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  1. Jack from Ohio

    ATX Server Requirements

  2. Jack from Ohio

    Is this possible

  3. Jack from Ohio

    Summer Gathering

    Does the venue have quality Wifi? I will be toting my laptop and we can facetime or Facebook video chat, or several other ways to let people be there that can't be in person. Think "Big Bang Theory". Maybe even possibly stream some of it live... It is just the life-long geek coming out in me....
  4. Jack from Ohio

    Forum upgrade inbound!

    There are NO SNOWFLAKES on this discussion board!!
  5. Jack from Ohio

    1041?? for decedents estate

  6. Jack from Ohio

    This is a new one for me

    My advice is still the same.
  7. Jack from Ohio

    This is a new one for me

    This does not sound like your problem to correct. DON'T get in the middle of this. Send her to the "professional" that did the return. RUN AWAY. There is more here than she is telling you. RUN FAST!!
  8. The more often you submit, the more difficult the problem becomes. I just received 30 Ohio Acks from returns filed yesterday. No issues. I mark the e-file preference to hold the state until the Federal is accepted. Then it changes them from held to created. I then file the states. Not a single issue so far, and the state acks keep flowing in. Both from yesterday and today.
  9. I e-filed 20, this morning, with no rejects. In fact, I have received no state acks since yesterday morning.
  10. Jack from Ohio


    Blaming the software WILL NOT STAND during audit.
  11. Jack from Ohio

    I'm as done as I'm going to be!

    At least you thought you were! This will bring the the ultra-procrastinators crawling out of the woodwork... Earlier this afternoon, NAEA alerted members to technical difficulties with IRS' electronic filing and online payment systems. NAEA confirmed with IRS earlier this evening that these systems are fixed and are operational again. According to the Service: Individuals and businesses with a filing or payment due date of April 17 will now have until midnight on Wednesday, April 18. Taxpayers do not need to do anything to receive this extra time. More details are available in IRS' news release, IR-2018-100. Should new information become available, NAEA will update the full membership.
  12. 2017 tax season has 2 last days.
  13. Jack from Ohio

    Contribution to IRA- decuctibility

    ATX does have that worksheet, and is is accurate.
  14. Jack from Ohio

    I'm new and here to say thank you

    Can't keep me sane, I have never been there....
  15. Jack from Ohio

    Reimbursement of Medical Travel

    Schedule C-EZ and net it out with misc expenses.