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  1. I simply decreased the UC credit on Sch 1 to get to a zero (non-negative) income.....then sucessfully e-filed
  2. Dependent client's only income in 2020 was 2,646 UC....$252 Fed tax withheld. E-file rejects (F1040-071-05). Does it need to be paper filed?
  3. disregard...I found it at the bottom of the 1099-R Input screen
  4. has anybody figured out how to enter this in ATX? I am having the same issue
  5. What do you mean by "added as attachment"? On the worksheet for Line 8 (Other income), I was going to include the amount with description of "1099-C Cancelled Debt" then also as a negative amount with description (Form 982 Debt forgiveness exclusion"...Then also include the Form 982.
  6. Client had $24,000 primary residence mortgage debt cancelled in 2020 (1099-C). I know I use Form 982, but for IRS matchng purposes, do I also need to add the cancelled debt as misc income on the 1040 as a positive then as a negative to zero out....or only on the 982?
  7. Thanks. The annoyance is needing two returns for each RITA client. Since the existence of the form/error prohibits efiling, I'm forced to have one return with RITA-37 (for printing/history) and another without RITA-37 for e-filing.
  8. OH RITA-37 is generating the following error: E-file exclusion: All Section A entries must be made on form W-2. All info incomw/withholding info is on W-2, but does not flow to RITA-37 unless also in Section A. I seem to recall this same error last year and the only way I could e-file the returns that included RITA-37 was to duplicate the return, delete the RITA-37 and e-file that new return. Do any of my fellow Ohio preparers know of a fix? I lived with it last year assuming is what some ATX method of getting people to purchase they city/local package. If so, I'll live with it again...but want to make sure I am not doing sometginf wrong.
  9. OMG...if it was a snake it would have bit me...looked at that screen for hours and did not notice that!
  10. client withdrew $105,000 from one IRA then (10 days later) made a rollove contribution of te same amount to a different IRA. The 5498 shows the rollover contribution, but since 1099-R has code of "7", the software includes it as taxable. How do I enter the rollover in ATX?
  11. Can anybody advise how to enter this in the 2019 software?
  12. Every 2nd or 3rd return I print stops printing after the Filing copy with an error. I then need to close the program and reopen..then it prints fine for a few more return, then problem repeats....like some kind of memory overload....irritating as it really hampers productivity...anyone else experiencing this?
  13. yup...as of 5:29pm, nothing is going through
  14. client's father dies in 2016 and client and 9 other family-members equally inherit farmland valued at 200,000 (per appraisal). siblings rent the farmland for rental income in 2016 and 2017 via a farm LLC...final 2017 LLC return filed (by another preparer). January 2018, siblings sell farmland for $880,000 and split proceeds 10 ways (my client's portion per 1099-S is $88,000)....so I am assuming this would be a gain for my client of $68,000 (88,000 less 20,000). but would this be business gain/loss since farm was rented in 2016 and 2017 or would it be non-business since farm was NOT rented in 2018?
  15. all side and rear windows were covered in plastic and duct tape...I could not see in and I doubt they could see out....
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