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  1. If you need any assistance with OHIO return, send me a PM, and I will assist you. I work part time at a firm, and we will do1,800-2,000 OHIO returns every year. I can help you.
  2. We do not attempt to e-file RITA. Too many bad experiences. We use the generic Ohio for 95% of our municipal returns. If you need assistance, we are quite familiar with ATX and muni returns. Send me a PM, I will be glad to assist you.
  3. And you do not have State, School, or municipal tax returns. If I only dealt with 1040, I could triple my return count.
  4. Question: Can a spouse, with no income, claim injured spouse? He is paying on long overdue student loans. 2019, both had income, so she claimed injured spouse, we prorated everything accordingly, and everything was fine. Here are facts for 2020: Couple filing joint. She has no income in 2020. AGI-$27K. 2 children, 8 & 11. Tax paid in of $981. EIC of $5477. ACTC of $2800. Total refund of $9,258. I have only slightly researched, and my gut says no. I am up to my eyeballs in late and returns that I am still working to complete. I am hoping some of you can verify my
  5. ATX truncates the names automatically.
  6. "The IRS strongly urges taxpayers not to file amended returns related to the new legislative provisions or take other unnecessary steps at this time. The IRS will provide taxpayers with additional guidance on those provisions that could affect their 2020 tax return, including the retroactive provision that makes the first $10,200 of 2020 unemployment benefits nontaxable. For those who haven't filed yet, the IRS will provide a worksheet for paper filers and work with software industry to update current tax software so that taxpayers can determine how to report their unemployment income on
  7. My experience, since attaching pdf file was make available, has been just like Yardley CPA. I ignore the size warning, and go forward.
  8. Just reboot your computer every 3-4 hours. ATX programmers ARE lazy.
  9. We master formed the EIN for Social Security.
  10. Time for a new printer. Simple as that.
  11. All unemployment taxable. Just look at the 1099-G.
  12. Tax Support - Online & Tax Software Product ... - H&R Block Customer Support Customer Support. Contact our support team at 888-482-9288 ...
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