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  1. Jack from Ohio

    Horrible Customer Service

    They won't hire me. My mindset is not like theirs. I have attempted to get hired, to help design the software, and teach "Customer Service" employees how to be "Customer Service" employees.
  2. Jack from Ohio

    Horrible Customer Service

    Yes. It would have been part of a Windows update.
  3. Jack from Ohio

    Horrible Customer Service

    Check your Windows update. 2018 requires netframework 7.4.2. It would have been included in a Windows update. Without the updates, you would have 7.4.1. I had exactly your problem. Updated the netframework, and BINGO! works just fine. Trust me on this one.
  4. Jack from Ohio


    I agree with you 100% I want my voucher to get free meals and food, as well as a promise of backpay, if I should get furloughed. My question: What did they do with all the extra money they have earned for all the years they have been government employees. Smart people have 6 months living expenses in a rainy day fund. If they don't, too bad, so sad.
  5. Jack from Ohio

    1099 online filing

    I e-file 1099 forms, through my tax program, in the same manner as I e-file tax returns. It just takes longer to get acks than returns.
  6. Jack from Ohio

    QBI from Sch E

    I prefer FUBAR....
  7. Jack from Ohio

    1099 printing

    Print to a .pdf file, then you have complete control over what you print on your printer. Overthinking the problem too much.
  8. Jack from Ohio

    IRS Confirms Tax Filing Season to Begin January 28

    I have not heard of the IRS policing this at all.
  9. Jack from Ohio

    Payroll 2018 on a Remote Desktop Server

    Judy should pop in here any minute now...
  10. Jack from Ohio

    Cleaning Scanner

    If the streaks go all the way down the page, the contamination is stationary (on the glass), since it does not move. If it were on the rollers, it would not be straight and would not go all the way down the page. the contamination can be clear to your eye, but show black to the scan. Look very closely, and clean very thoroughly & carefully. It only takes a tiny bit, to cause a streak.
  11. Jack from Ohio

    Will IRS process OIC paperwork during the shutdown?

    I agree with Possi. Unfortunately, your client's paper work will be put in/on/under a big stack. Good luck as to the time it will be processed.
  12. Jack from Ohio

    Printing 2018 Tax Returns

    I make a .pdf file of every return, for my archiving. I print from the .pdf file, and duplexing becomes very simple.
  13. Jack from Ohio

    Cleaning Scanner

    Find the other scan window. Since it will scan 2 sides, there are two glass covers to clean. It may not be easy to get to, but that will take care of the streaks. Be diligent about the stick-em_pucky that so many places use. When you see it, immediately remove it from the papers. I HATE STICK-EM-PUCKY!
  14. Jack from Ohio

    What address to use?

    I agree with SaraEA, Don't want to confuse the IRS.
  15. Jack from Ohio

    What To Do?

    "Run Forest Run" He will always be the PIA clients he currently is.