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  1. JimTaxes

    I just want to complain

    how about the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG).. did you ever use that failed site.. the OSCPA was saying how the OBG was all fixed up with only minor problems left.. The OBG is a terrible site and I do not trust anyone that thinks the OBG is a good site.
  2. JimTaxes

    Ohio corporate

  3. JimTaxes

    client phone call

    John.. are you saying you would or would not?
  4. JimTaxes

    client phone call

    my big concern was if the loan went bad and they came after me for not verifying the $ 14,000
  5. JimTaxes

    client phone call

    THANKS.!.. i meant to say he did not report them to the employer.. i was leery of doing this return.. I want to help and be kind but picking up $ 14,000 in other income that I knew would be part of a loan approval decision made me concerned.
  6. JimTaxes

    client phone call

    tells me trying to buy a house needs tax return for mortgage company says w-2 shows 21,000 for job as pizza delivery says he made 14,000 on top of that in tips told him about tip reporting.. he told me it was done wanted me to pick up 14,000 unreported tip income, i suppose to qualify for loan did not feel comfortable about this. suggested he talk to employer about tip reporting and i passed is how i handed it reasonable
  7. JimTaxes

    canadian income to u.s. taxpayer

    ahhh. that's it.. i knew something but had a fog.. the tax credit for 2018 it sounds like.. thank you.
  8. JimTaxes

    Student Loan Interest deduction

    does this fit this: .https://www.irs.com/articles/rules-deducting-student-loan-interest
  9. maybe i should pass this one but giving this a shot.. facts taxpayer moved to canada in august 2018 but not canadian citizen until mid 2019 taxpayer has one u.s. w-2 for 2018 taxpayer also has some canadian proof of income for her new job for late 2018 work taxpayer told me they are having someone do their canadian return and can i do her u.s. return i do not think she qualifies for 2555 exclusion. does anyone know the steps to do this u..s. return as far as the canadian income goes. rule is worldwide income,, right? but not sure how the move or the 2555 fits in. thank you.
  10. JimTaxes

    Free Filing

    I was i walmart several days ago.. walking down an isle and saw these banners and some sort of fabric divider.. some lady behind the curtain set up to do income taxes..did a double take and even walked back around a couple times.. cannot believe anyone would get their taxes done behind a curtain next to housewares, or whatever department it was set up in
  11. JimTaxes

    Still using payroll software but glad I switched to Drake

    I have been using Medlin payroll for about 25 years. Hey Dennis.. any chance of having the option for 2019 >2% Shareholder health insurance reporting the same as the past? Ohio has never said a thing about the way we have been handling it.
  12. JimTaxes

    Section 179 on Qual. Imp, Commerical rental

    neither mentions for commercial rental having to be active.. new rules. am i reading this right? https://www.pughcpas.com/03/how-the-new-tax-law-affects-rental-real-estate-owners/ https://westroofingsystems.com/section-179-tax-deduction-for-commercial-buildings/
  13. JimTaxes

    Section 179 on Qual. Imp, Commerical rental

    hi.. mutli member LLC.. the rental part is active participation.
  14. asking here even though i use ProSeries. hope that is ok... asking from a tax standpoint, not a program standpoint i have a client that has a 1065 LLC does two things 1. commercial rental 2. farming is it ok to have both in same LLC so if so.. for 2018 that is what I am trying to do i put rental on 8852 i put farm on 1065 page 1 etc on the 8852 there is an asset i am claiming 179 deduction program is limiting the 179 to the page one of the 1065, profit from the farming the real estate business has big enough profit to handle the 179 should the 179 be limited to the page 1 profit only?