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  1. OMG...if it was a snake it would have bit me...looked at that screen for hours and did not notice that!
  2. client withdrew $105,000 from one IRA then (10 days later) made a rollove contribution of te same amount to a different IRA. The 5498 shows the rollover contribution, but since 1099-R has code of "7", the software includes it as taxable. How do I enter the rollover in ATX?
  3. Can anybody advise how to enter this in the 2019 software?
  4. Every 2nd or 3rd return I print stops printing after the Filing copy with an error. I then need to close the program and reopen..then it prints fine for a few more return, then problem repeats....like some kind of memory overload....irritating as it really hampers productivity...anyone else experiencing this?
  5. yup...as of 5:29pm, nothing is going through
  6. client's father dies in 2016 and client and 9 other family-members equally inherit farmland valued at 200,000 (per appraisal). siblings rent the farmland for rental income in 2016 and 2017 via a farm LLC...final 2017 LLC return filed (by another preparer). January 2018, siblings sell farmland for $880,000 and split proceeds 10 ways (my client's portion per 1099-S is $88,000)....so I am assuming this would be a gain for my client of $68,000 (88,000 less 20,000). but would this be business gain/loss since farm was rented in 2016 and 2017 or would it be non-business since farm was NOT rented in 2
  7. all side and rear windows were covered in plastic and duct tape...I could not see in and I doubt they could see out....
  8. Client (mom and adult daughter) have appointment at 5:30pm. At 5:20, I look out window and see car parked outside. I assume it the mom or daughter waiting for the other....time goes by and I'm busy doing taxes until my 6pm appointment arrives. I let her in and she asks "do you know 2 people are just sitting in a car outside?". As I finish with 6pm client at 6:20, 5:30pm clients ANGRILY come to my door and yell at me because they's been sitting outside in their car for an hour. Why were you sitting in your car...your appointment was for 5:30pm? "Well we did not know if you were home!" "O
  9. I just looked at daughter's W-2 and she made $13,126...so she will certainly claim herself and AOC.
  10. client's 26-year old daughter moved from parent/client in OH to PA to attend college in 2017 and has not returned home since...full-time student in 2018 with a part-time job. received no support from parents. lived with boyfriend's parents all of 2018. Parent/clients were hoping to claim her on their return to get AOC, but I told them that either daughter should file on her own and claim herself and AOC or boyfriend's parents should claim her as dependent and claim AOC...as I suspect value of housing/utilities are more than 50% of daughter's total support. Am I correct in my thinking? Boyf
  11. I was printing to pdf just fine until the most recent program update. Now, when I try to print to pdf, the program just closes...printing to printer is just fine.
  12. Just be aware that more and more I have clients living in RITA municipalities and working in (and having tax withheld for) non RITA municipalities. Some RITA municipalities do not reciprocate...so client must pay RITA even though they already had local tax withheld for the work city. As much as I hate the RITA form, it is good at pointing out when this is the case.
  13. This occurs when you try to claim the Earned Income Credit (EIC) for a child on your return, but someone else has already claimed the EIC for that child on a different return.
  14. It went through last year just fine...and this is the only error...strictly EIC related...nothing on the 1040
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