1099 software

    I will give you 3 to 1 odds.....
  7. Jack from Ohio

    Annual e-file shutdown begins 11/17

    Can you give us a link?
  8. Jack from Ohio

    Some Clients can't be helped - I feel bad

    21 years now, and I have yet to have a single client make the life, financial, changes needed to solve their problems. Nor have I had even one, follow my suggestions in this area, or estimated payments. I stopped having compassion. File the returns, collect their payment for my services (which increases 10% each year). Nod and smile as they lament about their financial woes. File their information. Wait for the call that they are filing bankruptcy. Charge extremely well for my assistance with that. Sleep well at night. You can't fix stupid, or the unwilling.
  9. Jack from Ohio

    Well, it's official

    I saw a fully functional backhoe.....
  10. Jack from Ohio

    any math wizards out there - I have a PV problem

    Is this paying off a debt? If yes, what is the beginning balance. What is the starting date? I can build you an interactive Excel spreadsheet that will calculate the numbers you need. I am not sure of your question about what it is worth?
  11. Should I be afraid? How many blocks till you are totally blocked out?
  12. Jack from Ohio

    Package delivery

    I GOT A SUSPICIOUS LOOKING PACKAGE!! It said NOZAWA on it. Wife told me to turn it over. All good.
  13. Jack from Ohio

    TCJA, corporations, and partnerships

    Another important thing.... Will they provide you a stool to stand on, so everyone will be able to see you?
  14. Jack from Ohio

    California Part Year Resident Question

    This looks like a question for Bulldog Bob. He is one of our resident CA experts.
  15. Jack from Ohio

    TCJA, corporations, and partnerships

    QBI, No doubts. Spend your whole time on QBI, and all the caveats and limitations. If you do that, the crowd will thing you are the best teacher on earth. (Of course, some of us already know that....)