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  1. Scholarship income is unearned income for Kiddie Tax purposes. Yes. Now, you taught me something: I didn't realize the taxable scholarships are NOT counted as support provided by the student. Also. I wonder how many education credits are reported incorrectly. I hate it when I see a 1098-T.
  2. Yes. Of course you need to make an effort to complete the lines on the 4868.
  3. And I bet your script has no broken fingernails and never curses.
  4. I know good and well that I am NOT typing in my password incorrectly for ATX. Well, I'll show them. Not only will I slow it down, I will break fingernails pounding out those characters on this keyboard. Take that! Just once, I want them to say, "Close enough," and let me in.
  5. Yeah, I don't start one if I know something is missing, but it seems like every other one I pick up, something is missing. Today: Me: Your Composite Statement from LPL Financial is missing. Lady who actually tried to get me to put a value on empty peanut butter jars she donated to Bible School project: Are you sure? I thought I put that in there. Every. Single. Time.
  6. It's the worst, having to touch a return more than once. If they only knew how much more likely we are to mess up when they dribble in information or change their mind about something after we think we're done...
  7. Yes, it does covers both of those, but my mistake was so special I was on my own. I had bank numbers entered and "mail a check" checked.
  8. I just prepared a return for a client for whom I had a note in the file that last year she got a check because I forgot to click the Direct Deposit box before filing. You know how some people say at pick up, "Oh, yeah, I want that to go to my bank account," and you smile and say, "Oh, sure, no problem," (even though it really is a little bit of a pita), and you enter the numbers but forget to click the &*^% box? Maybe that happened.
  9. Agree, my off the cuff answer is the pond didn't improve the land so I'm going with nah.
  10. Yeah, and guess how many times I've done that... so awkward. I hate the forms soooo much...
  11. Charge her full return price when the letter comes: "Where's your 8962?" P. S. I can't find the definition of pertute, I'd have to charge her for that, too.
  12. You are correct, and he is not (because he earned over 4,150), but he will not have to repay the APTC.
  13. @Christian If your household size is zero on Line 1 of kid's Form 8962, you have the box unmarked on his 1040 Main Info tab, indicating that the parents are claiming the kid. Dependents are not applicable taxpayers and pay back all Advanced Premium Tax Credit. His income is not too high.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking about this some more, and I think Christian has the box unchecked indicating that kid is claimed by parents. His income is not over four times the poverty rate. That's the opposite of how we used to handle the box, and is a bit awkward. I think that's the problem.
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