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  1. I have heard IL started mailing these notices this year, but have not had a client report receiving one, yet. Some of the triggers mentioned were not taking the homeowners exemption or instances where the property is held in trust, or where a home was purchased/sold during the year.
  2. Use a 2nd W2 input sheet for the additional codes. Move $1 from box 1 wages on the 1st input sheet to box 1 on the 2nd w2 input sheet or ATX will not transmit it.
  3. I think Abby is referring to right-clicking on an input cell and choosing the menu item Insert/Edit note.
  4. To e-file a 1041 is the fiduciary SSN required on the Auth Info tab? I have a trustee that doesn't want to provide it so I'm afraid I'll be stuck paper filing. Thanks, Ken
  5. KenO

    8960 Error

    You can make the error go away by overriding 19B. The problem has been noted on the ATX Community Board and reported to development. https://community.atxinc.com/forums/thread/270632.aspx
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