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  1. I agree Yardley, but I still remember the 2012 year and it is not a fond memory.
  2. I worry too Tom. I keep files close to home. Am I paranoid? Who is asking?
  3. Yes! Just because you did their tax return, they think you should be “on call” to answer all of their stupid questions tax-related or not.
  4. Thank you Mink, while I don't agree with the logic of the IRS position I am worried about the "skeleton" issue. And the ease of which it could be computer checked. Csblee, thanks but I don't understand the double dipping deduction comment. Maybe I am just dense . But the premiums were paid by the S corp are deducted on the 1120S and therefore reduce the income pass thru and the related QBI. Why should I have to reduce QBI again for the same premiums. On the 1040, other than the S corp income pickup, the treatment of the premiums on the 1040 are a wash: (1) inclusion in taxable wages
  5. Just curious, are you following Q&A #33 as it regards the double deduction of self-employed health ins premiums in calculating the QBI of a greater-than-2% shareholder. The health premiums are deducted once in coming to the net income of the S corp. As such, they are deducted at the "entity level". Q&A#33 indicates that that are also be required to be deducted AGAIN at the shareholder level when computing the shareholder's QBI on the 1040. This just seems wrong. And this treatment is not specifically stated in any regulation to my knowledge. I am not inclined to follow Q&a
  6. When I was downloading the 2019 ATX Max program from the Download Center something with the name atx-EBOOKBUN showed up to be downloaded. It had no activation code connected with it. Does anybody know what it is? Thanks, Scott
  7. Maybe accounting type stuff is not her thing.
  8. None of those expenses are ordinary and necessary in relation to being a financial consultant. And moving expenses were eliminated by TCJA so my opinion is no. Apartment broker fee is a personal expense.
  9. Yes, I have been shocked more than once when seeing the fees on the consolidated 1099's. And I usually point them out to clients. Most don't seem to realize how this affects them in the long run and how easy it is to manage your own money. That's what I do. The money management business is a lucrative business. In the past I thought about it briefly but personally I do not have the ability to sell something that I would not buy. Sooo I am still doing taxes. However I am sort of proud that several of my clients have thanked me after transferring their accounts to Vanguard.
  10. Pull up the acknowledgement then roll your curser slowly over the little message indicator.
  11. Well that's just great! I guess I will be relying on some of the really helpful members here because I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. Please keep old timers like me posted. And Thanks!
  12. I think it’s safe to open. How was Scotland? I’ve always wanted to go there. Seriously.
  13. All that sounds pretty serious. I'm glad tax season is over for me. Working on CP2000 response now but relevant software and return info thankfully resides on my machine.
  14. I’m also planning to replace my five year old HP desktop running Windows 8.1. I guess Windows 10 is in my future like it or not. My wife had a lot of issues with Windows 10 but that was 3 or 4 years ago. You can get a lot of computer for the money in a desktop. She recently went overboard with a HP Omen gaming desktop. Very fast and powerful (and looks bad ass, even if somewhat juvenile) but cost around $1800.
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