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  1. Yes, if IRS was looking for Form 8962 on the daughter, she indicated that no one could claim her as a dependent. Kids. Sigh.
  2. Total loser here, but I missed a lot of hours caring for Mom, and when she moved to heaven, and I have a lot of new clients who've moved here. So, I'm really winning, just not dancing in the end zone yet. Actually, I was feeling pretty good this morning because I am only two weeks behind now, but I've spent half a day trying to figure out why Sage 941 report does not match Sage payroll register for 1st quarter for a big payroll I do. I know I'll figure it out eventually, but I hate bookkeeping chores during tax season. I'm really happy for the extended deadline. I think I will wind up doi
  3. Dear LORD, I am fried good and proper. Help me not hug my next client who says, “I dunno, you’re the accountant, hahaha,” and slaps his knee.
  4. The one I "lost" in this thread also told me that 10,000 of his unemployment is not taxable. You don't say. I should have told him Lefty Loophole down the road would make it 10,200 if you wanna try them. Would have saved me some time on the depreciation schedule issue.
  5. They have a CA rental and no depreciation schedule. This is a good day. Catch and release is a beautiful thing. Sad about their manila folder, but casualties occur at times.
  6. I had a feeling he wouldn't go to the other preparer, so first thing this morning I got all their paperwork together, extracted my notes, and sure enough, he came in and said they thought it best to just let the other preparer do it. What do we owe you for your time? Me: Not a thing, and that's a great solution. Thank you. Here is your paperwork. He: Didn't we bring it in a [manilla] folder? You all know how happy I am to not have this client, don't you?
  7. I told my new client at drop off I needed the Depreciation Schedule. Crickets. I mailed them a letter last week telling them I have to have the depreciation schedule, and I sent three sample depreciation schedules, cause they are not the sharpest never mind. I said I'd be happy to look thru old tax returns if they would bring them in, but the easiest thing for all us would be to ask the 2019 preparer for the Depreciation Schedule. He just brought in four years of Schedule E's, one of which I had. Me: Go to the preparer's office now. Walk in there, now, and ask for the Depreciati
  8. RitaB

    PTC Repayment

    Yeah, cause, you know, I can see them getting denied on the marketplace for failure to file the 8962, and trotting right into our offices later.
  9. RitaB

    PTC Repayment

    Well, Abby might have a better outlook than me, but I'd rather chew off my right arm than have a client get a letter. It's so much more trouble to me than doing a return. First the panic call. Calm down, and bring me the letter. Then the drop off and the 15 minutes to explain how I got this. Then 20 minutes catching up and telling them how Uncle Fred is doing, and hearing about their dog that has an infection. Then, oh yeah, 35 minute conversation for their quick question because they talked taxes with their hairdresser. I fix the problem. Eight months later IRS sends a letter saying,
  10. All my disallowed amounts this year have been less than five or six bucks. I assume the gain or loss is off by that amount in IRS favor. Shoot me, I don't care, and I don't have time to input and upload stuff for amounts that are negligible. Not even for $600. In the poor south we lose clients over stuff like that. My $475 client who pays his broker $18,000 a year would fire me over that.
  11. RitaB

    PTC Repayment

    Donna uses TaxWise. I was unable to override one the other day using ATX. When I say "other day," that mean three to seventeen days ago.
  12. This type person offends me to no end. We have made it easier not to work than to work for years, but now we're full blown, "Hold my beer..." And if Jesus was in my lobby healing people, ISTG some of my clients would say, "Don't touch me, I'm on disability."
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