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  1. This email [from ATX support] was quoted by a member on the Facebook ATX Software Support Group 12 minutes ago. Hope this helps! Issue Summary: EFC Reject 38 Issue Resolution: We are contacting you regarding your support inquiry related to EFC Reject 38 when attempting to e-file with ATX. We have now corrected this issue and you should be able to e-file using the following steps: 1. Close ATX 2018 2. Open ATX 2018 and Login as Admin 3. Click Support>Customer Service Utilities>Refresh App Configuration 4. Recreate all Efiles and Transmit It is critical that you recreate the e-file. If you attempt to retransmit the previously rejected e-file, you will continue to receive the rejection.
  2. No problems here since last week's thing, but I haven't tried submitting a 990 yet. I might try duplicating the returns and recreating.
  3. Yeah, it was a short celebration. I'm getting the error message again, but I'm sure they're doing the best they can.
  4. The is not the worst idea you ever had.
  5. I was just now able to transmit three returns.
  6. I read on the ATX Tax Software Support Group Facebook page that they are down for unscheduled maintenance. It's them, not us.
  7. My pleasure! I had to look back at the 2017 forms to get a grip on where it goes. These new forms are the worst.
  8. I think you recaptured a credit in the past (as a credit is a reduction in tax not a reduction in income). Ok, you caught that. The Instructions for Form 8863 talk about it on page 5. On the 2018 forms (grrrrr), you'd go to Form 1040, p. 2, Line 11a. Right click it and there's a worksheet. The recaptured credit goes on line 8 of the worksheet. Should print "ECR" to the left of Line 11, if I recall.
  9. Yes! I hate when there's an amount in the middle of page 2 added with an amount from a Schedule and the result is sitting there in the crowd of numbers on page 2 mocking me like, "Good luck explaining how I got here." So awkward. The WOAT.
  10. You know ya'll are always welcome! You play a mean corn hole. I'm pretty sure you and Donna won, and you are too gracious to brag.
  11. I filed 318. Mostly 1040s with assorted schedules: A, B, C, D, E, F, H... A handful of entities: 1120S, 1065, 990). I filed 77 extensions. They won't all show up for prep, I'm sure. I have a commercial building in the [small] city limits, no staff. I work six days a week February - April 15. Office is open four days a week after tax season (bookkeeping / payrolls / putting out fires / maybe 60 tax returns). My office today looks like some crazy woman worked six days a week for 10 weeks. I send Posse approximately 3,876 emails a day. In the off season - 8,776 text messages. It helps me not cry. Also thankful for all of you - my friends and co-workers.
  12. Yes, and thank goodness we are still free to decline business. If they tell us we have to do every return that walks in the door, guess what? Our prices are going up or we are getting out of the business.
  13. I had a very good season, and I'm really thankful for the Comparison forms in ATX. Really thankful. I didn't have any trouble showing people that they got a tax cut. I think I had maybe three that would have done better with 2017 laws, and two of them were having meals subsidized by the rest of us, so I think losing the 2106 was a good change. People with legitimate EE expenses need to get help from the ER, not the tax code. I feel so badly for those of you whose clients came up short because of under withholding. Mine didn't have that problem. I suspect returns with AGI of five figures had fewer problems with that. And that's where I live and work, and we're not broke. Anyway I really still hate the new forms. Really, really. Hate. Them. So glad I had the Comparison forms. I usually started there. The alternative was going to be saying, "Trust me," a lot.
  14. Something else I'll get blamed for. That has been an enormous PITA, not knowing all the ways to save them from repaying subsidies. Not knowing who's going to purchase insurance solely to avoid the SRP. Not knowing who's going to purchase private insurance when they would have qualified for APTC. Not even wanting to know because I couldn't even keep the insurance I didn't like, and why is all this in our laps anyhow? Guess when she picks up her return, I'll tell her that. Oh, wait, if she drops it Dec 31, and has an accident January 10, but the wedding is January 15... I guess she or whomever helped her sign up needs to read the FAQs online. She's in her 50's btw.
  15. I am on your side. There was a better solution than this plan. I have also had insurance my entire life. Until 2015 when I joined a Health Sharing Ministry because the premiums for myself and two kids was $10,000 with a $10,000 deductible. I am on your side. And I know you're on my side, too.
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