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  1. I will never understand folks that have a computer, and do not have a printer. That would be like buying a car with no tires. Second greatest pet peeve, is the client that "...I have a printer, but have not had any ink for it for several weeks." We will never be a paperless society, especially in the tax and accounting fields. RANT OVER
  2. I agree with Pacun. It is the same process we use here.
  3. I am in!! I don't have facilities to host, but I will be at the party!!
  4. Everyone can breathe now. ACKS are coming through.
  5. I just change the date in the 1040 efile screen. Sent 600+ already, and over 2,000 last year using the same method.
  6. I need to put MAX 2013 on my new desktop (WIN 10) Domain server, (2011 server software) 12 workstations, all WIN 10. I cannot find the install file. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I know that the filing date and payment date for clients that live in Texas, is June 15, 2021. Client in Texas requested an extension on June 2, 2021. I processed the extension on June 2, 2021, and it was rejected. Here is the rejection. Federal Extension "Form 4868can only be filed after the 'TaxPeriodEndDate' in the IRS Submission Manifest and on or before the due date to which the extension applies, unless Line 8 checkbox or Line 9 checkbox is checked." Does the Texas due date extension, allow Form 4868 to be filed up until June 15, 2021? I have searched far and wide. There are many sources talking about what is allowed to be filed, but not a word about filing an extension. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. If you need any assistance with OHIO return, send me a PM, and I will assist you. I work part time at a firm, and we will do1,800-2,000 OHIO returns every year. I can help you.
  9. We do not attempt to e-file RITA. Too many bad experiences. We use the generic Ohio for 95% of our municipal returns. If you need assistance, we are quite familiar with ATX and muni returns. Send me a PM, I will be glad to assist you.
  10. And you do not have State, School, or municipal tax returns. If I only dealt with 1040, I could triple my return count.
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