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  1. Janitor Bob

    Secure portal?

    I want to start a secure portal so I can exchange documents with clients. suggestions? Which one integrates best with ATX?
  2. Janitor Bob

    help with basis

    There were a few improvements prior to 2001 and I have included those in mom's basis. I was able to pull detailed property value information from our county auditor...that was helpful as they track any improvements as a reason to increase value (and property taxes).
  3. Janitor Bob

    afraid to get EA

    I would like to schedule at least the first the exam so that I have some type of deadline pushing me to study. How many months of study time is reasonable before taking the first exam if I take the most unfamiliar one (business) first?
  4. Janitor Bob

    program pop-ups

    Not always, but on many occasions, when I close a return, I'm getting a brief pop-up "ad" in upper left corner asking me if I want to subscribe to Fee Collect. Am I the only one? Am I really seeing them or am I finally losing what's left of my mind?
  5. Janitor Bob

    help with basis

    Please follow my line of thinking and tell me if you agree: Mom & Dad by home in 1978 for cost of $32,300...basis =$16,150 each Dad dies in 2001....mom's portion of basis remains at $16,150, but other half steps up to half 2001 market value (61,940)...so mom's new basis is $47,120. Mom transfers ownership equally to her 3 kids...basis for each kid is 1/3 of mom's basis...$15,707 oldest brother buys out the two younger sibling in August 2017 for current Market value....$30,000 each....so the two younger siblings have taxable L/T gain of $14,293. Or...instead of retaining mom's basis in 2006 when property transferred to kids, do kids use 2006 market value ($72230) as the new basis?
  6. Janitor Bob

    afraid to get EA

    After 22 years in the tax business, I am considering getting my EA designation. I'm embarrassed to say I am scared. I have come up with countless excuses for not getting it previously. Cost, time required to study, etc..but it all comes down to fear. I have always had test anxiety (high school/college) and I'm scared I'll fail. How should I start the process...sign up for test date/time, then start studying? I'm sure I'll do fine on the individual portion...but I have very little experience doing non-personal returns
  7. Janitor Bob

    Client chooses penalty instead of free insurance

    So true!! I've lost two already this week because I would not use the Affordability exemption (since SRP did not support it). I also kinda understand their point....these particular clients were not actually offered a plan through the marketplace that was anywhere near what SRP uses in calculating affordability.
  8. Client's income was such that her required contribution was zero....Marketplace subsidy would have completely paid for her bronze plan. She chose not to get the insurance. Now paying $695 penalty. What the hell is wrong with people?
  9. Janitor Bob

    brother buys sibling share of home

    knowing these clients, though...and their habit of doing things without any expert advice or guidance, I doubt they established any type of estate and simply deeded the home to the three kids.
  10. Janitor Bob

    brother buys sibling share of home

    They did not reserve a life estate. Mom simply transferred property to the kids ...looks like back in 2006 after dad died (not 2015 as originally thought). Mom purchased home back in 1978 for $31,000...$1,000 improvement in 1980 so mom's (and siblings basis is $32,000.....$10,667 each....so assuming no step-up basis, gain for each of the two siblings of roughly $19,300. what about "presumed" estate since mom lived in home until her death for over 10 years after transfer?
  11. Janitor Bob

    brother buys sibling share of home

    In 2015 mom transfers title of home (valued at $90,000) equally to her 3 children. Mom continues to live in the home until her death in 2017. Later in 2017, one son buys out the other two siblings for $30,000 each (home still valued at $90,000). Am I correct in assuming no gain for either sibling that sold their ownership? Any tax reporting at all?
  12. Refresh my memory: Child lives with my client most of 2017, but she agrees to let child's father claim her as dependent for 2017. Since not claiming child for dependency exemption, but lived with client most of year, is child still qualifying child for EIC for my client or does that go ONLY to the person claiming the dependency exemption?
  13. Janitor Bob

    Go away...you bother me

    Exactly...my client has no kids... client's sister does not want to share...wonder why
  14. Janitor Bob

    Go away...you bother me

    Client chose NOT to get health insurance. Client had income of $24,300. Was offered $496/mo subsidy on Silver plan with a cost of $631/mo...leaving her contribution at $135/mo...less than the required contribution calculated by 8965. I inform client that she does NOT qualify for the affordability exemption and will be assessed the $695 penalty. She thinks I am wrong because: 1) She could not "afford" to pay $135/mo with all of her other bills 2) Her sister makes $27,000 and did her own taxes and qualified for the exemption. Client requests I file her return claiming affordability exemption anyway. I told her I would NOT do that because the 8965 calculations do not support it. Since the return is complete and I'm charging her regardless, she told me to file "as-is" with the penalty and then she'll take it to her sister to amend (claiming the exemption). In the end, her sister (who she now views as a tax genius) will amend her return...and IRS will probably not question it...and client will get her $695 refunded. I know her amendment will be wrong (and potentially fraudulent), but client (former) will assume I was wrong and spread that story via word-of-mouth. sometimes I hate people
  15. Janitor Bob

    How many times per day

    I think I've spent more time typing my user ID and password into the 2016 and 2017 program than I have actually doing taxes. OK..not really, but it sure feels like...I truly hate the password requirement. It is just me...working out of my home office...no clients in my office...no friends or family in my office.