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  1. Perfect! They also make good stress relivers, when me and my 9mm need relief. Nice targets at 15', and you should see them spin as they take flight....
  2. Giving a used computer to Goodwill, is the same as giving them a can of trash. It will have no value to anyone, and will cost Goodwill to have it disposed of. Remove the HD, take a ball peen hammer to it thoroughly, then dispose of it. and the rest of the computer at an electronics recycling center.
  3. Go to your MYATX page. You can download the install program from there.
  4. Paper File the return. Nothing else you say, or do, will change the situation. There is more going on, than you are being told.
  5. Send a check with the amended return. This is being WAY overthought.
  6. In 20 years of practice, I have NOT been successful at getting clients to change the withholding at their employer.
  7. Since you co-signed the original loan, you are equally responsible for the amount on the 1099-C. There is no way to avoid it. Pay it and sue your ex for her share, in small claims court. First hand experience here, so I know my advice is sage.
  8. This discussion board is NOT connected to ATX whatsoever. We are just a group that started, because we all use/used ATX software, and help each other out with tax issues. You will need to contact ATX directly. Good Luck.
  9. Only if you want to spend hours answering all the questions that will arise. Most of which, you will not have answers for. Simple answer: NO.
  10. Unless you are credentialed, Form 2848 is useless.
  11. Are you using ATX? The worksheet is just a jump from page 2 of 1040.
  12. No problems at all, since the server came back on line. I have transmitted and received acknowledgements for over 40 returns since then.
  13. The check bouncing is a matter between the client and his/her bank. You have no part in this. You should have related this to your client right away. Now the client has you wrapped up in the middle of HIS/HER problem. Tell them so, and back away... You are NOT responsible for their checking account and/or balances. PERIOD.
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